Onyx Dragons Boxed Set 2

Onyx Dragons Boxed Set 2

A Dragon Shifter Alien Abduction Office Romance Collection Starla Night. INTRODUCTION This is a bit of a different introduction than the other bonus stories! Onyx Dragons: Amber was the only book I couldn't come up with a great bonus ...

Author: Starla Night

Publisher: Wendy Lynn Clark Publishing


Category: Fiction


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Dragon shifter billionaires from space seek ordinary Earth women to marry, bear their dragonlets, and save them from a fate worse than death in this second boxed set! This second boxed set includes four Onyx Dragons novels plus an exclusive bonus short story. ONYX DRAGONS: AMBER Buttoned-up Amber has to hold in her temper when playboy Darcy flirts with her fire. But when she finally realizes he’s serious, can there be a happy ending between a charming human male and a female dragon shifter? ONYX DRAGONS: JASPER Steadfast Jasper has been keeping the peace around his explosive siblings for so long that when it’s time for him to claim his secret crush, the lovely human mate he’s craved since the moment he arrived on Earth, his rebellion might spark an intergalactic war! ONYX DRAGONS: ALEXANDRITE Cold Alex is the most beautiful dragon shifter, but only sassy barista Nicole can melt his icy heart—and save Earth from the greedy enemies who want to destroy it. ONYX DRAGONS: FLINT Flint has always walked his own path, but when he’s forced back to the dragons’ home planet to marry their empress, the Dragon Empire will never be the same. Each full novel is a linked standalone with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a fully satisfying happily-ever-after. Contains virgins, abductions, and first-contact fun! It also includes the happily ever after stories "Jasper’s Family," "Alex’s Challenge," and "Flint's Picnic” as well as two bonus stories -- “Darcy’s Surprise” and "Flint’s First Kiss" -- that are exclusive to this boxed set. Let these dragon shifters from space abduct you! Tropes - Virgin, fated mates, marriage of convenience, alpha, alien, shapeshifter, dragon, beast, billionaire, CEO/boss, adventure, college, coworkers, office romance, first love, geeky, instalove, kidnapping, love at first sight, abduction, magical, secret crush, wedding, dragon shifter, alpha female, brother's best friend, evil twin, best friend, virgin hero, strong woman, royal romance, secret romance, romance collection, boxed set
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