The Philosophy of Living Experience

The Philosophy of Living Experience

The field of philosophy turns out to be as broad as life itself, and, at the same time, it merges with life itself. This is how we understand philosophy. It is given its soul not by empty, lifeless eternity but by living, eventful time.

Author: Alexander Bogdanov

Publisher: BRILL

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In The Philosophy of Living Experience, Alexander Bogdanov summarises his philosophy of empiriomonism, situates it in the history of materialist thought, explains the social genesis of each stage of that history, and anticipates his ultimate achievement – universal organisational science.
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The Philosophy of Living Or The Way to Enjoy Life and Its Comforts

The Philosophy of Living  Or  The Way to Enjoy Life and Its Comforts

... number of individuals , and averago duration of the lives of eaca profession mentioned . Aggregate . Average . Natural Philosophers 1504 75 Moral Philosophers 244 THE PHILOSOPHY OF LIVING . --Other causes which influence the mind.

Author: Caleb Ticknor


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Philosophy and Living

Philosophy and Living

25 relationship between Philosophy and Living. And on this matterI would like to quote here thecomment made byFrederick Coplestone in his History of Philosophy (Image Press) Vol.5, p.317. Coplestone wasa Jesuit theologian, ...

Author: Ralph Blumenau

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 9781845406486

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Philosophy can be very abstract and apparently remote from our everyday concerns. In this book Ralph Blumenau brings out for the non-specialist the bearing that thinkers of the past have on the way we live now, on the attitude we have towards our lives, towards each other and our society, towards God and towards the ethical problems that confront us. The focus of the book is those aspects of the history of ideas which have something to say to our present preoccupations. After expounding the ideas of a particular thinker there follows a discussion of the material and how it relates to issues that are still alive today (indented from the margin and set in a different typeface), based on the author's classroom debates with his own students. Another feature of the book is the many footnotes which refer the reader back to earlier, and forward to later, pages of the book. They are intended to reinforce the idea that throughout the centuries philosophers have often grappled with the same problems, sometimes coming up with similar approaches and sometimes with radically different ones.
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The Philosophy of Life and Philosophy of Language

The Philosophy of Life and Philosophy of Language

On the whole , then , we conclude that Grecian science and philosophy have exercised no influence at all on life , or at ... For most assuredly we shall not err in giving this name to a new living and spiritual power , which , totally ...

Author: Friedrich von Schlegel



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Ludwig Klages and the Philosophy of Life

Ludwig Klages and the Philosophy of Life

The notion that the world is a living being is an ancient one, associated with the pre-Socratic philosopher Anaxagoras. In one of his maxims and reflections (Hecker, #134), Goethe refers to the view that 'the rational world is to be ...

Author: Paul Bishop

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315522470

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This book provides a unique overview of and introduction to the work of the German psychologist and philosopher Ludwig Klages (1872-1956), an astonishing figure in the history of German ideas. Central to intellectual life in turn-of-the-century Munich, he went on to establish a reputation for himself as an original and provocative thinker. Nowadays he is often overlooked, partly because of the absence of an accessible and authoritative introduction to his thought; this volume offers just such a point of entry. With an emphasis on applicability and utility, Paul Bishop reinvigorates the discourse surrounding Klages, providing a neutral and compact account of his intellectual development and his impact on psychology and philosophy. Part 1 offers an overview of Klages’s life, visiting the major stations of his intellectual development. Part 2 examines in turn nine major conceptual ‘tools’ found in Klages’s extensive writings, aiming to clarify Klages’s terminology, to demystify his discourse, and to sift through Klages’s credentials as a psychological thinker. Part 3 consists of extracts from Klages’s writings, thematically oriented; these showcase the aphoristic and lyrical, as well as psychological and philosophical, qualities of Klages’s writing, including his interest in aesthetics. Taken together, all three parts constitute a vitalist ‘toolkit’ — to build a fuller, richer life. Drawing on previous studies of Klages that have only been available in German, Ludwig Klages and the Philosophy of Life provides a non-polemical account of Klages’s life and work, with explanations and commentaries to guide the reader through extracts from his writings. The book accessibly explains the most important ideas and concepts found in Klages’s work, including soul, spirit, character, expression, will, and consciousness, and it reveals Klages to be a serious figure whose thought remains relevant to many disciplines today. It will stimulate interest in his work and create a new readership for his remarkable worldview.
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The Philosophy of Life and Welcome to Paradise

The Philosophy of Life and Welcome to Paradise

My philosophy on “what is virtue” is similar to the philosophical teachings of Confucius. To me virtue is to practice and live a life, which will be a model example for all mankind so that their ultimate action will culminate in ...

Author: A. R. Pugh

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480932104

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The Philosophy of Life and Welcome to Paradise by A. R. Pugh The Philosophy of Life and Welcome to Paradise is author A.R. Pugh’s attempt to promulgate superficial sentimentalities. Let him introduce you to some of his monumental verbosities. They are not related one to the other but just placed at random. Remember that you have a wonderful and powerful tool at your disposal, and that tool is the “Mind’s eye.” So let us start with the individual that you know best, and that person is you. Ask yourself a few simple questions. For example: 1. What is my mission on this planet Earth? 2. The things that I choose to do, are they right or are they wrong? Now have a good look at the lifestyle of other individuals. What do you think? Go a step further and look at the events of the world in general. Why is there no peace among the nations of the world? What do you think?
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The Philosophy of life and the Contemporary Relevance of R L Stevensons essays

The Philosophy of life and the Contemporary Relevance of R L  Stevensons essays

A strange instance of man's unconcern and brazen boldness in the face of death".33 Philosophers have given a wonderful definition of life - that it is a permanent possibility of sensations. So, it is not the life we love but the living.

Author: Poorva Bhonde

Publisher: Walnut Publication

ISBN: 9781954399396

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Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894), a Victorian essayist, novelist and poet is an ardent advocate of courage and optimism. His philosophy of life, as reflected in his highly popular essays included in ‘Virginibus Puerisque’, ‘Memories and Portraits’ and ‘Familiar Studies of Men and Books’ acts as a panacea for the evils of Modern Age characterized by materialism and overall pessimism. The study of Victorian English Literature is incomplete without studying Stevensons’s essays. They are highly anthologized all over the world. Hence the present book will be of immense help to the students, academicians and the lovers of literature who wish to appreciate Stevenson’s essays critically with the focus on his philosophy of life.
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Sketches of the Philosophy of Life

Sketches of the Philosophy of Life

The re - assumed influence of the physical forces , in matter which has possessed life , constitutes the several species of fermentation . All substances capable of undergoing this process having been produced by the operation of living ...

Author: Sir Thomas Charles Morgan


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The Philosophy of Life

The Philosophy of Life

Heaven and earth as well as yin and yang have a natural order; the five crops and the living things come into life by themselves, but, if you have the intention of managing and controlling them, you will actually harm them.

Author: Guying Chen

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004310230

Category: Religion

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The Philosophy of Life offers a detailed analysis and a unique philosophical, personal and political interpretation of the Zhuangzi. Chen takes Nietzsche’s perspectivism as an inspiration to explore Zhuangzi’s philosophy of life – in terms of self-cultivation, aesthetics and epistemology.
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Sexology as the Philosophy of Life

Sexology as the Philosophy of Life

Such a change may seem very proper to the philosopher , to whom all things seem “ made of one stuff ; " but , as the ... with their ten million species of life , we find that generation , or the perpetuation of these countless living ...

Author: Elizabeth Osgood Goodrich Willard



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