The Power of Story

The Power of Story

Learning becomes fun when stories are used When questioned about their favourite teacher , many people relate effective ... certain animals got their major chara acteristics , then move to more recent myths of science 6 THE POWER OF STORY.

Author: Pamela J. Cooper

Publisher: Macmillan Education AU

ISBN: 0732927978

Category: Storytelling

Page: 143

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Illustrated resource book of insights, strategies and resources for storytelling to primary and pre-school children, adapted by Maurice Saxby who has added teaching suggestions and resources suitable to an Australian environment. Suitable as a text for courses in children's literature and primary teacher reference. Includes a bibliography. Pamela Cooper is professor of communication studies at Northwestern University. Rives Collins is assistant professor of theatre at Northwestern University. Also available in hardback. Maurice Saxby is a respected authority on children's literature in Australia and is the co-editor of 'Give Them Wings: The Experience of Children's Literature'.
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The Power of Story

The Power of Story

INTRODUCTION Carmine (2016) tells us that storytelling is who we are. After the fudge story, you certainly know more about me than I really planned to share. Stories have power. Stories matter. Stories bind us together.

Author: Joan Wink Ph.D.

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440843976

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 275

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Through this book, readers will discover that stories can move the human heart and head in ways that research cannot. • Emphasizes the power of story and highlights the many unique paths to literacies • Shows how stories make complex information about literacies accessible to everyone • Covers approaches to storytelling and literacies for immigrant communities and children who may speak multiple languages • Shines a bright light on the significant role of libraries in providing access to books, knowledge, and human connections • Features photos, images, drawings, and quotes throughout each chapter
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The Power of Story

The Power of Story

HAROLD R. JOHNSON " [ Johnson ] blesses us one last time ... Profound . " - Michelle Good , author of Five Little Indians POWER STORY ON TRUTH , TRICKSTER , AND NEW FICTIONS FOR A NEW ERA The Power of Story On Truth, the Trickster, ...

Author: Harold R. Johnson

Publisher: Biblioasis

ISBN: 9781771964883

Category: Social Science

Page: 130

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Award-winning Indigenous author Harold R. Johnson discusses the promise and potential of storytelling. Approached by an ecumenical society representing many faiths, from Judeo-Christians to fellow members of First Nations, Harold R. Johnson agreed to host a group who wanted to hear him speak about the power of storytelling. This book is the outcome of that gathering. In The Power of Story, Johnson explains the role of storytelling in every aspect of human life, from personal identity to history and the social contracts that structure our societies, and illustrates how we can direct its potential to re-create and reform not only our own lives, but the life we share. Companionable, clear-eyed, and, above all, optimistic, Johnson’s message is both a dire warning and a direct invitation to each of us to imagine and create, together, the world we want to live in.
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Children and the Power of Stories

Children and the Power of Stories

Stories have the ability to empower or disempower, to replicate the status quo or challenge and expand it. The key aim of this book is to use the power of stories in early childhood education (ECE) research and practice to challenge our ...

Author: Carmen Blyth

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811692871

Category: Children's stories

Page: 169

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This book explores how stretching stories through posthuman and autoethnographic perspectives can produce new stories that decolonialize traditional thinking and approaches to Early Childhood Education (ECE). It demonstrates how stories can provide a different way of knowing, and a way of knowing differently: a way of decolonializing current discourses of early childhood education within educational institutions. The book uses research and practice in ECE to act as a canvas, a context with which to explore how autoethnography can become other when viewed through a posthumanist lens. As a consequence the chapters and stories within allow for an interplay between the posthumanist and the autoethnographic, an interplay that allows for a very specific type of meaning to emerge; a meaning that traffics in numerous and disruptive possibilities rather than settled certainties. In so doing, authors rethink and perturb the notion of child-centered approaches to knowing, be(com)ing, and doing within the Early Childhood Education.
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The Power of Stories

The Power of Stories

A Guide for Leading Multiracial and Multicultural Congregations Jacqueline J. Lewis. DISCO VERIES Insights for Church Leadership THE POWER STORIES A GUIDE FOR LFADINdMULTFRACIALRfiE MULTI-CULTURAL CONGREGATIONS THE POXVER STOlglES.

Author: Jacqueline J. Lewis

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 9780687650699

Category: Religion

Page: 154

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Most congregational leaders find it difficult to resist the dominant cultural expectation that different cultural and ethnic groups should stick to themselves-especially when it comes to church. But some congregational leaders have learned the secrets of breaking out of these expectations to bring together communities of faith that model God's radical inclusiveness.What makes the difference? Jacqui Lewis explains that it resides in the stories these leaders tell: stories about who they themselves are, and what the communities they lead are about. These leaders are able to embrace the multiple, complex stories within these diverse communities, hearing in the many voices a particular echo of the living voice of the gospel. In this book Lewis shares with the reader examples of congregational leaders who have successfully overcome the challenges of leading multicultural congregations, and the lessons that can be learned from them. Jacqueline J. Lewis is Senior Minister for Vision, Worship, and the Arts at Middle Collegiate Church in New York.
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The Power of Stories

The Power of Stories

Intersections of Law, Literature, and Culture. - - - - LAW REVIEW IVERSITY SYMPOSIUM THE POWER OF STORIES : INTERSECTIONS.



ISBN: STANFORD:36105063821537

Category: Law and literature

Page: 520

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Power Stories

Power Stories

The trouble is thatin many cases today's technology has unwittingly dulled ourstorytelling skills.It'stime to get them back. It's time to bring back the art — and power — of storytelling. Why? Because it canhelp you boostyour business, ...

Author: Valerie Khoo

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118387542

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 184

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Learn to tell stories that have the power to inspire, motivate, and sell Storytelling in business is a skill that's rarely taught—and often forgotten. But it gives those who get it right the power to inspire and engage people more than any pie chart or spreadsheet ever will. Stories foster a deeply human connection, and Power Stories: The 8 Stories You Must Tell to Build an Epic Business gives readers the skills they need to master this lost art to make sales and seal deals. Whether it's in person or online, storytelling is an influential and persuasive tool. This book reveals how to discover the stories sitting under your nose and harness them for your business. From power stories readers need to know to how to turn prospects into customers, and customers into raving fans, the book covers exactly how and when to employ the power of storytelling, and is packed with proven strategies and real-life examples that bring the key concepts to life. Explains why storytelling is the ultimate tool for business success, revealing the 8 stories that any professional needs to be able to tell Includes proven strategies, tools, and techniques for mastering the lost art of storytelling in the business world, including the use of online tools and platforms Features real-life examples of businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world who have used storytelling to grow and thrive Written by Valerie Khoo, a respected small business commentator and successful entrepreneur, Power Stories gives professionals everywhere the tools they need to craft and tell great stories to create a competitive advantage.
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The Wind Power Story

The Wind Power Story

issued the industry standard on the “Wind Power Interconnection Technical Regulations,” (NB/T 31003‐2011) which specified the design of technical requirements for large‐scale wind power plant connection.

Author: Brandon N. Owens

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118794302

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 368

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Helps readers understand and appreciate what the history of wind power can teach us about technology innovation and provides the implications for both wind power today and its future This book takes readers on a journey through the history of wind power in order to show how the technology evolved over the course of the twentieth century and where it may be headed in the twenty-first century. It introduces and examines broad themes such as government funding of wind power, the role of fossil fuels in wind power development, and the importance of entrepreneurs in wind power development. It also discusses the lessons learned from wind power technology innovation and makes them relevant to the understanding of wind power today and in the future. Spanning the entire history of wind power (1888-2018), The Wind Power Story: A Century of Innovation that Reshaped the Global Energy Landscape provides balanced coverage of each decade as well as the important wind power technology innovations that occurred during that time. Compelling from the first page to the last, it offers chapters covering the pioneers of wind power; the age of small wind; wind power in the wake of war; wind power’s use across Europe; government-funded research programs; how Denmark reinvented wind power in the 1970s; the California Wind Rush of the 1980s; wind power’s rise in Spain; America’s wind power starting in the 1990s; India’s wind power path; the wind power surge in China; the globalization of wind power; and much more. In addition, this text: Spans the entire global history of wind power, while weaving together both the historical context and the technical details of wind power innovation Provides historical context for wind power developments and explains the evolution of wind turbine technology in an easy-to-understand manner Discusses the policy, technology, and market evolution of wind power in commonly understood language Offers a review of the surrounding power technology, policy, and market environment throughout the history of wind power A book that both specialists and non-specialists can read in order to understand and appreciate the past, present, and future of wind power technology, The Wind Power Story: A Century of Innovation that Reshaped the Global Energy Landscape will be of great interest to any engineer and any interested readers looking to understand wind power technologies, markets, and policies in one book.
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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls  100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World

Min went to law school and became a lawyer, but she never stopped believing in the power of storytelling. She wanted to become a writer and tell stories that she understood from her own life and those of the people around her—people who ...

Author: Elena Favilli

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781734264173

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 224

View: 862

A 2021 NATIONAL PARENTING PRODUCT AWARDS WINNER! The third installment in the New York Times bestselling Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series, featuring 100 immigrant women who have shaped, and will continue to shape, our world. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World is the third book in the New York Times bestselling series for children. Packed with 100 all-new bedtime stories about the lives of incredible female figures from the past and the present, this volume recognizes women who left their birth countries for a multitude of reasons: some for new opportunities, some out of necessity. Readers will whip up a plate with Asma Khan, strategize global affairs alongside Madeleine Albright, venture into business with Rihanna, and many more. All of these unique, yet relatable stories are accompanied by gorgeous, full-page, full-color portraits, illustrated by female artists from all over the globe.
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The Brain Power Story Hour

The Brain Power Story Hour

Every child, too, is a priceless being and must come to believe in their self worth. Is the Ugly Duckling a simple story? Yes, it is simple but it is a strong lesson in humanity. The Power of Literature It is often helpful to lure.

Author: Nancy J. Polette

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786489886

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 184

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While many texts explore ways to plan and implement story times in both school and public libraries, until now no work has brought together extensive book talks and follow-up activities specifically designed to develop thinking skills in young children. This innovative study offers age-appropriate book suggestions with related questions and activities tailored to a variety of thinking skills, including verbal or linguistic thinking, divergent and creative thinking, analytical and mathematical thinking, visual or spatial thinking, and many others. The program presented in this volume was successfully developed and implemented in the preschool/kindergarten laboratory school of Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, with 90 percent of the participating children selected for gifted programs in both public and private schools. Ideal for children’s librarians, school librarians, teachers of early childhood gifted programs, parents, and homeschoolers, this study provides the tools for making any story hour a “brain power story hour.”
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