To the Brink of Deficit

 To the Brink of Deficit

fiscal policy and coalition building in Weimar Germany, 1926-1927 Edmund Clingan. 1 A dissertation entitled "TO THE BRINK OF DEFICIT": FISCAL POLICY.

Author: C. Edmund Clingan


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Korea on the brink from the 12 12 incident to the Kwangju Uprising 1979 1980

Korea on the brink   from the  12 12 incident  to the Kwangju Uprising  1979 1980

... and Censorship — Media Troubles — In Limbo — Return to Seoul — A Visit with Roh — The Blue House Chapter Nine Reflections 175 Epilogue 185 Appendix: United States Government Statement on the Events in Kwangju, VIII KOREA ON THE BRINK.


Publisher: DIANE Publishing

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To the Brink

To the Brink

The Bodyguards Cindy Gerard. st. martin's paperbacks titles by cindy gerard To the Edge To the Limit To the Brink TO THE BRINK Book Three in the Bodyguards series Cindy.

Author: Cindy Gerard

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 9781429904599

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Working on highly sensitive diplomatic affairs, Darcy Prescott is a natural target for terrorist kidnappers. But when she's mysteriously plucked off a street in Manila one sultry night, Darcy's disappearance isn't what it seems... The moment Special Forces soldier Ethan Garrett laid eyes on Darcy, he knew she was the woman he would marry—and he did. But when their marriage fell apart, Ethan never really recovered. Now a highly paid bodyguard, Ethan quickly slips back into combat mode when he learns of Darcy's disappearance and calls in old favors to assemble a rogue rescue team.... Tracking Darcy all the way to the jungles of the Philippines, Ethan knows every move he makes could mean the difference between life and death. His love for Darcy burns stronger than ever. But when he learns the true reason for her abduction, it may be too late to save her—or himself...
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Driven to the Brink

Driven to the Brink

Brink. 'Riveting and relevant' Lord Myners CBE, Chancellor of the University of Exeter, UK Chairman of Cevian Capital AB, former Chairman Marks & Spencer and former HM Treasury Financial Services Secretary. 'Independence, independence ...

Author: Alicia Micklethwait

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137590534

Category: Business & Economics

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Driven to the Brink is a collection of short stories about corporate disasters and how inadequate governance and flawed culture caused a massive destruction of shareholder value. Look at any major corporate meltdown and two factors emerge: a failure of corporate governance and a culture where short-termism and greed are rewarded and risk is encouraged to flourish unchecked. Two years before the latest crash, Alicia Micklethwait co-wrote the best-selling Greed and Corporate Failure which examined some of the high profile corporate disasters of the early years of the 21st century. Sadly those lessons were forgotten. Companies have continued to be Driven to the Brink of disaster. Now, with co-author Patty Dimond, they examine what we must learn this time around. Drawing on in-depth case studies of the Libor scandal, Olympus, Co-op, Kids Company and others, Dimond and Micklethwait ask what have we learned and more importantly, what can we do to prevent these disasters from happening again? They also examine the large, emerging and less widely understood world of Corporate China with detailed discussion of the Lixel and Glaxo frauds. On a positive note, staying with China, they look at the story of Alibaba and ask is an ethical culture enough to protect shareholder rights?
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Back to the brink

Back to the brink

BACK TO THE BRINK ESCALATION AND INTERSTATE CRISIS HCSS StratMon 2016 The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies ISBN/EAN: 978-94-92102-33-1 Authors Tim Sweijs, Artur Usanov, Rik Rutten Thanks to Stephan de Spiegeleire, Frank Bekkers, ...

Author: Tim Sweijs

Publisher: The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies

ISBN: 9789492102331



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To the Brink The Expedition trilogy Book 3

To the Brink  The Expedition trilogy  Book 3

Kris, a shipwright who lived on a Chinese junk anchored in the creek, replaced Moksha's spirit guide with a turtle native to the waters we'd be pedalling through. The majority the expedition: to the Brink 118.

Author: Jason Lewis

Publisher: BillyFish Books LLC

ISBN: 9780984915552

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“An Epic.”—THE GUARDIAN We rejoin The Expedition for its third and final instalment with Jason, now seasoned adventurer, and April, American schoolteacher at sea for the first time, battling to keep their pedal-powered boat Moksha from being dashed against Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Crossing the infamous Coral Sea, they’ve endured gale force winds, rogue waves, and powerful currents pushing them off course for days at a time. On her thirtieth consecutive day of seasickness and now haemorrhaging blood, April is in urgent need of medical treatment. But in the uncharted waters north of Cape Flattery, far from coastguard assistance, there is little if any hope of rescue. Even if they survive, Jason faces untold hazards to complete the first circumnavigation of the planet using only human power: waterless deserts, towering mountain ranges, seaborne pirates, and extremist hotspots. And there is still the overarching question he posed at the beginning, the one driving him forward that will take him to the brink for an answer. “A mind-boggling odyssey beyond the stretch of the average imagination.”—ASSOCIATED PRESS “Lewis writes with gritty realism and unexpected humour, and the result is both horrifying and enormously inspiring.”—NEW TIMES “We see a man who is – as Mowgli put it in The Jungle Book – prepared to pull the whiskers of death.”—LONDON TIMES “Arguably, the most remarkable adventurer in the world today. Many people would certainly go insane if they weren’t killed first.”—THE DAILY MAIL “I believe it is important in our era of cars, trains and aeroplanes that we are reminded what human beings can achieve using their own strength and resources.”—HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance meets Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods. A thoroughly entertaining and insightful read.”—CHARLIE BOORMAN, Long Way Down “An extraordinary adventure.”—THE INDEPENDENT “An enthralling read.”—OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY
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The Brink

The Brink

“ Well , when we shoot those skyrockets of got to know exactly where we're shooting from if we want to hit a pinpoint target . The system that figures out your firing yours , we've you are in all longitudes at once . ” “ 180 THE BRINK.

Author: Daniel V. Gallery

Publisher: New York : Paperback Library

ISBN: UCAL:$B120133


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The Brink s Truck Burst Open on Wall Street A Holistic Approach to Finding the Easy Money in Common Stocks

The Brink s Truck Burst Open on Wall Street  A Holistic Approach to Finding the Easy Money in Common Stocks

... $40.96 per share to buy back their own shares over that time period, which we calculate by dividing one figure by the other. “In the 'Selected Financial Data' let's also look at the The Brink's Truck Burst Open On Wall Street! 78.

Author: Jay Walker


ISBN: 9781411661615


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This book is about how to outperform the stock market, at reduced risk. It is written in a straightforward style so the average person will be able to use the same tools and techniques used by sophisticated Wall Street investors.

A Lexical Concordance to the Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley

A Lexical Concordance to the Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley

Brink , n . A. Lit. ( 1 ) the shore , margin or edge of water . To the brink of the Dorian deep . Arethusa , 11. 18 . By the mossy brink , With me the Prince shali sit Carlton , i . the fountain's brink was richly paven Laon ...


Publisher: Johnson Reprint Corporation

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Locutions to the World 2014 Messages from Heaven about the near Future of our World

Locutions to the World 2014   Messages from Heaven about the near Future of our World

Jesus Formerly, mankind was on the brink. Now it has gone over the brink. The previous century was filled with many evils and mankind was advancing into the darkness. Although these evils did not lead mankind over the brink, ...

Author: Jesus Christ


ISBN: 9781326621551

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Messages from Heaven about the near Future of our World Given by our Lord Jesus Christ and our Lady Virgin Mary On December 10, 2010, Mary revealed the following message to a special soul: I will soon begin to speak to the whole world. You will receive these words as you have received all the other words. You will write the words down and record the proper dates. You will take these words to your spiritual director] for his discernment. If his heart discerns that these messages should be released to the world, they will go forth. He will correctly say that these are being given to one of his directees. The time is short and that is why I have moved you so quickly. The Advent of Christ is near. Before the Lord can come again, the world must be cleansed by fire. These Locutions guide you back to heaven. Do not delay, the time is short. Books avaiable for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
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