The Mullah Conspiracy

The Mullah Conspiracy

Author: Cyrus Doost

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595305339

Category: Fiction

Page: 348

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On a dangerous trip to his native Iran, Frank Tavana is determined to find his close friend and colleague Jerry Lockwood, an American professor visiting Tehran to study the long-term effects of the 1979 Revolution. Imprisoned on false charges by the tyrannical ruling mullahs, Jerry has been sentenced to death as a CIA spy. All attempts by the U.S. government have failed to get his release or even any news about his fate. Arriving in Tehran, Frank runs head on into the mullahs' ruthless rule. With the secret help of old friends, now high-ranking officials, Frank finds out that Jerry is still alive, but only a week from execution. A daring rescue attempt cements the bonds of the small group and creates a secret mission dedicated to opposing the mullahs' plans to spread their oppressive rule with the aid of the ultimate weapon.
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Conspiracies and Atrocities in Afghanistan

Conspiracies and Atrocities in Afghanistan

And added the mullah, mark you, O Syed, that the virtue of the charm remains while the charmgiver's life lasts and two full moons thereafter” (p. 248–7). “And of mine own story of life, if you would listen, even since I was a little boy ...

Author: Engineer Fazel Ahmed Afghan, MSc

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503573000

Category: Architecture

Page: 780

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Afghanistan is the victim of conspiracies. History tells us about happenings and events of the past. Life would be empty in the absence of history. Therefore, the author—intrinsically motivated to understand his roots, his motherland, and the cause for the backwardness and suffering of Afghanistan—decided to take this adventurous journey and complete this three-hundred-year history in thirty years and share them with all those interested about Afghanistan issues. In the course of thirty years, the author had gone through very rough, bumpy, and sometimes painful routes, making him cry, especially feeling in his heart the pain and fear of not reaching the destiny. In spite of all his difficulties, he has dug out a lot of painful documents from very reliable sources and compiled them in this book titled Conspiracies and Atrocities in Afghanistan: 1700–2014. Thereby, the author of this book has endeavored to present the link between various eras and major historic events inside Afghanistan with the purpose of exposing the facts about the Afghan and foreign conspiracies and atrocities which, as a result, caused the backwardness of this nation. Afghanistan has suffered immensely through the course of this three-hundred-year journey and especially in the last thirty-six years. The author leaves the judgement to the respected readers.
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The Bishop the Mullah and the Smartphone

The Bishop  the Mullah  and the Smartphone

Conspiracy theory websites run by protestants do exist warning us the Catholic church is in cahoots with sometimes the Cia, and sometimes the Mafia, but they do not receive serious attention. however others think the re–mythologization ...

Author: Bryan Winters

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781498217927

Category: Religion

Page: 318

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Not so long ago the world resisted change, often using religious-reasoning. Small wonder--the printing press, a sixteenth century disruptive device, split Christianity. Now the globe welcomes digital disruption, even praising it as a solution for faltering economies. Religions don't have much choice but to follow, because information is a prime asset of faith. Believers treasure and reframe their past, and present. However, both old and current data is now available in huge quantities, visually and instantly. Movies provide more spiritual guidance than holy texts, and terror merchants use the uncontrollable Internet to gain hearts and minds. Nevertheless a turbulent re-mythologization of adherents towards peaceful versions of their belief can be tracked. There are positive things we can all do to help, which is just as well in a world that suggests only political acts count.
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The Afghan Way of War

The Afghan Way of War

The mullah conspiracy was advocated most strongly by R. I. Bruce, The Forward Policy and its Results (London, 1900). 5. Captain H. L. Nevill, Campaigns on the North West Frontier (London, 1912), pp. 275–6. 6. The contemporary view of ...

Author: Robert Johnson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199798568

Category: History

Page: 375

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Through the reconstruction of episodes of Afghanistan's military history, this book seeks to reevaluate the Afghan 'Way of War', showing that, despite the stereotypes of guerrilla warriors imbued with religious fanaticism, Afghans have constantly adapted to new threats. Indeed, the Afghan way of war has been one of constant change.
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Unheeded Warnings The Lost Reports of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare Volume 1 Islamic Terrorism and the West

Unheeded Warnings  The Lost Reports of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare Volume 1  Islamic Terrorism and the West

conspiracies against the mullahs. Thus, major Iranian anti-U.S. provocations were aimed at mobilizing the masses and punishing the U.S. All this time, the Iranian perception was influenced by Soviet actions.

Author: Richard J. Leitner


ISBN: 9780615252445



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Neither East Nor West

Neither East Nor West

There was a conspiracy between the mullahs and the world powers to destroy what had hitherto been a rapidly developing Persia and/ or emasculate true Shi'ism by turning it into an instrument of corruption. Conspiracy theories ...

Author: Christiane Bird

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780671027568

Category: True Crime

Page: 396

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Combining reminiscence, travelogue, history, and interviews with Iranians from all walks of life, a journey through modern-day Iran reveals a nation shrouded by misunderstanding, cultural stereotypes, and hostility.
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Biblical Mullahs

Biblical Mullahs

CHAPTER 15: FAKE BATTLES AND TREATIES The mullahs non Koranic stories are replete with great battles that were fought between the believers, ... According to the mullahs this was the time of the great conspiracy (fitnah al kubra).


Publisher: Abu Hurairah Mythmaker Publications


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The theme of this book is that the Muslims are embroiled in insanity because they do not obey the literal Koran. The Muslims are far removed from their own Koran. This book will show that there is not one thing the Muslim does everyday in the name of his religion which can be traced back to the Koran. The Muslims have become raving mobs and gargantuan failures in life because they have abandoned the Koran. And in the process the Muslims have also become rejectors. In Arabic the word for ‘rejector’ is ‘kafir’ i.e. one who opposes. The vast majority of Muslims are actually outside the pale of Islam.
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The Kabul Conspiracy

The Kabul Conspiracy

The Kabul Conspiracy showcases Carmela and Shawn’s sleuthing skills as they take the limited information that their friends Nadia, Aouda, and Faris, who live in the Syrian Desert, gave them about the plot against President Banner and ...

Author: Jesse E. Corralez

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490788784

Category: Fiction

Page: 172

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The Kabul Conspiracy showcases Carmela and Shawn’s sleuthing skills as they take the limited information that their friends Nadia, Aouda, and Faris, who live in the Syrian Desert, gave them about the plot against President Banner and begin the process of identifying and finding the assassins. As the calendar races toward Mother’s Day weekend, Carmela and Shawn, as well as a crew of friends and local cops, search the city of Portland and the surrounding areas for the would-be killers.
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Contemporary Criminal Law

Contemporary Criminal Law

The essential elements of a conspiracy charged are (1) an agreement by two or more persons to perform some ... 2001, Ali Al-Timimi urged the attendees at the meeting at Kwon's house to heed the call of Mullah Omar for all Muslims to ...

Author: Matthew Lippman

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412981293

Category: Law

Page: 639

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This is a comprehensive, introductory criminal law textbook that expands upon traditional concepts and cases by coverage of the most contemporary topics and issues. Contemporary material, including terrorism, computer crimes, and hate crimes, serves to illuminate the ever-evolving relationship between criminal law, society and the criminal justice system's role in balancing competing interests. The case method is used throughout the book as an effective and creative learning tool.Features include:" vignettes, core concepts, 'Cases and Concepts', 'You Decides, excerpts from state statutes, 'legal equations' and Crime in the News boxes" fully developed end-of-chapter pedagogy includes review questions, legal terminology and 'Criminal Law on the Web' resources" instructor resources (including PowerPoint slides, a computerized testbank and classroom activities) and a Student Study Site accompany this text
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Global Jihad and America

Global Jihad and America

Mullahs, especially throughout South Asia, glorify male supremacy, oppose female leadership, justify seclusion, ... but a Western conspiracy against the Islamic world.33 The mullah mind-set is again a by-product of mullahs' ignorance ...

Author: Taj Hashmi

Publisher: SAGE Publishing India

ISBN: 9789351504269

Category: Political Science

Page: 344

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Global Jihad and America questions the assumption if Islamist terrorism, or “Global Jihad,” poses the biggest threat to modern civilization in the East and West. It explores if Islamic and Western civilizations, being “incompatible” to each other, are destined to be at loggerheads. Consequently, the book argues that state-sponsored terrorism and proxy wars—not terrorist acts by “non-state actors”—will pose the biggest security threat to the world. This study does not suggest that the world has already reached the cul-de-sac of its destiny with no point of return. Both America and the Muslim World can play important roles to avert the catastrophe. Meanwhile, the gap between the needy and the rich and powerful is widening. Throughout history, sections of the rich and powerful have manipulated wars in the name of peace and justice, religion and freedom. So the big question now is: with America and its allies waging a “war on terror and extremism” and their Muslim adversaries defending honor and religion, is a disaster looming?
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