The Sense of Humor

The Sense of Humor

The multiple usage of "humor". The meaning of humor is best illuminated by fixing its position in the complex net of terms used in the whole field. At present several formal and informal nomenclatures coexist and, unlike in other ...

Author: Willibald Ruch

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

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Harper s

Harper s

Of the two qualities , therefore , the sense sion of delicate shades of difference in of humor is the more highly to be prized . meaning , it is sometimes strangely defi- It is an invaluable possession , adding an ...



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Important American periodical dating back to 1850.
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Good Humor Bad Taste

Good Humor  Bad Taste

When I asked one of them, 25-year-old technical installer Richard Westbroek: “Do your friends have the same sense of humor as you?” he answered: “Yeah, you could say they tell the same types of jokes.” And Christiaan van der Linden, ...

Author: Giselinde Kuipers

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110898996

Category: Humor

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Good Humor, Bad Taste is the first extensive sociological study of the relationship between humor and social background. Using a combination of interview materials, survey data, and historical materials, the book explores the relationship between humor and gender, age, regional background, and especially, humor and social class in the Netherlands. The final chapter focuses on national differences, exploring the differences between the American and the Dutch sense of humor, again using a combination of interview and survey materials. The starting point for this exploration of differences in sense of humor is one specific humorous genre: the joke. The joke is not a very prestigious genre; in the Netherlands even less so than in the US. It is precisely this lack of status that made it a good starting point for asking questions about humor and taste. Interviewees generally had very pronounced opinions about the genre, calling jokes "their favorite kind humor", but also "completely devoid of humor" and "a form of intellectual poverty". Good Humor, Bad Taste attempts to explain why jokes are good humor to some, bad taste to others. The focus on this one genre enables Good Humor, Bad Taste to have a very wide scope. The book not only covers the appreciation and evaluation of jokes by different social groups and in different cultures, and its relationship with wider humor styles. It also describes the genre itself: the history of the genre, its decline in status from the sixteenth century onward, and the way the topics and the tone of jokes have changed over the last fifty years of the twentieth century.
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Aspects of Fiction and Other Ventures in Criticism

Aspects of Fiction and Other Ventures in Criticism

Humor is positive , while the sense - of - humor is negative . A man with humor may make a joke , and a man with the sense - of - humor may take one . Neither includes the other ; for a man able to make a joke may be incapable of taking ...

Author: Brander Matthews


ISBN: UOM:39015059371792

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American literature -- Two studies of the South -- The penalty of humor -- On pleasing the taste of the public -- On Certain parallelisms between the ancient drama and the modern -- Two Scotsmen of letters, Mr. Andrew Lang, Robert Louis Stevenson -- Aspects of fiction.
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The Living Age

The Living Age

If ever the pain that they give must , no doubt , be understood to mean is in any degree relieved , it is by their something quite different from a compas - chancing to appeal to the sense of humor sionate sense of the imperfections of ...



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Idiotic English and Idiomatic English

Idiotic English and Idiomatic English

Humor. Makes. a. Nice. Difference. The guideline in this chapter is a like a little delicious cherry on the top of all ... Not necessarily humorous passages or witty anecdotes, but an underlying sense of humor tying together the whole ...

Author: Joseph Cherian

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781512760347

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The purpose of this book is to inspire you to use English in a way that will influence the minds and hearts of the people you communicate with and open doors of opportunity for you not only in your local region but around the globe. It is the fruit of the authors forty years of experience in teaching students and professionals to write and speak effectively in Englishbrought to you in one handy volume. This is a book that will radically transform the way you write, speak, and even think, in the English language; encourage you to break every idiotic rule passed down by tradition and to make a few bold ones of your own; and serve as your crucial stepping stone to using English intelligently, confidently, and influentially in the highest business, professional, and social circles in the international sphere.
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THE CRITIC'S SENSE OF HUMOR In a recent interview in the New York Times , Mr. Robert Underwood Johnson , erstwhile editor of The Century , sums up his objections to what he calls the formlessness of modern poetry by an objection not ...

Author: Harriet Monroe


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Isn t that Clever

Isn   t that Clever

The Sixth Sense With this reevaluation of the nature of humor comes a new understanding of what one means by a sense of humor. The term is triply ambiguous. To say that one has a sense of humor could mean that one appreciates and enjoys ...

Author: Steven Gimbel

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781351622622

Category: Philosophy

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Isn’t That Clever provides a new account of the nature of humor – the cleverness account – according to which humor is intentional conspicuous acts of playful cleverness. By defining humor in this way, answers can be found to longstanding questions about humor ethics (Are there jokes that are wrong to tell? Are there jokes that can only be told by certain people?) and humor aesthetics (What makes for a good joke? Is humor subjective?). In addition to humor in general, Isn’t That Clever asks questions about comedy as an art form such as whether there are limits to what can be said in dealing with a heckler and how do we determine whether one comedian has stolen jokes from another.
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I Sense Humor

I Sense Humor

It's not anything at all like a mean streak; it's what should be easily recognized as a wonderful sense of humor. Let me give you a good example. About fifteen years ago in a much younger life of mine, I would on a regular basis go to ...

Author: Jobe Writes

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781449018061

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Your God is Too Somber

Your God is Too Somber

many authors writing about humor suggest three possible causes of humor: a sense of superiority; incongruity or surprise; or some sense of relief. biblical scholar mark e. biddle holds that humor is basically the recognition of ...

Author: Christopher Dreisbach

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532655999

Category: Religion

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Your God is too somber if your posture before him lacks a spirit of joy and a commitment to rejoice as much as possible. While life has its sadness and tragedy, the good news of Jesus Christ is that God’s kingdom has won; and the suffering we face for a time is shorter compared with the endless delight that God promises. So, “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice!” (Phil 4:4). Your God is too somber if you embrace a theology of tears, rather than a theology of laughter. Of course, salvation and Christ’s sacrifice are serious business, and we should engage in moments of penitential reflection, confession, and atonement. But all of this so we can shake off the shackles of our shortcomings and celebrate God fully and joyfully. Your God is too somber if you fail to see the humor in the Bible: the calls to joy, paradox, irony, burlesque, play, and wordplay. God laughs, sometimes with us, sometimes at us, and Jesus’s humor is evident in parables and sayings, with the goal of teaching us the truth. Is your God too somber? This book aims to help you answer that question.
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