Mackenzie White Mystery Bundle Before He Stalks 13 and Before He Harms 14

Mackenzie White Mystery Bundle  Before He Stalks   13  and Before He Harms   14

CHAPTER TWENTY FOUR Nick Mason lived in an apartment complex in the limbolike part of the city that existed between downtown and the business district. It looked relatively nice on the outside but showed signs of disrepair and neglect ...

Author: Blake Pierce

Publisher: Morgan Rice

ISBN: 9781094371887

Category: Fiction

Page: 500

View: 827

“A dynamic story line that grips from the first chapter and doesn't let go.” --Midwest Book Review, Diane Donovan (regarding Once Gone) A bundle of books #13 (BEFORE HE STALKS) and #14 (BEFORE HE HARMS) in Blake Pierce’s Mackenzie White Mystery series! This bundle offers books thirteen and fourteen in one convenient file, with over 150,000 words of reading. In BEFORE HE STALKS, when bodies are found dead on the rainy shores of Puget Sound and there are no leads in sight, FBI Special Agent Mackenzie White is assigned the case. Believing this to be run-of-the-mill homicides that will let her ease back into the field, Mackenzie soon realizes she’s in for more than she bargained for. Racing against time and a gruesome body count, Mackenzie finds herself delving into the mind of a psychotic serial killer, caught in a game of cat and mouse. As she struggles to come back to work after just giving birth, she wonders if this may be too much for her to handle. And when things can’t get any worse, there comes a shocking twist that even she can’t predict. In the series finale, BEFORE HE HARMS, young women are turning up dead in rural Utah, members of a commune of fundamentalist polygamists. Can Mackenzie White penetrate their closed ranks to find out who may be wanting them dead? And can she enter the mind of a killer and stop him before it’s too late? Dark psychological thrillers with heart-pounding suspense, the MACKENZIE WHITE MYSTERY series is a riveting new series—with a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night.
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Riley Paige Mystery Bundle Once Bound 12 and Once Trapped 13

Riley Paige Mystery Bundle  Once Bound   12  and Once Trapped   13

CHAPTER SIXTEEN Riley and her colleagues moved quietly into the apartment building. Fortunately, none of the residents were out and about, so they didn't have to worry about clearing away unwary civilians. They stopped just outside the ...

Author: Blake Pierce

Publisher: Blake Pierce

ISBN: 9781094313412

Category: Fiction

Page: 500

View: 416

A bundle of books #12 (ONCE BOUND) and #13 (ONCE TRAPPED) in Blake Pierce’s Riley Paige Mystery series—which begins with ONCE GONE, a #1 bestseller with over 1000 five star reviews—and a free download! This bundle offers books #12 and #13 in one convenient file, with over 130,000 words of reading. In ONCE BOUND, women are being found dead on train tracks across the country, forcing the FBI into a mad race against time to catch the serial killer. FBI Special Agent Riley Paige may have finally met her match: a sadistic killer, binding victims to the tracks to be killed by incoming trains. A killer smart enough to evade capture across many states—and charming enough to go unseen. She soon learns it will require all of her faculties to enter into his sick mind—a mind which she’s unsure she wants to enter. And all with a final twist that is so shocking, even Riley could not expect it. In ONCE TRAPPED, a wealthy husband turns up dead, and his abused wife is charged with the crime. She calls Riley for help—and yet it seems clear she is guilty. But when another wealthy, abusive husband turns up dead, the FBI is called in, and FBI special agent Riley Paige wonders: is this all a coincidence? Or could this be the work of a serial killer? What ensues is a game of cat and mouse, as Riley Paige realizes she is up against a brilliant and unpredictable killer, one without a clear motive—and one determined to keep on killing until he is caught. Dark psychological thrillers with heart-pounding suspense, the Riley Paige mysteries are a riveting new series—with a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night. Book #14—ONCE DORMANT—is also now available!
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Common Entrance 13 English Exam Practice Questions and Answers

Common Entrance 13  English Exam Practice Questions and Answers

Cornelia Funke uses the The sounds of the night, senses to create mystery with the sounds within the apartment that night, establish a mood of mystery. within the The layering of sounds apartment as created, then builds to Jacob moves ...

Author: Amanda Alexander

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781398322615

Category: Study Aids

Page: 208

View: 365

Exam board: ISEB Level: 13+ CE and KS3 Subject: English First exams: November 2022 Improve exam technique and build confidence to ensure success in the CE 13+ English exams with these practice papers in the style of the ISEB exams. · Prepare for all papers: questions cover all areas of the ISEB specification for all levels, with exam advice. · Guidance on the exam: practice in answering multiple choice questions, extended response questions, and planning and writing the written tasks. · Identify gaps in skills: answers with guidance included to help pinpoint areas for improvement. Pair with Common Entrance 13+ English Revision Guide for comprehensive exam preparation (ISBN: 9781398340909).
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Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine 13

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine  13

After I straightened up my apartment, I came here. I'm afraid to go back there, Mr Holmes, in the event they're waiting for me.” “Don't worry about that,” Holmes instructed her. “Dr Watson and I will go back with you, but not before Dr ...

Author: Gary Lovisi

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781479403431

Category: Fiction

Page: 174

View: 790

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine returns with its May/June 2014 issue, presenting the best in modern and classic mystery fiction! Included this time are the usual columns by Lenny Picker and Mrs Hudson, plus the following stories: Living The Lie, by Marc Bilgrey The Adventure of the Sherlock Holmes Chocolate Cards, by Gary Lovisi A Most Valuable Institution, by Dan Andriacco A Cold Place to Die, by J.P. Seewald The Shocking Affair of the Steamship Friesland, by Jack Grochot Killing Sam Clemens, by William Burton McCormick A Fresh Start, by Janice Law The Ruba Rombic Robberies, by Gary Lovisi Only the Dead, by Gordon Linzner Rationalist Femme: Punitive Justice, by William E. Chambers The Woman, by Mackenzie Clarkes Reflection of Guilt, by Laird Long The Adventure of the Nine Hole League, by William E. Chambers The Speckled Bandanna, by Hal Charles The Adventure of the Dying Detective, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle "Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine" is produced under license from Conan Doyle Estate Ltd.
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I gave up trying to solve the mystery. Thinking like that too much can make a person go loony. ••• My shift ended at eleven that night. I was very happy to remove the “hell-sauna” uniform and go home. At my apartment building, ...

Author: Keegan Nielsen

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460269695

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 249

The year 2083 isn’t pretty. A strange plague has turned 98% of the world’s population into violent, zombie-like creatures known as the Infected. The remaining 2% of the population live in three sectors that are precariously protected by the Earth’s Viral Defenses (EVD), the new global government. And if that isn’t bad enough, strange, ominous lights have started to appear in the sky. In a world such as this – one where survival is often measured in hours or days rather than in months or years – friends and family are everything. That’s why 17-year-old Conner Weston and his older brother Tyson will stop at nothing to find each other after having been separated four years earlier during the initial Outbreak. Individually, the brothers’ paths become entwined with the Thirteen, an elite faction of mercenaries who have been contracted by the government to rescue survivors outside of the EVD’s protected sectors. At last the brothers have a chance to be reunited, that is, if they can stay alive long enough.
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Mystery Tribune Issue No13

Mystery Tribune   Issue No13

Given the shabby condition of the building, Lester Jackson's apartment was surprisingly clean. e furniture was second-hand and inexpensive, but it was apparent that the victim had had a sense of style. ere was only one bedroom, ...

Author: Reed Farrel Coleman

Publisher: Mystery Tribune

ISBN: PKEY:6610000269761

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 343

Our 240-page Issue No13 features: A curated collection of short fiction including stories by Reed Farrel Coleman, Gregory Herren, D.C. Benny, Chip Jett, Josh Pachter, Tyler McGaughey, Matthew Mercier, Mike McHone, Charles Onyon, and Kevin Egan Interviews, Essay and Reviews by Tamara Adelman, Max Allan Collins, and Nick Kolakowski Art and Photography by Justin Sellers and more. This issue also features a preview of the new graphic novel Happiness Will Follow by Mike Hawthorne. NY Times Bestselling author Reed Farrel Coleman has called Mystery Tribune “a cut above” and mystery grand masters Lawrence Block and Max Allan Collins have praised it for its “solid fiction” and “the most elegant design”. An elegantly crafted quarterly issue, printed on uncoated paper and with a beautiful layout designed for optimal reading experience, our Issue No13 will make a perfect companion or gift for avid mystery readers and fans of literary crime fiction.
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The Baby Sitters Club Mystery 13 Mary Anne and the Library Mystery

The Baby Sitters Club Mystery  13  Mary Anne and the Library Mystery

... librarian at the Stoneybrook Library, and she's constantly encouraging Claudia to read books that she feels are more challenging than the Nancy Drew mysteries Claud loves. ... His apartment is, as Stacey says, “just a hop, skip, and a.

Author: Ann M. Martin

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780545769495

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

View: 703

When a small fire breaks out at the Stoneybrook Library, Mary Anne is determined to find out who started the fire and why someone would want to burn down the library.
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

The Mystery of Spirits Part One

The Mystery of Spirits  Part One

Herbie's apartment 13 July 1948 It was six o'clock in the morning and Herbie found himself trembling in his bed. He had a nightmare. I need to turn on the radio. He thought. You're listening to the Radio Honolulu.

Author: Steven Vagovics


ISBN: 9781387171569



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The 13th Notebook

The 13th Notebook

A Mystery Novel Frederick K. Van Patten. used to get his assignment. ... Leo had given notice on his apartment in Olympia. He'd lived there twenty-two ... The picture on the front of the postcard was the gold coast The 13th Notebook 67.

Author: Frederick K. Van Patten

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595237012

Category: Fiction

Page: 296

View: 284

Anna the Red, a teenage runaway in Seattle, auditions for an amateur theatrical billed as a Stone Age Opera. The opera tells an ancient tale from a lost society a story of self-sacrificing innocence overcome by suffocating evil. The inspirational brainchild of the opera is Dr. Elizabeth Mellony, a forensic archaeologist, who teams up with Malcolm Washington, a black ex-con, to produce the show. On opening night Anna is spirited away by her father, a bigoted Idaho backwoodsman who tracks her down in the city. She leaves behind a mysterious note-a page torn from an old notebook given to her by a member of a paramilitary environmental group called Whole River Systems. Years earlier, Malcolm had been given 13 private notebooks written by his troubled grandfather. But the notebooks were stolen while Malcolm was in prison. The page Anna leaves behind is from one of the notebooks written by Malcolm's grandfather. That single page provides the first clue to the mysterious disappearance of the notebooks. But when Anna tries to help, she finds herself up against Mortim Rimpoche, the paranoid spiritual leader of Whole River Systems. Her youth and naïveté collide with his unmerciful narcissism, creating a near fatal showdown.
Categories: Fiction

The Message on the 13th Floor

The Message on the 13th Floor

A Young Adult Paranormal Mystery Winter Lawrence. trying to track her down. When we get to the house, just run over to Mrs. Jackson's apartment and ask to use her phone.” I glance in the rearview mirror and make eye contact with Molly.

Author: Winter Lawrence

Publisher: Fire & Ice Young Adult Books

ISBN: 9781953735720

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 265

View: 496

Some secrets were never meant to be uncovered... Maggie May Martin hasn’t always been the most reliable woman in the world, and she isn’t the friendliest either, but she tries her hardest to be a good mom. Most days, she falls short on that too, but her three girls mean the world to her and she genuinely tries to do the best by them—so when she goes missing, they’re the first to notice and the only ones who seem to care... Meghan Marie Martin hates the small town she was born and raised in and she can’t wait until she leaves for the Air Force after graduation. Her only concern is leaving behind her irresponsible mother and her two little sisters. Meghan has practically raised them on her own and she only hopes that when she leaves for the military, her mother will finally pull it together. The problem, of course, is that her mother likes to party, so when Maggie May goes missing, Meghan not only has to take care of everything at home, but she also has to search for her mother, because Maggie May has a bad habit of disappearing, so no one else is officially looking. That is until Meghan begins to receive mysterious messages, almost as if someone or something is guiding her to a haunted hotel in Manhattan, where people say an elevator game will take riders to the mysterious 13th floor. Some say it’s an entrance to hell, others a portal to another dimension. Either way, Meghan must brave the game in hopes of discovering the truth behind her mother’s disappearance.
Categories: Young Adult Fiction