The Defence of the Undefended Border

The Defence of the Undefended Border

Furthermore he urged that a defence scheme that covered the borders could be turned to meet any other eventuality , 11 a point that has often ... 14 But two years later Hose told Vice - Admiral Sir 216 The Defence of the Undefended Border.

Author: Preston

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773583948

Category: Political Science

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This book studies the official and unofficial thought in Canada and the United States about the problem of fighting a war in North America, especially from the British withdrawal up to the consummation of alliance in 1939.
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How Claims Spread

How Claims Spread

2 Social Problems Claims and the Undefended Border The Case of Canada and the United States VINCENT F. SACCO and KARIM ISMAILI Canadian social - problems texts and courses present their students with an array of issues that would be ...

Author: Joel Best

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 0202366499

Category: Social Science

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Best's anthology examines for the first time how diverse social issues--road rage, the metric system, gun control, and abortion are among those included--migrate across national boundaries, modifying themselves from place to place as a result of different claims, claimsmakers, and policy responses. This unique collection, assembled from new research by an international group of social problems scholars, will fill a gap in undergraduate and graduate level studies in the constructionist analyses of social problems, as well as in political science, public policy, and criminology. Claims concerning one social problem often influence those about another: claimsmakers borrow rhetoric and tactics from one another. In some cases, experienced claimsmakers join efforts to call attention to other social problems: compelling images (e.g., the threatened child or random violence) link claims about different problems and reactions to one set of claims. These case studies describe very different processes, ranging from deliberate attempts to disseminate social problem claims to developments that were more inadvertent, from successes in which social problem constructions spread to new countries to failures in which claims were sown, but failed to take root. They are intended to suggest that the diffusion of social problems is neither simple nor automatic. Joel Best is professor and chair, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, University of Delaware. He has served as an editorial advisor for Aldine that has produced fifty titles.
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Bootleggers and Borders

Bootleggers and Borders

The Paradox of Prohibition on a Canada-U. S. Borderland Stephen T. Moore. Canada, or in the United States, the differences in ... The “undefendedborder had always been a porous one. Yet during the 1920s there was an extraordinary ...

Author: Stephen T. Moore

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803267848

Category: History

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Between 1920 and 1933 the issue of prohibition proved to be the greatest challenge to Canada-U.S. relations. When the United States adopted national prohibition in 1920—ironically, just as Canada was abandoning its own national and provincial experiments with prohibition—U.S. tourists and dollars promptly headed north and Canadian liquor went south. Despite repeated efforts, Americans were unable to secure Canadian assistance in enforcing American prohibition laws until 1930. Bootleggers and Borders explores the important but surprisingly overlooked Canada-U.S. relationship in the Pacific Northwest during Prohibition. Stephen T. Moore maintains that the reason Prohibition created such an intractable problem lies not with the relationship between Ottawa and Washington DC but with everyday operations experienced at the border level, where foreign relations are conducted according to different methods and rules and are informed by different assumptions, identities, and cultural values. Through an exploration of border relations in the Pacific Northwest, Bootleggers and Borders offers insight into not only the Canada-U.S. relationship but also the subtle but important differences in the tactics Canadians and Americans employed when confronted with similar problems. Ultimately, British Columbia’s method of addressing temperance provided the United States with a model that would become central to its abandonment and replacement of Prohibition.
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The Defence of the Undefended Border

The Defence of the Undefended Border

Omhandler relationerne mellem USA og Canada og det militære beredskab, der har eksisteret omkring deres fælles grænse

Author: Richard A. Preston

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773502918

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Omhandler relationerne mellem USA og Canada og det militære beredskab, der har eksisteret omkring deres fælles grænse
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