The Way of the Writer

The Way of the Writer

When you're done writing, it goes directly across the room to your editor, who will delete, add to, and change what you wrote, sometimes in ways that might make you want to scream and pull out your hair, because your byline will still ...

Author: Charles Johnson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781501147234

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

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From Charles Johnson—a National Book Award winner, Professor Emeritus at University of Washington, and one of America’s preeminent scholars on literature and race—comes an instructive, inspiring guide to the craft and art of writing. An award-winning novelist, philosopher, essayist, screenwriter, professor, and cartoonist, Charles Johnson has devoted his life to creative pursuit. His 1990 National Book Award-winning novel Middle Passage is a modern classic, revered as much for its daring plot as its philosophical underpinnings. For thirty-three years, Johnson taught and mentored students in the art and craft of creative writing. The Way of the Writer is his record of those years, and the coda to a kaleidoscopic, boundary-shattering career. Organized into six accessible, easy-to-navigate sections, The Way of the Writer is both a literary reflection on the creative impulse and a utilitarian guide to the writing process. Johnson shares his lessons and exercises from the classroom, starting with word choice, sentence structure, and narrative voice, and delving into the mechanics of scene, dialogue, plot and storytelling before exploring the larger questions at stake for the serious writer. What separates literature from industrial fiction? What lies at the heart of the creative impulse? How does one navigate the literary world? And how are philosophy and fiction concomitant? Luminous, inspiring, and imminently accessible, The Way of the Writer is a revelatory glimpse into the mind of the writer and an essential guide for anyone with a story to tell.
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The Writer s Way in France

The Writer s Way in France

At which convergent moment in literary history all ways of the writer will seem to lead Swann's Way . From Rousseau to Proust , the ripening of the French literary vocation through the richest of all golden ages of art ...

Author: Robert Greer Cohn

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9781512801323

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 448

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This book is an attempt to present a new, integral approach to French literature. Acknowledging his debts to numerous post-Hegelian philosophers or psychologists and modern critics, Professor Cohn offers a lucid and swift-paced account of an original view of literature which bears particular kinship to the artistic visions of Joyce, Mallarm , and Proust. In Part I the creative temperament is defined in terms of a subtly recognizable rhythm of human nature which appears in varying forms or "syncopations." In Part II the evolution of the rhythm is followed through changing themes, images, styles, and genres from the earliest known native origins to the crowning work of the Symbolists. Parts I and II together constitute a method, the purpose of which is to maintain, as tactfully as possible, a sense of direction as we move through the complexities of lively art. The method is brought to bear on extensive texts in Part III, with closely detailed studies of Rimbaud and Proust. These individual studies are offered' as examples; more are promised in subsequent volumes. In addition, the present state of criticism is discussed in an Introduction; lengthy appendices are devoted to some important modes of lyric poetry and the author's "precritical," or epistemological, concepts; and a briefer appendix takes up the idea of Progress in Art. The Writer's Way in France is a work of unusual perception, of great importance to all students of literature who are interested in fresh ideas and methods.
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The Way of the Woman Writer

The Way of the Woman Writer

//The Way of the Woman Writer, Second Edition, eliminates formal rules, thwarts the painful critic, and transforms anxiety and fear into triumph. Filled with quotes, excerpts from women writers, and stimulating exercises, ...

Author: Janet Lynn Roseman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317718994

Category: Fiction

Page: 170

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The Way of the Woman Writer, Second Edition continues the work of the inspirational original, offering guidance to women who wish to document their lives in writing. More a template than a how-to manual, this insightful book addresses the concerns, needs, and issues of women writers (both aspiring and experienced), concentrating on the internal process of putting thought to paper, including new chapters on the creative process and the ethics and integrity of writing. The author, Dr. Janet Lynn Roseman, offers writing exercises in women's autobiography that draw on the significant rhythms of a woman's life, utilizing visualization and meditation techniques to amplify the inner writing voice. From the author: "What strikes me in re-examining the text of this book is just how timeless the subject of chronicling women's lives is. When we pass down our stories and share them with family and friends, we provide future generations with the opportunity to not only understand the lives of each woman, but we are able to gain insight into their unique experiences." The Way of the Woman Writer, Second Edition includes new writing samples and new chapters on: “The Creative Spirit,” which presents a seven-step guide to the creative process-ritual, surrender, silence, waiting, trust, recognition, and distance “The Ethics and Integrity of Writing,” which addresses the discipline and courage a writer needs when dealing with the effects of her autobiographical “truths” on others The Way of the Woman Writer, Second Edition is an essential resource for creative writing courses, oral history courses, writer's workshops, and women's studies programs, and an invaluable guide for any woman who wishes to tell her story.
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The Way of the Fearless Writer

The Way of the Fearless Writer

I am sharing this with you not as a guru who has reached the end of the path, but as a fellow pilgrim still ... Although The Way of the Fearless Writer is inspired by ideas from Japan and China, this book is not an in-depth guide to any ...

Author: Beth Kempton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349433042

Category: Self-Help

Page: 284

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A revolutionary approach to writing inspired by ancient Eastern wisdom, from the bestselling author of Wabi Sabi Join author and Japanologist Beth Kempton on a sacred journey to uncover the secrets of fearless writing which have lain buried in Eastern philosophy for two thousand years. In a radical departure from standard advice and widely-held assumptions about the effort and suffering required for creative success, The Way of the Fearless Writer will show you there is another way to thrive - a path of trust, ease, freedom and joy. Learn how to free your mind so your body can create, transform your relationship with fear, dissolve self-doubt, shift writer's block, access your true voice and bravely share your words with the world. This profound book reveals the deep connections between mind, body, spirit, breath and words. Offering a rare insight into the writing life and a host of fresh and original exercises, it will open your eyes to writing as a direct connection to life itself. Welcome to The Way of the Fearless Writer.
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The Writer s Way

The Writer s Way

Some believe it shouldn't be that way, but it's true: the way you use language, like the way you dress, ... Many writers say, “Sure, I know that English makes it possible to write in concrete language and short sentences, but I can't do ...

Author: Jack Rawlins

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781285966113

Category: Education

Page: 448

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The spirit of THE WRITER'S WAY remains in the ninth edition, as do its two core principles: (1) good writing begins when writers know their audience and write for the right reasons; and (2) knowing their audience and having good reasons to write will teach users everything they need to know about technique. Based on a “whole language approach,” THE WRITER'S WAY is a dynamic, process-centered paperback rhetoric with readings. While this book is intended to be used in a classroom, it's very much based on the concept that there is little difference between writing in school and writing in the “real world.” Offering frank advice in a supportive, encouraging tone, the authors lead readers step by step through the writing process, from pre-writing to polishing the final draft. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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The Travel Writer s Way

The Travel Writer s Way

In all these ways, writing mood can bring a dimension beyond the simple elements of place and people and action. It's a way of suggesting the meanings of those things. ... 111 112 As a travel writer, there's no need for you.

Author: Jonathan Lorie

Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides

ISBN: 9781784776046

Category: Reference

Page: 341

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Whether you want to be the next Bill Bryson, set up a brilliant blog or simply make the best of your travel journal, this book will lead you along the travel writer’s way. The Travel Writer’s Way takes a ground-breaking approach to the craft of travel writing, with a 12-step programme of ‘creative journeys’ specially tailored to develop your writing skills. Whether you want to write for pleasure or for publication, for friends or for the wider world, you’ll find this book as inspiring as it is useful. It also contains invaluable advice from a galaxy of the finest travel writers, editors and bloggers, the first guide to gather insights from so many acclaimed experts. Paul Theroux, William Dalrymple, Colin Thubron, Geoff Dyer, Pico Iyer, Levison Wood, Dervla Murphy, Chris Stewart, Sara Wheeler and Simon Calder all share their top tips. Furthermore, there is practical information on establishing your blog, writing your book and submitting your articles to travel editors. Jonathan Lorie has more than 20 years’ experience as travel writer, travel-magazine editor and travel-writing tutor. His is the ultimate guide for those who want to turn their travels into stories. - Advice from 40 of the world’s top travel-writing experts - Practical, 12-step programme to improve your writing - How to publish and market your work as blogs, books or articles
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The Writer s Way

The Writer s Way

An understanding of etymology and the way it affects tone and style and subtle gradations of meanings seems to me one of the more interesting ways a writer can influence the reader's imagination, and give depth and subtlety of meaning ...

Author: Sara Maitland

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing

ISBN: 9781398801998

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


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Whether you are a total beginner or looking to improve your skills, The Writer's Way offers clear and no-nonsense guidance on the art of creative writing. Award-winning author Sara Maitland is the perfect companion on this journey - providing practical advice and motivation to help hone your craft. Including 40 literary exercises for you to work through, this book will help you: • Decide on your project • Establish useful writing habits • Experiment with different forms • Overcome writers block • Submit your work to publishers • And much more Whether you read it in one sitting, or take your time working through the exercises as you go, this is a terrific book to get you going and keep you going, on the writer's way.
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By reminding your muse that just because you originally liked the idea of the sound of those rifle hammers cocking, that there are other ways to execute writer's block. You could throw knives at it, offer it a Harvey Wallbanger laced ...

Author: Beth Daniels


ISBN: 9781365625596


Page: 138

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Having problems coming up with a plot for your novel? Or are you stuck behind a Writer's Block and trying to get things moving ahead on your story once again? In 60 WAYS TO PLOT OR DODGE WRITER'S BLOCK, multi-published novelist and writing instructor Beth Daniels supplies suggestions galore on how to either get back on track or create a storyline to entice and thrill readers. These ploys have been test run by Daniels herself in the novels she writes as Beth Henderson and J.B. Dane. They have also found favor with numerous fiction writing students in her over 70 various online workshops. Take any of these babies out for a test drive and see if your muse can keep from spinning new and exciting ways to tell the story you've longed to tell. Great ideas for beginning novelists and established writers looking for new ways to generate story ideas. For other Fiction Writing Aid books visit



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Author: Sri Aishwarya Balu



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In a certain sense his work may be seen as a return to the original sources of nineteenth century Serbian poetry, but in a new way. On the writer's death in 1938, a group of his friends, among them the critic and writer Stanislav ...

Author: Istituto universitario orientale (Naples, Italy). Sezione slava


ISBN: STANFORD:36105013732354

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