The Sea Came in at Midnight

The Sea Came in at Midnight

It was only just before midnight that the leaders of the village realized to their dismay they were missing someone, ... to her by the other villagers who feared he would be swept away by the stupendous midnight sea, wailed at the sight.

Author: Steve Erickson

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781480409972

Category: Fiction

Page: 259

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“If you read one philosophical-doomsday kinky-sex road-trip novel this year, make it this one.” —Salon It’s New Year’s Eve 1999, and the members of a powerful cult are about to commit ritual suicide. Fleeing their ranks at the final moment, teenager Kristin lands in Tokyo, where she gains employment listening to clients’ stories in a “memory hotel” designed to address the decay of Japanese collective memory after the Second World War. But Kristin herself has a startling odyssey: Among other things, it involves answering a personal ad only to wind up imprisoned, naked, in an empty house presided over by a man known as the Occupant, hard at work on a millennial calendar that has serious implications for the future. The Sea Came in at Midnight is a breathtaking fable of redemption and one of Erickson’s most impressive visions to date.
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Riders to the Midnight Sun

Riders to the Midnight Sun

A couple of kilometres outside the city centre I came across the icebreaker base. A checkpoint was manned, but the guard seemed unsure about what to do, so I sped past him with a cheery wave. A concrete path took me towards the sea, ...

Author: Marc Llewellyn

Publisher: New Holland Pub

ISBN: WISC:89079240750

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The personal account of an adventurous bicycle trip from Sevastapol to Murmansk.
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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal

Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal

At Noon hurricane came on still more severe with a cross turbulent sea rendering it dangerous to run . At 2 P. M. hove too , Sunset more violent to midnight . Ship from 2 P. M. driving to the Northward at the rate of about 3 ' per hour ...

Author: Asiatic Society (Kolkata, India)


ISBN: UOM:39015022688850

Category: Asia

Page: 1584

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A Library of Religious Poetry

A Library of Religious Poetry

A SEA - FOG . UP from the sea came a chill gray mist , Between midnight hour and morn . The stars on high , that were biding tryst , From watching eyes were borne , And the sweet fields , late by the sunlight kissed , In the darkness ...

Author: Philip Schaff



Category: Religious poetry

Page: 1148

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The Believer

The Believer

Avon , the publisher of his most recent novel , The Sea Came in at Midnight ( 1999 ) , in an attempt to bring him up to the top of the heap at last , calls Erickson “ a visionary novelist whose time has come " and " the secret heir to ...



ISBN: UCSC:32106018030475

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The mariner s chronicle or Interesting narratives of shipwrecks

The mariner s chronicle  or Interesting narratives of shipwrecks

All this time the sea came over us in a dread- ful manner , so that we could scarcely take breath . man . ... About midnight , the sea abated , so that we could speak to one another , for the space of two or three minutes together ...

Author: Mariner


ISBN: OXFORD:590653735


Page: 1062

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Tales of Vampires Werewolves

Tales of Vampires   Werewolves

A little after midnight came a strange sound from over the sea, and high overhead the air began to carry a strange, faint hollow booming. Then without warning the tempest broke. With a rapidity which, at the time, seemed incredible, ...

Author: Robert E. Howard

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: EAN:4064066382049

Category: Fiction

Page: 3694

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Vampires and werewolves have existed alongside humans since antiquity, or at least the tales of them. Reawaken the fear, the dread and the obsession with the creatures of the night with this meticulously edited collection of the greatest horror classics of all time: Vampires: The Vampyre (John William Polidori) Dracula (Bram Stoker) Dracula's Guest (Bram Stoker) Clarimonde (Théophile Gautier) Carmilla (Sheridan Le Fanu) Vikram and the Vampire (Sir Richard Francis Burton) The Vampire (Jan Neruda) Varney the Vampire, or, the Feast of Blood (Thomas PeckettPrest and James Malcolm Rymer) The Vampire of Croglin Grange (Augustus Hare) The Vampire Maid (Hume Nisbet) The Room in the Tower (E. F. Benson) Mrs.Amworth (E. F. Benson) Vampires and Vampirism (Dudley Wright) Werewolves: The Lay of the Were-Wolf (Marie de France) The Wolf Leader (Alexandre Dumas Père) Wagner the Wehr-wolf (George W. M. Reynolds) The Werewolf (Eugene Field) The Man-Wolf (ÉmileErckmann&AlexandreChatrian) The Mark of the Beast (Rudyard Kipling) The Horror-Horn (E. F. Benson) In the Forest of Villefére (Robert E. Howard) Wolfshead (Robert E. Howard) Werewolf of the Sahara (Gladys Gordon Trenery) The Werewolf Howls (Clifford Ball)
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Christian Treasury

Christian Treasury

A Sea Fog . Up from the sea came a chill grey mist , Between midnight hour and morn ; The stars , on high , that were biding tryst , And the sweet fields , late by the sunlight kissed , From watching eyes were borne , In the darkness ...



ISBN: SRLF:A0003398120

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Fire in the Sea

Fire in the Sea

The sea swelled softly under the planks of the old boat. Star-shine glittered blue fingers on the ... The midnight sea smelled of sperm. ... But slack came and even an unseemly rush to surface. Winch spun up merrily. Sea glittered.

Author: David A. McKee

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 9781623490317

Category: Nature

Page: 186

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The cold, stygian dark of the extreme sea depths is home to some of our planet’s strangest creatures. Even their names evoke a science fiction adventure: dragonfishes, greeneyes, viperfishes, mirrorbellies, lanternfishes. Marine biologist Henry “Hank” Compton (1928–2005) of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Rockport Marine Lab was present on some of the earliest Gulf of Mexico cruises on which these fishes were collected for the first time in Texas waters. Upon returning, Compton would retire to the darkroom he had constructed beneath a stairwell at the lab and photograph the specimens. A talented artist, Compton then painted watercolors based on his photographs. He allowed free rein to both his scientific judgment and his artistic vision as he constructed representations of how the specimens might have appeared in the crushing pressure of their alien environment. Compton dubbed the series of deep-water paintings “Fire in the Sea” because of the shimmering bioluminescence common to these deep-water species. Then, along with taxonomic descriptions, he drafted fanciful narratives to accompany the paintings: quirky, humorous, and sometimes cryptic stories of the fishes in their unreachable habitat. Professor, researcher, and author David A. McKee has taken Compton’s work, discovered in cardboard boxes following his death, and, along with others, provided chapters on bioluminescence, life in the deep, taxonomic arrangement, and life history information.
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Southern California Quarterly

Southern California Quarterly

The wind and sea were still increasing . At mid - day an observation ... The wind continued to blow from that quarter until midnight , when it hauled to southsoutheast . ... the south - southeast and the sea came from the southwest .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105007794824

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