Getting the Monkey off Your Back

Getting the Monkey off Your Back

Do you really want to get the monkey off your back? ... It is not what your closest friend(s) may tell you unless it lines up with the Word of God. “He has shown you, O man, ... Often people are their own worst enemy. If you really want ...

Author: J. Emil Terry

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781468541588

Category: Self-Help

Page: 127

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This book was written for the sole purpose of setting people free from addictive behavior. If a person struggles with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, over-eating, pornography or sex, gambling or any other type of addiction, this book gives clear direction for recovery. It clearly explains and challenges the various approaches to recovery; moreover, it gives the reader step by step guidance in experiencing a recreation of their lifestyle establishing power, manageablility and stability. There are many self help books produced and published for the purpose of helping people over-come addiction, but not until now has anyone published a book that challenge the disciplines of the behavioral sciences, the twelve step process, psychology, psychiatry, and the biblical based approach. The questions are being answered as to whether these approaches really work, and then the process for recovery is given in a simple format. If you dont need this book buy it for someone who does!
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A Sign of Things to Come

A Sign of Things to Come

You have become your own Tao, to use your expression in your last spiritual musing; and being your own Tao, you ... Didn't Penny say to you yesterday that you looked young, like you had the look of someone who got a monkey off his back?

Author: Orest Stocco


ISBN: 9781926442204

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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A Sign of Things to Come is a chronicle of the author's relationship with Padre Pio, the Roman Catholic Saint who communicates with the author through the creative process of active imagination. No less fascinating than Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, A Sign of Things to Come will challenge the reader in the knowledge that each and every person can engage their own guiding principle as these authors do with their own creative inner self.
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U Get That Monkey Off Your Own Back

U  Get That Monkey Off Your Own Back

This book is made up of poems by a classical musician, Thomas Lisenbee; a writer and teacher, Kay Z. Myers; and an art museum director, Bret Waller three former schoolmates from a small town in southeast Kansas.

Author: Nathaniel E. Mason


ISBN: 075964084X

Category: Religion

Page: 108

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This book is made up of poems by a classical musician, Thomas Lisenbee; a writer and teacher, Kay Z. Myers; and an art museum director, Bret Waller three former schoolmates from a small town in southeast Kansas. The trio came together for the first time in decades at a fiftieth anniversary high school reunion and discovered to their mutual surprise that for many years each had been writing poetry. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of their poems deal with remembered aspects of life in Girard, a community of three thousand, where the authors grew up only a few blocks apart on Osage Street. Here are vivid recollections of small-town Kansas by three talented writers whose personalities and individual life experiences have shaped three distinctly different voices. Their poems combine in these pages to create a memorable picture of life on Osage Street.
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One Aussie s Endeavours

One Aussie s Endeavours

The "U" in the title of this book represents a U-turn. A 180-degree turn from the direction you're going now. This book is all about "U." Because all of us have things in our lives that we know we should change.

Author: Perth Desperado

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781414029054

Category: Poetry

Page: 454

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The "U" in the title of this book represents a U-turn. A 180-degree turn from the direction you're going now. This book is all about "U." Because all of us have things in our lives that we know we should change. We may even have a strong desire to change certain behaviors about ourselves, but for some reason or another we don't. We make excuse after excuse for continuing this displeasing behavior. This straightforward and to the point book, as told by the self-explanatory title, challenges the reader to "Get That Monkey Off Your Own Back!" The goal being to get you to change your perception. Because the way you see things will affect the way you react to those things. This book implores the reader to "Think About It." Don't just read it and forget it. Think about what is being said. With such chapters as "Self Motivation," "Practice! Practice! Practice!" and "Why Worry?" this book promises to be an enjoyable and thought provoking read. So if you've got something about yourself that you'd like to change, read U! Get That Monkey Off Your Own Back! and discover the hidden power in "U." Something to think about: From the day you are born, you face numerous choices. You hear advice and viewpoints from various voices. Some say do it. Some say don't. Some say you will. Some say you won't. But in this maze of life, with its many doors. The choice has always been, and will always be . . . YOURS!
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United States Aid Operations in Laos

United States Aid Operations in Laos

... it can run on its own hook a little bit more and get the monkey off our backs . Mr. Hardy . “ Get the monkey off our backs ” is a good expression . Mr. PARSONS . Some of these projects are absolutely essential . You have to develop ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Operations


ISBN: LOC:00102309534

Category: Economic assistance, American

Page: 1014

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Presents a comprehensive study of the U.S. aid program for the southeast Asian Kingdom of Laos and the start of the hearing to discuss it further.
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Motivate Your Writing

Motivate Your Writing

Some writers get depressed at the end of a novel ; others love to get the monkey off their backs . Frankly , you may not be cut out for full - time writing . Even if you are , you may not want to write every minute of the day .

Author: Stephen P. Kelner

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1584654538

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 252

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Energize and organize your writing life by tapping your fundamental motivators.
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The Girlfriends Guide to Getting Your Groove Back

The Girlfriends  Guide to Getting Your Groove Back

It's too much , I know , just to let their complaints slide off your back like water off a duck , but it is possible to lend a sympathetic ear to their whining and still hold your own enjoyment safe in your pocket . You deserve it ...

Author: Vicki Iovine

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0399526307

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 310

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Bust out of that mommy rut and get into the groove! When a mother finally emerges from the mommy mole tunnel of pregnancy, breastfeeding, potty-training and preschool, she comes to the inevitable realization: The road to maternity is a one-way street. No U-turns allowed. You’ve survived the battles of baby- and toddler-hood, playdates and temper tantrums to time-outs. And just when it seems your former life is within reach—taking up neglected jobs and hobbies, committing to a fitness program, rediscovering the boyfriend living in the body of your husband—you crash headfirst into the wall of reality. The kids may be able to fasten their own seatbelts and pour their own cereal, but the homework, tucking in, car pools, and birthday parties have just begun. Let Vicki Iovine, author of The Girlfriends’ Guides, show you how to navigate the twists and turns of family life—and find time for your kids, your spouse, your home, your work, and yourself. You’re not alone in this “mommy adolescence.” In The Girlfriends’ Guide to Getting Your Groove Back, Iovine provides her trademark sage, witty advice on: - How to focus at work when things at home are in chaos—and vice versa - Making time for yourself—and not the PTA - Getting over the romantic myth of “date nights” and weekends away from the kids - Homework help—your transformation into a human flashcard - The dinnertime crush and how to relieve frozen pizza fatigue Iovine puts the perils of perpetual parenthood into perspective. You’ll feel like you do after a long chat with a good friend—relaxed, refreshed, and ready to reclaim your life …
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In the Zone

In the Zone

Critical Carl looked a little bemused and said , “ You're right . It is almost like trying to stop sneezing ... He said , ' It's good to get the monkey off my back about the Majors , but it was my own monkey that I put on my own back .

Author: J. Mitchell Perry

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0809229528

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 228

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"Mitchell Perry has been training winners for a long time. Let him help you on your journey." -- Kenneth Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager Athletes Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Joe Montana; coaches Bill Walsh and John Wooden; and most other superachievers in sports share a basic trait. All have similar and powerful mental management skills allowing them to obtain optimal performance results under maximum pressure. In The Zone is a step-by-step game plan for unleashing your optimum performance potential in business just as these top athletes and coaches do in their arenas. Dr. J. Mitchell Perry, whose JM Perry Corporation coaches business executives worldwide in these skills, and Steve Jamison illustrate in dramatic terms how understanding the method in which the likes of Jordan, Woods, and Montana think can have a positive and profound impact on your own performance results in the workplace. Perry and Jamison describe: How Jordan unleashes his optimum potential (and how you can do the same) Why "two option" thinking destroyed Greg Norman in the 1996 Masters Tournament How to experience instant recovery from business setbacks How to reduce stress from business challenges A clear and compelling playbook for raising your professional results to a higher and more consistent level, In the Zone gets you to the top of your game in business. Dr. J. Mitchell Perry, president of the JM Perry Corporation in Palo Alto, California, is a psychologist, professional speaker, entrepreneur, and award-winning organizational psychologist. Steve Jamison, a columnist and television producer, is coauthor of Winning Ugly: Mental Warfare in Tennis and Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court.
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Live in the Present and Learn Valuable Life Lessons to Improve Any Relationship

Live in the Present and Learn Valuable Life Lessons to Improve Any Relationship

Did You Get That Monkey Off Your Back? ... I have chosen to flatter you about your laughter. ... Be more aware cf the wonderful sound cf your own laughter and from this notice the good, warm feeling created by you, within you, and then, ...

Author: Josh R. Himmelman

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452549927

Category: Self-Help

Page: 266

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The development of this couple's relationship, with all of its problems, is reflected quite candidly in their experiences of living in an abusive relationship. This book speaks of the co-existence of a man and a woman who are trying to love each other and be committed for life but fail miserably. The book is divided into sections, each recounting a different stage of their eleven-year relationship. Each section is followed by life lessons, so the reader can learn from what this couple experienced. Each lesson looks at the root cause of an issue. A few examples are: being victimized, broken trust, drug abuse, true friendship, etc. These issues can exist in all intimate relationships today, so that all readers can benefit in learning from the relationship experiences.
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I phoned him earlier, after we got back from doing the bus ride thing and met up with the pair you met in Act Two. ... MY OWN MONKEY: So you're given that opportunity to explain and promote the beauty of revolution, something that ...

Author: Lukas Feireiss

Publisher: Frame Publishers

ISBN: 9789492311306

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 276

View: 275

Generational dialogues between 40 world-renowned creatives exploring how the creative legacy of previous generations is being reinterpreted over time. Description What is this phenomenon we call ‘legacy’? This intangible inheritance that we eventually leave for our posterity? Is it the creative and intellectual heritage that one generation passes on to the next? Conceived by Lukas Feireiss, the book at hand tries to probe this open question by engaging in critical dialogue different generations of creatives, connectors and thinkers alike. In some cases, between inherent legacy of parent and child, in many cases between mentor and students, or simply between friends. The more than 40 illustrious contributors to this dialogue derive from an array of fields of knowledge and experience. Their stories often provide very personal insights into their work and life. They also reveal a broader perspective on the overall realms of art, design, architecture, music, literature, photography and curation in the 20th and 21st century. With contributions by Olafur Eliasson and Einar Thorsteinn, Lukas Feireiss and Ai Weiwei, Charlie and Rem Koolhaas, Francesca Gavin and Kerry James Marshall, Sophie Lovell and Dieter Rams, Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Yona Friedman, Shumon Basar and Ken Adam, Carson Chan and Phyllis Lambert, Rachel and Daniel Libeskind, Andres Ramirez and Denise Scott Brown, Aric Chen and Arata Isozaki, Ahmir Questlove Thompson and George Clinton and many more.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines