The Shape of Snakes

The Shape of Snakes

Exposing the horrifying consequences when communities ignore the people who need them the most, The Shape of Snakes is the psychological mystery from crime queen Minette Walters.

Author: Minette Walters

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780330528849

Category: Fiction

Page: 500

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Exposing the horrifying consequences when communities ignore the people who need them the most, The Shape of Snakes is the psychological mystery from crime queen Minette Walters. November 1978. Britain is on strike. The dead lie unburied, rubbish piles in the streets – and somewhere in West London a black woman dies in a rain-soaked gutter. Her passing would have gone unmourned but for the young woman who finds her and who believes - apparently against reason – that Annie was murdered. But whatever the truth about Annie – whether she was as mad as her neighbours claimed, whether she lived in squalor as the police said – something passed between her and Mrs Ranelagh in the moment of death which binds this one woman to her cause for the next twenty years. But why is Mrs Ranelagh so convinced it was murder when by her own account Annie died without speaking? And why would any woman spend twenty painstaking years uncovering the truth – unless her reasons are personal . . . ?
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Shapes with Snakes

Shapes with Snakes

Tracey Steffora. We can see many shapes when we look at snakes. Let's take a
look! This snake has coiled its body into the shape of. 5.

Author: Tracey Steffora

Publisher: Raintree

ISBN: 9781406260601


Page: 24

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It's time to improve your maths ssssskills! Books in this fun series use cute or high-interest animals to teach key maths concepts while retaining reluctant mathematicians' interest. Illustrated with cut-out photos on striking, colourful backgrounds, this book looks at shapes with snakes!

The Snake Prince and the Shape Changer Stories of India and Africa

The Snake Prince and the Shape Changer  Stories of India and Africa

The Snake Prince and the Shape-Changer Level 27 Fiction Word count: 1,971
Curriculum link: fairytales and folklore Text types: Indian fairytale, African fairytale
Extending vocabulary: agree, antelope, brass, fear, fool, guard, hiss, market, ...

Author: Jessica Gunderson

Publisher: Raintree

ISBN: 9781474747134



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When a princess learns of her husband's secret past, he turns into a snake. The princess must be brave in order to help him. Can they work together to break the prince's curse? A young man is given a special shape-changing power. He and his brother use the new power to trick and take from others. Will they get caught and pay the price for their trickery?

Drawing Snakes How to Draw Snakes For the Beginner

Drawing Snakes   How to Draw Snakes For the Beginner

If your snake has a scale containing horizontal rows, you can just simply use a
grid to properly establish their places. ... of the figure and should gradually
become smaller as it moves further on the farthest area of the subject's shape

Author: Adrian Sanqui

Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books

ISBN: 9781311261342

Category: Art

Page: 44

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Drawing Snakes - How to Draw Snakes For the Beginner TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Drawing tools Establishing the Form Starting with the Contour Figure Drawing a Black Mamba Applying the Details Common Snake Skin Patterns Reference Lines for Drawing the Scales Different Eyes of Snakes Drawing with Pencil Drawing a Cobra Drawing a Rattle Snake Drawing with pens Coloring Coloring a Scarlet King Snake Conclusion Author Bio Introduction First, thank you for picking up this book on how to draw snakes for the beginner. We will be going over a number of different things, so follow along closely and do each step before moving to the next one. At the end, I hope you will have learned the basics of how to draw snakes. Let’s get started!
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The Dark Room

The Dark Room

By the same author The Ice House The Sculptress The Scold's Bridle The Echo
The Breaker The Shape of Snakes Acid Row Fox Evil Disordered Minds The
Devil's Feather The Chameleon's Shadow and The Tinder Box Chickenfeed (
Quick ...

Author: Minette Walters

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780330528528

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

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Shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger Award, The Dark Room is the psychological thriller from crime queen Minette Walters. Something else had happened . . . Something so terrible that she was too frightened to search her memory for it . . . The newspapers reported the case with relish. Jane (Jinx) Kingsley, fashion photographer and heiress, tries to kill herself after being unceremoniously jilted by her fiancé, who has since disappeared – together with Jinx's best friend Meg Harris . . . But when Jinx wakes from her coma, she can remember nothing about her alleged suicide attempt. With the help of Dr Alan Protheroe of the Nightingale Clinic, she slowly begins to piece together the fragments of the last few weeks. Then the memories begin to surface . . . memories of utter desperation and absolute terror.
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The Travels of Mendes Pinto

The Travels of Mendes Pinto

Behind them all went a hundred big barges laden with different figures of idols in
the shape of snakes, lizards, lions, tigers, toads, serpents, bats, ducks, goats,
dogs, elephants, vultures, cats, hawks, crows, and many other animals, all of
which ...

Author: Fernão Mendes Pinto

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226923239

Category: Travel

Page: 752

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This text, ostensibly the autobiography of Portugese explorer Fernão Mendes Pinto, came second only to Marco Polo's work in exciting Europe's imagination of the Orient. Chronicling adventures from Ethiopia to Japan, Travels covers twenty years of Mendes Pinto's odyssey as a soldier, a merchant, a diplomat, a slave, a pirate, and a missionary, and continues to overwhelm questions about its source with the sheer enjoyment of its narrative. "[T]here is plenty here for the modern reader. . . . The vivid descriptions of swashbuckling military campaigns and exotic locations make this a great adventure story. . . . Mendes Pinto may have been a sensitive eyewitness, or a great liar, or a brilliant satirist, but he was certainly more than a simple storyteller."—Stuart Schwartz, The New York Times
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Ancient Greek Literary Letters

Ancient Greek Literary Letters

... 40111 1 21111 loved in the shape ofgold, a bull, water, birds, and huge snakes
. But rouge, wax, slinky Tarentine dresses, bracelets in the shape of snakes, and
golden ankle chains are the tricks of courtesans like Thais, Aristogora, and Lais.

Author: Patricia A. Rosenmeyer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134451050

Category: History

Page: 176

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The first referenece to letter writing occurs in the first text of western literature, Homer's Iliad. From the very beginning, Greeks were enthusiastic letter writers, and letter writing became a distinct literary genre. Letters were included in the works of historians but they also formed the basis of works of fiction, and the formal substructure for many kinds of poem. Patricia Rosenmeyer, an authority on the history of the Greek letter, assembles in this book a representative selection of such 'literary letters', from Aelian and Alciphron to Philostrartus and the supposed letters of Themistocles. The book will be valuable for all students of Greek literature especially those studying Greek (and Latin) letter.
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Feature Extraction and Image Processing

Feature Extraction and Image Processing

shape. extraction. (snakes. and. other. techniques). 6.1 Overview The previous
chapter covered finding shapes by matching. This implies knowledge of a model
(mathematical or template) of the target shape (feature). The shape is fixed in that

Author: Mark Nixon

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080506258

Category: Computers

Page: 350

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Focusing on feature extraction while also covering issues and techniques such as image acquisition, sampling theory, point operations and low-level feature extraction, the authors have a clear and coherent approach that will appeal to a wide range of students and professionals. Ideal module text for courses in artificial intelligence, image processing and computer vision Essential reading for engineers and academics working in this cutting-edge field Supported by free software on a companion website
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Snakes of Italy

Snakes of Italy

(L. Pasteur) Abstract Treaty relating to methods of observation to distinguish the
various species of snakes, with particular ... size · Snake head shape ·
Herpetological collections Italian snakes belong to two families: Colubridae and

Author: Gabriele Achille

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319141060

Category: Science

Page: 180

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This book offers a comprehensive review of the biology of snakes, focusing on Italian species. The snakes of Italy belong to the two families Colubridae and Viperidae, and for each species the systematic classification and chorology including distribution maps are presented. Furthermore, readers will learn how to carry out field studies, how to handle snakes and how to photograph them. The book concludes with a chapter on the iconography of historical Italian snakes and their importance in popular science, and one on myths and legends. This SpringerBriefs volume will appeal to herpetologists and technical staff. The section on iconography may also be of interest to museum staff.
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Snakes Collins Gem

Snakes  Collins Gem

Size and shape Snakes vary greatly in size: the smallest are barely 15 cm in
length while the largest grow to almost 10 m. Most species, however, including
nearly all the European and North American species, are between 1 m and 2 m
when ...

Author: Chris Mattison

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9780007555260

Category: Nature

Page: 256

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An easy-to-use and authoritative guide to over 220 species of snake from around the world, each entry specially selected to show the diversity of size, shape and colour of these respected creatures.
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Bodied Mindfulness

Bodied Mindfulness

During my encounter with it, I was sometimes the small snake, sometimes my
normal shape, and from time to time I was simultaneously both my normal shape
as a woman and the big snake. I had been instructed by the teacher to ask the ...

Author: Winnie Tomm

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554588022

Category: Social Science

Page: 356

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“I see spirituality and social change to be integrally related to each other. I believe that liberation efforts that are supported by spiritual experiences of integration promote human dignity as well as social equality.” Bodied Mindfulness combines spiritual, social and analytical perspectives to explore topics central to women’s development: spirituality, women’s bodies, cultural constructions of women’s sexuality in language, sexual ethics, the sexual contract in politics and at work, and the relation between nature and culture. It is Tomm’s deeply held conviction that women need to bring a vital spirituality to feminist social criticism in order to resolve these issues and increase their power to promote social justice and ecological balance. Tomm embraces a vast store of knowledge from diverse sources, including Buddhist, shamanist and feminist resources. In a move away from abstract theorizing, she explicitly connects theory with realities lived by women. Grounding theory in personal experience — her own and others — Tomm delivers a powerful and empowering account of women’s spirituality. The resulting ontological transformation allows women to live deeply in the body while strengthening their relation to human and non-human matter and energy. Bodied Mindfulness will be of great interest to feminist scholars in all disciplines, but most particularly to those in Women’s Studies and Religious Studies.
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Venomous Snakes in Captivity Safety and Husbandry

Venomous Snakes in Captivity  Safety and Husbandry

From the moment a keeper purchases or captures a venomous snake that they
intend to keep as a captive, they must consider transportation. This aspect is not
to be taken ... This is the purpose of the triangle shape. The snake is hooked and

Author: B. W. Smith


ISBN: 9781411629493

Category: Poisonous snakes

Page: 147

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This Book Includes: Proper Housing, Responsible Husbandry, The Tools and Equipment, Safe Handling Practices, Mistakes to be Avoided, Tips for Safety and Effeciency, Federal and State Regulatory Agencgarde%equies, Emergency Contacts and 76 FULL COLOR Illustrations.
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Venomous Snakes

Venomous Snakes

Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of venomous snakes in the viper, pit viper, and elapid families.

Author: Ellen Catala

Publisher: Chelsea House

ISBN: 0791074307

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of venomous snakes in the viper, pit viper, and elapid families.
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Fast Facts for the ER Nurse

Fast Facts for the ER Nurse

The venomous snakes, look at the shapes of their heads. ... rattlesnake has a
more triangular-shaped head than the nonvenomous snake, which has a narrow
round-shaped nonvenomous snake, which has a narrow round-shaped head.

Author: Jennifer R. Buettner, RN, CEN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826199478

Category: Medical

Page: 312

View: 400

Because ER nurses need to think fast and act fast . . . Fast Facts for the ER Nurse is the only orientation guide and reference designed specifically for new ER nurses and the preceptors responsible for their orientation. The chapters provide a brief overview of equipment, treatments, and drugs used to manage common disorders and conditions frequently seen in the ER. The book includes disorder definitions, signs and symptoms, interventions, drugs, and critical thinking questions. Using a bullet-point format, each chapter is conveniently organized alphabetically by disease and disorder within each body system for quick access. The book serves as an organized, reliable, and thorough ER guide, ensuring a structured approach to orientation. The book's "Fast Facts in a Nutshell" feature provides quick summaries of important points, questions, and answers at regular intervals throughout. Other useful features include a skills checklist, coverage of common lab values and medications, and EKG rhythms. Key Topics Include: Cardiovascular Emergencies Disaster Response Emergencies Infectious Disease Emergencies Mental Health Emergencies Shock and Multisystem Trauma Emergencies Substance Abuse and Toxicologic Emergencies New to this Edition: Endocrine Emergencies Environmental Emergencies Dental Emergencies Rapid Sequence Intubation Triage Acute Stroke Management Guidelines Sexual Assault-Intimate Partner Abuse
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Information Processing in Medical Imaging

Information Processing in Medical Imaging

The extension allows the model to automatically cope with topological changes
and for the first time, introduces the concept of a global shape into geometric/
geodesic snake models. The ability to characterize global shape of an object
using ...

Author: Attila Kuba

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540661672

Category: Computers

Page: 396

View: 397

The 1999 international conference on Information Processing in Medical Imaging (IPMI ’99) was the sixteenth in the series of biennial meetings and followed the successful meeting in Poultney, Vermont, in 1997. This year, for the rst time, the conference was held in central Europe, in the historical Hungarian town of Visegr ad, one of the most beautiful spots not only on the Danube Bend but in all Hungary. The place has many historical connections, both national and international. The castle was once a royal palace of King Matthias. In the middle ages, the Hungarian, Czech, and Polish kings met here. Recently, after the summit meeting of reestablished democracies in the area, it became a symbol for the cooperation between central European countries as they approached the European Union. It was thus also symbolic to bring IPMI, in the year of the 30th anniversary of its foundation, to this place, and organize the meeting with the close cooperation of local and traditional western organizers. It also provided a good opportunity to summarize brie?y a history of IPMI for those who were new to the IPMI conference. This year we received 82 full paper submissions from all over the world. Of these, 24 were accepted as oral presentations. These were divided into 6 sessions. In spite of our e orts, it was found to be impossible to make these sessions fully balanced and homogeneous.
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Nature Guide Snakes and Other Reptiles and Amphibians

Nature Guide Snakes and Other Reptiles and Amphibians

Ahaetulla nasuta Long-nosed whipsnake The long-nosed whipsnake has
extremely good vision. its eyes are large and ... a groove running along the snout
and this, coupled with the shape of the pupils, allows the snake to see forwards.
as the ...

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9780241186718

Category: Nature

Page: 352

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Have the world in your hands with these compact, affordable, illustrated natural history guides From tiny frogs in the rainforest to giant tropical crocodiles, leaf through Nature Guide Snakes and Other Reptiles and Amphibians profiling the world's snakes, reptiles and amphibians. Nature Guide Snakes and Other Reptiles and Amphibians is packed full of stunning images that reveal intricate details and unique characteristics of the snakes, reptiles and other amphibians featured. Expertly written and including examples from across the globe, these guides will give you knowledge of the natural world at your fingertips. With detailed sections on what a reptile or amphibian is, their reproduction and their feeding habits, Nature Guide Snakes and Other Reptiles and Amphibians is the ideal identification guide.
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A Humanitarian Past

A Humanitarian Past

33: Snake figurine, with culture, from Bilcze Zlote (detail) First half of fourth
snake-like shape of her head ... the human shape with snake symbols, the
Stone Age images portray a union between animal and human life Snakes as ...

Author: Adele Änggård

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496993342

Category: Social Science

Page: 310

View: 912

This book opens a window on our historical past. We find antiquity has drawn a blind over earlier and more humanitarian cultures, writing off their artistic and egalitarian practices – while antiquity’s social habits escalated stress. Psychologists have recently made us aware that stress has very negative results for community life. Simultaneously, archaeologists have uncovered information about Neolithic cultures and art that makes no sense seen beside ancient Greek descriptions. The more we learn about Old Europe, the more staggering and distorted the policies conveyed in ancient Greek myths, dramas, and epic poems become. Surprisingly, the Achaeans also show an intimate knowledge about their predecessor’s social values. Sadly, the Renaissance uncritically fell for the ancient Greek’s version of history, seeing it as the cradle of civilisation and our cultural heritage. They have even passed on these ideas to us today. Discovering A Humanitarian Past pitches us into an exciting and previously unexplored part of the human story.
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Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Poor convergence to concave shapes is a main limitation of snakes as a
standard segmentation and shape modelling technique. The gradient of the
external energy of the snake represents a force that pushes the snake into
concave regions, ...

Author: Anand Rangarajan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540404989

Category: Computers

Page: 534

View: 880

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, EMMCVPR 2003, held in Lisbon, Portugal in July 2003. The 33 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 66 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on unsupervised learning and matching, probabilistic modeling, segmentation and grouping, shape modeling, restoration and reconstruction, and graphs and graph-based methods.
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How the Snake Lost its Legs

How the Snake Lost its Legs

Until 2009, the most popular theory for how snakes lost their legs was that Hox
codes had shifted along the body column as in pythons [421]. However, in 2009
... 4.4) and a snake adult. ... For actual shapes of snake vertebrae, see ref. [1009].

Author: Lewis I. Held, Jr

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107782891

Category: Science


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How did the zebra really get its stripes, and the giraffe its long neck? What is the science behind camel humps, leopard spots, and other animal oddities? Such questions have fascinated us for centuries, but the expanding field of evo-devo (evolutionary developmental biology) is now providing, for the first time, a wealth of insights and answers. Taking inspiration from Kipling's 'Just So Stories', this book weaves emerging insights from evo-devo into a narrative that provides startling explanations for the origin and evolution of traits across the animal kingdom. Held's unique and engaging style makes this narrative both enlightening and entertaining, guiding students and researchers through even complex concepts and encouraging a fuller understanding of the latest developments in the field. The first five chapters cover the first bilaterally symmetric animals, flies, butterflies, snakes, and cheetahs. A final chapter surveys recent results about a menagerie of other animals.
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Why Did It Have To Be Snakes

Why Did It Have To Be Snakes

Scarabs were amulets, or good luck charms, made in the shape of these beetles.
Lapis lazuli is a deep-blue, opaque jewel, and the finest lapis lazuli is a very
intense blue with light flecks of golden pyrite, commonly known as fool's gold.

Author: Lois H. Gresh

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470225561

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 264

View: 126

Explores the scientific, historical, and cultural facts behind the Indiana Jones movies, discussing real-life archeologists and their adventures, the uses of bullwhips, and the connection between Nazis and the occult.
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