The Last Gift of Time

The Last Gift of Time

The feminist writer and author of the Amanda Cross mystery series looks back on a youthful pledge to commit suicide at seventy, explaining why, given that her sixties have been her happiest decade, she decided not to take her life Filled ...

Author: Amanda Cross

Publisher: Bantam Dell Publishing Group

ISBN: UOM:39015041008478

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 225

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The feminist writer and author of the Amanda Cross mystery series looks back on a youthful pledge to commit suicide at seventy, explaining why, given that her sixties have been her happiest decade, she decided not to take her life
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The Last Gift of Time

The Last Gift of Time

At a nearby farm I was introduced to Esmeralda, the donkey she had borrowed for a time as a kind of therapy, and later written about in a delightful book, The Poet and the Donkey. (In that book she turned herself ... THE LAST GIFT OF TIME.

Author: Carolyn G. Heilbrun

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780307802149

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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From the author of Writing a Woman's Life comes an inspirational reflection on aging and the gift of life in your 70s and beyond. When she was young, distinguished author and critic Carolyn Heilbrun solemnly vowed to end her life when she turned seventy. But on the advent of that fateful birthday, she realized that her golden years had been full of unforeseen pleasures. Now, the astute and ever-insightful Heilbrun muses on the emotional and intellectual insights that brought her "to choose each day for now, to live." There are reflections on her new house and her sturdy, comfortable marriage; sweet solitude and the pleasures of sex at an advanced age; the fascination with e-mail and the joy of discovering unexpected friends. Even the encroachments of loss, pain, and sadness that come with age cannot spoil Heilbrun's moveable feast. They are merely the price of bountiful living.
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Time s Last Gift

Time s Last Gift

... was no doubt aided byGribardsun forone specific purpose, as seen inthenext entry. 2108 Jane is revived and her mangled body is rebuilt. (TLG) Although not specifically stated in Time's Last Gift, the ability to regenerate Jane's ...

Author: Philip José Farmer

Publisher: Titan Books

ISBN: 9780857689689

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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In 2070 A.D., John Gribardsun assembles a team of scientists to travel back in time to 12,000 B.C. Their mission is Project Chronos: to learn about the ancient Magdalenian culture. After emerging from their timeship, the other members of the crew begin to suspect something out of the ordinary about their enigmatic gray-eyed leader. As he adapts to their primitive surroundings with remarkable ease, it is almost as if he belongs...
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The Last Gift

The Last Gift

Books by Dusty Sharp: Blood Brothers (Austin Conrad Thriller #1) No Time To Bleed (Austin Conrad Thriller #2) Blood Out (Austin Conrad Thriller #3) The Last Gift (An Austin Conrad Story) Connect with me on: Sharp ...

Author: Dusty Sharp

Publisher: Dusty Sharp


Category: Fiction

Page: 50

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Gifts can take on many forms, and in Austin Conrad’s world, sometimes life itself is the greatest gift of all. It’s Christmas Eve and all Austin Conrad wants is to close up shop and spend the rest of the night with Frankie. But trouble has a way of finding him, and his sense of duty won’t let him turn away when a stranger needs his help. Before the sun rises on Christmas day Austin must race through Las Vegas’ seedy underworld to save a life…or take one. If you are new to Austin Conrad, The Last Gift is a bite-sized introduction to this tough, memorable antihero who readers are comparing to "Jack Reacher meets Sons of Anarchy." If you've ridden shotgun with Austin before, you'll love this quick trip back into his world, with cameos from some of your favorite side characters from previous books. Warning: contains violence, profanity and irreverence, in equal measure.
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The Last Gift

The Last Gift

It was the happiest time for her, that hour or two after school, sitting quietly in the upstairs flat, feeling safe from every— thing, watching the excited children on TV. She loved living with them, a room to herself, ...

Author: Abdulrazak Gurnah

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408819845

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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By the winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature Abbas has never told anyone about his past; about what happened before he was a sailor on the high seas, before he met his wife Maryam outside a Boots in Exeter, before they settled into a quiet life in Norwich with their children, Jamal and Hanna. Now, at the age of sixty-three, he suffers a collapse that renders him bedbound and unable to speak about things he thought he would one day have to. Jamal and Hanna have grown up and gone out into the world. They were both born in England but cannot shake a sense of apartness. Hanna calls herself Anna now, and has just moved to a new city to be near her boyfriend. She feels the relationship is headed somewhere serious, but the words have not yet been spoken out loud. Jamal, the listener of the family, moves into a student house and is captivated by a young woman with dark-blue eyes and her own, complex story to tell. Abbas's illness forces both children home, to the dark silences of their father and the fretful capability of their mother Maryam, who began life as a foundling and has never thought to find herself, until now. ________________________ 'Gurnah is a master storyteller' FINANCIAL TIMES 'Gurnah writes with wonderful insight about family relationships and he folds in the layers of history with elegance and warmth' THE TIMES
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The Last Gift

The Last Gift

The idea of sharing gifts this year made her sad and somehow angry . For an instant she wondered when her mama had put up the tree , but then she knew the answer — sometime between the time she last saw her and the day of her sudden ...

Author: Gary E. Parker

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 1564767795

Category: Religion

Page: 112

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As Christina searches for a missing locket, she finds surprising answers about herself and her family
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The Last Gift

The Last Gift

He slumped even lower, clunking his head against the thick rubber demagnetizing mat this time rather than the counter, to avoid another bruise. Seemed Adrian's flair for the dramatic had rubbed off. He wasn't obsessing. Nope.

Author: Chrissy Munder

Publisher: JMS Books LLC

ISBN: 9781646569731

Category: Fiction

Page: 100

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What do you do when the right man walks into your life at the wrong time? College student Nathan Reed is so close to graduation he can taste it. So can his parents who have two more kids in the academic pipeline. Nathan looks forward to leaving his night shift at the convenience store for a job he can be proud of and a relationship with someone other than his two guinea pigs. But Nathan’s careful five-year plan didn’t include lawyer and hunk in need, Adrian Hampton, who walks into his life at 5:25 each weekday morning. Adrian’s plea for help with an office gift leads to a friendship built on shared humor, a charity fun run, and Adrian’s ongoing battle with his PA. It’s the best part of Nathan’s day, until he realizes he wants more. Does Adrian feel the same? Time is running out and Nathan is about to change to another shift. What will happen if he takes a leap of faith and adjusts his plans to include Adrian?
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The Last Gift

The Last Gift

'With regard to our conversation earlier, I'm not sure I'd be a hundred per cent certain about the time of death. Might need to widen that time frame, just a little. Maybe Christmas night is workable after all.' 'Den.

Author: Sarah J Naughton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781409175155

Category: Fiction

Page: 100

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The perfect short story for a dark wintry night - psychological thriller writer Sarah J Naughton chills you to the bone with this Christmas tale in the tradition of MR James. On 24th December, loving husband and father Peter Biddiscombe is killed in a tragic accident on his way home from work. His body is not discovered until Boxing Day but when PC Maxine Derbyshire arrives at the house to deliver the devastating news, Peter's wife believes it must be a case of mistaken identity. Peter spent Christmas with his family. Or did he? Bonus material - includes an exclusive three chapters from Sarah J Naughton's new full-length thriller The Other Couple *** Praise for Sarah J Naughton's Tattletale: 'a fast paced, brilliant page-turner...I predict a hit' Liz Nugent '...deliciously clever - I still haven't stopped thinking about the magnificent, twisted construction of it' Emma Kavanagh, author of THE MISSING HOURS 'It's one of the best debuts I've read. It deserves to be MASSIVE.' Julia Crouch 'Lies, mystery and murder wrought by childhood trauma in this compulsive, twisty thriller.' Helen Smith, author of BEYOND BELIEF 'A well-crafted tale of love, obsession and murder - beautifully written and brilliantly twisted.' Ava Marsh, author of EXPOSURE 'Gripping, electrifying, heartbreaking.' Erin Kelly, author of HE SAID/SHE SAID
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Life s Last Gift

Life s Last Gift

One reason small actions reverberate so powerfully on a psychological level, I've come to believe, has to do with how they affect our sense of time. During the last months and days of life, people are frequently alone, lying in bed or ...

Author: Charles Garfield

Publisher: Central Recovery Press

ISBN: 9781942094517

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 200

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Psychologist and Shanti Project founder, Charles Garfield offers compassionate and expert guidance for friends and families who want to ease their loved ones’ final days. By focusing on the reciprocal and healing relationship between the living and the dying, Life’s Last Gift provides practical tools about connecting, finding peace, and being of service to those at the end of life.
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The Last Gift

The Last Gift

She sighed irritably and went inside to give the workers the final gift. ... It wasn't like the others would give out gifts. ... She had not been home for long enough to do any cleaning, but now, she had more than enough time.

Author: M V Mackenzie


ISBN: 9780244857523


Page: 186

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Adelia, a crude businesswoman, arrives at work to find herself berated for being late. Her cruel demeanour makes doesn't attract many friends. After moving locations, things only got worse and she learns that someone is trying to kill her. The police are called in to investigate a death and is thrown into a world where everyone has a secret...