The Pinto Horse and the Phantom Bull

The Pinto Horse and the Phantom Bull

[ Pinto horse ] The pinto horse ; and , The phantom bull / Charles Elliott Perkins ; illustrations by Edward Borein ; introduction to the Bison Books edition by Jay Fultz . p . cm . " The Pinto horse " was originally published in 1927.

Author: Charles E. Perkins

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803287526

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In 1927 Owen Wister called The Pinto Horse “the best western story about a horse that I have ever read.” The pinto roamed the Montana range in the late 1880s, surviving wolves and blizzards and earning the respect of the herd but never blending in, always standing out in vulnerable perfection. After years of trusting to human kindness, he falls into the hands of fools. The Phantom Bull, first published in 1932, is also marked by authenticity and controlled beauty of style. Old Man Ennis, who ranched on the upper Madison in Montana, grudgingly admired the slate-colored Zebu cow, whose wild cunning was passed on to her calf. The calf grows into a monster bull, not personified but endowed with the suggestion of a definite point of view. A phantom glimpsed against the horizon—that is the image he leaves.
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The Phantom Bull

The Phantom Bull

As the bull appeared , the Pinto Horse twenty yards to the right whirled to follow and to cut him off ; but strain as he would , the big bull hit the timber before Patch got near enough to throw his rope . Although the Pinto's speed ...

Author: Charles Elliott Perkins


ISBN: MINN:319510008021786

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She Flies Without Wings

She Flies Without Wings

How Horses Touch a Woman's Soul Mary D. Midkiff. McCormick. ... "Horse. Hello." In T 8- C: Collected Poems (1936-1966). New York: Small Publishers' Co., 1968. Perkins. Charles Elliot. The Pinto ... The Pinto Horse and the Phantom Bull.

Author: Mary D. Midkiff

Publisher: Delta

ISBN: 9780307490865

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From a renowned horsewoman and gifted storyteller comes this groundbreaking new book that explores a powerful relationship like no other: the magical kinship between women and horses. Drawing from myth and literature, the author’s own experiences, and interviews with countless women, we learn, through women’s deeply personal stories, how horses enrich our lives and connect us to nature–making us readers of rhythm and invisible signs, helping us harness our youthful sexuality, sharing the “horsepower” we need to reach our dreams. And here we see how, for thousands of years, the deep kinship between women and horses has connected us to our most intimate feelings of delight, helped us learn to solve problems, and set our creativity free. From the poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer to the fiction of Jane Austen to folktales from around the world, She Flies Without Wings uses great literature and myth to encompass a wide spectrum of beliefs and perspectives–and creates a true celebration of speed, air, and the spectacular animal that connects us with both. Filled with the moving lessons–-about sensuality, commitment, power, nurturance, and spirituality–women riders have known for centuries, written with a loving hand by an expert equestrian, She Flies Without Wings is an eloquent paean to a pairing that enlivened history, inspired literature, and continues to enchant us all.
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American Cowboy

American Cowboy

He was a talented marksman, buffalo hunter, skilled horseback rider, and hard drinker. ... $16.95 paper A Bison Original The Pinto Horse and The Phantom Bull CHARLES ELLIOTT PERKINS Illustrations by Edward Borein Introduction by Jay ...





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Published for devotees of the cowboy and the West, American Cowboy covers all aspects of the Western lifestyle, delivering the best in entertainment, personalities, travel, rodeo action, human interest, art, poetry, fashion, food, horsemanship, history, and every other facet of Western culture. With stunning photography and you-are-there reportage, American Cowboy immerses readers in the cowboy life and the magic that is the great American West.

Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest With a Few Observations

Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest With a Few Observations

This is a valuable bit of social history. PERKINS, CHARLES E. The Pinto Horse, Santa Barbara, California, 1927. The Phantom Bull, Boston, 1932. Fictional narratives of veracity; literature. OP. PILGRIM, THOMAS (under pseudonym of Arthur ...

Author: James Frank Dobie

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781465526205



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Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest with a Few Observations

Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest  with a Few Observations

... a very intelligent, spirited woman, saw realities that few other chroniclers suggest. This is a valuable bit of social history. PERKINS, CHARLES E. The Pinto Horse, Santa Barbara, California, 1927. The Phantom Bull, Boston, 1932.

Author: J. Frank Dobie

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547316749

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This guide book is a bibliography of books about the American West by various authors, compiled by the literary critic J. Franck Dobie. The list is subdivided along themes associated with the different aspects of life in the West such as Native American culture, Spanish influences, French influences, Texas Rangers, Missionaries, Women pioneers and Mountain men culture, among others. Each aspect is preceded by a brief discussion of the topic before the list of books themed on the subject.
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Los Angeles Times Custer and Company Walter Camp's Notes on the Custer Fight EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY BRUCE R. LIDDIC AND PAUL HARBAUGH $ 12.95 paper SUN DANCER DAVID LONDON The Pinto Horse and The Phantom Bull $ 14.95 paper NEW ...



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The Biographical Dictionary of Iowa

The Biographical Dictionary of Iowa

He was interested in western literature and wrote two novels, The Pinto Horse (1927) and The Phantom Bull (1932). Owen Wister, the author of the groundbreaking western novel The Virginian, wrote that The Pinto perkins • perry Horse “is ...

Author: David Hudson

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

ISBN: 9781587297243

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Iowa has been blessed with citizens of strong character who have made invaluable contributions to the state and to the nation. In the 1930s alone, such towering figures as John L. Lewis, Henry A. Wallace, and Herbert Hoover hugely influenced the nation’s affairs. Iowa’s Native Americans, early explorers, inventors, farmers, scholars, baseball players, musicians, artists, writers, politicians, scientists, conservationists, preachers, educators, and activists continue to enrich our lives and inspire our imaginations. Written by an impressive team of more than 150 scholars and writers, the readable narratives include each subject’s name, birth and death dates, place of birth, education, and career and contributions. Many of the names will be instantly recognizable to most Iowans; others are largely forgotten but deserve to be remembered. Beyond the distinctive lives and times captured in the individual biographies, readers of the dictionary will gain an appreciation for how the character of the state has been shaped by the character of the individuals who have inhabited it. From Dudley Warren Adams, fruit grower and Grange leader, to the Younker brothers, founders of one of Iowa’s most successful department stores, The Biographical Dictionary of Iowa is peopled with the rewarding lives of more than four hundred notable citizens of the Hawkeye State. The histories contained in this essential reference work should be eagerly read by anyone who cares about Iowa and its citizens. Entries include Cap Anson, Bix Beiderbecke, Black Hawk, Amelia Jenks Bloomer, William Carpenter, Philip Greeley Clapp, Gardner Cowles Sr., Samuel Ryan Curtis, Jay Norwood Darling, Grenville Dodge, Julien Dubuque, August S. Duesenberg, Paul Engle, Phyllis L. Propp Fowle, George Gallup, Hamlin Garland, Susan Glaspell, Josiah Grinnell, Charles Hearst, Josephine Herbst, Herbert Hoover, Inkpaduta, Louis Jolliet, MacKinlay Kantor, Keokuk, Aldo Leopold, John L. Lewis, Marquette, Elmer Maytag, Christian Metz, Bertha Shambaugh, Ruth Suckow, Billy Sunday, Henry Wallace, and Grant Wood. Excerpt from the entry on: Gallup, George Horace (November 19, 1901–July 26, 1984)—founder of the American Institute of Public Opinion, better known as the Gallup Poll, whose name was synonymous with public opinion polling around the world—was born in Jefferson, Iowa. . . . . A New Yorker article would later speculate that it was Gallup’s background in “utterly normal Iowa” that enabled him to find “nothing odd in the idea that one man might represent, statistically, ten thousand or more of his own kind.” . . . In 1935 Gallup partnered with Harry Anderson to found the American Institute of Public Opinion, based in Princeton, New Jersey, an opinion polling firm that included a syndicated newspaper column called “America Speaks.” The reputation of the organization was made when Gallup publicly challenged the polling techniques of The Literary Digest, the best-known political straw poll of the day. Calculating that the Digest would wrongly predict that Kansas Republican Alf Landon would win the presidential election, Gallup offered newspapers a money-back guarantee if his prediction that Franklin Delano Roosevelt would win wasn’t more accurate. Gallup believed that public opinion polls served an important function in a democracy: “If govern¬ment is supposed to be based on the will of the people, somebody ought to go and find what that will is,” Gallup explained.
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Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun

... especially when the scene shifts from Montana ranching country to a Mexican bullring, where Perkins gives the surly Phantom Bull's point of view instead of the Spanish matador's. This is a companion volume to The Pinto Horse (1927), ...

Author: Edward Joseph Beverly

Publisher: Sunstone Press

ISBN: 9780865346031

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"Chasing the Sun" is a guide to Western fiction with more than 1,350 entries, including 59 reviews of the author's personal favorites, organized around theme.
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American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record

The pinto horse ; and , The phantom bull ! Charles Elliott Perkins ; illustrations by Edward Borein ; introduction to the Bison Book edition by Jay Fultz . Lincoln , Neb . : University of Nebraska Press , 1998. p . cm .



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