Afterlives of the Lady of Shalott and Elaine of Astolat

Afterlives of the Lady of Shalott and Elaine of Astolat

I follow Tennyson's spelling for any characters he includes. Below is the list of spellings, with variations indicated in brackets. The Lady of Shalott (also Shallott, or Shallot) Elaine of xv Abbreviations and Spellings.

Author: Ann F. Howey

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030476908

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This book investigates adaptations of The Lady of Shalott and Elaine of Astolat in Victorian and post-Victorian popular culture to explore their engagement with medievalism, social constructions of gender, and representations of the role of art in society. Although the figure of Elaine first appeared in medieval texts, including Malory’s Le Morte Darthur, Tennyson’s poems about the Lady and Elaine drew unprecedented response from musicians, artists, and other authors, whose adaptations in some cases inspired further adaptations. With chapters on music, art, and literature (including parody, young people’s literature, and historical fiction and fantasy), this book seeks to trace the evolution of these characters and the ways in which they reinforce or challenge conventional gender roles, represent the present’s relationship to the past, and highlight the power of art.
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Suicidal Maniacs and the Lady of Shalott

Suicidal Maniacs and the Lady of Shalott

... Lady of Shallot.” Her hands touch the old paper as if it were fine linen. Shauna stands behind her in the kitchen door, watches her daughter settle down to work, and doesn't realize Eliza's aware of her presence until Eliza looks up ...

Author: Roberta Morris

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"The daughter's story is not the mother's, nor is it that of Tennysons' Lady of Shalott where freedom is suicide. No, Eliza is the author of her own fate, but with their family of five shrunk to the two of them, the mother/daughter dyad must be split. Like splitting an atom, the energy released can be explosive, though more vital than deadly."
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The Lady of Shalott

The Lady of Shalott

The Lady of Shalott is one of the best-loved poems in the English language. The tale of the mysterious, enigmatic Lady seems to captivate everyone's imagination.

Author: Alfred Lord Tennyson


ISBN: 9781447549161

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The Lady of Shalott is one of the best-loved poems in the English language. The tale of the mysterious, enigmatic Lady seems to captivate everyone's imagination. Over a century and a half after it was written, men still desire the Lady, and women identify with her. In this edition, the work is embellished by four Victorian illustrations.A new Introduction by Jocelyn Almond explores the poem's perennial appeal. For the first time, The Lady of Shalott has been typeset in the beautiful Doves Type of the early twentieth century, designed for the quality, hand-made editions of a private press. Doves Type was made in only one size, the size used in this book.
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Tennyson s Characters

Tennyson s Characters

Ann C. Colley , " The Quest for the ' Nameless ' in Tennyson's ' The Lady of Shalott , ' " Victorian Poetry \ 23 ( 1985 ) , 370-71 . 40. See Edgar F. Shannon's analysis of this figure as a synthesis of his world .

Author: David Goslee

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

ISBN: 158729091X

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Weaving the Word

Weaving the Word

though the poem never addresses who or what gives her this gift , like Coleridge's " Kubla Khan , " the mystery and lure of " The Lady of Shalott " is attributed in part to this fragmentary quality . The third section of Tennyson's poem ...

Author: Kathryn Sullivan Kruger

Publisher: Susquehanna University Press

ISBN: 1575910527

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"Through an analysis of specific weaving stories, the difference between a text and a textile becomes blurred. Such stories portray women weavers transforming their domestic activity of making textiles into one of making texts by inscribing their cloth with both personal and political messages."--BOOK JACKET.
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Arthurian Literature X

Arthurian Literature X

The Lady of Shalott continued R.A.1873 R.A.1875 R.B.A.1880 / 1 R.B.A.1882 / 3 1886-1905 R.B.A.1887 R.A.1888 R.A.1888 R.B.A.1890 R.B.A.1890 R.A.1891 R.A.1894 R.A. 1896 R.A.1898 1898 1899 R.A.1900 R.A.1900 R.A.1901 R.A.1905 1906 R.A.1906 ...

Author: Richard Barber

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

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The tenth volume of Arthurian Literature continues some ofthe themes of earlier issues, as well as exploring unfamiliar andcontroversial ground. The second part of CHRISTINE POULSON's survey of the Arthurian legend in 19th-century art is an analysisby subject of the works catalogued by artist in Arthurian Literature IX. A. H. W. SMITH provides a substantial update to MaryWildman's bibliography of modern Arthurian literature which appearedin Arthurian Literature II, adding not only recent works butalso many items missing from the earlier list. Mr Smith also contributesan article on Ponticus Virumnius and the text of Gildas, one of themore intriguing mysteries ofArthurian text history, and sets outVirumnius' claim to have seen a poem by Gildas which has since disappeared. ARMEL DIVERRES writes on the origins of Chretien de Troyes'Conte del Graal; he argues that we should seek thepoet's inspiration in the crusading activities of Philip of Flanders, supporting his case with a careful examination of many otherwise difficult passages in the poem.
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Language and Literary Structure

Language and Literary Structure

Tennyson's ' The Lady of Shalott ' is an example of a much more pervasively metrically ambiguous text ( which became more ambiguous in the 1842 revised version of the 1833 original publication ) . These are the first two stanzas of the ...

Author: Nigel Fabb

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521796989

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Sexuality and Subordination

Sexuality and Subordination

THE LADY OF SHALOTT IN ART AND LITERATURE KAREN HODDER The impulse to look more closely at Tennyson's poem The Lady of Shalott came when I noticed how frequently references to it seem to recur , together with remarks about its variant ...

Author: Susan Mendus

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415013690

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Using insights from history, literature, sociology and philosophy, Sexuality and Subordination examines the construction of gender in nineteenth century Britain and France.Sexuality and Subordination uses the insights of a range of disciplines to examine the construction of gender in nineteenth-century Britain and France. With contributions from history, literature, sociology and philosophy, its interdisciplinary approach demonstrates the extent to which a common focus can illuminate problems inaccessible to any single discipline.'Victorianism' is generally understood to mean sexual double standards, hypocrisy and prudery among the middle classes. But, as this collection shows, the representation of sexuality in the nineteenth century was more diverse and complex than is sometimes realized. Both art and literature point to the deployment of sexual metaphors and imagery, and the language of educated public opinion was shaped by the dichotomy between mind and matter, between rationality and sexuality. The contributors to this volume explore how women, in questioning their subordination, had to challenge a construction of femininity which imposed sexual ignorance.
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To tears , perhaps not , but people have been moved by the romance and pathos of ' The Lady of Shalott ' . If an allegorical pointer is needed , there is that of R. H. Hutton , who said that the poem has for its real subject the ...

Author: Christopher Ricks

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520067843

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Describes Tennyson's confused and unhappy early life and analyses the distinctive poetry which developed from his experiences
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Tennyson s Name

Tennyson s Name

Lancelot and Elaine ' has been largely ignored by critical discussion of names and naming in favour of its predecessor ' The Lady of Shalott . ' Readings of this poem tend to identify the lady's name as one of the prisons from which she ...

Author: Anna Barton

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754664082

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Seeking to understand Tennyson's poetry as the work of a man concerned with making and then living up one of the most famous names in literature, Anna Barton offers close readings of major works from his early lyrics to his Arthurian Idylls. The laureate's keen sense of professional identity, Barton argues, forced him to grapple with modern concerns about the ethics of print in a market-driven age as he established his own responsible poetic.
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