Traveling India in the Age of Gandhi

Traveling India in the Age of Gandhi

Inadvertently rammed by a vessel crammed with American tourists , Bernays quipped that " the whole river was covered with ... He also wondered , as tourists clicked away , how they would react to " snaps of themselves at Holy Communion ...

Author: Jeffrey N. Dupée

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0761839496

Category: History

Page: 147

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Traveling India in the Age of Gandhi is a study of "armchair" travel writers who journeyed to India during what has often been termed the "Age of Gandhi," placed between 1914-1948. Most of the travel writers surveyed understood this era to be a unique time in world history-in India and elsewhere on the globe. The lingering trauma of World War I, the rise of radical state ideologies in Russia, Italy, Japan, and Germany, world-wide depression in the 1930s along with a host of other unsettling political, cultural, and technological realities revealed a world of bewildering complexity and uncertainty. For many of the travel writers surveyed in this work, India was the main drama in a shifting global landscape. Moreover, many viewed it as the ultimate travel experience, a journey that tested one's capacity to fully engage the earth's most compelling forms of human diversity and suffering. Although a few notable figures are included, most of the authors in the study constitute a breed of largely forgotten travel writers. This work is an attempt to extract the core of their observations, impressions, and conclusions concerning what they saw and experienced, particularly concerning Indian aspirations for independence and India as the world's most exotic human landscape.
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Traveling More Traveling Better

Traveling More   Traveling Better

How do you weigh the risk of going zip lining in Costa Rica against your fear of getting hurt or killed if the line snaps? That's a question many travelers have to ask themselves when they plan certain excursions or experiences that are ...

Author: A.M. Bristow

Publisher: A.M. Bristow

ISBN: 9780463887790

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For the dreamers for whom travel seems just out of reach. A thirty-something travel blogger on an educator’s salary shares her tips and tricks to help you seamlessly incorporate travel into your life. Traveling More & Traveling Better will show you that traveling comfortably isn’t the expensive and disruptive burden you think it is. The perfect guide for anyone who needs a little motivation to finally take that trip, complete with practical advice about how to budget for vacations and how to stay safe abroad. After visiting over fifty countries, the amount of travel advice you amass doesn’t fit neatly into a GnomeTrotting blog post. Containing a wealth of travel knowledge, this in-depth guide is designed for seasoned travelers and newbies alike. This isn’t your college backpacker’s travel book – because who wants to spend their vacation in a hostel? A vacation should be stress-free, enjoyable, and affordable. The tips and recommendations in this guide will help you accomplish all three. Want to take more trips and don’t know how? Looking for ways to save money on travel? Need help packing lighter? Unsure of how to deal with eight other family members on vacation? Traveling More & Traveling Better is a no-bullshit guide to all of travel’s annoying little intricacies. Once you know how to tackle those, all that’s left is fun-filled, rejuvenating, and gratifying travel.
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Travelers to an Antique Land

Travelers to an Antique Land

The first encounter ( snap ! ) is almost always the last . For this reason , black - and - white suits the travel book more than color , for it summons forth the viewer's inventive faculties whereas color stifles them .

Author: Robert Eisner

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472082205

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

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Stories of scholars, writers, artists, and explorers woven together in a narrative of Greek travel
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Horizon Travelers

Horizon Travelers

snaps back, “See, you ain't so tough.” He arrogantly marches away. Howie then pins him down with his pec. King crab begs, “Hey pick on somebody your own size.” Howie releases him and then slowly moves away from King crab.

Author: Ron Espinosa

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781456717087

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 64

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Horizon Travelers is an adventurous story about a young whale and his first journey to Alaska. The Humpbacks travel to Alaska to feed and nourish themselves and return to the Hawaiian islands to birth their young. One spring day off the shores of Lahaina, a newborn is brought into his new world. He must quickly learn the responsibilities of a Humpback whale. While in Hawaii he makes several friends, and even has an encounter with a friendly human. He is warned by his parents of the potential dangers of sharks, Orca (killer whales), and the deadly harpoon! Eventually he will meet his future wife; however, it is not easy. Enjoy Horizon Travelers as you swim along with Howie and experience the challenges he must face in this action packed and epic tale.
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Dame Traveler

Dame Traveler

Nastasia Yakoub & Nassaslaspassport Reflecting at the Belmond Governor's Residence So a Dame Traveler is any woman who ... It's my hope that this collection of Dame Travelers' photos.stories, and insights from their experiences will ...

Author: Nastasia Yakoub

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 9781984857927

Category: Photography

Page: 224

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A breathtaking celebration of Instagram's premier solo female travel community, featuring 200 striking photographs—most of them all-new—plus empowering messages and practical tips for solo travelers. “For those with passports full of stories, this book carries you away to every dreamy corner of the earth. I can’t stop flipping through these visually incandescent pages to see where I’m capable of traveling to next!”—Caila Quinn, The Bachelor contestant and lifestyle and travel influencer From backpackers in Peru to artists in Berlin to storytellers in Morocco, Dame Traveler celebrates the diversity and bravery of women from around the world who are not afraid to think (and live) outside the box. The revolutionary Dame Traveler Instagram account was founded by Nastasia Yakoub, who was born into a strict Chaldean-Middle Eastern community where women are expected to marry young and put aside other personal ambitions. But at the age of twenty, Nastasia embarked on a solo trip to South Africa to volunteer at an orphanage in Cape Town, which sparked a love of world travel. Recognizing a void in the travel industry, she founded Dame Traveler, the first female travel community on Instagram, now more than half a million strong. Nastasia herself has traveled to sixty-three countries on solo adventures, sharing colorful photos of her tantalizing travels along the way. Dame Traveler celebrates these women with a photographic collection of 200 stunning images paired with inspiring captions, 80% of which have never been seen on the Instagram account. Organized into sections on architecture, culture, nature, and water, each entry features travel information, plus tips, advice, unique solo-travel experiences, and wisdom from contributing globe-trotters to embolden the next generation of Dame Travelers.
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The Heart Travels Experiences of a Lifetime

The Heart Travels  Experiences of a Lifetime

The place had tourists, all doing the same thing i.e. clicking snaps and posing for them. The funniest pose being an apparent push to the tower to tilt it. A two-dimensional photo will surely make it look real I wondered, ...

Author: Avikesh Ghosh

Publisher: One Point Six Technologies Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 9789390463848

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 209

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One of the perks of being an IT Consultant is that you get to travel to various client locations. So, what happens when you love to travel, and get posted in one of the most exotic locations in Europe on work? Of course, one would hardly like to be home, so, you pack your bags and visit a different country every weekend! The book takes one through these journeys and experiences through Europe as well as India, Philippines, and Australia. From the cafes of old town square Prague, to the Sydney Opera House; from the mountains of Ladakh, to Slovakia, this narrates a first-hand account of these different places through the eyes of a first-time traveller. These include journeys by car, bus, train, air and even at times some unorthodox and less comfortable modes of transport. The thrill of experiencing different countries and diverse cultures is a constantly enriching experience.
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Garuda s Travels

Garuda s Travels

Some of them emerge from their trance. Others need to get a last seal of approval from the deity inside the tent. When a man in a trance reaches the deity, two other men hold his head down. The god snaps and the man snaps out it.

Author: Vanya Vetto abetted by Chief Editor

Publisher: Far Side Travel Books


Category: Travel


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Travels with My Aunt

Travels with My Aunt

'It's because of my clients. I never strain theirs, so I forget when I'm alone.' There was a plate of ginger-snaps and I accepted one for politeness' sake. 'From the Old Steine,' Aunt Augusta told me. 'Ye Olde Bunne Shoppe.

Author: Graham Greene

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504052559

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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A retired London bank manager is yanked out of the suburbs by his eccentric aunt for a “cheerfully irreverent” romp across Europe (The Guardian). Now that the dullish Henry Pulling has left his job with an agreeable pension and a firm handshake, he plans to spend more time weeding his dahlias. Then, for the first time in fifty years, he sees his aunt Augusta at his mother’s funeral. Charging into her seventies with florid abandon, not a day of her life wasted, and her future as bright as her brilliant red hair, Augusta insists that Henry abandon his garden, follow her, and hold on tight. With that, she whisks her nephew out of Brighton and boards the Orient Express bound for Paris and Istanbul, then on to Paraguay, and down the rabbit hole of her past that swarms with swindlers, smugglers, war criminals, and rather unconventional lovers. With each new stop, Henry discovers not only more about his aunt and her secrets but also about himself as well. Pulsing with “the tragic and comic ironies of love, loyalty and belief” Graham Greene’s deceptive lark of novel was made into the 1972 film starring Maggie Smith (The Times, London).
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There s No Beach In Texas A Guide to Debunking Travel Myths and Planning the Most Awesome Family Vacation EVER

There s No Beach In Texas  A Guide to Debunking Travel Myths and Planning the Most Awesome Family Vacation EVER

Your family's travel memories may last a lifetime through the photos you take and carefully selected souvenirs that come home with you after your trip. But what could be more special than helping your children capture their experience ...

Author: Shauna Armitage


ISBN: 9781304692085



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The Traveling Feast

The Traveling Feast

Terry and I lean back in our chairs, beyond sated, while Low scoops vanilla-bean ice cream onto her snaps, sprinkles it with lavender sea salt, then pours the thinnest drizzle of black-pepper simple syrup over the ice cream before ...

Author: Rick Bass

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780316381192

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

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Acclaimed author Rick Bass decided to thank all of his writing heroes in person, one meal at a time, in this "rich smorgasbord of a memoir . . . a soul-nourishing, road-burning act of tribute" (New York Times Book Review). From his bid to become Eudora Welty's lawn boy to the time George Plimpton offered to punch him in the nose, lineage has always been important to Rick Bass. Now at a turning point -- in his midfifties, with his long marriage dissolved and his grown daughters out of the house -- Bass strikes out on a journey of thanksgiving. His aim: to make a memorable meal for each of his mentors, to express his gratitude for the way they have shaped not only his writing but his life. The result, an odyssey to some of America's most iconic writers, is also a record of self-transformation as Bass seeks to recapture the fire that drove him as a young man. Along the way we join in escapades involving smuggled contraband, an exploding grill, a trail of blood through Heathrow airport, an episode of dog-watching with Amy Hempel in Central Park, and a near run-in with plague-ridden prairie dogs on the way to see Lorrie Moore, as well as heartwarming and bittersweet final meals with the late Peter Matthiessen, John Berger, and Denis Johnson. Poignant, funny, and wistful, The Traveling Feast is a guide to living well and an unforgettable adventure that nourishes and renews the spirit.
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