The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Cities

The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Cities

Achieving Sustainability: Reform or Transformation? William E Rees PART II LINKING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND CITIES 3. Cities as Solutions in an Urbanizing World UN Centre for Human Settlements 4. Environmental Justice and the ...

Author: David Satterthwaite

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317762614

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

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The last five years have brought an enormous growth in the literature on how urban development can meet human needs and ensure ecological sustainability. This collection brings together the most outstanding contributions from leading experts on the issues surrounding sustainable cities and urban development. The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Cities is fully international in scope and coverage. It will be the basic introduction to the subject for a wide range of students in urban geography, planning and environmental studies, and is essential reading for professionals involved with the successful running and development of cities.
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Smart Sustainable Cities Profiles Norway

Smart Sustainable Cities Profiles  Norway

CONTENTS iii Acknowledgements Acronyms and abbreviations vi Executive summary vii INTRODUCTION 1 ÅLESUND 3 Part I General overview 3 Part II Evaluation of the city performance against the Key Performance Indicators for Smart Sustainable ...

Author: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe


ISBN: 9789210011952

Category: Asker (Norway)

Page: 89

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This publication presents the efforts of Alesund, Asker, Bærum, Rana and Trondheim to reinforce the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It provides information on the policies, programmes, projects and partnerships of the cities that accelerate progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also contains recommendations that will further improve progress of these cities in achieving the SDGs.
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The Sustainable Urban Development Reader

The Sustainable Urban Development Reader

In a sermon given at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City in 1993 , ecological architect William ... Part 3 , " Tools for sustainability planning " , investigates the subject of sustainability indicators through ...

Author: Stephen Wheeler

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415311861

Category: Architecture

Page: 392

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Bringing together classic readings from a wide variety of sources, this key book investigates how our cities and towns can become more sustainable. Thirty-eight selections span issues such as land use planning, urban design, transportation, ecological restoration, economic development, resource use and equity planning. Section introductions outline the major themes, whilst the editors' introductions to the individual writings explain their interest and significance to wider debates. Additional sections present twenty-four case studies of real-world sustainable urban planning examples, sustainability planning exercises, and further reading. Providing background in theory, practical application, and vision, in a clear, accessible format, The Sustainable Urban Development Reader is an essential resource for students, professionals, and indeed anyone interested in the future of urban environments.
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The Transformation of Cities

The Transformation of Cities

3–38. This book is a collection of chapters focusing on a range of cities from across the world which were part of a UNESCO study examining social sustainability and cities. Cities included were: Montreal, Toronto, Miami, Baltimore, ...

Author: David C. Thorns

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781403990310

Category: Social Science

Page: 258

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The aim of the book is to examine the transformation of the city in the late 20th century and explore the ways in which city life is structured. The shift from modern-industrial to information/consumption-based 'post-modern' cities is traced through the text. The focus is not just on America and Europe but also explores cities in other parts of the world as city growth in the twenty first century will be predominantly outside of these regions.
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Smart Sustainable City Profile for Goris Armenia

Smart Sustainable City Profile for Goris  Armenia


Author: Economic Commission for Europe

Publisher: United Nations

ISBN: 9789210451598

Category: Political Science

Page: 68

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To address the major urban challenges, UNECE and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) developed, jointly with 15 other UN bodies and other partners, the Key Performance Indicators for Smart Sustainable Cities. This is a set of 91 indicators, which are an important tool to assess the performance of cities in the areas of environment, economy, social and cultural development, and support the achievement of the SDGs at the local level. By using these indicators, UNECE develops Smart Sustainable City Profiles with concrete recommendations for action, including priorities for investments into city development. Goris was selected as the first pilot city for this project.
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African Economic Outlook 2016 Sustainable Cities and Structural Transformation

African Economic Outlook 2016 Sustainable Cities and Structural Transformation

Sustainable Cities and Structural Transformation African Development Bank, OECD, United Nations Development Programme ... National urban strategies for sustainable cities in Africa Part III: Country notes Statistical annex Full-length ...

Author: African Development Bank

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264256477


Page: 400

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This report presents the continent’s current state of affairs and forecasts its situation for the coming two years. It examines Africa’s performance in crucial areas: macroeconomics, financing, trade policies and regional integration, human development, and governance.

Sustainable City and Creativity

Sustainable City and Creativity

List of Figures List of Tables Notes on Contributors xv Editorial Preface IntroductIon 1 Creative and Sustainable Cities: A New Perspective 3 Tüzin Baycan, Luigi Fusco Girard and Peter Nijkamp Part I creatIve and SuStaInable cItIeS: ...

Author: Tüzin Baycan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317047957

Category: Political Science

Page: 476

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The notion of 'creative cities' - where cultural activities and creative and cultural industries play a crucial role in supporting urban creativity and contributing to the new creative economy - has become central to most regional and urban development strategies in recent years. A creative city is supposed to develop imaginative and innovative solutions to a range of social, economic and environmental problems: economic stagnancy, urban shrinkage, social segregation, global competition or more. Cities and regions around the world are trying to develop, facilitate or promote concentrations of creative, innovative and/or knowledge-intensive industries in order to become more competitive. These places are seeking new strategies to combine economic development with quality of place that will increase economic productivity and encourage growth. Against this increasing interest in creative cities, this volume offers a coherent set of articles on sustainable and creative cities, and addresses modern theories and concepts relating to research on sustainability and creativity. It analyses principles and practices of the creative city for the formulation of policies and recommendations towards the sustainable city. It brings together leading academics with different approaches from different disciplines to provide a comprehensive and holistic overview of creativity and sustainability of the city, linking research and practice. In doing so, it puts forward ideas about stimulating the production of an innovative knowledge for a creative and sustainable city, and transforming a specific knowledge into a general common knowledge, which suggests best future policy actions, decision-making processes and choices for the change towards a human sustainable development of the city.
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Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood

Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood

Part3 THE SUSTAINABLE URBAN The 21st century home is evolving and, over coming decades, is likely to bear little resemblance to the suburban product that we became so used to in the 20th century. The influences described in Part 2 of ...

Author: David Rudlin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136434891

Category: Architecture

Page: 288

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This successful title, previously known as 'Building the 21st Century Home' and now in its second edition, explores and explains the trends and issues that underlie the renaissance of UK towns and cities and describes the sustainable urban neighbourhood as a model for rebuilding urban areas. The book reviews the way that planning policies, architectural trends and economic forces have undermined the viability of urban areas in Britain since the Industrial Revolution. Now that much post-war planning philosophy is being discredited we are left with few urban models other than garden city inspired suburbia. Are these appropriate in the 21st century given environmental concerns, demographic change, social and economic pressures? The authors suggest that these trends point to a very different urban future. The authors argue that we must reform our towns and cities so that they become attractive, humane places where people will choose to live. The Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood is a model for such reform and the book describes what this would look like and how it might be brought about.
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New York Neighborhoods Addressing Sustainable City Principles

New York Neighborhoods   Addressing Sustainable City Principles

67 Addendum 3.1: Key Needs and Issues Within Manhattan Community District 3 Statement of Needs Report Fiscal Year 2017. ... 103 Part III Brooklyn Neighborhoods and Sustainable City Principles DUMBO and Sustainable City Principles.

Author: Raymond Charles Rauscher

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319604800

Category: Science

Page: 248

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This book examines the neighborhoods of New York City to determine to what extent planning in New York addresses Sustainable City Principles (SCPs). Part I looks at the background to planning urban areas in the face of global urban changes. These changes (i.e. population movements and densification of cities) are placing pressures on cities worldwide. Chapter 1 provides a background to these global pressures (i.e. population growth) and their implications. Chapter 2 looks closer at New York planning and introduces Sustainable City Principles (SCPs). Part II introduces nine selected neighborhoods within Manhattan and examines to what extent planning of these neighborhoods addresses the SCPs. For each chapter a neighborhood background is provided and results of the author’s field survey are reviewed. Part III examines the selected neighborhoods within Brooklyn to determine to what extent planning of those neighborhoods addresses the SCPs. Part IV examines the last three neighborhoods (in Queens) and addresses the SCPs. Part V examines conclusions reached from examining the nine neighborhoods. These conclusions are used to determine the extent that the City Council (and the community) are addressing SCPs in planning neighborhoods. Finally, lessons learned from these conclusions are assessed for their relevance to planning neighborhoods anywhere in the world.
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Science for the Sustainable City

Science for the Sustainable City

This empirical section ends with a chapter expressing the insights in terms of nascent principles of urban ecology. Finally, part 3 shows how the program applies to and benefits from its work in application, urban design, and conducting ...

Author: Steward T. A. Pickett

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300249385

Category: Science

Page: 478

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A presentation of key findings and insights from over two decades of research, education, and community engagement in the acclaimed Baltimore Ecosystem Study In a world of more than seven billion people—who mostly reside in cities and towns—the Baltimore Ecosystem Study is recognized as a pioneer in modern urban social-ecological science. After two decades of research, education, and community engagement, there are insights to share, generalizations to examine, and research needs to highlight. This timely volume synthesizes the key findings, melds the perspectives of different disciplines, and celebrates the benefits of interacting with diverse communities and institutions in improving Baltimore’s ecology. These widely applicable insights from Baltimore contribute to our understanding the ecology of other cities, provide a comparison for the global process of urbanization, and inform establishment of urban ecological research elsewhere. Comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and highly original, it gives voice to the wide array of specialists who have contributed to this living urban laboratory.
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