The Radioactive Boy Scout

The Radioactive Boy Scout

In The Radioactive Boy Scout, veteran journalist Ken Silverstein recreates in brilliant detail the months of David’s improbable nuclear quest.

Author: Ken Silverstein

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781588363565

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 240

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Growing up in suburban Detroit, David Hahn was fascinated by science, and his basement experiments—building homemade fireworks, brewing moonshine, and concocting his own self-tanning lotion—were more ambitious than those of other boys. While working on his Atomic Energy badge for the Boy Scouts, David’s obsessive attention turned to nuclear energy. Throwing caution to the wind, he plunged into a new project: building a nuclear breeder reactor in his backyard garden shed. In The Radioactive Boy Scout, veteran journalist Ken Silverstein recreates in brilliant detail the months of David’s improbable nuclear quest. Posing as a physics professor, David solicited information on reactor design from the U.S. government and from industry experts. (Ironically, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission was his number one source of information.) Scavenging antiques stores and junkyards for old-fashioned smoke detectors and gas lanterns—both of which contain small amounts of radioactive material—and following blueprints he found in an outdated physics textbook, David cobbled together a crude device that threw off toxic levels of radiation. His unsanctioned and wholly unsupervised project finally sparked an environmental catastrophe that put his town’s forty thousand residents at risk and caused the EPA to shut down his lab and bury it at a radioactive dumpsite in Utah. An outrageous account of ambition and, ultimately, hubris that sits comfortably on the shelf next to such offbeat science books as Driving Mr. Albert and stories of grand capers like Catch Me If You Can, The Radioactive Boy Scout is a real-life adventure with the narrative energy of a first-rate thriller.
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The Radioactive Boy Scout The Frightening True Story of a Whiz Kid and His Homemade Nuclear Reactor

The Radioactive Boy Scout  The Frightening True Story of a Whiz Kid and His Homemade Nuclear Reactor

For use in schools and libraries only.

Author: Ken Silverstein

Publisher: Turtleback Books

ISBN: 1417654805

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 209

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Traces a boy's fascination with science and nuclear physics, which compelled him to misrepresent himself to the government and build a reactor in his back yard, causing an environmental catastrophe in his quiet Detroit town.
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Open and Unabashed Reviews on the Radioactive Boy Scout

Open and Unabashed Reviews on the Radioactive Boy Scout

In this book, we have hand-picked the most sophisticated, unanticipated, absorbing (if not at times crackpot!), original and musing book reviews of "The Radioactive Boy Scout: The Frightening True Story of a Whiz Kid and His Homemade ...

Author: John Hook

Publisher: Lennex

ISBN: 5458843207


Page: 44

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In this book, we have hand-picked the most sophisticated, unanticipated, absorbing (if not at times crackpot!), original and musing book reviews of "The Radioactive Boy Scout: The Frightening True Story of a Whiz Kid and His Homemade Nuclear Reactor." Don't say we didn't warn you: these reviews are known to shock with their unconventionality or intimacy. Some may be startled by their biting sincerity; others may be spellbound by their unbridled flights of fantasy. Don't buy this book if: 1. You don't have nerves of steel. 2. You expect to get pregnant in the next five minutes. 3. You've heard it all.

Secret America A Guide to the Weird Wonderful and Obscure

Secret America  A Guide to the Weird  Wonderful  and Obscure

Playing with Fission: “The radioactive Boy Scout” Harper's Magazine. Nov. 1998. ... archive/1998/11/the-radioactive-boy-scout/; “Man who tried to build a homemade nuclear reactor didn't die of radiation poisoning” Ars Technica. Mar.

Author: David Baugher

Publisher: Reedy Press LLC

ISBN: 9781681061238

Category: Travel

Page: 208

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Did you know ...that a hidden room exists behind Abraham Lincoln s head on Mt. Rushmore? ...that North Carolina was almost accidentally destroyed in a nuclear holocaust? ...that the Mason-Dixon Line had nothing to do with dividing north from south? ...that Major League Baseball once hosted a single game between three different teams? ...that there is a designated state highway in Michigan where cars are not allowed? ...that 21 people were once killed by a 15-foot wave of molasses that devasted a Boston neighborhood? ...that the National Security Agency has a gift shop with logoed merchandise? Whether you want to visit the New York grave where Uncle Sam is buried, stop by the future hometown of Star Trek's Captain Kirk in Iowa or see the room in California where the Internet was created, Secret America: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure is your ticket to some of the nation's least-known but most interesting spots. It is here where you can explore a historical marker dedicated to Barack and Michelle Obama's first kiss, find out how to acquire logoed merchandise at the National Security Agency's gift shop or examine why Case Western Reserve University has such an unusual name. Secret America is a look at the United States as you've never seen it before a tourist guide that gives you answers to the questions no tourist ever never knew they were supposed to ask. If you are tired of trying to enliven dull family roadtrips searching backroads for the World's Largest Ball of Twine, this is a handbook for truly interesting sites that can transform any cross-country adventure into a tour of the unique spots that make America the odd but fascinating nation that it is.
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Life and Death Rays

Life and Death Rays

A person would have to open the sealed chamber and ingest or inhale the americium for the risk to be significant and why would anyone want to do that? 10.3 THE RADIOACTIVE BOY SCOUT On 13 August 1994, an 18-year-old teenager was stopped ...

Author: Alan Perkins

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000406719

Category: Science

Page: 246

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This unique book provides an accessible introduction to both the scientific background and the key people involved in the discovery and use of radiation and radioactivity. It begins by providing a short history of radiation exposures and radiation poisoning; from the early inappropriate use of X-rays and radium cures through the misadventures of the Manhattan Project and the Chernobyl disaster, to the high-profile and deliberate poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in London with polonium-210, which gave rise to worldwide media attention. The chapters provide a catalogue of deliberate criminal acts, unfortunate accidents, and inadvertent radiation exposures, exploring well-known events in detail, as well as some not so well-known occurrences. It works through the topics by focusing on human stories and events and their biological impact. In addition, it covers descriptions of the beneficial uses of radiation and radioactivity. This book can be enjoyed by any reader with a general interest in science, as well as by students and professionals within the scientific and medical communities. Key features Authored by a subject area specialist who has worked in both clinical practice and academia and was involved with the national media following incidents of national and international importance Provides a unique human perspective into well-known and some lesser known events and a concise history of the discovery of radiation and the events that followed Adds scientific and medical background to a subject of high media interest
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Capacity Building in the Fight Against Terrorism

Capacity Building in the Fight Against Terrorism

He was nicknamed the “Radioactive Boy Scout” and a book by the same name described how he managed to do that.8 In 2004, Joseph Biden, or better known as Joe Biden, vice-president of US, asked scientists to build a nuclear bomb with ...

Author: IOS Press

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 9781614993094

Category: Political Science

Page: 136

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The fight against terrorism is constantly in the news, and NATO has committed to the mission of counterterrorism as a central role of the alliance. This is a mission which requires the maximum cooperation of all NATO members and partners, and the sharing of knowledge and expertise is crucial to its success. This book presents the proceedings of the NATO Centre of Excellence – Defence against Terrorism (COE-DAT) Advanced Training Course ‘Capacity Building in the Fight against Terrorism’, held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in June 2012. The presentations were delivered by 11 expert practitioners and academics from eight countries. The subjects covered include: an overview of terrorism; NATO's approach to defence against terrorism; weapons of mass destruction terrorism; eco-terrorism; religion and the question of violence; as well as energy and environmental security, international cooperation, human rights, use of the internet, crisis management, finance, recruitment and prejudice perception management as they relate to the fight against terrorism. This book will be of interest to all those wishing to maintain an awareness of the current situation as regards terrorism and counter terrorism worldwide.
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Chemistry in the Marketplace

Chemistry in the Marketplace

Boy. sCout. The case of the 'radioactive boy scout' had wide publicity. It was first published in Harper's ... David Hahn was a boy scout who tried to collect samples of every element in the periodic table and set up a nuclear reactor ...

Author: Ben Selinger


ISBN: 9781486303335

Category: NATURE

Page: 552

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Chemicals are everywhere. Many are natural and safe, others synthetic and dangerous. Or is it the other way around? Walking through the supermarket, you might ask yourself: Should I be eating organic food? Is that anti-wrinkle cream a gimmick? Is it worth buying BPA-free plastics? This new edition of Chemistry in the Marketplace provides fresh explanations, fascinating facts and funny anecdotes about the serious science in the products we buy and the resources we use. It might even save you some money. With chapters on the chemistry found in different parts of our home, in the backyard and in the world around us, Ben Selinger and Russell Barrow explain how things work, where marketing can be deceptive and what risks you should really be concerned about. Chemistry in the Marketplace is a valuable resource for university lecturers, high school teachers and students of chemistry and chemistry related subjects and disciplines, such as biochemistry, microbiology and science in society.
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Energy and Society

Energy and Society

Time will tell how a balance will be achieved among public skepticism, or even fear, of nuclear energy, and the increasing ... Weinberg, A. Social institutions and nuclear energy. ... Quoted in Silverstein, K. The Radioactive Boy Scout.

Author: Harold H. Schobert

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439826454

Category: Science

Page: 722

View: 890

Energy and Society: An Introduction, Second Edition provides readers with a detailed introduction to energy sources and energy utilization. This book presents an overview of alternative energy issues and technologies, discusses the pros and cons of various energy sources, and explores their impacts on society and the environment. What’s New in the Second Edition: This second edition offers simple updates, as well as completely rewritten material, regarding the last decade in areas including global climate change, oil prices, renewable and alternative fuels, and diversion of civil nuclear energy programs into nuclear weapons proliferation. It covers the development of energy technology from the time of early humans through antiquity, medieval times, and the Industrial Revolution. It also addresses the development of nuclear energy, energy supply and demand, geopolitics of energy, and the various environmental issues associated with energy use. Keeps mathematics to a minimum, making the book usable for a variety of academic majors Includes up-to-date coverage of all new energy sources Traces the development and utilization of energy throughout history Energy and Society: An Introduction, Second Edition can benefit undergraduate students taking a survey course in engineering, as well as professionals in the energy supply, energy planning, or environmental industry.
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The United States of Strange

The United States of Strange

The fact that your smoke detector is radioactive is wildly inappropriate. ›Ken Silverstein, “The Radioactive Boy Scout,” Harper's Magazine, November 1998, Although it never reached critical mass, David Hahn's dangerous ...

Author: Eric Grzymkowski

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440536205

Category: Reference

Page: 272

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of All Things Weird Sure, you probably know that George Washington was our first president and that Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered America in 1492, but did you know that there are more plastic flamingos in the United States than there are real ones and that Disneyland employees were not permitted to wear their own underwear while dressing in character until 2001? Behind the portrait of America that history classes, news reports, and boring documentaries have painted lies a strange and perplexing country that you couldn't imagine even in your wildest dreams. Featuring 1,001 shocking facts, this book reveals all the secrets and weirdness that you never knew about the United States. From the thirty-two(!) bathrooms in the White House to the fact that a single U.S.–made hamburger may contain meat from 100 different cows, these wacky tidbits will guarantee that you'll never look at this nation the same way again!
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Boys Life

Boys  Life

One book marking the "Seussentennial" is "The Boy on Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Grew Up to Become Dr. Seuss. ... He was a Boy Scout, too. ... "The Radioactive Boy Scout" is a true story written by Ken Silverstein.





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Boys' Life is the official youth magazine for the Boy Scouts of America. Published since 1911, it contains a proven mix of news, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, comics, and Scouting.