"Contains material originally published in single magazine form as Trees: three fates #1-5"--Copyright page.

Author: Warren Ellis

Publisher: Image Comics

ISBN: 1534315098

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"Clever, funny, romantic,sad and absolutely essential" - Kirkus The acclaimed TREES series, currently beingadapted for television, returns with a brand new story of murder and ghosts. In the remoteRussian village of Toska, there's a dead body by the leg of the Tree that landedeleven years ago. Police sergeant Klara Voranova, still haunted by that day,has no idea how this murder will change everything, nor what awaits her in theTree's shadow. Collects TREES: THREE FATES 1 -5
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Engineering Geology for Society and Territory Volume 3

Engineering Geology for Society and Territory   Volume 3

The amount of LW was estimated to be *0.1 m3 per running meter of the torrential channel, and dead tree volume (*30 m3/ha) was compared to the average forest stand for the area (346 m3/ha)–LW found close to the torrential channel ...

Author: Giorgio Lollino

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319090542

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This book is one out of 8 IAEG XII Congress volumes and deals with river basins, which are the focus of many hydraulic engineering and hydrogeological studies worldwide. Such studies examine river systems as both a resource of the fluvial environment, and also explore river-related hazards and risks. The contributions of researchers from different disciplines focus on: surface-groundwater exchanges, stream flow, stream erosion, river morphology and management, sediment transport regimes, debris flows, evaluation of water resources, dam operation and hydropower generation, flood risks and flood control, stream pollution and water quality management. The contributions include case studies for advancing field monitoring techniques, improving modeling and assessment of rivers and studies contributing to better management plans and policies for the river environment and water resources. The Engineering Geology for Society and Territory volumes of the IAEG XII Congress held in Torino from September 15-19, 2014, analyze the dynamic role of engineering geology in our changing world and build on the four main themes of the congress: environment, processes, issues and approaches. The congress topics and subject areas of the 8 IAEG XII Congress volumes are: Climate Change and Engineering Geology. Landslide Processes. River Basins, Reservoir Sedimentation and Water Resources. Marine and Coastal Processes. Urban Geology, Sustainable Planning and Landscape Exploitation. Applied Geology for Major Engineering Projects. Education, Professional Ethics and Public Recognition of Engineering Geology. Preservation of Cultural Heritage.
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Atlas of United States Trees no 1146 Conifers and important hardwoods by E L Little Jr

Atlas of United States Trees   no 1146   Conifers and important hardwoods  by E L  Little  Jr

Besides “ Volume 2 , Alaska Trees and Common Shrubs , ” other publications of the Forest Service have been ... in height to agree ) : Trees are defined as woody plants having one erect perennial stem or trunk at least 3 inches ( 7.5 ...

Author: United States. Forest Service


ISBN: UVA:X030454380

Category: Phytogeography


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Horticulture Plants for People and Places Volume 3

Horticulture  Plants for People and Places  Volume 3

38.16 Title page of M.A. du Breuil's “Cultures des Arbres et Arbrisseux à fruit de table”, vol. III. Vignobles et les arbres à fruitsàcidre, published in Paris,1875 the fruit trees?”, and hence the need to restrict their number close to ...

Author: Geoffrey R. Dixon

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789401785600

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 464

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This Trilogy explains “What is Horticulture?”. Volume three of Horticulture: Plants for People and Places presents readers with detailed accounts of the scientific and scholastic concepts which interact with the arts and humanities and which now underpins the rapidly evolving subject of Social Horticulture. This discipline transcends the barriers between science, medicine and the arts. This volume covers:- Horticulture and Society, Diet and Health, Psychological Health, Wildlife, Horticulture and Public Welfare, Education, Extension, Economics, Exports and Biosecurity, Scholarship and Art, Scholarship and Literature, Scholarship and History and the relationship between Horticulture and Gardening. This volume brings the evolution of the Discipline and Vocation of Horticulture firmly into the 21st Century. It covers new ground by providing a detailed analysis of the value of Horticulture as a force for enhancing society in the forms of social welfare, health and well-being, how knowledge is transferred within and between generations, and the place of Horticulture in the Arts and Humanities. Substantial emphasis is given to the relationships between health, well-being and plants by the internationally acclaimed authors who have contributed accounts of their work in this book.
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Science of Spices and Culinary Herbs Volume 3

Science of Spices and Culinary Herbs  Volume 3

Since it has a strong root system, it provides crops and houses a windbreak that is tamarind trees are never blown ... Only 3% of the tamarind tree belongs to public property and almost 85% of the tamarind is owned by men and only 12% ...

Author: Atta-ur-Rahman

Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers

ISBN: 9789811468346

Category: Medical

Page: 213

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Many herbs and spices, in addition to their culinary use for taste, contain chemical compounds which have medicinal uses. For this reason, herbs and spices have been used for treating various ailments since ancient times. Modern scientific methods have enabled researchers to isolate bioactive compounds from herbs and spices and perform chemical analyses, which can be used to develop medicines to treat different diseases. This book series is a compilation of current reviews on studies performed on herbs and spices. Science of Spices and Culinary Herbs is essential reading for medicinal chemists, herbalists and biomedical researchers interested in the science of natural herbs and spices that are common part of regional diets and folk medicine. The third volume of this series features the following reviews: 1. Anthelmintic Properties of Cinnamon for the Control of Agricultural and Public Health Pests 2. Nutraceutical Attributes of Tamarindus indica L. - Devils’ Tree with Sour Date 3. An Overview of the Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) Fruit: A Potential source of Nutritional and Health promoting Phytoconstituents 4. The Clinical Overview of Turmeric, Turmeric-based Medicines, and Turmeric Isolates 5. Origanum majorana: The Fragrance of Health 6. Black Pepper (Piper nigrum L.): The King of Spices 7. Coriander: A Herb with Multiple Benefits 8. Flax Seed (Linum usitatissimum) a Potential Functional Food Source.
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In general people are prohibited from cutting trees and disturbing animals in the sacred space around the temple. At the same time, people gain merit in Buddhist teaching by planting trees in the sacred space of the monastery and its ...

Author: Salustiano del Campo ,Tomoko Hamada ,Giancarlo Barbiroli,Saskia Sassen, Eleonora Barbieri-Masini, Paul Nchoji Nkwi, Owen Sichone, Abubakar Momoh

Publisher: EOLSS Publications

ISBN: 9781848263611


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Social and Economic Development is a component of Encyclopedia of Development and Economic Sciences in the global Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), which is an integrated compendium of twenty one Encyclopedias. The Theme on Social and Economic Development provides the essential aspects and a myriad of issues of great relevance to our world such as: Socioeconomic Developmental Social Work; Perspectives on Contemporary Socioeconomic Development; Sustainable Development of Natural Resource Capital; Sustainable Development Of Human Resource Capital; Intellectual And Knowledge Capital For Sustainable Development At Local, National, Regional, And Global Levels; Economic And Financial System Development Information And Knowledge; Institutional And Infrastructure System Development Information And Knowledge; Basic Principles Of Sustainable Development; Environmental Economics And Sustainable Development; Implementing Sustainable Development In A Changing World; Economic Sociology: Its History And Development; The Socioeconomics Of Agriculture; Agricultural And Rural Geography; Impact Of Global Change On Agriculture; Human Nutrition: An Overview; The Role Of Inter- And Nongovernmental Organizations; Nongovernmental Organizations; Social And Cultural Development Of Human Resources. This 8-volume set contains several chapters, each of size 5000-30000 words, with perspectives, issues on social and Economic Development. These volumes are aimed at the following five major target audiences: University and College students Educators, Professional practitioners, Research personnel and Policy analysts, managers, and decision makers and NGOs.

Atlas of United States Trees Minor western hardwoods by E L Little Jr

Atlas of United States Trees  Minor western hardwoods  by E L  Little  Jr

These eastern species not in Volume 1 will be in “ Volume 4 , Minor Eastern Hardwoods . " Thus , the native trees of these six Midwestern States are to be found among Volumes 1 , 3 , and 4 . About 20 species of Volume 3 are widespread ...

Author: United States. Forest Service


ISBN: PSU:000029182008

Category: Phytogeography


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Asia in the Making of Europe Volume III

Asia in the Making of Europe  Volume III

Book 3: Southeast Asia Donald F. Lach, Edwin J. Van Kley. yields.” The clove tree resembles the European bay tree, its leaves resemble those of the laurel. The leaves taste very much like the fruit. The cloves grow quickly. Trees ...

Author: Donald F. Lach

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226466989

Category: History

Page: 578

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This monumental series, acclaimed as a "masterpiece of comprehensive scholarship" in the New York Times Book Review, reveals the impact of Asia's high civilizations on the development of modern Western society. The authors examine the ways in which European encounters with Asia have altered the development of Western society, art, literature, science, and religion since the Renaissance. In Volume III: A Century of Advance, the authors have researched seventeenth-century European writings on Asia in an effort to understand how contemporaries saw Asian societies and peoples. Book 3: Southeast Asia examines European images of the lands, societies, religions, and cultures of Southeast Asia. The continental nations of Siam, Vietnam, Malaya, Pegu, Arakan, Cambodia, and Laos are discussed, as are the islands of Java, Bali, Sumatra, Borneo, Amboina, the Moluccas, the Bandas, Celebes, the Lesser Sundas, New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Mindanao, Jolo, Guam, and the Marianas.
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International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics Volume 3 2017

International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics  Volume 3  2017

Vol.3(2017), 57-70 ... Abstract: In this paper we prove that the number of spanning trees of the linear and general cyclic snake networks is the same ... Finally, we calculate their spanning trees entropy and compare it between them.

Author: Linfan Mao

Publisher: Infinite Study


Category: Mathematics

Page: 146

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Topics in detail to be covered are: Smarandache multi-spaces with applications to other sciences, such as those of algebraic multi-systems, multi-metric spaces; Smarandache geometries; Differential Geometry; Geometry on manifolds; Topological graphs; Algebraic graphs; Random graphs; Combinatorial maps; Graph and map enumeration; Combinatorial designs; Combinatorial enumeration; Low Dimensional Topology; Differential Topology; Topology of Manifolds; Geometrical aspects of Mathematical Physics and Relations with Manifold Topology; Applications of Smarandache multi-spaces to theoretical physics; Applications of Combinatorics to mathematics and theoretical physics.
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Principles and Practices of Plant Genomics Volume 3

Principles and Practices of Plant Genomics  Volume 3

The basic algorithm used for learning a decision tree from training data is a recursive process that follows these basic steps: 1. Select the most informative data feature not previously appearing in this branch 2.

Author: Chittaranjan Kole

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439845523

Category: Science

Page: 370

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This book presents the basic and applied aspects of sequencing of genes and genomes and their implication in the fine-scale elucidation of the plant genomes. The third volume presents an overview on the advances of plant genomics made in the past century; deliberations on the genomics resources; concepts, tools, strategies, and achievements of comparative, evolutionary, and functional genomics and whole-genome sequencing. It also presents critical reviews on the already completed genome initiatives and glimpses on the currently progressing genome initiatives. This volume is an ideal reference book for students, scholars and scientists in academia, industry, and government.
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