The Rise of Intelligence and Culture

The Rise of Intelligence and Culture

Author: SETI Institute

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

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Invite students to become members of the "SETI Academy" and explore Earth's history for clues to the possible existence of life beyond our solar system. The three books in the Planet Project (of the Life in the Universe series) can be used individually or together to create a comprehensive, thematic, scientific exploration for students. After exploring the evolution of our solar system, students apply that information to simulate the possible evolution of a planetary system beyond our own. Classroom kit includes a book, a videotape, and a full-color poster. Through a variety of science activities, students explore the evolution of life on Earth and search for clues to the possible evolution of life on an unknown planet beyond our solar system. Synthesizing what they learn, students "create" life-forms that could exist on that distant planet. Classroom kit includes a book, a videotape, and a full-color poster. Students examine concepts of intelligence, culture, technology, and communication. Using their new knowledge, they simulate a complex culture for an intelligent organism that could exist on an unknown planet. Classroom kit includes a book, transparencies, and a full-color poster.
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Cultural Historical Perspectives on Collective Intelligence

Cultural Historical Perspectives on Collective Intelligence

In the mid-2000s, we witnessed an enormous growth of previously private “vernacular creativity” becoming a part of the public culture through online social media, blogs, photo sharing, and videos. This new “participatory culture” ...

Author: Rolf K. Baltzersen

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108833745

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This book shows how collective intelligence combined with new technologies can help us solve the world's biggest problems.
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Handbook of Cultural Psychology Second Edition

Handbook of Cultural Psychology  Second Edition

They continue to increase— the more developed the country, the less rapidly. The causes of the increase in IQ include increased education and culture shifts that place increased demands on intellectual skills.

Author: Dov Cohen

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 9781462536276

Category: Psychology

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Now completely revised (over 90% new), this handbook offers the authoritative presentation of theories, methods, and applications in the dynamic field of cultural psychology. Leading scholars review state-of-the-art empirical research on how culture affects nearly every aspect of human functioning. The volume examines how topics fundamental to psychology--such as cognition, emotion, motivation, development, and mental health--are influenced by cultural meanings and practices. It also addresses the psychological and evolutionary underpinnings of cultural stability and change. The second edition reflects important advances in cultural neuroscience and an increasing emphasis on application, among many other changes. As a special bonus, purchasers of the second edition can download a supplemental e-book featuring several notable, highly cited chapters from the first edition. New to This Edition: *Most chapters are new, reflecting nearly a decade of theoretical and methodological developments. *Cutting-edge perspectives on culture and biology, including innovative neuroscientific and biopsychological research. *Section on economic behavior, with new topics including money, negotiation, consumer behavior, and innovation. *Section on the expansion of cultural approaches into religion, social class, subcultures, and race. *Reflects the growth of real-world applications in such areas as cultural learning and adjustment, health and well-being, and terrorism.
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Narrative Intelligence

Narrative Intelligence

In “Writing and representation,” Agre draws on cultural-theoretic analyses of representation to explore unexamined ... In “The Rise and Fall of Black Velvet Flag: An 'intelligent' system for youth culture documentary,” Schiffer explores ...

Author: Michael Mateas

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027297068

Category: Psychology

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Narrative Intelligence (NI) — the confluence of narrative, Artificial Intelligence, and media studies — studies, models, and supports the human use of narrative to understand the world. This volume brings together established work and founding documents in Narrative Intelligence to form a common reference point for NI researchers, providing perspectives from computational linguistics, agent research, psychology, ethology, art, and media theory. It describes artificial agents with narratively structured behavior, agents that take part in stories and tours, systems that automatically generate stories, dramas, and documentaries, and systems that support people telling their own stories. It looks at how people use stories, the features of narrative that play a role in how people understand the world, and how human narrative ability may have evolved. It addresses meta-issues in NI: the history of the field, the stories AI researchers tell about their research, and the effects those stories have on the things they discover. (Series B)
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Music and Soulmaking

Music and Soulmaking

Many theorists now believe human intelligence arose because of the rise of culture and patterns of affiliation among early humans . Human intelligence initially develops within a two - way interpersonal interaction between parent and ...

Author: Barbara J. Crowe

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 0810851431

Category: Medical

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Explores new avenues in music therapy. The author discusses connections between music therapy and theorizes that every little nuance found in nature is part of a dynamic system in motion.
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Cold War American Literature and the Rise of Youth Culture

Cold War American Literature and the Rise of Youth Culture

... on liberal and progressive groupsserveasone measure ofthebroader culturalimpactofthe sixtiesandits campaigns to ... on theWorld Trade Center in September 2001, the role ofthe military and the various intelligence agenciesin American ...

Author: Denis Jonnes

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317649472

Category: Literary Criticism

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Demands placed on many young Americans as a result of the Cold War give rise to an increasingly age-segregated society. This separation allowed adolescents and young adults to begin to formulate an identity distinct from previous generations, and was a significant factor in their widespread rejection of contemporary American society. This study traces the emergence of a distinctive post-war family dynamic between parent and adolescent or already adult child. In-depth readings of individual writers such as, Arthur Miller, William Styron, J. D. Salinger, Tennessee Williams, Vladimir Nabokov, Jack Kerouac, Flannery O’Connor and Sylvia Plath, situate their work in relation to the Cold War and suggest how the figuring of adolescents and young people reflected and contributed to an empowerment of American youth. This book is a superb research tool for any student or academic with an interest in youth culture, cultural studies, American studies, cold war studies, twentieth-century American literature, history of the family, and age studies.
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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

There are emotions in every culture , and these change over time . Rom Harre ' and his associates argued in the Social Construction of Emotions ( 1986 ) " Historians and anthropologists have established conclusively that there are ...

Author: Robert J. Emmerling

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 1600218563

Category: Education

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This book is designed to meet the growing need among researchers, graduate students, and professionals to look into the existing theoretical models as well as developing theories related to emotional intelligence. The primary aim of the book is to help readers get a view of current conceptualisations of emotional intelligence, while providing an opportunity to see how emotional intelligence has been interpreted and applied throughout the world. Psychological processes are expected to vary according to cultural meaning and practices. Recent studies indicate that emotional intelligence influences behaviour in a wide range of domains including school, community, and the workplace. At the individual level, it has been said to relate to academic achievement, work performance, our ability to communicate effectively, solve everyday problems, build meaningful interpersonal relationships, and even our ability to make moral decisions. Given that emotional intelligence has the potential to increase our understanding of ho
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National Intelligence and Science

National Intelligence and Science

The rise of intelligence studies will not automatically transform intelligence analysis, but it can reduce the academic ignorance and possibly some of the hangups in the interrelationship between the two cultures.

Author: Wilhelm Agrell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199360888

Category: Political Science

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Intelligence is currently facing increasingly challenging cross-pressures from both a need for accurate and timely assessments of potential or imminent security threats and the unpredictability of many of these emerging threats. We are living in a social environment of growing security and intelligence challenges, yet the traditional, narrow intelligence process is becoming increasingly insufficient for coping with diffuse, complex, and rapidly-transforming threats. The essence of intelligence is no longer the collection, analysis, and dissemination of secret information, but has become instead the management of uncertainty in areas critical for overriding security goals--not only for nations, but also for the international community as a whole. For its part, scientific research on major societal risks like climate change is facing a similar cross-pressure from demand on the one hand and incomplete data and developing theoretical concepts on the other. For both of these knowledge-producing domains, the common denominator is the paramount challenges of framing and communicating uncertainty and of managing the pitfalls of politicization. National Intelligence and Science is one of the first attempts to analyze these converging domains and the implications of their convergence, in terms of both more scientific approaches to intelligence problems and intelligence approaches to scientific problems. Science and intelligence constitute, as the book spells out, two remarkably similar and interlinked domains of knowledge production, yet ones that remain traditionally separated by a deep political, cultural, and epistemological divide. Looking ahead, the two twentieth-century monoliths--the scientific and the intelligence estates--are becoming simply outdated in their traditional form. The risk society is closing the divide, though in a direction not foreseen by the proponents of turning intelligence analysis into a science, or the new production of scientific knowledge.
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The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence SETI in the Optical Spectrum

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence  SETI  in the Optical Spectrum

... Rise of Intelligence and Culture , students explore intelligence , culture , technology and communication . In all three guides , the students learn what scientists have discovered about Earth and the evolution of life ...



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United States Congressional Serial Set

United States Congressional Serial Set

In other words , there is not a case in the history of the human race of a nation rising in intelligence , culture , power , wealth , or civilization , without having a considerable portion of diversified artistic , manufacturing , and ...



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