The Last Tiger

The Last Tiger

“The dogs hunted in the tigerlands and were carrion eaters, but the tigers only ate what they killed. ... “When the dogs thrived, the tigers fled over the last slender needle of land before the rising seas separated the main, ...

Author: Tony Black

Publisher: Next Chapter

ISBN: PKEY:6610000341047

Category: Fiction

Page: 194

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1909. Twelve year-old Myko and his family have fled the Czarist occupation of their native Lithuania for the freedom of America, only to discover that their ship has arrived in Tasmania. Myko wonders what will become of them, and how they will survive in this wild new land where tigers roam. Except for his picture books, Myko has never seen a tiger, and is filled with fear as he hears stories of vicious attacks upon the island's settlers. When Myko's father takes up work as a tiger trapper, Myko discovers the last den of the tigers, and their family is thrust into a fight over the last of these beautiful wild beasts - a fight that will force dark secrets to the surface and pit son against father. A mesmerizing tale of loss and the bonds of family, set in a stark, sweeping landscape, The Last Tiger is a bold and heartbreaking novel from bestselling author Tony Black.
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The Last Tiger

The Last Tiger

'Are you saying I'm the last tiger, Professor?' Wang asked. The professor nodded slowly. 'The last of the South China tigers, I'm afraid.' 'No more beautiful golden monkeys in the trees?' Tai asked. 'Who's gonna look after the ...

Author: Andrew McDermott

Publisher: Andrew McDermott

ISBN: 9780987114877

Category: Tiger

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Full of discovery, surprises and adventures, this book takes the reader on an exhilarating journey deep into the heart of the vanishing forest in a race to reach Blue Tiger Mountain.
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The Last Tiger

The Last Tiger

Why are tigers disappearing ? Poaching Tigers are trapped and killed by humans for their fur , as well as their bones and meat . Some people even believe that tiger body parts can help to cure disease and illness .

Author: Becky Davies

Publisher: Tiger Tales

ISBN: 9781680102727

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 36

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In this timely story of the effects of climate change, Aasha the tiger watches her beautiful home change right before her eyes—and is forced to find another place to call home. Aasha the tiger loves her beautiful forest home, full of tigers, boars, and other animals. But one day, the forest begins to change. The hot days became hotter. The wet days became wetter—so wet, in fact, that there are floods that force many of the animals to find other places to live. And then the humans enter the forest and begin taking down the trees, which forces Aasha out. Will she ever find a new place to call home? Includes back matter on climate change and conservation efforts.
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Riding the Tiger

Riding the Tiger

In Azerbaijan the last tiger was shot in 1948 ; in northern Iran the last tiger was shot in 1959 ( Nowell & Jackson 1996 ) . In addition to persecution and habitat conversion , the tiger's disappearance from the Caspian region was also ...

Author: John Seidensticker

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521648351

Category: Nature

Page: 404

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Beauty, grace and power make the tiger one of the world's most loved animals, yet it is precisely these qualities that have been its downfall. Poaching for skins and body parts, loss of habitat and prey and conflicts between people and wild tigers have caused catastrophic declines in tiger numbers throughout their range. If wild tigers are to survive through the next century, we must act now. Riding the Tiger is a comprehensive, scientific and eminently readable account of the problems and possible solutions of securing a future for wild tigers. Lavishly illustrated in full colour, it is written by leading conservationists working throughout Asia. It is a vital information resource for tiger conservationists in the field, necessary reading for serious students of carnivore conservation and conservation biologists in general, and an accessible overview of tiger conservation for general readers.
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The Detroit Tigers Encyclopedia

The Detroit Tigers Encyclopedia

OK Cain also holds the distinction of being the last Tiger pitcher to hit a home run before the designated hitter rule was put into place in 1973. He belted a homer off Chicago's Tom Bradley on August 28 , 1971 .

Author: Jim Hawkins

Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1582612226

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 336

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Tigers in Combat

Tigers in Combat

27 April 1945: The last Tigers of the battalion assemble near the forestry building at Hammer for the breakout attempt of the remnants of the 9.Armee to the west. The attack starts in the evening with seven Tigers of the 2.

Author: Wolfgang Schneider

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780811769211

Category: History

Page: 368

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• Hundreds of photos--many of them rare--of Tiger tanks and their crews • Color illustrations by Jean Restayn focus on markings, camouflage, and insignia • Inventories and timelines for each unit In this follow-up to Tigers in Combat I (0-8117-3171-5), Wolfgang Schneider turns his attention to the Tiger tanks of the Waffen-SS and the Wehrmacht's "named" units, such as the Großdeutschland Division, Company Hummel, and Tiger Group Meyer. Based on combat diaries, the text tells the history of each unit, but most of the book is devoted to photos of the tanks and the men who manned them. It offers as unique and comprehensive a look at these lethal machines as is possible decades after World War II.
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The Last Panda

The Last Panda

The only serious effort on this tiger's behalf is a captive propagation pro- gram at the Chongqing Zoo . There are about fifty South China Tigers in zoos , more in captivity than in the wild . Once the last tiger in China has been ...

Author: George B. Schaller

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226736296

Category: Nature

Page: 340

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In this magnificent, heart-wrenching book--hailed Best Book of 1993 by the New York Times Book Review and USA Today--acclaimed naturalist and National Book Award winner George B. Schaller documents the plight of the mysterious panda--and urgently calls for the compassion needed to save these gentle animals from extinction. Includes a new Preface for this edition. 27-color plates.
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Eating Chilli Crab in the Anthropocene

Eating Chilli Crab in the Anthropocene

Ho Tzu Nyen and Robert Wessing, “W for Weretiger,” Asia Art Archive, accessed February 22, 2020, ary-of-southeast-asia-w-for-weretiger. 16. Wessing, “The Last Tiger in East Java,” ...

Author: Matthew Schneider-Mayerson

Publisher: Ethos Books

ISBN: 9789811459634

Category: Architecture

Page: 335

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In this era of climate crisis, in which our very futures are at stake, sustainability is a global imperative. Yet we tend to associate sustainability, nature, and the environment with distant places, science, and policy. The truth is that everything is environmental, from transportation to taxes, work to love, cities to cuisine. This book is the first to examine contemporary Singapore from an ecocultural lens, looking at the ways that Singaporean life and culture is deeply entangled with the nonhuman lives that flourish all around us. The authors represent a new generation of cultural critics and environmental thinkers, who will inherit the future we are creating today. From chilli crab to Tiger Beer, Changi Airport to Pulau Semakau, O-levels to orang minyak films, these essays offer fresh perspectives on familiar subjects, prompting us to recognise the incredible urgency of climate change and the need to transform our ways of thinking, acting, learning, living, and governing so as to maintain a stable planet and a decent future.
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The Art of Broken Things

The Art of Broken Things

He slumped in an antique chair of real, preserved wood and watched the last tiger. When it roamed out of his direct line of sight, he utilised his emergency wireless to engage an Unskinned to carry him so he could follow.

Author: Joanne Anderton

Publisher: Trepidatio Publishing

ISBN: 9781685100148

Category: Fiction

Page: 217

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“Few things are more enjoyable or disturbing than a Joanne Anderton story. They feel like reality with the gravity turned off and, freed from those surly bonds, you float. But beware: broken things lurk in the darkness of space, earth, sea – and they’re hungry.” — Angela Slatter, award-winning author of All the Murmuring Bones A marriage dissolves in the middle of a spacewalk… A lonely robot searches for the remains of a long-lost child… An empty nester is haunted by victims of the bushfires that surround her home… These are tales of breaking and rebuilding, falling apart and being put back together. The stories in The Art of Broken Things blur the line between genres to explore some of our deepest, most fundamentally human concerns: what does it mean to build a family? And what are we willing to sacrifice, to keep that family together? From multiple award-winning author Joanne Anderton comes a new collection of dark science fiction, horror and weird. “Joanne Anderton is a master of the uncanny. Each of her stories is like a torch shone into the dark crevices of the imagination, and you may not always like what they reveal: terror, wonder, and a strange, dark beauty. Highly recommended.” — Helen Marshall, author of The Migration “Joanne Anderton’s stories are deeply atmospheric and powerfully engage the heart and the mind. She imagines futures both dark and entirely too possible, with characters you will come to know intimately. One of this generation’s most talented writers, this collection showcases an author firing on all cylinders.” — Alan Baxter, author of The Gulp and Devouring Dark
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Rethinking Environmental History

Rethinking Environmental History

and trees have grown in profusion [ in the abandoned areas ] , and tigers have become bold " ( Huizhou fuzhi 1877 , juan 18 , entry for KX6 ) . Significantly , in Guangzhou prefecture the last tiger attack on record is for 1690.

Author: Alf Hornborg

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 075911028X

Category: Nature

Page: 426

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This exciting new reader in environmental history provides a framework for understanding the relations between ecosystems and world systems over time. Alf Hornborg has brought together a group of the foremost writers from the social, historical and geographical sciences to provide an overview of the ecological dimension of global, economic processes, with a long-term, historical perspective. Readers are challenged to integrate studies of the Earth system with studies of the World system, and to reconceptualize human-environmental relations and the challenges of global sustainability. Immanuel Wallerstein, renowned Yale sociologist and originator of the world-system concept, closes the volume with his reflections on the intellectual, moral, and political implications of global environmental change.
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