Homespun Yorkshire Tales

Homespun Yorkshire Tales

"Time for a Cuppa!" ISBN: 0-595-22495-4 Tales of Yorkshire (Herriot country) by a true Yorkshire-man A novel of very interesting short stories from the beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire dales, easy reading with a Cuppa!

Author: Michael Coatesworth


ISBN: 9781847533371

Category: Fiction

Page: 198

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A Bradford lad, born and bred brings you a collection of very interesting short homespun Yorkshire tales. Easy reading while having a Cuppa! If you think my stories are true, then they probably are If you think my stories are fiction, then just relax and enjoy the tales
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Good Wives Secret Lives

Good Wives   Secret Lives

'Time for a cuppa tea, Jayne?' I asked. She looked fit to drop and I put the kettle on. 'Shouldn't you be getting dressed, Carmella? It kicks off in three hours.' 'Always time for a cuppa and a slice of lemon cake,' I winked and grinned ...

Author: Janey Kaya

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781789010084

Category: Fiction

Page: 312

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In her debut novel, Janey Kaya explores the complexities of womanhood and women’s many roles as nurturer, home-maker, lover and friend. Good Wives & Secret Lives tells the story of five women, tracing their lives as they struggle with battles of conscience, temptation and desire. In the book, readers meet Sherrie, Angie, Carmella, Hulya and Helena and follow these five leading ladies as they embark on their contrasting journeys. Janey portrays their relationships with other women, family and men in this exploration of love and life. With elements of romance, this is a book which respects the love between man and woman, while also allowing room for empowered and successful female. Janey celebrates healthy relationships and strong women in this inspiring read. Inspired by the strong female leads in Jackie Collins’ novels, Good Wives & Secret Lives is a powerful call to women to support their fellow women. This book will appeal to fans of romance novels, particularly a female audience.
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The Wanderer s Diary Book 5

The Wanderer s Diary Book 5

We got there in time for a cuppa and then it was time for Mass. It was a lot quieter than usual with so many people away. Mass was good, and then we had our lovely lunch, chicken soup and bread. As usual I had trouble digesting mine and ...

Author: JJ. Nortyperson

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781326889883

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 440

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This is the fifth book in the Wanderer series, and this is the book where the people who made me homeless relaunched their attack and life changed. This book is also the one with the pneumonia and the first attempt at living indoors occurs.
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Murder in Style

Murder in Style

She didn't bother to open the envelope but went into the kitchen to make herself a cuppa, only to find that Susan, their lodger and part-time housekeeper, was cleaning out the larder. Now Susan was not normally a worrier.

Author: Veronica Heley

Publisher: Severn House Publishers Ltd

ISBN: 9781780107998

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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Ellie Quicke finds you can choose your friends but not your family. Poppy’s wealthy father hadn’t liked the look of the men whom his twin daughters intended to marry, and had set them up in the Magpie fashion boutique to ensure they would be able to support themselves; at the same time ensuring that the girls made a will in one another’s favour. The business prospered and expanded until, many years later, skeletons start to come out of the closet. Bodies too... And Ellie’s enquiries uncover a hornet’s nest of greed and malice combined with tragic secrets.
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An Insulated Murder

An Insulated Murder

I don't waste time discussing etiquette. It's time for a cuppa. I'm cooking my dinner so I'll just put the vegetables on while we have a cuppa.' She slid some carrots, neatly sliced and diced, from a wooden chopping board into a ...

Author: Jenny Hogan

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452528373

Category: Fiction

Page: 290

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Two people from a small town are found dead from what seem nonsuspicious circumstances. One thought to be a suicide and the other a result from a heart attack. The deaths are a few days apart and, to the local constabulary, seem unrelated. However, after further forensic investigation, both deaths are declared as murder. Nestled amongst green rolling hills and stately Red Gums lies Jacaranda Estate, a well-established family business of vegetable growers dependent on the nearby town for its labourers and owned by the Walshe family. Their secretary Donna finds her employer, Cordelia Walshe dead at her desk from a suspected heart attack. A few days earlier, Shaun O’Brien; the Walshe’s truck driver is found by his cleaner hanging in his garage, the cause an apparent suicide. Detective Inspector Daniels is seconded to the cases and throughout his investigation; family jealousy, deception, half-truths, and an insulated community thwart him. Daniels eventually unravels a trail of conspiracy, debt and murder. Suddenly the investigation becomes personal and Daniels is caught up in a web of retribution that may cost him a friendship.
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Waggoner s Way

Waggoner s Way

Joe was out early this week and the house was quiet; there was time for a cuppa and the morning paper before she started cleaning the house and going shopping in the Old Kent Road. Barbara and Dawn had looked their usual chirpy selves ...

Author: Harry Bowling

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755391424

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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In a backstreet of East London, two families support each other through thick and thin. Waggoner's Way is a poignant novel by much-loved author Harry Bowling that captures the spirit of a community often faced with brutal hardship - yet determined to laugh whilst doing so. Perfect for fans of Annie Murray and Dilly Court. Waggoner's Way is a small back street in Bermondsey, home to a close-knit community of predominantly railway folk and their families. The Brennans and Kellys are among those who live there. They have been friends for years; Joe Brennan works as a train driver, Tom Kelly as a shunter; and Ada and Mary, their wives, patiently spend much of their time trying to untangle their children's tangled love lives. And, together, they help one another survive the worst of times. What readers are saying about Waggoner's Way: 'I read this book in about three days! Fantastic, realistic, believable storytelling will have you rooting for the characters to overcome their hardships and will show the meaning of "love thy neighbour"' 'Just love Harry Bowling, he has a way of telling an East End story that makes it seem so real'
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Keeper of Secrets

Keeper of Secrets

We always stop at this time for a cuppa and a cake.' Emily loved the way that she was automatically included. Not: 'Would you like a cuppa and a cake?' He just assumed that she would have some. And it would be rude to refuse, ...

Author: Sarah J Dodd

Publisher: Firefly Press

ISBN: 9781913102463

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

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Eleven-year-old Emily doesn’t think Badger Cottage will ever be home. But there is something out there that needs her; a bright pair of eyes in the darkness. In the middle of a fierce battle between conservationists, who want to rewild the lynx in the woods, and the local farmers, Emily tries to shield a baby lynx she calls Lotta, afraid it will be killed by the person who killed its mother.
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The Ghost of Artemus Strange

The Ghost of Artemus Strange

Spent enough time getting here as it is.' 'How about a cuppa then?' 'Ah, now that's different that is. Always got time for a cuppa.' 'And a slice of home-made cake to go with it,' Annie added. ''ere, mate,' the driver said to Humphrey, ...

Author: Peter Maughan

Publisher: Prelude Books

ISBN: 9781788421379

Category: Fiction


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Welcome to Batch Magna, a place where anything might happen. And often does... Sir Humphrey has offered to play Father Christmas at the local hospital, but disaster strikes when he realises he won’t be able to buy the sack of toys he’d promised the children. Rupert, a gentleman of the road, is found asleep in an old car in the Hall’s coach house. He is scrubbed up and given a room at the Hall, where two guests are already staying: a businessman and his rather young female companion. When money goes missing from their bedroom, Rupert is accused, and Miss Wyndham, the village’s amateur sleuth, decides to investigate the matter. Meanwhile, local author Phineas Cook has come up with the idea of a resident ghost at the Hall to attract paying guests. All goes smoothly until the ghostly actors spend too long in the pub one evening and their performance descends into sword-wielding chaos. As always in Batch Magna, events somehow manage to turn out all right in the end – but in the most unexpected manner... What readers are saying about The Batch Magna Chronicles series: “An enchanting mixture of The Wind in The Willows and The Darling Buds of May. An England that doesn’t exist but surely should.” “Reading this book was like sitting down for a nice long chat with an old friend. I loved reading the Welsh village descriptions; it felt like coming home. ... I eagerly await the next instalment of the Batch Magna crew!” “I first got this book out of the local library, and then brought a copy – I wanted to read it again and again. It’s a treasure, a smashing read, funny and beautifully written.” “These books are such fun, darkly comic and full of great characters. ... Batch Magna is a place I would love to find, and the river sounds idyllic.” “Hurrah for Batch Magna, Humphrey and friends.” “I loved this book. It’s lyrical and very amusing, with all the charm of an old Ealing comedy. ... More please Mr Maughan!” “What an amazing writer! I have never found any descriptive writing that has gripped me so much before.” “A thoroughly enjoyable read. ... Is there another Batch Magna book on the way, please? Such a wonderfully descriptive bucolic and warmly ‘human’ story with echoes of the Darling Buds of May.” “A wonderful, funny, well-crafted escape from everyday life. If you love writing that absorbs you into the landscape you will love this book. Every sense was satisfied with the author’s beautiful descriptions of the Marches. Escape from the tarmac, concrete and relentlessness of life with this stunning book. Thank you Mr Maughan.” “I absolutely loved this book and all the characters became so real to me, I just couldn’t put it down.”
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Kitty s Countryside Dream

Kitty s Countryside Dream

Have you got time for a cuppa?' 'Go on then, a hot drink would be lovely.' 'I'd best take the bike; I don't want to be picking you up off the floor for a third time today.' Tom grinned at me, grabbing the bike from the ground and ...

Author: Christie Barlow

Publisher: Bookouture

ISBN: 9781910751640

Category: Humor

Page: 335

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‘An utterly gorgeous story, with an utterly gorgeous plot that kept me turning the pages ... left me feeling full of happiness and hope.’ Becca’s Books New home. New life. New beginning. Love affairs can blossom in the most unlikely places . . . When Kitty inherits Bluebell Lodge from her grandmother, a farm in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside, it’s time for fresh air and a fresh start. Up to her elbows in chickens and ponies, Kitty soon realises there’s an awful lot to learn about farming. Still, at least the locals seem friendly, not least her handsome neighbour Tom… But just as Kitty is beginning to find her feet, and the possibility of love, the discovery of a long-hidden diary, by a mysterious character called Violet changes everything. Who is Violet and what is her message for Kitty? As Kitty fills in the lost pieces of her family jigsaw and discovers some shocking revelations, will her countryside dream and blossoming relationship fall to pieces? When it comes to life in the country, nothing is ever quite as it seems … A heart warming, moving and funny tale, perfect for fans of Debbie Johnson and Cathy Bramley. Praise for Kitty's Countryside Dream: ‘This is an excellent book which swept me along so well that I read it in less than a day. I loved the characters and the story and will definitely be reading more by this author. This is definitely a book to read curled up with a mug of tea or hot chocolate.’ Bookloverwormblog 'A heartwarming and cosy countryside read with characters you will love' Rachael Lucas ‘I found this book really enjoyable, the author has an engaging writing style that managed to draw me into the storyline and the lives of our character. The storyline flowed at a great pace and I raced through the book in no time soaking up the wonderful detailed descriptions. I can see that fans of Cathy Bramley and Cathy Woodman would love this book.’ Rea's Book Reviews ‘Kitty's Countryside Dream will have you laughing and smiling one minute and then you'll feel it pulling at your heart strings. This really turned out to be a beautiful book …turning the pages and unravelling the story was very thought provoking. I highly recommend this book …you won't be disappointed, except that is when the book ends! I can't wait for the next offering by the truly gorgeous Christie Barlow.’ Crooks on Books ‘I didn’t want to put the book down.’ Best Crime Books and More ‘Kitty's Countryside Dream is a soul-boosting necessity. I have a suspicion it's been sprinkled with a little bit of magic, as on the darkest days it'll warm your cockles and make everything seem right with the world.So, get those wellies on and head for a new roost in the country in this delicious feel-good tale with a gorgeous soft centre.' Little Bookness Lane 'A fantastic story, one that will keep you reading long into the night, just to find out what happens. I loved every moment of it and some of the scenes, with chickens, will have you chuckling' Rachel's Random Reads ‘I was unable to put this book down. I read it within a day because I was so drawn in to the characters themselves it was like I knew them. I would completely recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Definitely a huge 5 stars!’ Katie's Reading Korner Review 'This had me gripped from the first chapter. It will have you laughing, crying and will just give you a warm feeling inside' Laura H Book Blog
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The Factory

The Factory

Just like normal people, having a lunch time cuppa, enjoying the warm weather, maybe thinking about a bite to eat, not that he had an appetite after what he'd just been doing. Certain the peace wouldn't last long, Dale knew he'd better ...

Author: Al K. Line

Publisher: Al K Line


Category: Fiction

Page: 366

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Dale tapped on the box. What he found inside would change his and Amanda's life forever. Chased through time by a man-mountain intent on their destruction, events spiral out of control, leaving the couple dazed and confused as they fight for their life and sanity. But there are other forces at play, and as Hexads become known to the masses, reality itself unravels, risking humanity's very existence. Jumping to the empty streets of Venice, exotic locations, and empty futures, the couple struggle to understand what they are involved in, and what they are to blame for. Nothing could have prepared them for the true horror they have to confront in order to put right all they have done wrong. Life will never be the same again, even if they manage to make it to a future they can survive in.
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