The Military Wedding

The Military Wedding

There are situations that face the bride or groom marrying a military person that a civilian couple doesn't always have to face. So, this book, The Military Wedding, was written for the civilian bride marrying a military groom.

Author: Vanessa L. Baldwin


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The Matchbook Prophecies is a collection of provocative verses originally composed in Detroit on matchbooks in the pubs, cafes, and places of social events that Robert Mouton attended. Reflecting his wanderlust lifestyle, The Matchbook Prophecies depicts humanity through a wild and exoteric spectacle. So, imagine your self walking into a café, bar, or a pub and you order a drink, maybe an appetizer and the bartender returns with your order and hands you a matchbook. On the matchbook there are words of mystery that unfold into the future of the evening, if you allow it to go that far. You may embark upon an erotic episode, a fight or even a vision quest to change the world or destroy it. These are the prophecies of our humanity in its most extreme environments, acting out what we are afraid to. Come and experience The Matchbook Prophecies and take a thrilling ride into your soul. Each title such at MUSIC MENU is the name of the bar where I wrote the prophecies on the matchbooks.
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0 On the day of her wedding to then2nd Lt. Gary Newman , then - Capt . Kathleen Newman donned white . painted combat boots and her new husband's name tag . WEMMAN Married couples in the Army definitely have to be committed to the ...



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Huguenot Networks 1560 1780

Huguenot Networks  1560   1780

The distribution of military weddings is also significant. Only one appears in the registers in the 1680s, but there are 19 in the 1690s, and a further 10 in the 1700–1704 period. This corresponds exactly with the accession of William ...

Author: Vivienne Larminie

Publisher: Routledge

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These chapters explore how a religious minority not only gained a toehold in countries of exile, but also wove itself into their political, social, and religious fabric. The way for the refugees’ departure from France was prepared through correspondence and the cultivation of commercial, military, scholarly and familial ties. On arrival at their destinations immigrants exploited contacts made by compatriots and co-religionists who had preceded them to find employment. London, a hub for the “Protestant international” from the reign of Elizabeth I, provided openings for tutors and journalists. Huguenot financial skills were at the heart of the early Bank of England; Huguenot reporting disseminated unprecedented information on the workings of the Westminster Parliament; Huguenot networks became entwined with English political factions. Webs of connection were transplanted and reconfigured in Ireland. With their education and international contacts, refugees were indispensable as diplomats to Protestant rulers in northern Europe. They operated monetary transfers across borders and as fund-raisers, helped alleviate the plight of persecuted co-religionists. Meanwhile, French ministers in London attempted to hold together an exceptionally large community of incomers against heresy and the temptations of assimilation. This is a story of refugee networks perpetuated, but also interpenetrated and remade.
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The Hyena s Wedding

The Hyena s Wedding

You have found us talking about the friendly soldiers,' said the aunt. ... soldiers sat here for awhile, still interested in a conversation. ... I believed that most weddings cost too much and were disastrous to society.

Author: John Rusimbi

Publisher: Janus Publishing Company Lim

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Set in the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda, this novel dramatizes the difficulty of rebuilding a society that has been devastated by war. The main character, Musonera, is a survivor whose sad story is all too typical: he is the only member of his family to remain alive. Determined to resist the temptation to become lost in self-pity and bitterness, he accepts a job as a local sector leader and resolves to put all his energy into bringing about a new atmosphere of reconciliation—a daunting task in the face of so much entrenched hatred and so many raw memories. Musonera's wife, Harriet, wishes he would not leave her so often to carry out his official duties, and as the odds stack up against him, he despairs over the complex issues that have to be tackled when a country has a long history of feuding groups.
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Contemporary Romanian Cinema

Contemporary Romanian Cinema

The acknowledgment of an anticipated death re-appears in the second part, At a Wedding, but this time the scope is rather ... In a significant mise en abyme sequence, the soldier puts on a marriage veil and sings an anticipatory ballad ...

Author: Dominique Nasta

Publisher: Columbia University Press

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Over the last decade, audiences worldwide have become familiar with highly acclaimed films from the Romanian New Wave such as 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007), The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (2005), and 12:08 East of Bucharest (2006). However, the hundred or so years of Romanian cinema leading to these accomplishments have been largely overlooked. This book is the first to provide in-depth analyses of essential works ranging from the silent period to contemporary productions. In addition to relevant information on historical and cultural factors influencing contemporary Romanian cinema, this volume covers the careers of daring filmmakers who approached various genres despite fifty years of Communist censorship. An important chapter is dedicated to Lucian Pintilie, whose seminal work, Reconstruction (1969), strongly inspired Romania's 21st-century innovative output. The book's second half closely examines both the 'minimalist' trend (Cristian Mungiu, Cristi Puiu, Corneliu Porumboiu, Radu Muntean) and the younger, but no less inspired, directors who have chosen to go beyond the 1989 revolution paradigm by dealing with the complexities of contemporary Romania.
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Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune

The wedding party and friends gathered in a pavilion built especially for weddings, they had a tight time space. Assemble, marry, and move on for the next group. With military precision, the wedding took place with the raging waters of ...

Author: Arthur Finch


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Wedding Cake for Breakfast

Wedding Cake for Breakfast

At Thanksgiving, he brought home his buddy—one of the soldiers he'd just been away withforthree weeks. Without telling me. The guy in question wasn't the problem; hewasagangly eighteenyearold, far away from home; itwas that Keith ...

Author: Kim Perel

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101580806

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Every woman plans for the big wedding day. Few plan for the day after. But once the cake has been cut, the dress has been worn and the band has played its last song, a marriage begins. From the thrill and dread that comes with an unplanned pregnancy to catching up with an ex and having second thoughts, Wedding Cake for Breakfast offers an intimate and often surprising look at that first year of marriage through the eyes and lives of 23 acclaimed women writers. With humor and candor, this collection takes readers behind closed doors for close-ups and personal glimpses into the emotional joys and complications of creating a life together—all the while blending families, furniture, and traditions for the very first time. Gathered together in this hilarious and heartwarming anthology some of today’s most renowned female voices, including New York Times bestselling authors Susan Jane Gillman, Joshilyn Jackson, and Jill Kargman, share their most touching and illuminating stories from the first 365 days of matrimony.
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Making Marriage Work

Making Marriage Work

licenses and for performing civil ceremonies—to keep their o≈ces open until 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and Saturdays, ''for the benefit of men in military service.''∂Ω In fact, First Deputy City Clerk Murray W. Stand, who on one day in ...

Author: Kristin Celello

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 0807889822

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By the end of World War I, the skyrocketing divorce rate in the United States had generated a deep-seated anxiety about marriage. This fear drove middle-class couples to seek advice, both professional and popular, in order to strengthen their relationships. In Making Marriage Work, historian Kristin Celello offers an insightful and wide-ranging account of marriage and divorce in America in the twentieth century, focusing on the development of the idea of marriage as "work." Throughout, Celello illuminates the interaction of marriage and divorce over the century and reveals how the idea that marriage requires work became part of Americans' collective consciousness.
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Finding Cholita

Finding Cholita

Well it was at her wedding to Juan Pacotaype. That was when it happened.” She went on to report that the soldiers had been in the community for two months when two soldiers tried to crash the wedding party but were thrown out because ...

Author: Billie Jean Isbell

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252034121

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An exceptional story of survival and redemption in the Andes
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Scouting with the Buffalo Soldiers

Scouting with the Buffalo Soldiers

Powhatan contacted his superiors about the matter, and found this was to be their destination.44 After the pomp of their military wedding and their honeymoon in New York and Canada, the couple boarded a train for St. Louis and then on ...

Author: John P. Langellier

Publisher: University of North Texas Press

ISBN: 9781574418200

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On a hot summer’s day in Montana, a daring frontier cavalry officer, Powhatan Henry Clarke, died at the height of his promising career. A member of the U.S. Military Academy’s Class of 1884, Clarke graduated dead last, and while short on academic application, he was long on charm and bravado. Clarke obtained a commission with the black troops of the Tenth Cavalry, earning his spurs with these “Buffalo Soldiers.” He evolved into a fearless field commander at the troop level, gaining glory and first-hand knowledge of what it took to campaign in the West. During his brief, action-packed career, Clarke saved a black trooper’s life while under Apache fire and was awarded the Medal of Honor. A chance meeting brought Clarke together with artist Frederic Remington, who brought national attention to Clarke when he illustrated the exploit for an 1886 Harper’s Weekly. The officer and artist became friends, and Clarke served as a model and consultant for future artwork by Remington. Remington’s many depictions of Clarke added greatly to the cavalryman’s luster. In turn, the artist gained fame and fortune in part from drawing on Clarke as his muse. The story of these two unlikely comrades tells much about the final stages of the Wild West and the United States’ emergence on the international scene. Along the way Geronimo, The Apache Kid, “Texas” John Slaughter, and others played their roles in Clarke’s brief, but compelling drama.
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