The Voice of the Past

The Voice of the Past

One cannot deny either the present or the past in them. To attribute their whole content to the evanescent present as some sociologists do, is to mutilate ...

Author: Paul Thompson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199335480

Category: History

Page: 368

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Oral history gives history back to the people in their own words. And in giving a past, it also helps them towards a future of their own making. Oral history and life stories help to create a truer picture of the past and the changing present, documenting the lives and feelings of all kinds of people, many otherwise hidden from history. It explores personal and family relationships and uncovers the secret cultures of work. It connects public and private experience, and it highlights the experiences of migrating between cultures. At the same time it can bring courage to the old, meaning to communities, and contact between generations. Sometimes it can offer a path for healing divided communities and those with traumatic memories. Without it the history and sociology of our time would be poor and narrow. In this fourth edition of his pioneering work, fully revised with Joanna Bornat, Paul Thompson challenges the accepted myths of historical scholarship. He discusses the reliability of oral evidence in comparison with other sources and considers the social context of its development. He looks at the relationship between memory, the self and identity. He traces oral history through its own past and weighs up the recent achievements of a movement which has become international, with notably strong developments in North America, Europe, Australia, Latin America, South Africa and the Far East, despite resistance from more conservative academics. This new edition combines the classic text of The Voice of the Past with many new sections, including especially the worldwide development of different forms of oral history and the parallel memory boom, as well as discussions of theory in oral history and of memory, trauma and reconciliation. It offers a deep social and historical interpretation along with succinct practical advice on designing and carrying out a project, The Voice of the Past remains an invaluable tool for anyone setting out to use oral history and life stories to construct a more authentic and balanced record of the past and the present.
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Die Taugenichtse

Die Taugenichtse

Kapitulation? Niemals! Stattdessen beginnen die Überlebenskünstler, sich neu zu erfinden – und ihre neue Heimat gleich mit. Samuel Selvons Ton zwischen kreolischem Straßenslang und balladesker Suada setzt sich sofort ins Ohr.

Author: Samuel Selvon

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 9783423431927

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

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Ein Roman wie ein Lieblingssong Moses, Big City, Fünf-nach-zwölf und die anderen setzen große Hoffnungen in ihr neues Leben im "Zentrum der Welt", so nennen sie das London der Nachkriegszeit. Sie sind aus der Karibik hierhergekommen, jetzt staunen sie über die Dampfwolken vor ihren Mündern. Und wenn der Wochenlohn wieder nicht reicht, jagen sie eben die Tauben auf dem Dach. Kapitulation? Niemals! Stattdessen beginnen die Überlebenskünstler, sich neu zu erfinden – und ihre neue Heimat gleich mit. Samuel Selvons Ton zwischen kreolischem Straßenslang und balladesker Suada setzt sich sofort ins Ohr. Bedingungslos aufrichtig erzählt Selvon von den ersten Einwanderern Englands, die das Land für immer verändert haben – sein Denken, seine Sprache, sein Selbstverständnis. Die literarische Entdeckung!
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Now The Voice of One

Now  The Voice of One

You have many past lives; you just don't remember them all. White Buffalo Woman is a good example. She incarnated in NOW THE VOICE OF ONE 95 THE PAST.

Author: Karin J. Hobson

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525509988

Category: Religion

Page: 264

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Written over several months Now: The Voice of One is a Native American spiritual book. (Note - She was able to read signs and symbols and, the birds would talk to her) Written with help from the spiritual realm this book shows synchronicities and perceptions in how we live our lives should we pay attention. Remaining in the present moment you will begin to see how everything is tied together. Like one voice, he who sees, hears, or feels can relate to the oneness in everyday life. In the moment. This book records what had happened to the writer, and she is confident of the material being true to form. Brothers and Sisters from around the world were in direct contact with her via the internet. And, whether or not it can be proven is not of importance. What is of importance is the coming together in unity of one voice. Where we stand shoulder to shoulder in support of the other in times of need. The messages are everywhere. Open your heart and you, too, will see that which is happening all around you.
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Victims of the Voice

Victims of the Voice

Told I come from the past. I say Past is complete within itself. What say you?” his spoken annoyance filled the air. Dignity felt it the strongest, ...

Author: Vic Van Maren Jr

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468915600

Category: Self-Help


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Victims of the Voice. A contemporary parable for anyone who wants to achieve, through direct experience, their full potential. The author, Vic Van Maren Jr. has an encounter with his muse Izy, an Idea. This powerful idea has existed in the space of breathing in and breathing out, feeling safe. He had avoided being usurped by the darkness of silence by hiding in the cracks of no time, observing the slow tedious tick of time. Boredom begins to slide into those crack of no time, squeezing to tighten it's grip. Boredom needed to eat and ideas were his favorite meal. Izy is afraid, yet refuses to be silent and has the audacity to express himself as an idea whose time. He chooses to speak himself into existence. His only path of escape is through the slow erupting volcano of darkness and silence, then past the thundering crack of boredom's piercing growl of hunger. He leaps into the space in the flicker of a moment ... into now. On his road to expressing himself he has encounters with other ideas. Doubt, Attitude, Belief, System, Anger, Opinion, Feelings, Resentment, Fear, Shame and Guilt threaten to stop him on his road to expressing himself, as an idea whose time has come. These encounters have tested his resolve and dimmed his glow of enthusiasm. He has heard the offerings of odd beliefs that caused confusion to run unrestrained, producing havoc in the minds of man. He also saw many secrets that were being withheld. He is determined to share those secrets by introducing the possibility that language, when spoken responsibly, has great power. Will Izy have the audacity to be who he is really meant to be, and will it be enough to keep him from becoming another victim of the voice?
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The Voice Catchers

The Voice Catchers

It's getting late, past 10 p.m. You and Diego go over to your apartment for some dessert. Your alarm system recognizes your voice and lets you in.

Author: Joseph Turow

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300258738

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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Your voice as biometric data, and how marketers are using it to manipulate you Only three decades ago, it was inconceivable that virtually entire populations would be carrying around wireless phones wherever they went, or that peoples’ exact locations could be tracked by those devices. We now take both for granted. Even just a decade ago the idea that individuals’ voices could be used to identify and draw inferences about them as they shopped or interacted with retailers seemed like something out of a science fiction novel. Yet a new business sector is emerging to do exactly that. The first in-depth examination of the voice intelligence industry, The Voice Catchers exposes how artificial intelligence is enabling personalized marketing and discrimination through voice analysis. Amazon and Google have numerous patents pertaining to voice profiling, and even now their smart speakers are extracting and using voice prints for identification and more. Customer service centers are already approaching every caller based on what they conclude a caller’s voice reveals about that person’s emotions, sentiments, and personality, often in real time. In fact, many scientists believe that a person’s weight, height, age, and race, not to mention any illnesses they may have, can also be identified from the sound of that individual’s voice. Ultimately not only marketers, but also politicians and governments, may use voice profiling to infer personal characteristics for selfish interests and not for the benefit of a citizen or of society as a whole. Leading communications scholar Joseph Turow places the voice intelligence industry in historical perspective, explores its contemporary developments, and offers a clarion call for regulating this rising surveillance regime.
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The Voice Still Speaks

The Voice Still Speaks

Sometimes , as Abraham Lincoln said , “ We must disenthrall ourselves from the
whole of the past . ” We must look anew , afresh at our lives , unburdened by all
the barnacles of past prejudice and past attitudes . There is always in the past a ...

Author: Morris Adler


ISBN: UOM:39015070392017

Category: Jewish sermons

Page: 436

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Speaking the Past

Speaking the Past

At the most , it attempts to describe the type of narration used in literature which
employs the theme of childhood , but neglects an actual study of the technique
which recreates the voice of the child . Critics appear to be more preoccupied
with ...

Author: Alicia Otano

Publisher: Lit Verlag

ISBN: UOM:39015066069595

Category: Social Science

Page: 178

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Child perspective is a symbolic narrative strategy that designs multilayered possibilities for meaning in ethnic writing. This book positions Asian American bildungsromane in the context of American writing about children, reading them through the lens of their narrators - the oftentimes dual child/adult perspective - to examine how narrative point of view nuances and shapes issues of personal, ethnic, and national positioning. This approach privileges the authors' narrative choices and engagement with genre, revealing how these critical writerly decisions construct texts that signify on multiple levels, and dialogue productively with other texts. Their interpretation and creative negotiation of the key elements of narrative perspective lead us to uncover aspects which are constitutive of the successful manipulation of narrative voice. The texts analyzed in this study demonstrate the flexibility of this narrative technique, and its usefulness as a critical tool though which important thematic issues - family, race, culture, war, assimilation, and language - may be deployed. Reading the way Asian American texts manipulate child perspective positions these texts within developing critical paradigms and allows the reader to examine the manner in which they influence the development of American literature and the theory that reads it.
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Sound Heritage

Sound Heritage

If just a few people learn to speak with the voice of the past . . . . MR . ORCHARD :
As an aural historian I ' m not much concerned with transcribing . The academic
approach to this , taking its cue from Columbia University apparently , where it ...



ISBN: WISC:89066002361

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The Voice of Israel

The Voice of Israel

And thus , pourtrayed to Mr. Elliott's view , took the examine this point maturely and prayerconnected with past history as the present Church by surprise .



ISBN: NYPL:33433105638823

Category: Christian converts from Judaism


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Beckett Lacan and the Voice

Beckett  Lacan  and the Voice

divine voice is, by definition, what exceeds all efforts to stifle it. ... Hence his admiration for the voice's past elocution (EJ, 363), or for 'the green ...

Author: Llewellyn Brown

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9783838268194

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 470

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The voice traverses Beckett’s work in its entirety, defining its space and its structure. Emanating from an indeterminate source situated outside the narrators and characters, while permeating the very words they utter, it proves to be incessant. It can alternatively be violently intrusive, or embody a calming presence. Literary creation will be charged with transforming the mortification it inflicts into a vivifying relationship to language. In the exploration undertaken here, Lacanian psychoanalysis offers the means to approach the voice’s multiple and fundamentally paradoxical facets with regards to language that founds the subject’s vital relation to existence. Far from seeking to impose a rigid and purely abstract framework, this study aims to highlight the singularity and complexity of Beckett’s work, and to outline a potentially vast field of investigation.
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The Rhetoric of the Past in Demosthenes and Aeschines

The Rhetoric of the Past in Demosthenes and Aeschines

On top of that, Demosthenes turns the herald in his narrative into the natural conduit for that common voice (18.170);” by contrast, Aeschines' Amphictyonic ...

Author: Guy Westwood

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198857037

Category: History

Page: 432

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In democratic Athens, mass citizen audiences - whether in the lawcourts, or in the political Assembly and Council, or when gathered for formal civic occasions - frequently heard politicians and litigants discussing the city's past, and manipulating it for persuasive ends. The Rhetoric of the Past in Demosthenes and Aeschines explores how these dynamics worked in practice, taking two prominent mid-fourth-century politicians (and bitter adversaries) as focal points. While most recent scholarly treatments of how the Athenians recalled their past concentrate on collective processes, this work looks instead at the rhetorical strategies devised by individual orators, examining what it meant for Demosthenes or Aeschines to present particular 'historical' examples, arguments, and illustrations in particular contexts. It argues that discussing the Athenian past - and therefore discussing a core aspect of Athenian identity itself - offered Demosthenes and Aeschines, among others, an effective and versatile means both of building and highlighting their own credibility, authority, and commitment to the democracy and its values, and of competing with their rivals, whose own versions and handling of the past they could challenge and undermine as a symbolic attack on those rivals' wider competence. Recourse to versions of the past also offered orators a way of reflecting on a troubled contemporary geopolitical landscape in which Athens first confronted the enterprising Philip II of Macedon and then coped with Macedonian hegemony. The work covers the full range of Demosthenes' and Aeschines' surviving public speeches, and the extended opening chapter includes synoptic surveys of key individual topics which feed into the main discussion.
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The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review

The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review

But the past has bequeathed them both things and traditions , and one of the
traditions is to adopt what is best of each century as it goes by . THE VOICE OF
THE Past It is in the Grand Salle , or Great Ward , that the voice of the Fifteenth ...



ISBN: UCAL:$B663506

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A monthly magazine of practical nursing, devoted to the improvement and development of the graduate nurse.
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Composing for Voice

Composing for Voice

1 The Voice Today : An Evaluation This chapter examines attitudes to the voice , past and present . Beginning with the problem of defining the term vocal ...

Author: Paul Barker

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415941865

Category: Music

Page: 205

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A formidable challenge to the study of Roma (Gypsy) music is the muddle of fact and fiction in determining identity. This book investigates "Gypsy music" as a marked and marketable exotic substance, and as a site of active cultural negotiation and appropriation between the real Roma and the idealized Gypsies of the Western imagination. David Malvinni studies specific composers-including Liszt, Brahms, Rachmaninov, Janacek, and Bartók-whose work takes up contested and varied configurations of Gypsy music. The music of these composers is considered alongside contemporary debates over popular music and film, as Malvinni argues that Gypsiness remains impervious to empirical revelations about the "real" Roma.
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This is a Voice from Your Past

This is a Voice from Your Past

Something in his voice had put me on guard. And I could see that this tag with
time was a game there was no sense in playing. I had settled into my ordained
life like concrete setting in a mold, and I no longer trifled with the idea that I might

Author: Merrill Joan Gerber


ISBN: UOM:39015059286123

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 219

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"Every woman gets a call like this sooner or later. The phone rings, a man says: 'This is a voice from your past.'" The opening of the compelling title story of Merrill Joan Gerber's collection sets the tone for each of the thirteen remarkable pieces therein, two of them previously unpublished. Set mostly in Southern California--in seemingly peaceful, sub-urban households--Gerber's stories expose the raw, sometimes murderous impulses normally hidden beneath the facade of middle-class life. From the vulnerable women of "I Don't Believe This" and "Night Stalker" to the increasingly paranoid housewife of "Dogs Bark"; from the ferocious infighting of family life in "We Know That Your Hearts Are Heavy." "A Daughter of My Own," and "Latitude" to the sudden triumphs of unexpected revelation in "Approval" and "See Bonnie & Clyde Death Car," Merrill Joan Gerber's powerful collection confirms her place among the ranks of America's best fiction writers.
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The Voice of Industry

The Voice of Industry

Basic cause is Government's scarce concealed intention of olors industry not, it is
true, 7.9pen negotiation, even guillotine * but by strangulation of an *ing
organisations which in the J. Jasons o past have supplied nation's building
needs, with ...



ISBN: UCAL:B3038804



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Film as Literature Literature as Film

Film as Literature  Literature as Film

Author: Harris Ross

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: STANFORD:36105026011754

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 346

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This work discusses the relationship between film and literature, explaining and evaluating the issues most frequently raised on the subject. It also lists nearly 2,500 articles and books published from 1908 to 1985 on the comparison of film to drama, fiction, and poetry. These comparisons arose shortly after the first appearance of moving pictures as writers attempted to establish the differences between movies and drama. The study has since grown into a significant scholarly concern.
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The Past as Prologue

The Past as Prologue

The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness , Prepare ye the way of the Lord ,
make straight in the desert a highway for our God . Every valley shall be exalted ,
and every mountain and hill shall be made low : and the crooked shall be made ...



ISBN: UOM:39015003463067

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