The King s Revenge

The King s Revenge

Charles II and the Greatest Manhunt in British History Michael Walsh, Don Jordan ... Though derided in their own land, in America the men who judged the king and found him wanting are lauded as ... And what of the king's revenge?

Author: Michael Walsh

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748126545

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When Charles I was executed, his son Charles II made it his role to search out retribution, producing the biggest manhunt Britain had ever seen, one that would span Europe and America and would last for thirty years. Men who had once been among the most powerful figures in England ended up on the scaffold, on the run, or in fear of the assassin's bullet. History has painted the regicides and their supporters as fanatical Puritans, but among them were remarkable men, including John Milton and Oliver Cromwell. Don Jordan and Michael Walsh bring these remarkable figures and this astonishing story vividly to life an engrossing, bloody tale of plots, spies, betrayal, fear and ambition.
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Alfred the Great King s Revenge

Alfred the Great  King s Revenge

From this class came many of the traders and hunters, sailors and raiders. Bookland: Was land given to ... Bretwalda: A ruler of Britain so powerful that all of the other kings recognize him as overlord. ... KING<S REVENGE Page - 199.

Author: Bruce Corbett

Publisher: Bruce Corbett


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After seven years of hard-won peace, a Viking army lands in Wessex and attacks Rochester. Alfred the Great has traitors within the Empire, and two powerful Viking Kings to his north. Nevertheless, he manages to drive out the invaders. He hits back at their sanctuary, and enrages Guthrum of East Anglia. The West Saxons cross the Thames River, decimate the Viking settlements on the northern shore, and seize London. Guthrum gathers his forces and marches south, while Alfred and his army prepare for the battle which will decide the fate of all Britain. Alfred, historical, Viking, Wessex, England, Saxon, Ambrose, polonius, king guthrum, guthrum, alfred the great, adventure
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A Harmony of the Books of Samuel Kings and Chronicles

A Harmony of the Books of Samuel  Kings  and Chronicles

DPJ, 'IPD, mp, new; and indeed (I.) both with the accusative of the deed for which, and of the person upon whom, the revenge is taken, 2 Kings ix. '7, e'IeSi/eiioelg- Ta alum-a 7651/ 8067mm. Cf. Rev. vi. 10, xix. 2. —Ecclus. v.

Author: William D. Crockett

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781597527224

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Just as a harmony of the Gospels is useful for tracing the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, this easy-to-use book provides the Bible student with a reference guide to the history of the kings of Judah and Israel as preserved in the books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. Preceding the harmony itself is a complete analytical outline--a concise, sequential table of events that will give the reader a greater understanding and firmer grasp of the history of Judah and Israel. Students of Scripture will find this harmony and its accompanying analytical outlines invaluable in gaining a historical perspective that will make the study of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles profitable and rewarding.
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A homiletical commentary on the Books of Kings

A homiletical commentary on the Books of Kings

But such is the subtle , pertinacious character of revenge , that it clings to the soul for years , and disturbs the repose of the dying pillow . It is the dark , grim shadow of man's better self , ever present , consciously or ...

Author: rev. George Barlow


ISBN: OXFORD:600094485

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Among the Gods Chronicles of the Kings Book 5

Among the Gods  Chronicles of the Kings Book  5

LYNN AUSTIN revenge again. But what about the temple we're building?'' He turned to gesture to the courtyard in the distance behind them. ''You're the only one among us with construction experience, and you have a God-given gift for ...

Author: Lynn Austin

Publisher: Bethany House

ISBN: 9781585584246

Category: Fiction

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Fleeing King Manasseh's tyranny, Joshua leads the faithful remnant to their new home in Egypt. But as years pass, Joshua's desire for vengeance becomes an obsession. Blinded by hatred, he makes rash decisions, placing his loved ones in jeopardy. Amid Joshua's turmoil comes an unexpected awakening of love--a love that burns so intensely it draws him from the dark inner seclusion where he often retreats. But what will it take for him to grasp the great love his Heavenly Father has for him...and for the chosen people of Judah? (Chronicles of the King Book 5)
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The Drama of Kings

The Drama of Kings

... send swift lightning down , and let her die ! CHORUS . Why art thou bitter ? Is thy wrong so great ? CHANCELLOR . Mountainous , women ; and revenge is sweet . CHORUS . Name not revenge , but give thy wrong 288 THE DRAMA OF KINGS .

Author: Robert Williams Buchanan


ISBN: UOM:39015063514254

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A Chronicle of the Kings of England

A Chronicle of the Kings of England

Bois il ct 70 ! the only Motive they could have for it must But that Lord was so strongly fet upon The Earl of be Revenge ; for these Depositions being doing it , that the King ? s Admonitions , and Dates's Inforinimediately after laid ...

Author: Sir Richard Baker


ISBN: NYPL:33433004872200

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The Kingstone Bible v5 The Kings I 2017

The Kingstone Bible v5   The Kings I  2017



Publisher: Kingstone


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Volume 5 (The Kings I) covers the book of Ruth, the prophet Samuel and the full life of David. Volume 5 is also included in the Volume 1 hard cover edition of the Kingstone Bible.
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The Kings of Europe Past and Present and Their Families

The Kings of Europe  Past and Present  and Their Families

THE KINGS OF OF EUROPE . ENGLAND . ... A.D. 61 , In 61 A.D. BOADICEA , Queen of Icini ( i.e. Norfolk and Suffolk ) , made an heroic effort to regain independence and revenge the wrongs the Romans had done to her and her daughters .

Author: M. S. Fitzgerald


ISBN: BL:A0025068717

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