The Message of Lamentations

The Message of Lamentations

Re'emi, S. P., A Commentary on the Book of Lamentations: God's People in Crisis
, International Theological ... Thomas, H., 'Until He Looks Down and Sees': The
Message and Meaning of the Book of Lamentations (Cambridge: Grove Books, ...

Author: Christopher J. H. Wright

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830824410

Category: Religion

Page: 170

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The destruction of Jerusalem is the likely setting for the book of Lamentations, delivered from a place of unspeakable pain in poetry of astonishing beauty and intricacy. In this Bible Speaks Today volume, Christopher Wright shows that we must not, and cannot, isolate Lamentations from the rest of the Bible.
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The Message of the Prophets

The Message of the Prophets

Christian Bibles, however, have traditionally followed the Septuagint, placing
Lamentations after Jeremiah, and thus including it as part of the prophetic
message. Message Lamentations is a tragic, mournful cry, expressing grief over
the fall ...

Author: J. Daniel Hays

Publisher: Zondervan Academic

ISBN: 9780310586968

Category: Religion

Page: 384

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Christians sometimes approach the Old Testament with a mixture of awe and bewilderment, knowing that it contains pearls of wisdom, but unsure how to dive for them ... especially when it comes to the Prophets. In The Message of the Prophets, author J. Daniel Hays offers a scholarly, yet readable and student-friendly survey of the Old Testament prophetic literature that presents the message of each prophet in its historical and its biblical context and then tracks that message through the New Testament to challenge readers with what it means for them today. Hays focuses on synthesizing the message of the prophets, which enables students to grasp the major contours of the prophetic books clearly and concisely. Hundreds of colorful pictures help to illustrate the historical and cultural background of the prophets. After identifying what the message meant for ancient Israel, Hays helps the readers to move toward theological application today, helping readers to gain a better understanding of God and the relationship between God and his people. The Message of the Prophets is essential for professors, students, and others seeking to understand the role that the OT prophets play in the Christian faith.
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A Theological Commentary to the Midrash Lamentations Rabbati

A Theological Commentary to the Midrash  Lamentations Rabbati

VII What about Lamentations Rabbati? A few remarks suffice. The theme of
Lamentations Rabbati is Israel's relationship with God, and the message
concerning that theme is that the stipulative covenant still and always governs
that ...

Author: Jacob Neusner

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0761820221

Category: Religion

Page: 216

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This theological commentary to the Rabbinic Midrash explores a simple proposition, in three parts: I. The reading of Scripture by principal parts of the Rabbinic Midrash is formed by compositions and composites that are animated by a cogent theological system. II. These primary components of the Midrash-compilations, further, are in part aimed at systematic demonstrations of theorems of a theological character. III. While forming a principal part of a large theological structure and system, each document is unique.
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Exalting Jesus in Jeremiah Lamentations

Exalting Jesus in Jeremiah  Lamentations

The Meaning of Shock and Awe.” Huffpost. Accessed January 18, 2018. ... The
Message of the Old Testament: Promises Made. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2006.
Dickens ... Jeremiah and Lamentations. Teach the Text Commentary Series.

Author: Steven Smith

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781535928281

Category: Religion

Page: 300

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Exalting Jesus in Jeremiah, Lamentations is part of the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary series. Edited by David Platt, Daniel L. Akin, and Tony Merida, this new commentary series, projected to be 48 volumes, takes a Christ-centered approach to expositing each book of the Bible. Rather than a verse-by-verse approach, the authors have crafted chapters that explain and apply key passages in their assigned Bible books. Readers will learn to see Christ in all aspects of Scripture, and they will be encouraged by the devotional nature of each exposition presented as sermons and divided into chapters that conclude with a “Reflect & Discuss” section, making this series ideal for small group study, personal devotion, and even sermon preparation. It’s not academic but rather presents an easy reading, practical and friendly commentary. The author of Exalting Jesus in Jeremiah, Lamentations is Steven Smith.
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The Message of Isaiah 40 55

The Message of Isaiah 40 55

The clauses put the people's (inner?) convictions into the words that could come
in a lament (cf. those of vv. 6—7a). ... As the poems unfold, there is certainly
abundant evidence that the community did not believe the prophetic message.

Author: John Goldingay

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780567030382

Category: Religion

Page: 578

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The Message of Isaiah 40-55 traces the argument of Isaiah 40-55 to show how the chapters bring a message of encouragement and challenge about God's intention to restore the Judean community, some of whose members are in exile in Babylon, others living in the city of Jerusalem that has lain devastated since it fell to the Babylonians in 587. The chapters hold before this community's eyes a vision of the nature of its God as the powerful creator and the loving restorer. In the course of following the argument, the reader becomes aware that the chapters have to deal with their audience's mysterious resistance to their message. It cannot give God the kind of response the message needs and deserves, nor can it fulfil the role as God's servant that is designed for it. God nevertheless remains committed to it. The prophet eventually becomes aware of a distinctive personal calling to embody that response, until the people are ready to do so. It is the prophet's willingness to do this (notwithstanding the suffering it brings) that embodies the kind of ministry that needs to be exercised to them so that they may be brought back to God and find a restoration of spirit, as well as a physical restoration.
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Forgotten and Forsaken by God Lamentations 5 19 20

Forgotten and Forsaken by God  Lamentations 5 19 20

122 These scholars value the alphabetic acrostic in Lamentations as
corresponding to the intention of the book. For them, the characteristics of the
acrostic as applied in Lamentations carry the message of the book. still other
attempts have ...

Author: Lina Rong

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781620325902

Category: Religion

Page: 222

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This study takes Lamentations as an integrated unity of form and content and considers the mini-acrostic in Lam 5:19-20 as crucial for the interpretation of the whole book. It applies a holistic approach and a dialogic interpretation to the book of Lamentations. Examining first the extent to which an intrinsic connection exists between the acrostic structure and the content of the book, Rong reads Lamentations as a whole from the angle of the mini-acrostic in Lam 5:19-20. She explores whether and how this mini-acrostic underlines the main themes running through the book. Moreover, Rong explores the dialogic interaction among the voices within Lamentations and between Lamentations and other related communal laments in the Hebrew Bible on the subjects of mood change and the admission of guilt. Finally, this book examines the significance of Lamentations for contemporary suffering--individuals and communities.
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Though it is a message of lamentations, itis sweet in the mouth to God's faithful
people. God has revealed to His very elect what is happening tothe Church of
God and how the problem will be solved. THEFACT THAT THIS MESSAGE ...

Author: Gerald Flurry

Publisher: Philadelphia Church of God


Category: Religion

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Lamentations was a warning to ancient Judah that it had reached the point of no return. The nation could no longer repent to avoid being taken captive by Babylon. What happened to Judah is only a type of what is prophesied to happen in this end time. It is a prophecy where the Laodicean Church and three nations of Israel (America, Britain and the Jewish nation) have reached the point of no return. They are going to become enslaved by a modern-day Babylon from Europe. Only individuals can still repent before the Great Tribulation. And even they have only a tiny span of time to do so. In this booklet: • The God That Rules • Josiah's Role in the End Time • Why God Must Punish the Laodiceans • Building a Foundation of Hope • Lamentations, Mourning and Woe This ebook is offered completely free of charge by the Philadelphia Church of God. However, please not that Google Play will need a verified Google Wallet account which requires your credit card information. In a small number of countries, a temporary authorization of $1 will be charged to your account but will be refunded. This refund can take up to 1 month to process.
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A homiletic commentary on the book of Lamentations Intr and notes by D G Watt and homiletics by G Barlow

A homiletic commentary on the book of Lamentations  Intr  and notes by D G  Watt  and homiletics by G  Barlow

Why are there these different messages ? 1 . The reason of the message of
mercy is sove - reign . 2 . Of the message of woe , Divine justice . IV . What claim
have these messages on our faith ? To be devoutly believed , because both mes

Author: rev. George Barlow


ISBN: OXFORD:600094498



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The Rabbinic Targum of Lamentations

The Rabbinic Targum of Lamentations

CHAPTER TWO GOD'S IN / ACTION The Book of Lamentations , for all of its
struggles to comprehend what has occurred ... and it could be argued that the
targumist is , in many cases , not significantly altering the message of the biblical

Author: Christian M. M. Brady

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004121633

Category: Religion

Page: 187

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"The Rabbinic Targum of Lamentations" demonstrates how the targumist transformed the Book of Lamentations by absolving God of all guilt, declaring Israel's culpability for Jerusalem's destruction, and presenting the path towards reconciliation through repentance and rabbinic worship. A new translation of TgLam is included.
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Jeremiah Lamentations

Jeremiah  Lamentations

Gary V. Smith ISBN: 978-0-310-20614-9 Jonah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah
James Bruckner shows how the messages of these four Old Testament prophets,
who lived during some of Israel and Judah's most turbulent times, are as ...

Author: J. Andrew Dearman

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310872832

Category: Religion

Page: 496

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The books of Jeremiah and Lamentations cannot be separated from the political conditions of ancient Judah. Beginning with the righteous king Josiah, who ushered in a time of glorious but brief religious reform, Jeremiah reflects the close tie between spiritual and political prosperity or disaster, between the actions and heart of Judah and her kings and their fortunes as a nation. While few of us today have any firsthand understanding of what it means to live in a theocracy, the central theme of Jeremiah and Lamentations remains clear and still holds true: God first, politics second. The words, prayers, and poems of "the weeping prophet" serve to realign us with God’s priorities, turning us from evil and encouraging us to pursue God and his ways. With emotion and spiritual depth, these prophetic writings beckon us toward a spiritual integrity that can still affect the course of individuals and nations today. Most Bible commentaries take us on a one-way trip from our world to the world of the Bible. But they leave us there, assuming that we can somehow make the return journey on our own. They focus on the original meaning of the passage but don’t discuss its contemporary application. The information they offer is valuable--but the job is only half done! The NIV Application Commentary Series helps bring both halves of the interpretive task together. This unique, award-winning series shows readers how to bring an ancient message into our postmodern context. It explains not only what the Bible meant but also how it speaks powerfully today.
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The Message of the Psalter

The Message of the Psalter

Albrektson, B. 1963 Studies in the Text and Theology of the Book of
Lamentations with a Critical Edition of the Peshitta Text (STL, 21; Lund: Gleerup).
Aletti, J .-N., and J. Trublet 1983 Approche poétique et théologique des psaumes
(Paris: ...

Author: David C. Mitchell

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781850756897

Category: Religion

Page: 428

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This intriguing work argues that the book of Psalms has been redacted to reflect a programme of eschatological events like that of Zechariah 9-14. These events include the ingathering of exiled Israel by a bridegroom-king; his establishment of a kingdom, followed by his violent death; the scattering of Israel in the wilderness, and their subsequent regathering and further imperilment; their rescue by a king from the sky, who establishes his kingdom from Zion, brings peace and prosperity to the earth and receives the homage of the nations. There is an appendix of apocalyptic midrashim, translated into English for the first time.
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Elenchus of Biblica

Elenchus of Biblica

E8.8 Lamentations , Threni ; Baruch 3949 Cooper , Alan The message of
Lamentations . JANES 28 ( 2001 ) 1-18 . 3950 Dobbs - Allsopp , Fred W. The
enjambing line in Lamentations : a taxonomy ( Part 1 ) . ZAW 113 ( 2001 ) 219-
239 ; 3951 ...

Author: M. Schoenmaeckers

Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop

ISBN: 8876536264

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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Le 23 novembre 1964, jour de la promulgation de Lumen Gentium, la constitution dogmatique sur l'Eglise, marque un evenement: c'est la premiere fois dans l'histoire de l'Eglise qu'une assemblee de la Sainte Eglise s'exprime solennellement sur la vie consacree. Le sixieme chapitre de la constitution traite de la signification et de l'essence de la vie religieuse, la reliant au mystere de l'Eglise, peuple de Dieu. Ce texte conciliaire presente la vie religieuse comme un etat canonique, celui du chretien qui tend, dans un institut de perfection, a la charite parfaite et consacre sa vie a Dieu et aux hommes ppar la profession des conseils evangeliques de chastete, pauvrete et obeissance. De toute evidence, cette declaration doctrinale est importante pour l'Eglise et pour le developpement de la vie consacree dans l'Eglise. En lisant Lumen Gentium, on est assez vite frappe par le debut abrupt du sixieme chapitre sur les religieux; car tous les autres chapitres s'ouvrent par une breve introduction. Cepedant on ne peut deracher ce chapitre de ce que a ete dit precedemment sur la vocation universelle a la saintete. En fait, l'histoire du texte fait clairement ressortir le lien qui unit ces chapitres.
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The Preacher s Commentary Vol 19 Jeremiah Lamentations

The Preacher s Commentary   Vol  19  Jeremiah   Lamentations

This was the message of the faithful prophet to the nations. 4. The message to
Ammon (49:1–6). Again the prophetic message involves a national deity, Milcom,
“the king.” Ammon, by serving him, was guilty of trusting “in her treasures” (49:4).

Author: John Guest

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418587680

Category: Religion

Page: 376

View: 453

General editor Lloyd J. Ogilvie brings together a team of skilled and exceptional communicators to blend sound scholarship with life-related illustrations. The design for the Preacher's Commentary gives the reader an overall outline of each book of the Bible. Following the introduction, which reveals the author's approach and salient background on the book, each chapter of the commentary provides the Scripture to be exposited. The New King James Bible has been chosen for the Preacher's Commentary because it combines with integrity the beauty of language, underlying Hebrew and Greek textual basis, and thought-flow of the 1611 King James Version, while replacing obsolete verb forms and other archaisms with their everyday contemporary counterparts for greater readability. Reverence for God is preserved in the capitalization of all pronouns referring to the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. Readers who are more comfortable with another translation can readily find the parallel passage by means of the chapter and verse reference at the end of each passage being exposited. The paragraphs of exposition combine fresh insights to the Scripture, application, rich illustrative material, and innovative ways of utilizing the vibrant truth for his or her own life and for the challenge of communicating it with vigor and vitality.
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Jeremiah Lamentations Everyman s Bible Commentary

Jeremiah   Lamentations  Everyman s Bible Commentary

The shorter prophetical books, known as the Minor Prophets, are no less
important; but, at the same time, one cannot escape the divine intention of
emphasis by the repetition and amplification so evident in the long messages of
the Major ...

Author: Irving L. Jensen

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 1575678926

Category: Religion

Page: 156

View: 347

Jeremiah, previously published as a separate volume, has been combined with Lamentations to provide a carefully organized exposition that reconstructs the historical and cultural backgrounds as well as the vital message of the two Old Testament books. Jeremiah is a penetrating analysis of a significant prophetic book regarded as especially relevant to modern times. Lamentations is an appropriate companion to this book, for it looks back to the event that Jeremiah anticipated, the fall of Jerusalem, and describes in stunningly evocative language the grief that Israel experienced. Using a paragraph-by-paragraph method of analysis, Dr. Jensen explores major units of thought in these biblical books. He effectively uses charts, maps, and informative footnotes to aid the reader's understanding.
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The Message of the Bible

The Message of the Bible

Author: George Carey

Publisher: Chariot Victor Pub

ISBN: 0856489174

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Explains the meaning of more than two hundred key passages from the Bible, discusses forty-eight central themes, and looks at how the Bible's teachings apply to the problems of the modern world.
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Introducing the Old Testament

Introducing the Old Testament

A Short Guide to Its History and Message Tremper Longman III. Recommended
Resources Dearman, A. Jeremiah, Lamentations. NIVAC. Grand Rapids:
Zondervan, 2002. Longman, T. Jeremiah, Lamentations. NIBCOT. Peabody, MA:

Author: Tremper Longman III

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310491408

Category: Religion

Page: 160

View: 391

An abridged edition of the bestselling book An Introduction to the Old Testament, this rich guide makes Old Testament scholarship accessible to the average reader. Renowned Bible scholar Tremper Longman III gathers the best in historical research and literary analysis to lead the reader through each book of the Old Testament. Most significantly, Longman explores the meaning of each book in light of its cultural setting. Abbreviated chapters highlight key research discoveries, ensuring that the information is both significant and manageable. Including questions at the end of each chapter for group discussion or personal reflection, Introducing the Old Testament makes the words, history, and culture of biblical times come alive for readers. Laypersons as well as church leaders will take away a solid understanding of the historical background and theological message of the Old Testament and be inspired to apply biblical truths to their lives.
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The Song of Solomon and the Lamentations of Jeremiah

The Song of Solomon and the Lamentations of Jeremiah

This short message of two words is in effect the essence of teachings that can be
gathered as freely from almost every page of the Bible as flowers from a meadow
in May . We have the more sure word of prophecy , " and the burden of it is the ...

Author: Walter Frederic Adeney


ISBN: UVA:X030805546

Category: Bible

Page: 346

View: 281

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Jeremiah and His Lamentations

Jeremiah  and His Lamentations

This evidence of identity as to circumstances and timo lies in the following
particulars : ( 1. ) In each message the prophet was directed to go and stand in
the temple and deliver it to the people who congregated - going out and coming
in - there ...

Author: Henry Cowles


ISBN: HARVARD:32044069590776

Category: Bible

Page: 431

View: 229

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The message of the poetry's fabric of allusion here: Zion is not likely to fare any
better in God's hands than she would in the hands of the previously mentioned
prophets, passersby, and enemies. But this irony is twisted and deepened further
in ...

Author: F W Dobbs-Allsopp

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 0664237541



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The destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B.C., which led to the exile of the people of Israel, drastically changed the community's life. In the midst of this darkness, the five poems collected as the biblical book of Lamentations emerged as a life-embracing work. This sophisticated yet accessible commentary now makes the message of Lamentations come alive for Christian existence today. The distinctiveness of the Palestinian voice found in these poems is maintained as they bear witness to the horror and pain of human suffering. Yet, beneath the words, a determined will to live emerges and confronts human suffering, probes God and God's actions, and anticipates a new kind of human community that will arise from Zion, even in the midst of God's silence. - Publisher.