True Confessions New Cliches

True Confessions   New Cliches

For a poet who believes so much in poetry belonging to the voice, these works hold a special place and they have become firm favorites with the many fans who attend her public readings.

Author: Liz Lochhead

Publisher: Polygon

ISBN: 0954407539

Category: Poetry

Page: 144

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In True Confessions & New Cliches, Liz Lochhead has brought together a selection of the best of her raps, songs, sketches and monologues from her plays and revues. She pokes fun at the seriousness with which we deal with everyday events in touching and hilarious ways. For a poet who believes so much in poetry belonging to the voice, these works hold a special place and they have become firm favorites with the many fans who attend her public readings.
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Poetry Off the Page

Poetry Off the Page

Suzanne Valadon Story,« True Confessions and New Clichés (Edinburgh:
Polygon, 1985) 20. Brennan 4. June Rose, Suzanne Valadon (New York: St.
Martin«s P, 1999) 58¥59. Therese Diamand Rosinsky, Suzanne Valadon (New
York: ...

Author: Laura Severin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351910606

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 128

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This study examines the performed poetry of Charlotte Mew, Anna Wickham, Edith Sitwell, Stevie Smith, Liz Lochhead, and Jackie Kay as an alternative radical tradition of British poetry, developed to convey women's experience. Through a historical treatment in which the poets are discussed in pairs, the chapters trace how these six women used a performative poetry to deal with difficulties regarding women's representation: from simply presenting difference in the case of Mew and Wickham, to deconstructing difference in the case of Sitwell and Smith, to avoiding the recapture of cultural imagery in the case of Lochhead and Kay. Laura Severin claims that twentieth-century British women poets have been neglected by both feminist and more traditional literary critics because they cannot be read within available literary frameworks. Feminist criticism, in particular, has overlooked the value of other poetic ancestries by locating the only radical tradition of modern poetry in fractured form. At least one alternative radical tradition can be found in a narrative and performed poetry that maximizes its transgressive potential with multiple framing devices. Though a female poet always experiences difficulty in controlling both cultural imagery and her own public presentation, these framing devices work together both to deconstruct the essentialized category of woman and to recover the multiplicity of women's experience.
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A History of Scottish Women s Writing

A History of Scottish Women s Writing

Hence True Confessions ' and the technique was ' taking the ( gentle ) mickey out
of women ( i . e . ourselves ) ' . 19 The tautology of ' true confessions and the
oxymoron of ' new clichés ' , signal the artfulness with which these raps , songs ...

Author: Douglas Gifford

Publisher: Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105022388636

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 716

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This is the first comprehensive critical analysis of Scottish women's writing from its recoverable beginnings to the present day. Essays cover individual writers - such as Margaret Oliphant, Nan Shepherd, Muriel Spark and Liz Lochhead - as well as groups of writers or kinds of writing - such as women poets and dramatists, or Gaelic writing and the legacy of the Kailyard. In addition to poetry, drama and fiction, a varied body of non-fiction writing is also covered, including diaries, memoirs, biography and autobiography, didactic and polemic writing, and popular and periodical writing for and by women.
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Mary Shelley in Her Times

Mary Shelley in Her Times

Betty T. Bennett, Stuart Curran. This is the way the Scottish poet Liz Lochhead,
one of the most popular contemporary British women poets, begins her poem ''
True Confessions,'' which opens her collection True Confessions and New
Clichés, ...

Author: Betty T. Bennett

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801874628

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 328

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This volume advances Mary Shelley studies to a new level of discourse and raises important issues for English Romanticism and women's studies.
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The Reader s Companion to Twentieth century Writers

The Reader s Companion to Twentieth century Writers

In True Confessions and New Clichés she selected the best of the raps , songs ,
sketches and monologues from her plays and revues . In characters such as Mrs
Abernethy with her shortbread , and Sharon who has a crush on the English ...

Author: Peter Parker

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015038429042

Category: American literature

Page: 825

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Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy in a Nutshell provides a concise overview of a popular therapeutic approach, starting with the ABCDE Model of Emotional Disturbance and Change. Written by leading REBT specialists, Michael Neenan and Windy Dryden, the book goes on to explain the core of the therapeutic process: - Assessment - Disputing - Homework - Working through - Promoting self-change. As an introduction to the basics of the approach, this updated and revised edition of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy in a Nutshell is the ideal first text and a springboard to further study.
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Liz Lochhead s Voices

Liz Lochhead s Voices

1981 1982 1982 – 4 1983 School of Art . This year and the next , lengthy periods
in New York , where she almost goes to live . ... Writes and performs True
Confessions with Siobhan Redmond and Esther Allan at the Tron Theatre Club ,
Glasgow , in August , and ... True Confessions and New Clichés published in July

Author: Liz Lochhead


ISBN: UOM:39015032443205

Category: Drama

Page: 198

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This is the first substantial study of the immensely popular writer and dramatist, Liz Lochhead. It examines the full range of her poetry and drama and supplies a variety of contexts - biographical, feminist and theatrical among others - in which her work can be read, heard, viewed and relished. One of the few books devoted to the work of a Scottish woman writer, and one of an even smaller number dealing in detail with contemporary Scottish drama, Liz Lochhead's Voices raises significant questions both for women's studies and Scottish literature in general. It includes the only extensive bibliography of Lochhead's writings, and is written in an accessible style which will appeal both to the student and to the general reader.
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A History of Twentieth Century British Women s Poetry

A History of Twentieth Century British Women s Poetry

1972 Footprints New York : New Directions 1975 The Freeing of the Dust New
York : New Directions 1978 Life in the ... 1967–84 Edinburgh : Polygon 1985
True Confessions and New Cliches ( reprinted 1993 ) Edinburgh : Polygon 1991

Author: Jane Dowson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521819466

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 381

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Publisher Description
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The Book of Prefaces

The Book of Prefaces

... gloss on CLARE's MIDSUMMER CUSHION. LOCHHEAD, Liz: author of Memo
for Spring, Islands, Grimm Sisters, Dreaming Frankenstein, Bagpipe Muzak (
poetry), True Confessions and New Clichés (lyrics and monologues), Tartuffe (
Scots ...

Author: Alasdair Gray

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781526626196

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 640

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This book is NOT a monster created by a literary Baron Frankenstein, but a unique history of how literature spread and developed through three British nations and most North American states. The result of a lifetime's reading and creative labour, intellectual and artistic, THE BOOK OF PREFACES will delight, amaze and inform both casual browsers and students. Its like will not be seen again for at least another millennium.
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The Feminist Companion to Literature in English

The Feminist Companion to Literature in English

... 1981, about Mary SHELLEY, her 'first try at a real play'; it later became Blood
and Ice, produced in 1982, and in a new ... material from which appears in True
Confessions and New Clichés, 1985 (True Confessions was the title of a work of

Author: Virginia Blain

Publisher: London : B.T. Batsford

ISBN: UCSC:32106009776540

Category: American literature

Page: 1231

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Best Verse

Best Verse

Lochhead has also created several dramatic monologues and performance
pieces , many of which are collected in True Confessions and New Cliches (
Polygon , 1985 ) . Her stage plays include Blood and Ice ( Salamander Press ,
1982 ) , a ...



ISBN: UOM:39015068956344

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Contemporary Scottish Women Writers

Contemporary Scottish Women Writers

... music - hall aesthetics can be found ' , generating experience for audiences
that is ' not private , but rather communal and consensual ' . 18 Lochhead ' s
performance pieces in True Confessions and New Clichés ( also incorporating '
Sugar ...

Author: Aileen Christianson


ISBN: UOM:39015050488074

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 186

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These essays fill a gap in critical response to contemporary Scottish women writers.
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Scottish Women Writers to 1987

Scottish Women Writers to 1987

A plain speaking poet she uses the flat rhythms of ordinary speech , slang , puns
and cliches , making her poems narrative rather than descriptive . Her work
reflects the ... ML SP 821 . 914 LOC3 / DRE True confessions and new cliches .

Author: Karen A. Stewart


ISBN: UVA:X001594698

Category: Authors, Scottish

Page: 45

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The Joke s on Us

The Joke s on Us

... Carla Lane for The Liver Birds Jenny Lecoat for The Willy Song Helen Lederer
for stand - up routine extract Sue Limb for The Wordsmiths of Gorsemere Liz
Lochhead for True Confessions from True Confessions and New Cliches
Macmillan ...

Author: Morwenna Banks

Publisher: Unwin Hyman

ISBN: UOM:39015013397875

Category: Actresses

Page: 294

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Poem Purpose and Place

Poem  Purpose  and Place

In these contexts dead metaphor generates lively disturbance . A developing
attraction for live performance , evidenced in the raps and monologues which
comprise True Confessions and New Clichés ( 1985 ) , 4 brought some of these
issues ...

Author: Colin Nicholson

Publisher: Edinburgh : Polygon

ISBN: UOM:39015029475871

Category: Dialect poetry, Scottish

Page: 254

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Categories: Dialect poetry, Scottish

Waterstone s Guide to Books

Waterstone s Guide to Books

75 LEONARD , TOM ( 1944 - ) Using Glasgow speech patterns to create new
forms on the page , Leonard does not merely question but totally rejects
established literary ... 95 True Confessions and New Clichés [ XQ0276 ] Polygon
pbk pbk .

Author: Waterstone & Co


ISBN: 0951258982

Category: Books

Page: 1658

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British and Irish Dramatists Since World War II

British and Irish Dramatists Since World War II

82 - 117 ; Cuba , in New Connections : New Plays for Young People ( London :
Faber & Faber , 1997 ) , pp . ... True Confessions do New Clichés ( Edinburgh :
Polygon , 1985 ) ; Tartuffe : A Translation into Scots from the Original by Molière ...

Author: Gale Cengage

Publisher: Dictionary of Literary Biograp

ISBN: STANFORD:36105119944119

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 461

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Embraces the work of writers working in theatrical traditions ranging from the classic well-made play to the most radical avant-garde pieces. This variety is indicative of the fact that this period is one of the most important in British drama, comparable to the late-Elizabethan/Jacobean and post-Restoration eras in terms of the quantity and quality of new work and surpassing both of them in the sheer variety of theatrical offerings.
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British Playwrights 1956 1995

British Playwrights  1956 1995

In Bagpipe Muzak . Harmondsworth : Penguin , 1991 . Red Hot Shoes . Sections
published in True Confessions & New Clichés . Edinburgh : Polygon Books ,
1985 . Same Difference . Sections published in True Confessions & New Clichés

Author: William W. Demastes

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: STANFORD:36105018373600

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 502

View: 370

The year 1956 marked a point when British drama and theater fell into the hands of a group of young playwrights who revolutionized the stage. Due to the contributions of playwrights such as Samuel Beckett, John Osborne, and Harold Pinter, the last four decades of British theater have been as rich and varied as any national theater in history. This reference includes entries for some three dozen British playwrights active from 1956 to 1995, with entries providing biographical, theatrical, critical, and bibliographical information.
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Scottish Theatre Since the Seventies

Scottish Theatre Since the Seventies

... 1982 ) - True Confessions and New Clichés ( Edinburgh : Polygon , 1985 )
Tartuffe : A Translation Into Scots from the Original by Molière ( Edinburgh :
Polygon and Third Eye Centre , 1985 ) - Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head
Chopped off ...

Author: Randall Stevenson


ISBN: STANFORD:36105017782330

Category: Drama

Page: 240

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This is the first guide to the new Scottish theatre, its people, its politics, its companies and its audiences. Topical and often contentious, this book shows that drama deserves a central place in the current renaissance of Scottish literary culture.
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Vulgar Eloquence

Vulgar Eloquence

Fell , Alison , Pixner , Stef , Reid , Tina , Roberts , Michele , Oosthuizen , Ann ,
Licking the Bed Clean , Teeth Imprints , London , 1978 . Lochhead , Liz , True
Confessions and New Clichés , Polygon , Edinburgh , 1985 . Mayo , Marjorie ( ed
. ) ...

Author: Colin Kirkwood


ISBN: UOM:39015019611378

Category: Authority

Page: 373

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Hard boiled Detective Fiction

Hard boiled Detective Fiction

... postmodernism in Uncommon Cultures : Popular Culture and Postmodernism (
New York , London : Routledge , 1989 ) ... Only Diamonds Are Forever ” , True
Confessions and New Cliches ( Edinburgh : Polygon Books , 1985 ) and the
comic ...

Author: Ralph Willett


ISBN: STANFORD:36105016346913

Category: American fiction

Page: 61

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