The Soul of Sponsorship

The Soul of Sponsorship

The Soul of Sponsorship explores the relationship of Bill Wilson, cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous, and his spiritual adviser and friend, Father Ed Dowling.

Author: Robert Fitzgerald

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781616491239

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The Soul of Sponsorship explores the relationship of Bill Wilson, cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous, and his spiritual adviser and friend, Father Ed Dowling. The Soul of Sponsorship explores the relationship of Bill Wilson, cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous, and his spiritual adviser and friend, Father Ed Dowling. Many might consider that such a remarkable individual as Bill Wilson, who was the primary author of AA literature, would be able to deal with many of life's problems on his own. Reading The Soul of Sponsorship will illuminate and answer the question of how Father Ed, an Irish Catholic Jesuit priest who was not an alcoholic, was able to be of such great help to Bill Wilson. Part of AA's Twelfth Step reminds us "to carry this message to alcoholics," and The Soul of Sponsorship illustrates how sober alcoholics still need the principles of the Twelve Steps brought to them by friends, sponsors, and spiritual advisers. Some of the problems faced by Bill Wilson were:depression in recoverydependency issueswhether or not to experiment with LSDthe place of money and power in AAknowing God's plan and willlearning from mistakesFather Ed taught Bill the importance of "discernment." In Father Ed's Jesuit tradition, discernment was a gift, passed down to him from St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits, who described his own struggle with discernment in Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. The Twelve Steps of AA and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius presuppose that there is a caring God whose will can be known. The act of tuning in to God's action at one's center is discernment. The big question is, how do you know your Higher Power is speaking and revealing Himself through your feelings and desires?What Bill learned from Father Ed can be found in books and articles he wrote for AA. For the good of AA and himself, Bill learned to listen to his desires, be aware of his inner dynamics, and tune into the action of God within. Doing this meant learning to recognize and identify his personal movements -- those inner promptings and attractions often called emotions or affections -- which are part of ordinary human experiences. The person who helped Bill grow in discernment was Father Ed, the Jesuit priest with a cane who limped into the New York AA clubhouse one sleet-filled November night in 1940.The two "fellow travelers," Father Ed Dowling and Bill Wilson, gave each other perhaps the greatest gift friends can give: calling on each to know who he is -- before God.
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New Light on Alcoholism

New Light on Alcoholism

Bill's depressions lasted for roughly 11 years in all , until Robert Fitzgerald , S.J. , The Soul of Sponsorship : The Friendship of Fr. Ed Dowling , S.J. and Bill Wilson in Letters ( Center City , MN : Hazelden , 1995 ) , pp . 1-2 .

Author: Dick B.

Publisher: Good Book Publishing Company

ISBN: 1885803273

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Dick B. is a writer, historian, Bible student, retired attorney, and active recovered member of A.A. He and his son Ken devoted many years to researching the role, life, writings, and contributions of Rev.Samuel M. Shoemaker to Alcoholics Anonymous. The quest took Dick B. to Shoemaker's churches in Pittsburgh and New York, to the Episcopal Church Archives in Austin, Texas, to Hartford Seminary, to Princeton University, and to the family and friends of this great Episcopal rector and preacher. In all, Dick B. has published 33 books on the history of early A.A.
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Father Ed Dowling

Father Ed Dowling

52 Fitzgerald, Soul of Sponsorship 18 and 118 n. 130. In note 33 (on page 109), Fitzgerald refers to the article by Rhea Felknor, “Glad Gethsemane, The Story of Father Edward Dowling, S.J.,” The Voice of St. Jude, Fall 1960, ...

Author: Glenn F. Chesnut

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491770870

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The story of Father Ed Dowling, S.J., the Jesuit priest who served for twenty years as sponsor and spiritual guide to Bill Wilson, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. An icy evening in December 1940 saw the first meeting of two extraordinary spiritual leaders. Father Ed said that the graces he received from meeting Bill Wilson were as great as those he had received from his ordination as a priest, and Bill in turn described encountering the Jesuit as being like a second conversion experience, where he could feel the transcendent presence of God filling the entire room with grace. The good priest taught Wilson about St. Ignatius Loyolas Spiritual Exercises, about the eternal battle between good and evil which the Spanish saint described in that book, and explained the Jesuit understanding of the way we can use our deepest emotions to receive guidance from God while serving on that battlefield. The co-founder of the twelve step movement in turn supplied Father Ed with some of the most valuable tools he possessed for carrying out small group therapy on a wide range of different kinds of troubled people. Together the two men discussed Poulains Graces of Interior Prayer and Bills attempts to make spiritual contact with both spooks and saints, and explored the world of LSD experiences and the teachings of the Catholic, Hindu, and Buddhist mystics in Aldous Huxleys Perennial Philosophy. And we will see how Father Ed, with his deep social conscience, helped Bill W. turn his book on the Twelve Traditions into a Bill of Rights for the twelve step movement, and how he laid out his own spiritual vision of Alcoholics Anonymous at the A.A. International in St. Louis in 1955.
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Father Ed

Father Ed

In 2008, I read The Soul of Sponsorship for the first time after discovering Father Ed through an online essay by an alcoholic who was inspired by his story.10 Fitzgerald's book focuses on the friendship between Father Ed and Alcoholics ...

Author: Goldstein, Dawn Eden

Publisher: Orbis Books

ISBN: 9781608339488

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Not God

Not God

The Soul of Sponsorship The Friendship of Fr. Ed Dowling, S.J. and Bill Wilson by Robert Fitzgerald, S.J. The Soul of Sponsorship explores the relationship between Bill Wilson, cofounder of A.A., and his spiritual advisor, ...

Author: Ernest Kurtz

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781592859023

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A fascinating, account of the discovery and program of Alcoholics Anonymous, Not God contains anecdotes and excerpts from the diaries, correspondence, and occasional memoirs of AA's early figures. The most complete history of A.A. ever written. Not God contains anecdotes and excerpts from the diaries, correspondence, and occasional memoirs of A.A.'s early figures. A fascinating, fast-moving, and authoritative account of the discovery and development of the program and fellowship that we know today as Alcoholics Anonymous.
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Practicing the Here and Now

Practicing the Here and Now

Many people have written on the topic, including Bill Wilson and Father Ed Dowling in their letters collected in the book The Soul of Sponsorship. Hamilton B., in his book Twelve Step Sponsorship, offers many ingredients for what makes ...

Author: Herb K

Publisher: Hazelden Publishing

ISBN: 9781616496746

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With Practicing the Here and Now: Being Intentional with Step 11, you’ll learn to use prayer and meditation to work all the steps, so you can make contact with the Higher Power in a way that is yours and yours alone. Step Eleven Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out. How do we unlock and experience the teachings of Step Eleven? Herb K. helps us realize that working—and living—this vital recovery “maintenance Step” doesn’t have to be as challenging as commonly thought. With Practicing the Here and Now, you’ll find guidance on using prayer and meditation to help you be present throughout each day, staying in contact with your Higher Power for ongoing inspiration and sustenance. By opening the connection to your Higher Power with what Herb K. calls “intentional consciousness,” prayer and meditation can help you fully experience the cumulative power of the Twelve Steps to deepen and sustain your recovery journey.
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Sponsorship s Holy Grail

Sponsorship s Holy Grail

Active Sponsorship. Activity-based sponsorships are the soul of this book. This is where a company (sponsor) can get into the lives of its customers. Here, we connect passion for some sort of property/person/foundation, etc., ...

Author: Raymond Bednar

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595348121

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Who holds the upper hand when a company considers investing millions of dollars in a hot sponsorship property? All too often, sponsors find themselves considering what look like "take it or leave it" deals with little or no guarantee of a return on their investment. Sponsorship's Holy Grail levels the playing field for sponsors by providing an objective, step-by-step, process-driven methodology that assures that the relationship will deliver measurable results. Whether considering a new sponsorship opportunity, monitoring performance of an existing relationship or entering into negotiations for renewal, Sponsorship's Holy Grail puts the prospective sponsor in an unprecedented position of strength. Learn to negotiate based on business goals. Obtain the most essential sponsorship benefits without paying for unproductive frills. Compare opportunities with confidence. Best of all, be confident and prepared when the chairman calls to find out what the company is getting for its money. A ballplayer wouldn't think of stepping up to home plate without a bat in his hands. After reading Sponsorship's Holy Grail, corporate decision-makers will be ready to knock their next sponsorship deal out of the park.
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Soul and Self

Soul and Self

Our own personal heritage of sponsors might also be found close at hand. They may be the ones in the photographs hanging ... Sponsorship does not occur in the presence of threat because the soul will not emerge in an atmosphere of fear.

Author: Paul K. Fehrenbach

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9780809144235

Category: Catholic men

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Explores the parallels between spiritual and psychological development in men over the course of a lifetime.
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Secure the Soul

Secure the Soul

Sponsorship made me realize poverty did not have to be an obstacle to my success.” He signs his letter with lofty, hopeful script, beginning with the title Doctor. Child sponsorship works, quantitative research claims.

Author: Kevin Lewis O'Neill

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520960091

Category: Social Science

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"I’m not perfect," Mateo confessed. "Nobody is. But I try." Secure the Soul shuttles between the life of Mateo, a born-again ex-gang member in Guatemala and the gang prevention programs that work so hard to keep him alive. Along the way, this poignantly written ethnography uncovers the Christian underpinnings of Central American security. In the streets of Guatemala City—amid angry lynch mobs, overcrowded prisons, and paramilitary death squads—millions of dollars empower church missions, faith-based programs, and seemingly secular security projects to prevent gang violence through the practice of Christian piety. With Guatemala increasingly defined by both God and gangs, Secure the Soul details an emerging strategy of geopolitical significance: regional security by way of good Christian living.
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