Jackie Blue A Justice Security Novel

Jackie Blue   A Justice Security Novel

Joey began walking around the desk and behind the two occupied chairs, coming around to Vincent's right side. Vincent was observing Joey through angry and defiant eyes. “Yeah? ... Joey met Vincent's eyes with his own.

Author: T. M. Bilderback

Publisher: Sardis County Sentinel Press

ISBN: 9781950470181

Category: Fiction


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Jacqueline Belew has a secret. Jackie is foster mom to five special needs children. That isn’t her secret. Jackie loves these children very, very much. That isn’t her secret. Jackie’s nickname is Jackie Blue, given to her by the children. That isn’t her secret, either. Jackie Blue knows the outcome of any game of chance. Any game. She uses this ability to win small amounts of money to assist in raising and caring for these special needs kids. She tries to never win more than she needs, since she doesn’t want to abuse her ability. Someone has noticed her gift, however. The Giambini crime family has noticed what Jackie can do. And when this desperate crime family decides to kidnap Jackie to be their golden goose, the children hire Joey Justice and Justice Security to rescue her. Things turn deadly very quickly. Even Jackie didn’t see that coming… Suggested by lyrics from the classic song performed by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, T. M. Bilderback’s Jackie Blue will feed your suspense cravings!
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Nightingale s Lament

Nightingale s Lament

Vincent and I both had to turn away, shielding our eyes with our arms. ... It plunged into his eye socket, burrowing beyond, and Vincent screamed horribly as his own machines sucked the life energies out of him. He was dead before his ...

Author: Simon R. Green

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101208212

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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The name’s John Taylor. I work the garish streets of the Nightside—the hidden heart of London where it’s always three A.M., where in human creatures and otherworldly gods walk side by side in the endless darkness of the soul. I have a talent for finding things. People…property…no problem. But now I’m after something different. A local diva called the Nightingale has cut herself off from her family and friends, and I’ve been hired to find out the reason. I’m also wondering why her suicide—prone fans think she has a voice to die for. Literally. To get the truth, I’ll have to lend an ear to the most enticingly beautiful and deadly voice in all of the Nightside—and survive.
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I Contadini the Peasants

I Contadini  the Peasants

Vincent's eyes were open. “Take it easy, Vince. ... After a quick inspection, Michael dived into his bag for a vial. Assembling a syringe, he filled it with a pain deadening drug and injected it into Vincent's uninjured arm.

Author: Lester S. Taube

Publisher: CCB Publishing

ISBN: 9781771430333

Category: Families


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A story of passion, suspense and violence. Ettore DiStephano, an immigrant Italian stonemason, learns that his daughter, Maria, has been found raped and murdered. He calls home his children: Vincent, a judge; Michael, a surgeon; Anthony, a priest; Rose, wife of a business tycoon; Paul, an army colonel; and wild, deadly, Dominic, an engineer with wanderlust. Disdaining American justice, Ettore insists that the family find the killer. Jim, the tycoon son-in-law, joins the search. Then his wealthy niece, Bonny, a spinster anthropologist, falls madly in love with Dominic, and demands to help. Soon, one suspect stands out. Tracking him down takes the family to foreign countries, where guns explode and men die. Then, as the action thickens, they find that beneath the veneer of their professional exteriors is the pelt of their father, a contadino, and that his mission is correct. When the confrontation gets out of hand, both sides mass their strength for the inevitable showdown. About the Author Lester Taube was born of Russian and Lithuanian immigrants in Trenton, New Jersey. He began soldiering in his teens in a National Guard horse artillery regiment, where in four years he rose in grade from private to the exalted rank of private first class. In World War II, he became an infantry officer. His first operation was on the Bismarck Archipelago, where his most dangerous opponents were malaria and sand fleas. His regiment was next attached to the 3rd Marine Division for the Iwo Jima operation, then he and 18 other soft headed volunteers fought on Okinawa, the last battle of the war. Recuperating from wounds and malaria, he left the army to run a 400 employee electronic company in California, a 450 employee paper stock company in Pennsylvania, then moved to Canada to open a logging and pulpwood cutting operation. Recalled to service during the Korean police action, he served as an advisor to the Turkish army, then as an intelligence officer and company commander in Korea. During the Vietnam period, he went on duty in France and Germany as a general staff officer working in intelligence and war plans, and even had a stint as Chief of Operations of the U.S. Army in Europe. While in France, he opened a chain of coin operated laundries, which became the largest in Europe. Prior to retirement as a full colonel, he moved to a small village in Austria, and kept a boat for five years on the Cote d'Azur. During this period in Europe, he wrote four fiction novels, which were published in hardcover by W.H. Allen of London, paperback copies were published by a subsidiary, and rights were sold to a number of foreign countries. All four novels were optioned for motion pictures and two were sold. He stopped writing because of his time consuming jobs and the raising of a family. He has four children, all born in different countries. After 13 years in Europe, he returned home, where he worked as an economic development specialist for the State of New Jersey until his final retirement.
Categories: Families

In the Absence of Sun

In the Absence of Sun

he said, narrowing his eyes at Vincent. Vincent stood straight and flexed his shoulders back, “Bring it on,” he told the vampire, his dark eyes narrowed and burning with a fire only living blood could produce. “Bring it.

Author: Nicole Vlachos

Publisher: Black Bed Sheet Books

ISBN: 9780985882914


Page: 468

View: 99

"Vampires are being abducted and murdered in the city of London. A fragmented coven is forced together to try and uncover the truth, but wounds that not even time has been able to heal drive them deeper into danger. Faced with complete destruction, they must find a way to overcome grievances and loss, if they are to survive. A very real threat will take them from Vampire High Society to the subterranean world of the ancient Nocturnem. Soon, the question becomes not if they can save their world, but if they can save themselves...In the Absence of Sun."



energy, faint but undeniable, like standing in a dusty field moments before a violent thunderstorm. She saw Vincent's eyes had begun to shine with unnatural radiance, like polished mirrors catching the reflection of the sun.

Author: J. R. Bailey

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491733745

Category: Fiction

Page: 268

View: 940

As darkness spills down from the north and stains all it touches with sin, a den of vampires known as the Great Citadel reaches out with its snaking hands. A change in the winds is signified by the death of an emperor and the time for retribution has come. No one desires vengeance more than Koristad Altessor, a young necromancer and son of the legendary Black Guardian. Although it has been nearly twenty years since the Vampire King murdered his father, stole his throne, and then unleashed barbarians upon the defenseless villages of the foothills, Koristad's thirst to kill the evil king remains unquenched. As he relentlessly searches for the monster and attempts to protect those he loves, Koristad's own legend begins to take shape. With the powerful Executor Blade in hand, he sets his sights upon the Great Citadel and the Vampire King. But now only time will tell if he is prepared for the terrible secrets he may find there. In this continuing tale, a child of darkness instigates a mission of revenge against the lord of all vampires a conflict destined to shake the very pillars of hell and test him in ways he never imagined.
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Powerless Killing Gods A Superhero Novel Double Edition

Powerless   Killing Gods  A Superhero Novel Double Edition

It's Vincent. He slowly wanders through the doorway and sits down at the dining table. “Stress? Yeah, I guess they do. ... Vincent's eyes stop scanning the painting and look down at an angle towards my feet. “I didn't say that.

Author: Tony Cooper

Publisher: Tony Cooper

ISBN: 9781311958853

Category: Fiction


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This is a special edition collecting the first two books in the 'Powerless' superhero novel series from Tony Cooper. **** POWERLESS When the friend of a retired superhero is killed by another power, he drags himself out of his self-imposed isolation to find out who is responsible. He soon finds himself digging up a past he would rather forget, risking exposing the secret of why his team split up and destroying all their lives. **** KILLING GODS When a physically mutated villain's son goes missing from protective care, he goes on a rampage to try and find his child. In his way stand a Child Protection Officer following her heart above her duty, a violent anti-hero group desperate for media attention, a seemingly benevolent hero-worshipping cult and Martin and Hayley struggling to work out who they can trust.
Categories: Fiction

Framing Drug Use

Framing Drug Use

It is Vincent's version of events, his visual experience of injecting; it is shotthrough with colour, drama and time distortion. The personal view of the action, conveyed through extreme close ups, places the watcher in Vincent's eyes.

Author: J. Fitzgerald

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137482242

Category: Social Science

Page: 289

View: 741

This book examines the forces that shape psychoactive drug use. The approach, informed by poststructuralist semiotics, culture, phenomenology and contemporary theories of affect, illuminates the connections between drugs, bodies, space, economy and crime.
Categories: Social Science

A Matter of Honor

A Matter of Honor

I returned later, when the fighting was over, to search for you. I searched for days, everywhere. ... 'No, there wouldn't be,' Jack said, some of the tension draining out of him as he read the truth in Vincent's eyes. 'Louise found me.

Author: Anne Herries

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459231719

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 737

A surprising solution! Lord Vincent Carlton requests that his mother invite Miss Cassandra Thornton for a visit. Having recently become an heiress, Cassie knows she needs help to bring her into style, but at least she can now afford to be selective about the man she'll marry. Unbeknownst to her, however, her late brother had made five of his friends promise that, should he die, one would marry Cassie—and Lord Vincent had drawn the short straw….
Categories: Fiction



Rama knew better, but she didn't contradict them. Neither did the others. Vincent's family deserved that. Back in the present, Vincent cleared his throat again. His eyes were brighter than she'd seen them. They glittered like embers.

Author: Briana Morgan

Publisher: Briana Morgan


Category: Young Adult Fiction


View: 766

In the wake of an assault, sixteen-year-old Rama Ganeshan hates what she sees in the mirror. She yearns to be someone else . . . someone pretty, popular, and loved—until multiple girls in town are murdered. After stumbling across her beautiful classmate’s body and a terrifyingly familiar face in the murderer, Rama encounters a group of shapeshifters who know more of the killings than they let on. Only by earning the shapeshifters’ trust and becoming one of them will Rama be able to help serve justice. But first, she must learn to love herself and confront her painful past—and find the courage to investigate the violence.
Categories: Young Adult Fiction

Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent

Her eyes flew up into the face of a man she'd never met before but knew to her bones belonged to Vincent Corey. His eyes pierced her in the darkness and then fell to Lola who was still sleeping but beginning to murmur restlessly against ...

Author: Nikita Slater

Publisher: Nikita Slater Writing Services Ltd.


Category: Fiction

Page: 115

View: 633

A bad boy romance novella by International Bestselling Author, Nikita Slater. Vince doesn’t deal with women, not unless he needs something. And he needs something from Jenna, something only she can give. One meeting with the sweet little red-headed nurse and he knows he’s in trouble. When she refuses to give him what he asks for, she gives him the one thing he really wants; a reason to take Jenna and keep her. Between a messy divorce, a custody battle and a serious lack of funds, Jenna’s life has slowly gone downhill. When she finds Vince waiting for her in her dark house, threatening to hurt her if she doesn’t do his bidding, she’s pretty sure she’s hit rock bottom. But when Vince decides to make Jenna and her daughter a permanent part of his life, she discovers a love she never imagined possible. But someone from Jenna’s past is angry with the blossoming romance and will do anything to stop it, even if it means killing the object of his obsession. This 27,000 word standalone romance novella is sweet and sizzling with a dash of dark. I hope you enjoy!
Categories: Fiction