The Morganthau Affair

The Morganthau Affair

Samuel Zewe. The Morganthau Affair Samuel J. Zewe Writers Club Press San Jose New York Lincoln Shanghai The Morganthau Affair All Rights Reserved © 2000 by Samuel.

Author: Samuel Zewe

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595147465

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The Morganthau Affair is a fast-paced, suspense-filled, high-tech thriller set in Silicon Valley and the Southwestern United States about greed, power and corruption and one mans fight to stop it before it costs him his life and the life of the woman who befriends him. After leaving academic life behind Zachary Denton has found himself working for a major corporation in Silicon Valley designing and building the ultimate in microchip technology. His discovery of secret plans to use the microchips for government espionage leaves him fleeing for his life and into the arms of a beautiful young woman. Together they must find a way to stop Technadine Cooporation's president, Douglas J. Morganthau, from gaining the ultimate power and along the way discover that love can conquer all.
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Morgenthau Diary China

Morgenthau Diary  China

Henry Morgenthau. you fantastic but barring unforeseen obstacles they will actually materialize . 4. The Hess affair shows that despite strict Government control there is internal friction among the Nazis and discontent among the ...

Author: Henry Morgenthau


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Political Theory and International Affairs

Political Theory and International Affairs

Hans J. Morgenthau on Aristotle's The Politics Hans Joachim Morgenthau Anthony F. Lang. lenged Morgenthau on normative grounds , claiming realism left one with little hope for ameliorating conflict , as in Richard Falk's A Study of ...

Author: Hans Joachim Morgenthau

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275980251

Category: Political Science

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This book correlates the teachings of Aristotle with contemporary politics by presenting select lectures of Hans J. Morgenthau, one of the leading international relations theorists of his time.
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Encounters with World Affairs

Encounters with World Affairs

A good case in point is Morgenthau's Politics Among Nations. Though the book clearly states sets out to create a 'rational theory' of international politics capable of reflecting the 'objective laws' of world affairs, the Morgenthau ...

Author: Emilian Kavalski

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317143857

Category: Philosophy

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This book is designed to familiarise students with leading International Relations (IR) theories and their explanation of political events, phenomena, and processes which cross the territorial boundaries of the state. Thus, students will be exposed to the interplay between power, interest, ideas, identity, and resistance, in explaining continuity and change in international relations. Developed to provide students with the analytical tools and intellectual frameworks needed to understand the behaviour of different international actors in contemporary global affairs. This textbook responds to the challenges of a dynamic job market by assisting students to gain both thorough theoretical knowledge and training them to apply this knowledge to real world problems. In short, this textbook delivers: A comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the examination of national, regional and global trends in politics, economics and socio-cultural developments allowing students to understand: ¢ the practice and theory of contemporary international relations ¢ the politics, culture, history, and economies of different regions around the world ¢ the role played by international interactions, culture, and government in local, national, and global settings. Equipping students with the proficiency: ¢ to understand and interpret the dynamics, patterns, and issues of global affairs ¢ to know how to get more information about particular questions ¢ to evaluate that information independently and effectively. To these ends, the textbook provides a number of features that will appeal to students and avoids overwhelming students with chapters on topics which (in practice) are rarely on courses, while nonetheless providing a comprehensive overview of the field. Introduces students to the main debates, topics, and terms in the field and allows them to decide which they would like to focus on in their further studies.
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From the Morgenthau Diaries Years of crisis 1928 1938

From the Morgenthau Diaries  Years of crisis  1928 1938

John Morton Blum, Henry Morgenthau. affair . The investigation was conducted by Louis R. Glavis , a Progressive martyr to stand - pat Republican politics in 1910 whom Ickes had brought back to Washington as a special assistant .

Author: John Morton Blum

Publisher: Boston : Houghton Mifflin

ISBN: STANFORD:36105024641453

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Revised and condensed version issued in a 1 v. ed. in 1970 under title: Roosevelt and Morgenthau. [1] Years of crisis, 1928-1938.--[2] Years of urgency, 1938-1941.--[3] Years of war, 1941-1945.
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The Morgenthau Plan

The Morgenthau Plan

4 Bernstein provided Morgenthau with a draft of the SHAEF Military Handbook for Germany, which, as a member of the Civil Affairs staff, he had been working on. Bernstein disagreed with the tone of the Handbook be- cause it emphasized ...

Author: John Dietrich

Publisher: Algora Publishing

ISBN: 9781892941428

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 212

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After hostilities officially ceased, what drove American policy towards Germany in 1944-1949? While Soviet policies came under closer inspection, Western policies have rarely been subjected to critical review. This book deals with the Morgenthau Plan and
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Mostly Morgenthaus A Family History

Mostly Morgenthaus  A Family History

Many people shed light on the Morgenthau-White relationship, but I learned the most from Edward Bernstein. ... Morgenthau's efforts thereafter to get to the bottom of the White affair were stymied, and his personal doubts remained ...

Author: Henry Morgenthau III

Publisher: Plunkett Lake Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography


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Mostly Morgenthaus is the intimate portrait of an extraordinary American family, which included an ambassador, a cabinet member, prominent businessmen and a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian. Reaching back to the eighteenth century, Henry Morgenthau III tells the story of this Jewish family, tracing the careers of his great-grandfather, the dynamic but unstable Lazarus Morgenthau (1815-1897), who in 1866 transported his family to New York after making and losing a fortune in Mannheim, Germany; his grandfather, the determined Henry Sr. (1856-1946), who recouped the family fortune and retired from business in midlife to devote himself to public service as ambassador to Turkey and plenipotentiary throughout the Armenian crisis of 1913-15; and his father, the diffident Henry Jr. (1891-1967), who became one of the country’s most influential men and, as secretary of the Treasury under FDR, one of the first Jews to serve in the cabinet. From his privileged vantage point, the author describes the Bretton Woods Conference, the controversial Morgenthau Plan, the scandal surrounding Harry Dexter White, his parents’ remarkably close friendship with Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, his sister Joan’s spectacular White House coming-out party, the encounter his cousin — historian Barbara Tuchman — had with Roosevelt, and the career of his younger brother, Robert Morgenthau, US district attorney in New York. He also provides an inside picture of the remarkable German-Jewish families — the Strausses, Lehmans, Ochses, Guggenheims, Wertheims — who played important roles in American life. “Henry Morgenthau 3d has written a remarkable book — an admiring but still often critical account of an important American family by one of its members... The story of the Morgenthaus is classic immigrant history.” — Arthur Hertzberg, The New York Times “[A] fondly detailed, often humorous, intimate family memoir, covering the Horatio Alger-like rise of an immigrant family to affluence and influence in the New World... [with] a darker, more troubling subtext. As New York’s German Jews emerged from the cocoon of poverty, they struggled to camouflage any traces of ethnicity that might distinguish them from the predominantly Christian community...” — Stephen Birmingham, Washington Post “A fourth-generation Morgenthau pens a lively and engaging biography of his family of high achievers, overlaid with a fresh view of changing Jewish acculturation during the past two American centuries... From letters and family stories, the author assembles a gripping and tragic account of the 1915 Armenian massacre... Thirty years later, during WW II, the author’s father, Henry, Jr. — FDR’s secretary of the treasury — presented a scathing report to the President on the ‘Acquiescence of the Government to the Murder of the Jews’ with equal lack of effect. Personal history that opens to a larger cultural and political account of the 20th century: fluent and passionately humane.” — Kirkus Reviews “Storybook histories of old-line German-Jewish families in America resemble one another to a remarkable degree... Mostly Morgenthaus, the latest and one of the most interesting examples of this genre, dissents from the storybook version of events in numerous ways... this volume reminds us that American Jewish history is remarkably unpredictable, and surprises abound.” — Jonathan D. Sarna, Commentary Magazine “Sprinkled with backroom revelations of the New Deal, this dramatic family saga focuses on three patriarchs, each driven by a sense of destiny... This history of a resilient family includes closeups of FDR, Al Smith, Ike, Eleanor Roosevelt and the author’s brother, Manhattan district attorney Robert Morgenthau.” — Publishers Weekly “Insider family chronicles rarely offer the richness and luster with which the reader is rewarded in Mostly Morgenthaus... This personalized account is both moving and fascinating. As the only recent examination of the Morgenthaus’ impact on American history, as an intimate portrait of prominent immigrant society during America’s Gilded Age, and as a model for those tracing their cultural roots, this makes good history...” — Library Journal “With the Roosevelts and the Kennedys, the Morgenthaus are a family greatly and famously in the service of the Republic. This book, partly family history, partly personal memoir, adds in a charming way to the story.” — John Kenneth Galbraith “The Morgenthaus were one of those great German-Jewish families who broke through the snobbish anti-Semitism of the Wasp mainstream in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to become a force in American public life. This is a charming, intimate portrayal of three fascinating generations in American history.” — Peter Grose “I have found Mostly Morgenthaus a marvelously engrossing and richly informative account of how a distinguished American family moved from Judaism to assimilation and back to Judaism once more. In his four-generation story, Henry Morgenthau III discusses his forebears with an admirable mix of affection and clear-sightedness. Not the least of the book’s attractions are the lively, first-hand vignettes it offers of New York’s German-Jewish patriciate and of FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt at work and play. Infinitely rewarding, meticulously wrought, Mostly Morgenthaus is a model of family history, a tour de force in a tricky and taxing genre.” — H. Stuart Hughes “A fascinating volume, I am gratified that Henry Morgenthau has made the time and the effort to chronicle one of the most interesting émigré families with a background in this country of nearly two centuries.” — Abram L. Sachar
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Christian Approaches to International Affairs

Christian Approaches to International Affairs

———'Hans J. Morgenthau versus E. H. Carr: Conflicting conceptions of ethics in Realism.' In Political Thought and International Relations: Variations on a Realist Theme. Edited by Duncan Bell, 83–104. Oxford, New York: Oxford University ...

Author: Jodok Troy

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9780230362918

Category: Political Science

Page: 214

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The power and influence that religion and religious actors wield is often underestimated by political leaders and international relations theorists. This stems from a lack of application of traditional social science methodology to this area, a balance which this book seeks to redress, analysing religious issues and their intersection with international politics and international relations theory on a global scale. Jodok Troy illustrates the potential which theoretical approaches such as Realism and the English School have for a better understanding of religion in the context of politics. Furthermore, the book conveys how alternative theoretical approaches from philosophy, theology, and anthropology can help in the exploration of the growing impact of religion on revolutions, diplomacy, war and peace.
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Power Knowledge and Dissent in Morgenthau s Worldview

Power  Knowledge  and Dissent in Morgenthau s Worldview

For Morgenthau (2004: 30), power was an end since only through its achievement is it possible to create a good life for humans ... From this follows that power was for Morgenthau, like Arendt, a collective affair that enables people to ...

Author: Felix Rösch

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137395290

Category: Political Science

Page: 211

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This book provides a comprehensive investigation into Hans Morgenthau's life and work. Identifying power, knowledge, and dissent as the fundamental principles that have informed his worldview, this book argues that Morgenthau's lasting contribution to the discipline of International Relations is the human condition of politics.
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Commonsense Constructivism or the Making of World Affairs

Commonsense Constructivism  or the Making of World Affairs

In Morgenthau's world, moral outcomes are only possible where the balance of power favors them, which is why diplomaticomilitary prudence should always be the basis on which we conduct world affairs.

Author: Ralph Pettman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317474043

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

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Fully accessible to students and scholars alike, this engaging book introduces the constructivist approach to understanding world affairs. In a highly readable and witty way, it shows how people and their social relations are the basis for everything around us -- International Relations included.
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