This is Push

This is Push

This Is PUSH Welcome to a newgeneration of literature. PUSHpresents originalnew work frominnovative new writers. Read on. ... This Is PUSH NEW STORIES FROM THE EDGE Candy by Kevin Brooks Kissing the Rain by Kevin Brooks.

Author: David Levithan

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780439890281

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 244

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A collection of stories from the best YA writers today, who all got their start under the PUSH label, includes new stories from Kevin Brooks, Markus Zusak, Kristen Kemp, Coe Booth, and others. Original.
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

Caring Hearts and Critical Minds

Caring Hearts and Critical Minds

... Tom Hazuka, and Mark Budman Talesfrom Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan 13: Thirteen Stories That Capture the Agony and Ecstasy of Being Thirteen edited by james Howe This [s Push: New Stories from the Edge edited by David Levithan Twice ...

Author: Steven Wolk

Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers

ISBN: 9781571108593

Category: Social Science

Page: 264

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"Wolk demonstrates how to integrate inquiry learning, exciting and contemporary literature, and teaching for social responsibility across the curriculum. He takes teachers step-by-step through the process of designing an inquiry-based literature unit and then provides five full units used in real middle-grade classrooms. Featuring a remarkable range of recommended resources and hundreds of novels from across the literary genres, Caring Hearts & Critical Minds gives teachers a blueprint for creating dynamic units with rigorous lessons about topics kids care about--from media and the environment to personal happiness and global poverty. Wolk shows teachers how to find stimulating, real-world 'complex texts' called for in the Common Core State Standards and integrate them into literature units."--Publisher's website.
Categories: Social Science

New Stories from the Southwest

New Stories from the Southwest

You walk over to the edge of the roof, the side looking over into Pablo's backyard. The drop is not as bad as you'd ... You push off, and just like that you're running towards the edge of the roof, determined to leap as far as you can.

Author: D. Seth Horton

Publisher: Ohio University Press

ISBN: 9780804011068

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 302

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The beauty and barrenness of the southwestern landscape naturally lends itself to the art of storytellers. It is a land of heat and dryness, a land of spirits, a land that is misunderstood by those living along the coasts. New Stories from the Southwest presents nineteen short stories that appeared in North American periodicals between January and December 2006. Though many of these stories vary by aesthetics, tone, voice, and almost any other craft category one might wish to use, they are nevertheless bound together by at least one factor, which is that the landscape of the region plays a key role in their narratives. They each evoke and explore what it means to exist in this unique corner of the country. Selected by editor D. Seth Horton, the former fiction editor for the Sonora Review, from a wide cross-section of journals and magazines, and with a foreword by noted writer Ray Gonzalez, New Stories from the Southwest presents a generous sampling of the best of contemporary fiction situated in this often overlooked area of the country. Swallow Press is particularly pleased to publish this wide-ranging collection of stories from both new and established writers.
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School Library Journal

School Library Journal

Lest They Want wore a NEW STORIES FROM THE EDGE wymie Rock Hos Morks ik CSW Eren what can happen to a small community when a ... This Is PUSH : New “ Bobby Conroy Comes Back from the Dead , " a love story , Stories from the Edge .



ISBN: UOM:49015003458891

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Signal Journal

Signal Journal

PUSH founder and Editorial Director David Levithan's office door . ... 7.99 BOOKS THAT MOVE YOUR MIND Hail Caesar Thu Huong Ha 0-439-89026-8 • $ 7.99 . ... 7.99 This Is PUSH : New Stories from the Edge 0-439-89028-4 .



ISBN: PSU:000059797029

Category: Young adult literature


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Categories: Young adult literature

Story Theory

Story Theory

THE BEST STORIES ARE EDGY We often hear agents and editors want stories that are edgy, push the envelope, and talk about how things really are. The edge in question is usually the edge of social acceptability, where the scent of the ...

Author: Deren Hansen

Publisher: Dunlith Hill

ISBN: 9781938994036

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 100

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We all know how to tell stories just like we all know our native language, having heard both since we were born. People, however, who study their native language discover there’s much they misunderstood or simply didn’t know. The same is true of story when we look at it more carefully. With topics that include the theory of story as model, the fractal key to narrative complexity, and the art of the long form, this volume will show you the essence of stories and storytelling. It’s advanced stuff—no writing prompts or exercises here—but if you want to understand how stories are the minimum container of significance, how storytelling is like commanding an artillery battery, and why the three easy steps are, 1) lather, 2) rinse, and 3) repeat, this volume is for you. And like deep magic, once you comprehend the nature of the art, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master story weaver.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Google SketchUp The Missing Manual

Google SketchUp  The Missing Manual

The original shape or entity stays put, and Push/Pull creates new edges and faces. In this case, it's a great way to create a second ... The larger box now appears to be a two-story building with a horizontal edge separating each floor.

Author: Chris Grover

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 0596555768

Category: Computers

Page: 602

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If you want to learn to create 3-D models using Google SketchUp, this Missing Manual is the ideal place to start. Filled with step-by-step tutorials, this entertaining, reader-friendly guide will have you creating detailed 3-D objects, including building plans, furniture, landscaping plans -- even characters for computer games -- in no time. Google SketchUp: The Missing Manual offers a hands-on tour of the program, with crystal-clear instructions for using every feature and lots of real-world examples to help you pick up the practical skills you need. Learn to use the basic tools, build and animate models, and place your objects in Google Earth. With this book, you will: Learn your way around the SketchUp workspace, and explore the differences between working in 2-D and 3-D Build simple 3-D shapes, save them as reusable components, and use SketchUp's Outliner to show or hide them as you work Tackle a complicated model building with lots of detail, and discover timesaving tools for using many components Animate the model by creating an interior walkthrough of your building Dress up your model with realistic material shading and shadows, and place it in Google Earth It's easy to get started. Just download the program from, and follow the instructions in this book. You'll become a SketchUp master in a jiffy.
Categories: Computers

As Told At the Explorers Club

As Told At the Explorers Club

More Than Fifty Gripping Tales Of Adventure George Plimpton ... the members' tongues and give rise to what Mark Twain used to refer to as “stretchers”—flights of imagination that push a story to the edge of belief and sometimes beyond.

Author: George Plimpton

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493047451

Category: History

Page: 464

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For more than a century, The Explorers Club has been the meeting place for some of the most daring adventurers on the planet. It's a legendary oasis, where a man just back from the Gobi Desert might kick back and, over some port, have a chat with a fellow off to Bandung. Here then, are some of the best tales ever swapped at that capital of adventure, including: Anthony Fiola on being in close quarters with a polar bear Charles Lindbergh on his famous flight Felix Reisenberg on the Arctic Anne Keenleyside, Ph. D. on cannibalism Roald Amundsen on the explorer Stefansson Mervyn Cowie on hunting killer lions Jean-Marc Boivin on hang-gliding Curtis and Kathleen Saville on oceanic rowing E. W. Deming on Sitting Bull's mysterious death It's some of the finest writing on some of the most hair-raising journeys ever made, all selected by the late George Plimpton, himself a member of The Explorers Club. This updated edition includes a new foreword by Richard Wiese, the 44th president of The Explorers Club, and an all-new photo insert that takes readers inside the exclusive club and its world-famous adventure archives.
Categories: History

The Publishers Weekly

The Publishers Weekly

The advantages claimed for these cards are , that being circular , the edges will not wear out . ... Among their other freshest books are Ballantyne's new tales of adventure , Kingston's new sea story , Miss Yonge's books for the little ...



ISBN: HARVARD:32044092998947

Category: American literature

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Categories: American literature

Lotte Reiniger

Lotte Reiniger

Fairytale films are changing, because the filmmakers have pulled away from the Disney formula and they want to reinterpret the fairytales in new ways that push the stories over the edge into the same new, unexplored territory that ...

Author: Whitney Grace

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476628738

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 288

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For three years during the 1920s, in an attic in Potsdam, a young woman crafted what is today the oldest surviving animated feature film. Equipped with scissors, cardboard, sheets of lead, glass panes and a camera, animation pioneer Lotte Reiniger filmed Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed (The Adventures of Prince Achmed) using a technique of frame-by-frame silhouette animation she developed, inspired by Chinese shadow puppetry. As the result of a number of factors—her gender, her German ethnicity, World War II and a lack of funding—Reiniger became a footnote in animation history. Yet her 60–plus films plainly show her skill and dedication to her craft. This detailed account of her life and work describes her significant contributions to animation, puppetry, Weimar cinema and modern filmmaking.
Categories: Performing Arts