Dream Sight

Dream Sight

Bloodlines have figured prominently as coveted evidence of ancestry throughout history. While this perspective may appear to be an archaic form of class-consciousness, we are now aware that blood typology is an effective tool to ...

Author: Michael Lennox

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738728643

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 408

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Most dream dictionaries contain brief, overly generic meanings of the universal symbols that appear in our dreams. Dream Sight is different. With in-depth, classic meanings and an empowering technique for personalized interpretation, Dream Sight is the most complete and balanced guide to understanding your dreams. Based on twenty years of experience, psychologist and renowned dream expert Dr. Michael Lennox presents his easy and practical three-step approach. Begin by reading the universal symbols in your dreams, then consider the context, and finally pinpoint your unique personal associations. This method leads to deeper, more profound interpretations that will unlock the mysteries of your unconscious mind. You'll also get insight into common types of dreams—recurring, precognitive, nightmares, and more—plus advice for remembering your dreams and looking at them objectively. Combining warmth and a touch of irreverence, Dream Sight is both a unique teaching tool and a fun reference guide that gives you everything you need to understand your dreams and your innermost self. Features an alphabetized list of over 300 dream symbols and images with classic meanings Praise: "Dr. Lennox is a brilliant alchemist with wisdom, vision, and skill. He masterfully directs his clients to the world within to gain access to their power and redirect their lives with precision."—Dr. Alex Charish, creator of the fitness program Exercise for Real PeopleTM
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Weekly World News

Weekly World News

By JOE BERGER I Weekly World News Wild-eyed weirdo Bernard Wessig was a real-life vampire who murdered 16 people and sucked them dry before killing himself with a stake through the heart — because the sight of blood made him sick!





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Nurses in Practice

Nurses in Practice

"I hate the sight of blood." At this point Mel leans forward, contributing, "No one could be more frightened than I am at the sight of blood. I cut my finger and faint! But seeing my baby born wasn't the same. It didn't bother me.

Author: Marlene Kramer


ISBN: UOM:39015000290760

Category: Nurse and patient

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Categories: Nurse and patient

The Man who was Q

The Man who was Q

as a medical student at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London, but the plan came to nothing when Charles turned out to have a severe dislike of the sight of blood. His guardians next thought of engineering as a career for their nephew, ...

Author: David Porter

Publisher: Authentic Paternoster Press

ISBN: 0853644810

Category: World War, 1939-1945

Page: 187

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The Minfong Ho Collection

The Minfong Ho Collection

of fresh blood, and Jinda felt sick. With the placenta, a gush of blood poured down Dao's thighs, forming a dark red puddle on the banana leaves. ... Jinda took a deep breath, but the sight of blood made her dizzy.

Author: Minfong Ho

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd

ISBN: 9789814351904


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Understanding the Emotional Disorders

Understanding the Emotional Disorders

... anxious about talking in public; I felt uncomfortable eating or drinking in front of other people. Animal phobia (11) I was afraid of spiders; I avoided handling slimy things. Bloodinjection phobia (4) I avoided the sight of blood; ...

Author: David Watson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190668563

Category: Psychology

Page: 312

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Improving the measurement of symptoms of emotional disorders has been an important goal of mental health research. In direct response to this need, the Expanded Version of the Inventory of Depression and Anxiety Symptoms (IDAS-II) was developed to assess symptom dimensions underlying psychological disorders. Unlike other scales that serve as screening instruments used for diagnostic purposes, the IDAS-II is not closely tethered to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM); rather, its scales cut across DSM boundaries to examine psychopathology in a dimensional rather than a categorical way. Developed by authors David Watson and Michael O'Hara, the IDAS-II has broad implications for our understanding of psychopathology. Understanding the Emotional Disorders is the first manual for how to use the IDAS-II and examines important, replicable symptom dimensions contained within five adjacent diagnostic classes in the DSM-5: depressive disorders, bipolar and related disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, and trauma- and stressor-related disorders. It reviews problems and limitations associated with traditional, diagnosis-based approaches to studying psychopathology and establishes the theoretical and clinical value of analyzing specific types of symptoms within the emotional disorders. It demonstrates that several of these disorders contain multiple symptom dimensions that clearly can be differentiated from one another. Moreover, these symptom dimensions are highly robust and generalizable and can be identified in multiple types of data, including self-ratings, semi-structured interviews, and clinicians' ratings. Furthermore, individual symptom dimensions often have strikingly different correlates, such as varying levels of criterion validity, incremental predictive power, and diagnostic specificity. Consequently, it is more informative to examine these specific types of symptoms, rather than the broader disorders. The book concludes with the development of a more comprehensive, symptom-based model that subsumes various forms of psychopathology-including sleep disturbances, eating- and weight-related problems, personality pathology, psychosis/thought disorder, and hypochondriasis-beyond the emotional disorders.
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Modern Dental Assisting E Book

Modern Dental Assisting   E Book

Psychological factors that can contribute to syncope include stress, apprehension, fear, and the sight of blood or the sight of a certain instrument. Physiologic factors can include remaining in one position for a long time, ...

Author: Doni L. Bird

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323290883

Category: Medical

Page: 1216

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Prepare for a successful career as a dental assistant! Modern Dental Assisting is the leading text in dental assisting -- the most trusted, the most comprehensive, and the most current. Using an easy-to-understand approach, this resource offers a complete foundation in the basic and advanced clinical skills you must master to achieve clinical competency. It describes dental assisting procedures with photographs and clear, step-by-step instructions. Written by Doni Bird and Debbie Robinson, two well-known and well-respected dental assisting educators. Comprehensive coverage takes students through a dental assisting program from start to finish. A highly approachable writing style presents the latest information and procedures in a way that ensures students can easily grasp and learn to apply the material. Concise chapters presented within short parts move from profession basics and sciences to infection control, safety, clinical dentistry, radiography, materials, specialty dental practice, and dental office administration. Superb, full-color illustrations and photographs show procedures, equipment, and instruments. Illustrated, step-by-step procedures show the skills that dental assistants must master, detailing for each the goal, equipment and supplies needed, chronological steps, and rationales. Expanded Functions procedures boxes describe special dental assisting procedures allowed only in certain states. Procedure icons alert students to issues relating to core procedures, e.g., that they should make notes in the patient's record, don personal protective equipment, or watch for moisture contamination. Key terms are accompanied by phonetic pronunciations, highlighted within the text, and defined in boxes on the same or facing page. Critical thinking questions end each chapter with mini-case scenarios and application-style questions. Learning and performance outcomes in each chapter set goals for what students will accomplish and also serve as checkpoints for comprehension, skills mastery, and study tools for exam preparation. Summary tables and boxes make it easy to review key concepts and procedures. Recall boxes appear after sections of text and include questions to ensure that students understand the material. CDC boxes cite the latest recommendations for infection control and summarize regulations. Eye to the Future boxes introduce cutting-edge research, future trends, and topics. Legal and Ethical Implications boxes focus on the behaviors that dental assistants will need to practice to protect themselves, their patients, and the practices for which they work. Patient Education boxes summarize content within the context of patient education take-away points. A glossary provides a quick and handy way to look up terminology, with chapter references indicating where terms are introduced and discussed within chapters.
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Kill A Stranger

Kill A Stranger

The sight of blood has always made me queasy, and to see so much of it right in front of me was almost too much. But a little voice in my head – the voice of self-preservation – came out of nowhere and told me I couldn't afford to throw ...

Author: Simon Kernick

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472270986

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

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WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO SAVE YOUR LOVED ONE? AND DO YOU KNOW WHO SHE REALLY IS? 'Great plots, great characters, great action' LEE CHILD 'Simon Kernick writes with his foot pressed hard on the pedal' HARLAN COBEN They took your fiancée. They framed you for murder. You're given one chance to save her. To clear your name. You must kill someone for them. They give you the time and place. The weapon. The target. You have less than 24 hours. You only know that no-one can be trusted...and nothing is what it seems. 'A fast, furious and unpredictable read' The Sun Book of the Week 'That thud you hear is Kernick whipping the rug from under your feet again.' The Times Best thrillers of the month 'An absolute master of the adrenaline-fuelled ride' PETER JAMES 'One of Britain's top thriller writers' The Sun
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How Genes Influence Behavior 2e

How Genes Influence Behavior 2e

At the sight of blood, in affected individuals, their pulse slows, their blood pressure drops, they become pale and light headed, and they often faint. Would we expect the genes that predispose to blood-injury phobia to be different, ...

Author: Jonathan Flint


ISBN: 9780198716877


Page: 392

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How Genes Influence Behavior takes a personal and lively approach to the study of behavioral genetics, providing an up-to-date and accessible introduction to a variety of approaches and their application to a wide range of disorders, and modeling a critical approach to both methods andresults.This second edition includes additional biology content to help students understand the biological foundations of the field, while maintaining an appropriate focus on the main issues of relevance to psychology students; updates coverage of genomic technologies and their applications; and covers awider range of disorders, including autism spectrum disorder, eating disorders, and intellectual disability. A new final chapter guides students through a range of quantitative approaches using worked examples that relate directly to cases and examples used earlier in the text, and addresses currentissues arising from debates around reproducibility.The online resources that accompany this book include:For students* Multiple choice questions for students to check their threshold knowledge* Data sets for students to manipulate, so that they can apply what they have learnedFor lecturers* Figures and tables from the book, ready to download



Desperately hoped it was concealed from sight. Now there was nothing to do, but wait. Coop could feel his shirt becoming wet and sticky as it soaked up the blood like a surgical sponge. A few seconds later, with the shirt was saturated, ...

Author: Warren J. Stucki

Publisher: Sunstone Press

ISBN: 9780865349858

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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When Dr. Lawrence A. Cooper (Coop) has three patients inexplicably bleed to death on the operating table, the vultures begin to circle. First, he is accused of operating while under the influence of alcohol and his surgical privileges are stripped. Next, the deceased patients’ families each slap him with separate malpractice lawsuits and not too surprisingly, the State of Utah revokes his license to practice medicine. Then, just to make sure his bones are picked clean, the county attorney charges him with negligent homicide, a criminal offense punishable by up to five years in prison. Just as Coop is pretty sure things can’t get any worse, his malpractice insurance carrier assigns Samantha Rose Jardine as his defense attorney. He and Samantha Rose go way back. She dumped him in college, and if he had a lick of sense he would call his insurance company and request another lawyer. Then things take a few surprising turns.
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