The Spiritual Foundation of Morality

The Spiritual Foundation of Morality

arrive at the starting-point of earthly humanity, at a time when humanity was much
closer to the divine, not only with regard to the qualities of spirit but also with
regard to morality. At the beginning of earth evolution we do not find immorality
but ...

Author: Rudolf Steiner

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 0880104252

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3 lectures, Norrköping, Sweden, May 28-30, 1912 (CW 155) Moral teaching and moral preaching cannot establish morality. It is only by delving into the hidden secrets of life that we can advance not just to moral doctrines but to the moral sources of life, true moral impulses. At different times, humanity has manifested moral life in different ways. To understand these differences, the evolution of consciousness must also be taken into account. Originally morality was a part of human nature, for in their essence human beings are good. But through evolution, there have come errors, deviations, times of falling away. In this small, much-loved cycle of three lectures Rudolf Steiner indicates the sources for the recovery of a living morality for our time. Rudolf Steiner shows the transformation of the virtues through the evolution of consciousness and, above all, through the incarnation of the Christ in the Mystery of Golgotha. Since then, morality works to build up Christ's being. Synopses: Lecture 1 -- Why morality needs to be studied. Preaching morality v. founding morality: examples of ancient India (devotion to wisdom) and ancient Europe (courage). Leprosy in the Middle Ages. The biography of Francis of Assisi; the transformation of courage into love. The reality of moral forces. Lecture 2 -- The caste system; differentiation as to a law of evolution. The betrayal of the Atlantean Mysteries; the consequences for the European population. Racial evolution v. soul evolution. The demons of leprosy overcome by the Christ impulse in Francis of Assisi. Francis's prior incarnation; the mysteries at Colchis and the Buddha. Francis's faith in the original goodness of humanity. Plato's four virtues. Lecture 3 -- The nature of evil and freedom; the teaching of the mean. Interest as a precondition for understanding and moral conduct. Spiritual Science, as divine wisdom, stimulates interest. During the third post-Atlantean cultural epoch, interest was regulated by the instinctive virtue of "wisdom"; today, interest must be regulated by conscious truthfulness. The lack of truthfulness in modern times; theosophy as an educator of truthfulness. Truthfulness as the virtue of the sentient soul. Courage as the instinctive virtue of the mind soul in the fourth epoch; today, in the fifth epoch, it must become love, based on understanding. This is promoted by a theosophical comprehension of the Christ. Temperance as the virtue of the consciousness soul is still instinctive in the fifth epoch; it will be replaced by "life wisdom" in the sixth epoch. The effect of spiritual-scientific wisdom on the body. The virtue of "justice." Knowledge of the suprasensory world through wonder, astonishment, faith. The evolution of conscience. The Christ impulse is naked; it must be clothed by impulses of wonder, love, conscience. Founding v. preaching morality: the reality of the Christ impulse v. abstract ideals of brotherhood. How goodness builds and evil destroys. This volume is a partial translation of Theosophische Moral (CW 155).
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Moral and Spiritual Foundations for the World of Tomorrow

Moral and Spiritual Foundations for the World of Tomorrow

... and Other Papers Prepared for the Celebration of the Hundredth Anniversary
of Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York, 1845-1945 Temple Emanu-El

Author: Temple Emanu-El (New York, N.Y.)


ISBN: STANFORD:36105038395716

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Foundations of Moral Selfhood

Foundations of Moral Selfhood

Aquinas ' s virtue ethics lends support to this linkage of ethics and spirituality by
suggesting that one becomes a complete or full moral self through the emptying
of self , and that one source of virtuous action lies in a form of inactivity , that is , a

Author: Andrew J. Dell'Olio

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: IND:30000087105114

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Foundations of Moral Selfhood addresses the general issue of ethics and religion by examining the connection between the natural and theological virtues in the moral thought of Thomas Aquinas. While Aquinas is often invoked in contemporary discussions of virtue ethics, the interpenetration of the secular and religious dimensions of his thought is not often appreciated. Andrew J. Dell'Olio shows how Aquinas's metaphysics of goodness allows him to harmonize secular and religious virtues within the individual so as not to compromise the unity of the moral self. Aquinas is seen as presenting a theory of self-perfection that requires both self-development and self-abnegation, depicting each as ways of participating in the divine. The significance for contemporary virtue ethics of what Dell'Olio calls a «deep conception of the good» is also explored. Foundations of Moral Selfhood is relevant to the revival of Neo-Aristotelianism and Thomism in ethics, as well as to recent attempts to articulate forms of ethical Platonism and religious morality in a pluralistic society.
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The Foundations of Morality

The Foundations of Morality

hedonist " arguments that fill the ethical textbooks really turn out , on examination
, to be arguments in favor of more subtle ... For in its spiritual meaning asceticism
stands for nothing less than for the essence of the twice - born philosophy .

Author: Henry Hazlitt


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Anti national Education Or The Spirit of Sectarianism Morally Tested by Means of Certain Speeches and Letters from the Member for Kilmarnock

Anti national Education  Or  The Spirit of Sectarianism Morally Tested by Means of Certain Speeches and Letters from the Member for Kilmarnock

the knowledge that leadeth to salvation for that end , and for the confirmation of a
pure morality , the faith and works of ... are not the foundation of natural
knowledge , as little is the morality of revealed religion the sole foundation of
morality .

Author: James Simpson


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Fundamentals of Moral Spiritual Life

Fundamentals of Moral   Spiritual Life

If , it is urged , these sanctions are taken away , his moral foundations would be
destroyed , and he would become altogether non - moral , if not immoral . " We do
not agree that such hypothetical sanctions are required for the rules of morality .

Author: Parasram Verhomal Kanal


ISBN: UOM:39015058441935

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The Moral Foundations of the American Republic

The Moral Foundations of the American Republic

1 Men are alienated from their soil and their origins by a deadness to the
meaning of their own being , a meaning that cannot fail to escape humans who
are permeated by the calculating , planning , exploiting spirit of a technological
age that ...

Author: Robert H. Horwitz

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: UOM:39015000686660

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Essays from 2 conferences held under the auspices of the Kenyon Public Affairs Forum at Kenyon College. Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Conscience and Prayer

Conscience and Prayer

This fine book describes how the two dimensions became separated historically and conceptually. More significantly, it charts how conscience brings together prayer and moral reflection.

Author: Dennis Joseph Billy

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 0814659578

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"Conscience and Prayer takes the new conversation between Christian spirituality and moral theology to a deeper level of precision and focus. The authors argue that the relationship between moral theology and spirituality can best be explored by looking at how conscience is related to prayer. In exploring this relationship, both historically and theologically, Billy and Keating open new ways to approach the fundamental aspects of Catholic moral theology."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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Handbook of Christian Morality

Handbook of Christian Morality

In his "Handbook of Christian Morality," Ellis reveals the spiritual foundation of morality within the Christian religion by the universal force we called God.

Author: Tom Ellis

Publisher: Vantage Press, Inc

ISBN: 0533162882

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In his "Handbook of Christian Morality," Ellis reveals the spiritual foundation of morality within the Christian religion by the universal force we called God.
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Sri Aurobindo Circle

Sri Aurobindo Circle

The Spiritual Foundations of Moral Consciousness : The Agenda of Sri
Aurobindo Habermas uses rational argumentation as the key to the realization of
moral consciousness . But in traditions of spiritual criticisms there is a much more



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Moral and Spiritual Foundations for the World of Tomorrow

Moral and Spiritual Foundations for the World of Tomorrow

This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original.

Author: Emanuel Congregation Emanuel


ISBN: 1436707757


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This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.

Spiritual and Moral Education in the Public School Curriculum January 1950

Spiritual and Moral Education in the Public School Curriculum     January 1950

To those who take it seriously, religious faith is the spiritual foundation of society
and indispensable to an enduring social structure. We believe that, in spite of the
secularization of American life, the majority of our people are desirous that this ...

Author: Virginia Newhall Woods


ISBN: STANFORD:36105042815352

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Morality and Moral Controversies

Morality and Moral Controversies

He discerns the loss suffered by “a capitalist, republican community, with shared
values and a quite unambiguous claim to the title of a just order” when it does not
rethink its spiritual foundations and is thoughtlessly “severed from its moral ...

Author: John Arthur

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: IND:30000101928491

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This comprehensive anthology includes classic and contemporary readings in moral theory--a wide array of essays that address today's most philosophically interesting and controversial ethical and political issues. Includes an ethical theory overview; shows relevance of traditional and contemporary writers. KEY TOPICS: Features articles on self-interest and morality, rule utilitarianism and the conflict between duty and sentiment; Features readings on life and death, terrorism, internment in time of war, distribution of scarce medical resources and the survival lottery; Features essays on democracy, capitalism and its ethos, multiculturalism, identity and reparations. Extensive coverage of violence, terrorism, and war, as well as relativism and grounds of morality. MARKET: For those involved in social or political ethical decision making.
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The Spirit of Czechoslovakia

The Spirit of Czechoslovakia

THEN T. G. Masaryk escaped abroad in 1914 to inaugurate the struggle against ...

Author: Frantis̆ek Martin Hník


ISBN: UOM:39015014221678

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Absolute Confusion

Absolute Confusion

Author: George Barna


ISBN: OCLC:1244215808

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The Ethical Foundations of Marxism

The Ethical Foundations of Marxism

Only with the full fruition of the human spirit or essence could morality arise .
Since the essence is universal , its first and ... The true basis of morality is not
individual conduct , but social organisation . On this ground Marx proclaimed the

Author: Eugene Kamenka


ISBN: UOM:39015007034534

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