The Psychic Soviet

The Psychic Soviet

A reissue of Ian F. Svenonius's cult-classic debut essay collection, including brand-new writing in this expanded edition.

Author: Ian F. Svenonius

Publisher: Akashic Books

ISBN: 9781617757846

Category: Humor

Page: 139

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A reissue of Ian F. Svenonius's cult-classic debut essay collection, including brand-new writing in this expanded edition. "Everything author-slash-punk-icon Ian Svenonius says is interesting, and this book of satirical essays--originally published in 2006, now back in print--proves it...You'll laugh until you cry." --Washington Post "Ian F. Svenonius's The Psychic Soviet was first published before the iPhone, before the cronut, and long before our culture thought to ask the Svenonius-like question of whether it was the CIA who actually wrote the Scorpions' 'Wind of Change.' Akashic Books just reissued...this short, offbeat, and very funny collection of essays." --Washingtonian "As entertaining as books come." --Exclusive Magazine "In a sense the book is Mr. Svenonius's love letter to the good old days of do-it-yourself punk concerts, though it's cleverly disguised as a series of Marxian essays." --New York Times "The pocket-sized book--given Svenonius's communism infatuation, the parallel to Mao's Little Red Book is no mistake--contains well-thought-out arguments on a variety of subjects, from vampires to the origins of punk rock. It's often funny, but never in a self-consciously ironic way." --Washington Post "Ian Svenonius has come a long way since Sassy Magazine first dubbed him the 'Sassiest Boy in America' in 1991. The DC singer has never been anything less than political to the extreme." --Village Voice A new, expanded collection of essays and articles from one of the mainstays of the Washington, DC, underground rock and roll scene, The Psychic Soviet is Ian F. Svenonius's groundbreaking first book of writings. The selections are written in a lettered yet engaging style, filled with parody and biting humor that subvert capitalist culture, and cover such topics as the ascent of the DJ as a star, the "cosmic depression" that followed the defeat of the USSR, how Seinfeld caused the bankruptcy of modern pop culture, and the status of rock and roll as a religion. The pocket-sized book is bound with a durable bright-pink plastic cover, recalling the aesthetics of Mao's Little Red Book, and perfect for carrying into the fray of street battle, classroom, or lunch-counter argument.
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Censorship Now

Censorship Now

Censorship Now!! Is an uproarious new essay collection from Washington, DC's, infamous cult music hero and satirist, Ian F. Svenonius.

Author: Ian F. Svenonius


ISBN: 1617754099

Category: American wit and humor

Page: 221

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An uproarious new essay collection from Washington, DC's, infamous cult music hero and satirist.
Categories: American wit and humor

New Scientist

New Scientist

Targ, a laser physicist, left a psychic research centre in California in 1982 because its work was increasingly dominated by military ... which then split Soviet psychic research into about 20 different institutes around the country.





Page: 80

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New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.

Psychic Literacy the Coming Psychic Renaissance

Psychic Literacy   the Coming Psychic Renaissance

There are, of course, many other interesting details of the Soviet effort, some of which we'll encounter ahead. ... French, and Italian research in biological electromagnetism — but Soviet work accounts for seventy percent of Presman's ...

Author: Ingo Swann

Publisher: Swann-Ryder Productions, LLC

ISBN: 9781949214277

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 292

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Exploring everything from visions, hunches, vibes, astrology, and the occult arts and sciences, to modern physics, geomagnetism and bio-electricity, Psychic Literacy is renowned artist and remote viewer Ingo Swann's grand overview of human psychic potentials.
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Soviet Military Review

Soviet Military Review

Of great importance is the prophylaxis of such states which impair a man's capacity for work owing to diminished emotional and psychic stability , overstrain , occupational neuroses , anxiety or fear . Military doctors of different ...



ISBN: UOM:39015078435305

Category: Military art and science


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The Psychic Immune System

The Psychic Immune System

October 26, 1962 Yet another event happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis: there was a program of routine ICBM test ... given other work for the duration of the crisis.22 November 2, 1962 The United States had a high-level Soviet spy ...

Author: Jerry Kroth

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498528924

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 296

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The Psychic Immune System theorizes the existence of a hidden variable that acts via both unconscious and conscious processes to protect humans individually and collectively from mortal threats.
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit

Psychic Exploration A Challenge for Science

Psychic Exploration  A Challenge for Science

WORK. OF. OTHER. LATTERDAY. PSYCHIC. PHOTOGRAPHERS. Of the handful of persons currently claiming results in psychic photography, only Nina S. Kulagina of the Soviet Union and the Veilleux family of Maine have been investigated by ...

Author: Edgar D. Mitchell

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 9781616405724

Category: Parapsychology

Page: 714

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*Psychic Exploration, A Challenge for Science* is a primer on psychic research, life’s purpose, and the meaning of the universe. Originally published in 1974, this landmark anthology of nearly thirty chapters on every area of psychic research is finally available again. Edgar D. Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut and moonwalker, as well as a distinguished researcher of the study of human consciousness, brought together eminent scientists to write about issues once considered too controversial to discuss. This book includes fascinating chapters on the history of parapsychology, telepathy, hauntings, psychic phenomena, and consciousness, along with an extensive glossary and index. This timeless anthology continues to be appealing as a reference work for those curious about the history of parapsychology, fans of the world of psi, and readers interested in the meaning of the universe. Contributors include: Willis W. Harman, Jean Houston, Stanley Krippner, Robert Masters, William G. Roll, Russell Targ, Charles T. Tart, Montague Ullman, and many more. “ […] perhaps the most important change [since the initial publication of *Psychic Exploration*] has been due to advancements in quantum physics […] If this trend continues, then the age-old puzzle at the core of religious epiphanies, mystical insight, and creative genius will finally yield to scientific explanations: What is the true nature of consciousness?” —From the New Foreword by Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, and Dean Radin, PhD
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Cinema of the Psychic Realm

Cinema of the Psychic Realm

Sinclair and Warcollier's work provided valuable clues into the image- based nature of psychic functioning, ... or via some other form of electromagnetic energy would prove to be a blind alley for Soviet and Western psi researchers, ...

Author: Paul Meehan

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786454747

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 238

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Cinema is ideally suited to the world of psychic phenomena. A technique as simple as a voice-over can simulate mental telepathy, while unusual lighting, set design, or creative digital manipulation can conjure clairvoyant visions, precognition, or even psychokinesis. This book analyzes the depiction of paranormal powers in film, examining how movies like Star Wars, Independence Day, The Green Mile, and dozens of others both reflect and influence the way modern society thinks about psychic abilities. The theme is explored in nearly 100 films from a variety of genres including drama, comedy, horror, science fiction, crime melodrama, and children’s films, providing a concise review of the history and concepts of mainstream cinematic parapsychology.
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Clairvoyance for Psychic Empowerment

Clairvoyance for Psychic Empowerment

Still, it must be admitted that “psychic spies” can go anywhere and leave no foot— prints behind. One difficulty is that the accuracy of spy work cannot be reported and analyzed in the same manner as other investigative work, ...

Author: Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738733470

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 793

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A complete training course in the ancient Tantric and Western techniques of clairvoyance that will allow you to manifest love, happiness, health, knowledge, wealth, spirituality, and more.
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