The Muslim Home

The Muslim Home

All these concepts and others are just applications of the Islamic principles. This book presents the necessary advice about building up such a home.

Author: Muhammed Al-Munajjid

Publisher: El-Farouq.Org

ISBN: 1643542184


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Home is the place where you and your family spend most of the time. Therefore, it should be decent and comfortable. In order to be so, it must be based on intimacy, love, sincerity, truthfulness, honesty, and the like. All these concepts and others are just applications of the Islamic principles. This book presents the necessary advice about building up such a home. Acquiring this information would enable you to make of your home the most enjoyable place for yourself and your family.

Children in the Muslim Middle East

Children in the Muslim Middle East

One home is reserved exclusively for Christians, with a Christian mother, and the rest are Muslim homes. The mothers cook for the children and attempt as much as possible to relate to the children as a parent would.

Author: Elizabeth Warnock Fernea

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292763746

Category: Social Science

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Today nearly half of all people in the Middle East are under the age of fifteen. Yet little is known about the new generation of boys and girls who are growing up in a world vastly different from that of their parents, a generation who will be the leaders of tomorrow. This groundbreaking anthology is an attempt to look at the current situation of children by presenting materials by both Middle Eastern and Western scholars. Many of the works have been translated from Arabic, Persian, and French. The forty-one pieces are organized into sections on the history of childhood, growing up, health, work, education, politics and war, and play and the arts. They are presented in many forms: essays in history and social science, poems, proverbs, lullabies, games, and short stories. Countries represented are Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel/West Bank, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, and Afghanistan. This book complements Elizabeth Fernea's earlier works, Women and the Family in the Middle East and Middle Eastern Muslim Women Speak (coedited with Basima Bezirgan). Like them, it will be important reading for everyone interested in the Middle East and in women's and children's issues.
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A Companion to the Muslim World

A Companion to the Muslim World

Further, by restricting the woman to the home, society ensured that women will almost always need to be supported and ... Housework Because of the Quranic view of marital relationships, the founding Muslim jurists viewed marriage as a ...

Author: Amyn Sajoo

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780857735225

Category: Religion

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What is the extraordinary text that is the Quran - and how does it relate to the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad? How did a legacy so richly varied in faith, law and civilization emerge from the message of the Revelation that came to be called 'Islam' (or submission to God's will)? This immaculately researched yet thoroughly accessible book offers a journey into the full range of experience - past and present, secular and sacred - of the diverse people and cultures of the Muslim world. Threads of continuity and change are woven through each chapter to make a coherent narrative covering a broad variety of themes and topics. Poets, cities and the architecture of mosques are as much a part of the exploration as multiple aspects of scripture, the status of women in the faith, and the emergence of a 'digital community' of believers. In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, understanding what Islam is about and what Muslims believe is a vital concern across all frontiers. "A Companion to the Muslim World" is an attractive venture by distinguished scholars to contribute toward this urgent process of comprehension.
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The Muslim World in Post 9 11 American Cinema

The Muslim World in Post 9 11 American Cinema

This space may be in a Muslim country or elsewhere in the world, as Metcalf ( 996, 4–5) explains: For a Muslim to feel at home or for a non–Muslim to recognize a Muslim space, the presence of certain spoken or written Arabic words is ...

Author: Kerem Bayraktaroğlu

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476633633

Category: Performing Arts

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Focusing on the decade following 9/11, this critical analysis examines the various portrayals of Muslims in American cinema. Comparison of pre- and post-9/11 films indicates a stereotype shift, influenced by factors other than just politics. The evolving definitions of male, female and child characters and of setting and landscape are described. The rise of the formidable American female character who dominates the weak Muslim male emerges as a common theme.
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Evangelical Christians in the Muslim Sahel

Evangelical Christians in the Muslim Sahel

The pattern that informs the mission's attitudes toward introducing new members to a household and taking members out ... Christian male was not sufficiently strong to guard against the dangers of the Muslim or pagan women in his home.

Author: Barbara M. Cooper

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253111920

Category: Religion

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Barbara M. Cooper looks closely at the Sudan Interior Mission, an evangelical Christian mission that has taken a tenuous hold in a predominantly Hausa Muslim area on the southern fringe of Niger. Based on sustained fieldwork, personal interviews, and archival research, this vibrant, sensitive, compelling, and candid book gives a unique glimpse into an important dimension of religious life in Africa. Cooper's involvement in a violent religious riot provides a useful backdrop for introducing other themes and concerns such as Bible translation, medical outreach, public preaching, tensions between English-speaking and French-speaking missionaries, and the Christian mission's changing views of Islam.
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Questioning the Muslim Woman

Questioning the    Muslim Woman

Most of the women involved in this discussion were employed in middle-class homes in Zakir Nagar and saw the ... Aneesa Bibi: Women don«t work there ̧ Women don«t leave the house. ... Bilquis: No, no, we work in Muslim homes here.

Author: Nida Kirmani

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134910441

Category: Social Science

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The marginalisation of Muslims in India has recently been the subject of heated public debate. In these discussions, however, Muslim women are often either overlooked or treated as a homogenous group with a common set of interests. Focusing on the narratives of women living in a predominantly Muslim colony in South Delhi, this book attempts to demonstrate the complexity of their lives and the multiple levels of insecurity they face. Unlike other studies on Indian Muslims that focus on Islam as a defining factor, this book highlights the ways in which religious identity intersects with other identities including class/status, regional affiliation and gender. The author also sheds light on the impact of such events as the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992 and the subsequent riots, the Gujarat communal carnage in 2002, and the anti-Sikh violence in New Delhi in 1984, along with the rise of Hindutva, and growing Islamophobia experienced worldwide in the post-9/11 period — on the articulation of identities at the local level and increasing religion-based spatial segregation in Indian cities. The study highlights how these incidents combine in different ways to increase the sense of marginalisation experienced by Muslims at the level of the locality. Understanding the need to look beyond preconceived religious categories, this book will serve as essential reading for those interested in sociology, anthropology, gender, religious and urban studies, as well as policymakers and organisations concerned with issues related to religious minorities in India.
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The Muslim Brotherhood in Contemporary Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood in Contemporary Egypt

Hoda Abdel Moneim pointed out that 'the essence in Islam is that women's place is at home. We should never take too lightly the mission of woman in her home. Women are responsible for raising the new generation, girls and boys'.

Author: Mariz Tadros

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136296222

Category: Political Science

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The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the oldest and most influential Islamist movements. As the party ascends to power in Egypt, it is poised to adopt a new system of governance and state–society relations, the effects of which are likely to extend well beyond Egypt’s national borders. This book examines the Brotherhood’s visions and practices, from its inception in 1928, up to its response to the 2011 uprising, as it moves to redefine democracy along Islamic lines. The book analyses the Muslim Brotherhood’s position on key issues such as gender, religious minorities, and political plurality, and critically analyses whether claims that the Brotherhood has abandoned extremism and should be engaged with as a moderate political force can be substantiated. It also considers the wider political context of the region, and assesses the extent to which the Brotherhood has the potential to transform politics in the Middle East.
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The Little Muslim In The House

The Little Muslim In The House

These are wives not girlfriends or bodies for fun, these are homes, kids, supermarket, shopping and fixing stuff in home. they wants ... These women are home they are NOT whores. ... The Muslim woman work in most jobs in the Arabic.

Author: Mohammed Qazzaz


ISBN: 9781365410727

Category: Religion

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It's an invitation to think and to make your mind. its a journey between these few papers to see the world from another point. This book will not talk about Islam, it will take you to visit other dimensions. Here there writer Mohammed Qazzaz with his very bad English will try to give you some strange facts that anyone would love to know about The Little Muslim In The House
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The Muslim Question in Canada

The Muslim Question in Canada

Of course, the existence of anti-Western biases among the populations of Muslim immigrants' home countries does not automatically mean that the immigrants themselves carry these views. After all, if such immigrants were entirely ...

Author: Abdolmohammad Kazemipur

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774827324

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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To those who study the integration of immigrants in Western countries, both Muslims and Canada are seen to be exceptions to the rule. Muslims are often perceived as unable or unwilling to integrate, mostly due to their religious beliefs, and Canada is portrayed as a model for successful integration. This book addresses the intersection of these two types of exceptionalism through an empirical study of the experiences of Muslims in Canada. Replete with practical implications, the analysis shows that instead of fixating on religion, the focus should be on the economic and social challenges faced by Muslims in Canada.
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Understanding the Muslim Mind

Understanding the Muslim Mind

Numerous guests , Muslims , Hindus , Sikhs and Britons , visited him in his large house . ... He reaffirmed Islam , he claimed , ' not because I was born in a Muslim home , ' but because considerable reflection and thought with an open ...

Author: Rajmohan Gandhi

Publisher: Penguin Books India

ISBN: 014029905X

Category: Hinduism

Page: 359

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A Fascinating Account Of The Muslims In Twentieth-Century India, Pakistan And Bangladesh Through His Biographical Sketches Of Eight Prominent Muslims- Sayyid Ahmed Khan (1817-1898), Fazlul Haq (1873-1962), Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948), Muhammad Iqbal (1876-1938), Muhammad Ali (1878-1931), Abul Kalam Azad (1888-1958), Liaqat Ali Khan (1895-1951) And Zakir Hussain (1897-1969) Rajmohan Gandhi, The Grandson Of Mahatma Gandhi, Provides A Deeply Insightful And Comprehensive Picture Of The Community In The Subcontinent Today.
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