True Nature

True Nature

The term natural can also refer to thephysical or biological world, rather than an idealone. Ina “real” sense then, what is natural is what existsin theworld, and what is unnatural is what cannot physically exist (Boswell, 1980).

Author: Michael R. Kauth

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461543015

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I have long been awe-struck by authors' claims that their books had been in the making for 5, or 10, or even 15 years. I now have a better appreciation ofthe work involved in bringing a book to press. The seeds of this project have had a long germination. The impetus for this book began more than 10 years ago when I was a graduate student in clinical psychology. Having an interest in human sexuality-and in theories on the forms of sexual attraction specifically-I was perplexed by various perspectives on this subject. Disciplines of thought that I encountered medicine, evolutionary biology, developmental psychology, gay/lesbian theory, social constructionism, anthropology, Marxism, Christianity, and others-perceived the issue so differently, so strongly, with almost no overlap. I was fascinated that the question ofhow and why one is attracted to either one or both sexes could elicit such conviction and divergent points of view. There seemed to be no easy way to resolve these differences. Still, what frustrated me most in my readings were several conceptual problems among the two prominent proponents of contemporary sexuality theory scientists and social constructionists. One ofmy first frustrations with biomedical and social scientists who write about sexuality was that they often define sexual attraction in strict behavioral terms, as completed observable sexual acts--observable in the sense that such acts or their consequences are seen by others.
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Zen Forest True Nature

Zen Forest  True Nature

True Nature At The Zen Forest Zen is about finding your true nature. The Zen Forest is a Zen Buddhist retreat centre in a wilderness area, also known as true nature. What is true nature? One's true nature surfaces when one lets go of ...

Author: Martin Avery


ISBN: 9780557508815


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The book about the Zen Forest Retreat, a Zen Buddhist center in Canada, providing traditional yet distinctly Western Zen training to people of all ages and religious backgrounds. Â

A Simple Shortcut to Inner Peace Joy Living Your True Nature

A Simple Shortcut to Inner Peace   Joy  Living Your True Nature

impulses came from the thinking mind or from your true nature. There is no other choice. There is no need to look for these insights. You will be shown everything you need to see as soon as you need to see it.

Author: Julie Sarah Powell


ISBN: 9780473164607

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This program and its accompanying audios are a life retraining system for you to actually be free, happy and all that you can be. It is also a practical manual that contains ground-breaking, pattern-breaking and perspective-altering truth. This is the truth of you and the truth of living your ultimate purpose; living as 'one' with life. Within the pages of this life-training program you will find the results of many years of research, practice and experience. This closely aligns with the best parts that have been described in spiritual traditions throughout the ages, without any of the difficulty. This teaching has been thoroughly tested and it works. You will cut through to the very core of existence and you will see exactly what you need to do in order to live in complete freedom in every aspect of your life. Take it and run with it as fast as you can!
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Morita Therapy and the True Nature of Anxiety Based Disorders Shinkeishitsu

Morita Therapy and the True Nature of Anxiety Based Disorders  Shinkeishitsu

From the viewpoint of natural science , God is not an actual entity ; rather , God is a transitional psychological ... associated thoughts are all expressions of the true nature of all things in the universe and are PERSUASION THERAPY 89.

Author: Shoma Morita

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791437663

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The first English translation of a seminal work in a therapeutic practice that holds increasing interest for Westerners.
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On the True Nature of the Soul Essays for the Seriously Curious

On the True Nature of the Soul  Essays for the Seriously Curious

Still others find special moments and places in nature that awaken feelings which take them beyond the mundane and ... If the true nature of the soul is the potential to be one with all things and its why on earth is to overcome the ...

Author: Robert Colacurcio

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524580230

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This book is a compilation of essays written mostly to family members and friends in response to their questions and comments to my other books. These essays were written in over a period of two years and can be read singly, although I have grouped them to try to achieve a cumulative effect. Many people seem satisfied with the childhood information about the soul that they carry into adulthood. Some people just find the subject beyond them, even though the soul is their most intimate companion. Everyone agrees that proper feeding requires accurate information about the animal or person being fed, and yet the spiritual nurture of the soul is not examined with the same critical eye. Much that I have to say, therefore, has to do with the proper feeding of the soul based on a critical examination of the true nature of the soul. As in all my books, I am indebted to the methods of examination from the Buddhas spiritual technology toolkit.
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Mysticism Its True Nature and Value

Mysticism  Its True Nature and Value

Natural mysticism is concerned with ideas and theories, not with actual experiences. Its method is identical with the Via Remotionis of speculative theology, of which the mystical or practical parallel is the withdrawal of the ...

Author: Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite

Publisher: Aeterna Press


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MYSTICISM, in the wide and somewhat loose sense in which the term is commonly used, may be considered as the final outcome of a congenital desire for knowledge which appears in all animate creatures. In children and savages, as also in the lower animals, it takes the rudimentary form of sensitive curiosity; in more fully developed rational natures it becomes the desire to understand the inner nature of things and finally extends itself to that obscure region, dimly recognised by all men, which lies beyond the sphere of things, and of the senses by which things are perceived. But knowledge is of two kinds—abstract and concrete, or experimental and theoretical. Aeterna Press
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A Brief Enquiry Into the True Nature and Character of Our Federal Government

A Brief Enquiry Into the True Nature and Character of Our Federal Government

6 cles of confederation formed , at that time , the only government of the United States ; and , of course , we are to collect from them alone the true nature of the connexion of the states with one another .

Author: Abel Parker Upshur



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A Careful and Free Inquiry Into the True Nature and Tendency of the Religious Principles of the Society of Friends Commonly Called Quakers

A Careful and Free Inquiry Into the True Nature and Tendency of the Religious Principles of the Society of Friends  Commonly Called Quakers

true outward Christ : and that instead of him , who in real human nature , had died on the cross , they had introduced the visionary principle of the Christ within : and that they avowed the deistical sentiment , that the knowledge of ...

Author: William Craig Brownlee


ISBN: UOM:39015051429051

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Economics Accounting and the True Nature of Capitalism

Economics  Accounting and the True Nature of Capitalism

... changing qualitatively such that arithmomorphic reasoning and models represent only similes of actual processes. ... It also calls for ontological studies of Nature to find out what it is, but also its function in the complex whole, ...

Author: Jacques Richard

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000484052

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Almost all economists, whether classical, neoclassical or Marxist, have failed in their analyses of capitalism to take into account the underpinning systems of accounting. This book draws attention to this lacuna, focusing specifically on the concept of capital: a major concept that dominates all teaching and practice in both economics and management. It is argued that while for the practitioners of capitalism – in accounting and business – the capital in their accounts is a debt to be repaid (or a thing to be kept), for economists it has been considered a means (or even a resource or an asset) intended to be worn out. This category error has led to economists failing to comprehend the true nature of capitalism. On this basis, this book proposes a new definition of capitalism that brings about considerable changes in the attitude to be had towards this economic system, in particular the means to bring about its replacement. This book will be of significant interest to readers to political economy, history of economic thought, critical accounting and heterodox economics.
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