Deep Down in the Jungle

Deep Down in the Jungle

from these perceptions, and the gang then sees its common enemy not as a class, nor even perhaps as a sex, but as the "feminine principle" in society.13 However, before any such metamorphosis can occur, the transition must be made by ...

Author: Roger D. Abrahams

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

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The Jungle Crime

The Jungle Crime

“I've been at McQuigg's with The Gang.” “We can easily check up on that.” “Yes, I saw your man outside Mac's. . . . We haven't been there all the time since we left The Jungle. But it wouldn't interest you. We're a bit erratic in our ...

Author: Luke Allan


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Categories: Detective and mystery stories, English

Sentenced to Science

Sentenced to Science

teenage boys would have their lives terminated by gang wars. One mayoral administration counted forty-five “juvenile gangs” in the jungle comprising more than two thousand members, and further categorized eight of the gangs “as the most ...

Author: Allen M. Hornblum

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271074269

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From 1951 until 1974, Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia was the site of thousands of experiments on prisoners conducted by researchers under the direction of University of Pennsylvania dermatologist Albert M. Kligman. While most of the experiments were testing cosmetics, detergents, and deodorants, the trials also included scores of Phase I drug trials, inoculations of radioactive isotopes, and applications of dioxin in addition to mind-control experiments for the Army and CIA. These experiments often left the subject-prisoners, mostly African Americans, in excruciating pain and had long-term debilitating effects on their health. This is one among many episodes of the sordid history of medical experimentation on the black population of the United States. The story of the Holmesburg trials was documented by Allen Hornblum in his 1998 book Acres of Skin. The more general history of African Americans as human guinea pigs has most recently been told by Harriet Washington in her 2007 book Medical Apartheid. The subject is currently a topic of heated public debate in the wake of a 2006 report from an influential panel of medical experts recommending that the federal government loosen the regulations in place since the 1970s that have limited the testing of pharmaceuticals on prison inmates. Sentenced to Science retells the story of the Holmesburg experiments more dramatically through the eyes of one black man, Edward “Butch” Anthony, who suffered greatly from the experiments for which he “volunteered” during multiple terms at the prison. This is not only one black man’s highly personal account of what it was like to be an imprisoned test subject, but also a sobering reminder that there were many African Americans caught in the viselike grip of a scientific research community willing to bend any code of ethics in order to accomplish its goals and a criminal justice system that sold prisoners to the highest bidder.
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DEA World

DEA World

ven Drug Gang Task Force had used court - authorized Title III wire intercepts , clone digital display pager ... and charged with conspiracy a Federal Grand Jury indicted the entire Jungle Boys gang on federal narcotics violations .

Author: United States. Drug Enforcement Administration


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Work and Community in the Jungle

Work and Community in the Jungle

15 Strikes were also used to enforce traditional work rules regarding size of work gangs , for example , or to establish new ones . The regularization of the workyear and the workday described above were also introduced into cattle ...

Author: James R. Barrett

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252061365

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Looks at unionization efforts by Chicago's packinghouse workers and explores the process of class formation in early twentieth-century industrial America.
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The Gang Capitol

The Gang Capitol

The Art of Gang War and Racism Behind It Raymoutez Price. females whom degrade themselves, we locate their positions and send out a scout. When he gives us the green light, we mount up the Calvary, a bunch of medieval pipe hitting, ...

Author: Raymoutez Price

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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The graphic details of gang wars and racism is mentioned on a wide world aspect designed to vindicate the minds of the youth whom are involved in gangs, my views are intense and genuine facts, some methods of gang prevention applied can increase life expectancy of gang members seeking to exit before an untimely demise result of being murdered in gang wars. I have discussed many topics relating to gang wars how gang wars are initiated due to many diverse reasons. I truly disagree that there are many books that exist that describe in vivid constructive details of gang war. The very broad story told millions of times but never before with so much intel so exclusively with real people living in the battle zone of the concrete jungles with genuine full fl edge up front exposure. Police offi cers would agree that these views are very enlightening and expressive with vital concepts that are identical to a vet whom have endured many tours of confl ict. The dark side of Watts exposure of the riots of 1965 and 1992 the vague topic of racism that people dodge frequently dropping the ball of unwanted troubles. The truth to combat gangs you must combat racism. Long ago the black panther were groups that evolved to decrease racial confl icts. Today those groups are called gangs. The panthers are where it begin gangs are where it stands now!
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Living Black

Living Black

Folks who claimed gang membership didn't huddle and plan drug sales or associate in single gangdominated groups. ... These accounts might have affected the community lore regarding the relationship between the Jungle's black gangs and ...

Author: Mark S. Fleisher

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres

ISBN: 9780299305345

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Living Black breaks the stereotype of poor African American neighborhoods as dysfunctional ghettos of helpless and hopeless people. Despite real and enduring poverty, the community described here—the historic North End of Champaign, Illinois—has a vibrant social life and strong ties among generations. But it operates on its own nonjudgmental terms—teen moms aren’t derided, school dropouts aren’t ridiculed, and parolees and ex-cons aren’t scorned. Mark S. Fleisher offers a window into daily life in this neighborhood, particularly through the stories of Mo and Memphis Washington, who fight to sustain a stable home for their children, and of Burpee, a local man who has returned to the North End to rebuild his life after years of crime and punishment in Chicago. “Outstanding” books for public & secondary school libraries from university presses, American Library Association
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The Jungle Gang

The Jungle Gang

The Jungle Gang is back in their newest adventure in the jungle. The story follows four kids (Mazor, Talia, Daisy and Crator) as they make their way through life learning about specialization and the division of labor.

Author: Adam Castner

Publisher: Independently Published

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The Jungle Gang is back in their newest adventure in the jungle. The story follows four kids (Mazor, Talia, Daisy and Crator) as they make their way through life learning about specialization and the division of labor. A cute tale of four kids making improvements in their lives by coordinating and exchanging value for value. Show children a different way, the real way that humans have improved their lot in life over time, through voluntary interactions and arrangements.

A Red in the House

A Red in the House

In the gang culture of the ghetto, it's a choice of fighting the gang, trying to break it up, or working with the ... Harold Haskins: Thefirst thing we did together was to make afilm ahout their li e and their turf called “The jungle.

Author: Stephen Fleischman

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595298211

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What did CBS and ABC not know about Steve Fleischman during his thirty years in network news and why did they not know it? In A Red in the House, Stephen Fleischman tells of the political landmines in the mainstream media that marked the Cold War era. "Although the Communist Party disintegrated out from under me in the mid-1950s, I found Marxism a valuable tool for analyzing the political and economic world around me. During those thirty years, I worked with the best in mainstream broadcast journalism-Walter Cronkite, Ed Murrow, Fred Friendly, Dan Rather, Howard K. Smith, Eric Sevareid, Peter Jennings, Charles Kuralt, Harry Reasoner, Roone Arledge, Bill Redeker, Brit Hume, and more." -Stephen Fleischman A Red in the House is replete with anecdotes and sidebar stories relating to the inner conflicts in the making of the TV news documentary. A Red in the House portrays a graphic picture of how the mainstream media arrived at the sorry state it's in today. With five corporate media giants controlling most of what we see, hear and read, this story is even more relevant today.
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