Unfavorable Odds

Unfavorable Odds

Unfavorable Odds also demonstrates how God will strategically place the right
people in your life at just the right time, allowing you to excel beyond belief
through a relationship with him. —Lauryn Williams, track and field world
champion and ...

Author: Kim Hamilton Anthony

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781615664955

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 277

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When Kim Hamilton rose to fame, she was anything but a typical world-class gymnast. She wasn't white, she didn't come from a middle-class family, and she was tall for a gymnast. But facing those obstacles was nothing compared To The challenges she faced at home. There, she tumbled in a secret world filled with drugs, violence, and financial strain. She met Unfavorable Odds but found hope by persevering through the pain. Here, Kim shares the techniques she learned to catapult herself from the past into the purpose God intended for her life.
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The Anywhere Leader

The Anywhere Leader

Debbie feels that her experience, effort, and intellect will swing those odds of
success from 30 percent to 70 percent. ... P Unfavorable Odds/ Favorable Odds/
High Payout High Payout Stupid Safe Unfavorable Odds/ Favorable Odds/ Low ...

Author: Mike Thompson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118002346

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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This book offers a blueprint for developing leaders who can handle surprising challenges, from mergers to global relocation, and who thrive in turbulent times by being open to new concepts, passionate about progress, and resourceful with the tools available.
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The Math of Money

The Math of Money

are unfavorable; if you have the same odds but bet 10,000 times, you are virtually
certain to lose. This convergence of the theoretical average profit and the actual
profit when a bet is made repeatedly is a consequence of a statistical theorem ...

Author: Morton D. Davis

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781475743340

Category: Mathematics

Page: 199

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This lively and practical introduction to the mathematics of money invites us to take a fresh look at the numbers that underpin our financial decisions. Morton D. Davis talks about strategies to use when we are required to bet against the odds (purchasing auto insurance) or choose to bet against the odds (wagering in a casino or at the track). He considers the ways in which we can streamline and simplify the choices available to us in mortgages and other loans. And he helps us understand the real probabilities when we accept a tip on that "one in a thousand" stock, even when the tip comes from a successful day trader. With a wealth of entertaining and counterintuitive examples, The Math of Money delights as well as informs, and will help readers treat their financial resources more rationally.
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Beating the Odds

Beating the Odds

... leadership skills or artistic talent) has been found to be related to positive
development among urban youth.2 The literature on resilience focuses on high-
risk youth who succeed in life despite unfavorable odds. One key factor that leads
to ...

Author: Freeman A. Hrabowski III

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199762082

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

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Today, young Black men are more likely to be killed or sent to prison than to graduate from college. Yet, despite all the obstacles, some are achieving at the highest academic and professional levels. Beating the Odds tells their remarkable stories and shows us what African American families have done to raise academically successful sons, sons who are among the top two percent of African American males in terms of SAT scores and grades. The result of extensive and innovative research, Beating the Odds goes beyond mere analysis--and beyond the relentlessly negative media images--to show us precisely how young Black men can succeed despite the roadblocks of racism, the temptations of crime and drugs, and a popular culture that values being "cool" over being educated. By interviewing parents and children from a range of economic and educational backgrounds and from both single and two-parent homes, the authors identify those constants that contribute to academic achievement and offer step-by-step guidance on six essential strategies for effective parenting: child-focused love; strong limit-setting and discipline; continually high expectations; open, consistent, and strong communication; positive racial identity and positive male identity; and full use of community resources. The proof of the effectiveness of such strategies is in the sons themselves, who speak eloquently in these pages about their struggles and successes in both the classroom and the often hostile world that surrounds it. Essential reading for parents, teachers, and school administrators, Beating the Odds offers insight, guidance, and hope for anyone concerned about the plight of young African American men and the society they live in.
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Essays on Ethics Social Behaviour and Scientific Explanation

Essays on Ethics  Social Behaviour  and Scientific Explanation

For example, suppose we find that a given individual is willing to gamble at very
unfavorable odds—say, he is willing to pay $5 for a lottery ticket giving him a 1/
1000 chance of winning $ 1000. This allows us the inference that his vNM utility ...

Author: J.C. Harsanyi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401093279

Category: Social Science

Page: 278

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When John Harsanyi came to Stanford University as a candidate for the Ph.D., I asked him why he was bothering, since it was most un likely that he had anything to learn from us. He was already a known scho lar; in addition to some papers in economics, the first two papers in this vol ume had already been published and had dazzled me by their originality and their combination of philosophical insight and technical competence. However, I am very glad I did not discourage him; whether he learned any thing worthwhile I don't know, but we all learned much from him on the foundations of the theory of games and specifically on the outcome of bar gaining. The central focus of Harsanyi's work has continued to be in the theory of games, but especially on the foundations and conceptual problems. The theory of games, properly understood, is a very broad approach to social interaction based on individually rational behavior, and it connects closely with fundamental methodological and substantive issues in social science and in ethics. An indication of the range of Harsanyi's interest in game the ory can be found in the first paper of Part B -though in fact his owncontri butions are much broader-and in the second paper the applications to the methodology of social science. The remaining papers in that section show more specifically the richness of game theory in specific applications.
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Maximum Math

Maximum Math

The formula for finding the probability of one event followed by a dependent
event is written P(A, B) = P(A) x P(B/A) where P(B/A) is read "the probability of B
given A." Determining odds Odds are the ratio of favorable outcomes to
unfavorable ...

Author: Kathryn Stout

Publisher: Design-A-Study

ISBN: 9781891975042

Category: Mathematics

Page: 240

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Mathematical Excursions

Mathematical Excursions

The opposite event, the event of the Patriots winning, is an unfavorable outcome.
(To many gamblers' surprise, the Rams lost.) Odds are frequently expressed in
terms of favorable and unfavorable outcomes. INSTRUCTOR NOTE Make sure ...

Author: Richard N. Aufmann


ISBN: 0618302549

Category: Mathematical recreations

Page: 1049

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Playing the Odds

Playing the Odds

What is predictable for playing the odds to prevent cancer or the risk of death
from cancer is in the percentages of favorable or unfavorable odds determined by
research studies of well - known risks for cancer . Women will have favorable ...

Author: H. Bud Hauslein


ISBN: CHI:81053714

Category: Life expectancy

Page: 254

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Beyond those unfavorable odds , it was rarer still for Pitts and Jackler to be
presented with the opportunity to have such a positive impact in one family -- the
potential to prevent disability in two affected siblings who had yet to experience ...

Author: University of California, San Francisco


ISBN: UCSF:31378007871489

Category: Hospitals


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Underground to Palestine

Underground to Palestine

There is an Army, a government, a State, a people, a familiarity with
overwhelmingly unfavorable odds, and that same weapon which was Israel's
secret in 1948, ein brera, no alternative but to fight if fight it must. This may
explain why people ...

Author: I. F. Stone

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781497698017

Category: History

Page: 265

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A moving and unforgettable eyewitness account of the courageous exodus of Holocaust survivors from post–World War II Europe to the Promised Land, now expanded with Stone’s frontline reporting on the Arab-Israeli crises of 1948–49 and the Suez War of 1956, and with a new foreword by D. D. Guttenplan In the spring of 1946, American journalist I. F. Stone embarked on an incredible adventure, accompanying Holocaust survivors as they made their historic voyage from Eastern Europe to the biblical Promised Land. Undertaken in secrecy against the strict orders of Palestine’s British colonial governors, this harrowing escape began in the displaced persons camps of Germany and Poland. An illegal convoy of the homeless, proud, and determined, these refugees traveled by train and by foot across the European continent before boarding the ship that would carry them past the British blockade to their ancient, ancestral home. No account of the historic twentieth-century exodus is as poignant, powerful, exhilarating, and dramatic as this acclaimed first-person narrative. Through the words of author I. F. Stone, one of America’s most provocative and revered investigative reporters, these courageous men, women, and children live again. Largely implicit but nevertheless unyielding is Stone’s belief in a binational Arab-Jewish state, a creed unacceptable to the Zionist movement of the time. Included are essays written in the years following Israel’s establishment, reflecting on the state of the newly reborn nation and the volatile situation in the Middle East thirty years beyond the establishment of Mandatory Palestine. Caught between the immediate, innate sense of belonging he felt in Palestine and his own developing critique of Zionism, Stone wrote into each of these works a personal struggle, a question of justice unsolved today. With a new introduction by D. D. Guttenplan, this edition reveals a perspective indispensable to understanding past and present tensions in the Middle East.
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Beyond Xs and Os

Beyond Xs and Os

Although I didn't have to endure the same public criticism that Hayden did, I still
had my critics and still had to overcome unfavorable odds. About 75 percent of
new business start-ups make it through the first year, 50 percent are still alive
after ...

Author: Thomas J Berthel

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9781616081133

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 231

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How the mentorship and leadership principles of a legendary collegefootball coach can help make you a success.
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The Elf Queen Of Shannara

The Elf Queen Of Shannara

Their only concession to the unfavorable odds was to pointedly avoid speaking of
them. The day began clear and crisp, the skies unclouded and blue, the sunrise a
bright splash across the eastern horizon that silhouetted the mountains in ...

Author: Terry Brooks

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781405515719

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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***50 MILLION TERRY BROOKS COPIES SOLD AROUND THE WORLD*** THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES IS NOW A MAJOR TV SERIES 'Terry's place is at the head of the fantasy world' Philip Pullman Wren Ohmsford, Scion of Shannara, came from the Westlands, where she lived the life of a Rover. Now she, like her kinsmen, Par and Walker Boh, has been called upon to help the shade of Allanon fight the totalitarian power of the Federation. She must find the Elves, who disappeared from their strongholds more than one hundred years ago . . . But even knowledge of the Elves is hard to find - only a blind, wise woman of the West knows something of their location. On her advice, Wren and her Rover companion, Garth, journey to the coast of the Blue Divide, where they build a fire and let it burn for three days. With the unexpected help that their blaze attracts, they reach the isle of Morrowindle and near their goal - to find the last of the Elves. But they also find dangers such as they could not have imagined, and Wren will make a discovery that will change her life forever. Praise for Terry Brooks: 'A master of the craft . . . required reading' Brent Weeks 'I can't even begin to count how many of Terry Brooks's books I've read (and re-read) over the years' Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind 'I would not be writing epic fantasy today if not for Shannara' Peter V. Brett, author of The Painted Man 'If you haven't read Terry Brooks, you haven't read fantasy' Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon The Heritage of Shannara series: THE SCIONS OF SHANNARA THE DRUID OF SHANNARA THE ELF QUEEN OF SHANNARA THE TALISMANS OF SHANNARA
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Rust Bucket

Rust Bucket

They stubbornly tried to resist the unfavorable odds of my ten ships to their three.
It was exactly the kind of initial skirmish I anticipated as we destroyed those three
ships completely. We swept past their battered hulls to the enemy home world ...

Author: Atk Butterfly

Publisher: Bitingduck Press LLC

ISBN: 9781886420502

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

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A band of space cowboys set out with uncompromising determination to stave off the forces of darkness and chaos and keep the universe safe for the orderly progression of the human ideal of freedom.
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The Great Famine Genocide in Iran

The Great Famine   Genocide in Iran

Despite unfavorable odds, the revolutionaries triumphed and occupied Tehran in
July 1909, replaced Mohammad Ali Shah by his 12-year-old son, Ahmad Shah,
and reconvened parliament. Having consolidated its position, the new ...

Author: Mohammad Gholi Majd

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761861683

Category: History

Page: 208

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At least 8–10 million Iranians out of a population of 18–20 million died of starvation and disease during the famine of 1917–1919. The Iranian holocaust was the biggest calamity of World War I and one of the worst genocides of the 20th century, yet it remained concealed for nearly a century. The 2003 edition of this book relied primarily on US diplomatic records and memoirs of British officers who served in Iran in World War I, but in this edition these documents have been supplemented with US military records, British official sources, memoirs, diaries of notable Iranians, and a wide array of Iranian newspaper reports. In addition, the demographic data has been expanded to include newly discovered US State Department documents on Iran’s pre-1914 population. This book also includes a new chapter with a detailed military and political history of Iran in World War I. A work of enduring value, Majd provides a comprehensive account of Iran’s greatest calamity.
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Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

Some patients will welcome analgesia and sedation in such a crisis; however,
others may wish to remain as lucid as possible or hope that they will survive
against unfavorable odds. The Katrina case illustrates how predictions during a ...

Author: Bernard Lo

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9781451178753

Category: Medical

Page: 360

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This timely Fourth Edition offers clinicians expert guidance in approaching a wide range of ethical dilemmas and developing an action plan. Most chapters include real-life sample cases that the author walks through, discussing the salient issues and how to approach them. This edition includes a new chapter on ethical issues in cross-cultural medicine and new material on conscientious objection by physicians in reproductive health and other areas. Other topics addressed include disclosure of errors to patients, gifts to physicians from drug companies, involuntary psychiatric treatment, genomic medicine, and ethical issues during public health emergencies such as pandemics. The updated discussion of organ transplantation includes increasing the donor pool and non-heart beating donors.
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The First Vermont Cavalry in the Civil War

The First Vermont Cavalry in the Civil War

Suddenly confronted with unfavorable odds, the bold Huntoon surprised the
rebels, and quite likely some of his own men, by charging. This aggressiveness
interrupted Captain George Sheetz's command, which had “set to work putting
hay in ...

Author: Joseph D. Collea, Jr.

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786457199

Category: History

Page: 343

View: 280

The First Vermont Cavalry participated in 75 major Civil War engagements from 1862 through 1865. As the state’s only mounted regiment, riding Vermont–bred Morgan horses, the Cavalry unit battled some of the most notable Confederate cavalry commanders, mostly in Virginia. This history explores in detail the battles and leaders of the unit, including generals George Custer and Philip Sheridan.
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Getting the Best of It

Getting the Best of It

Likewise it is fine to make an occasional more serious effort to overcome slight
unfavorable odds if your goal is to win a lot of money with a small initial
investment. I even know some professional gamblers who every once in a while
take a ...

Author: David Sklansky

Publisher: Two Plus Two Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1880685043

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 310

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Contains six sections discussing probability, poker, blackjack, other casino games, sports betting, and general gambling concepts. This book contains some of the most sophisticated gambling ideas that have ever been put into print. Included is perhaps the best discussion of the basic mathematics of gambling, yet it is written so that even the most non-mathematical of readers can understand it. Many of the ideas discussed are those that the author himself has successfully used during his career. Topics include expectation, combinations, Baye's Theorem, the eight mistakes in poker, checking in the dark, playing tight, The Key Card Concept, casinos and their mistakes, crapless craps, betting sports, hedging and middling, knowing what's important, the Law of Averages and Other Fallacies, and much more.
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20 Things to Know about Deep Brain Stimulation

20 Things to Know about Deep Brain Stimulation

... which faces unfavorable odds when competing with epilepsy, headache, and
other more common disorders and treatments for the physicians' and healthcare
professionals' attention. Yet it is the patient whose suffering could be alleviated ...

Author: Erwin B. Montgomery, Jr.

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199338849

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 886

Twenty Things to Know About Deep Brain Stimulation is an extensive and in-depth critical analysis of the field of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) from what many may consider a revolutionary perspective. This book demonstrates the unique nature and incredible promise of DBS and shows how it is unparalleled as a therapeutic intervention. Dr. Montgomery provides an epistemic analysis of the presuppositions, assumptions and fallacies underlying current clinical understanding of DBS as well as the physiology and pathophysiology affected by DBS. Reviews of the safety and efficacy for a number of conditions, patient selections and issues in the post-operative management are also included. Given the revolutionary potential and the complexity of DBS in an ever changing healthcare delivery context, the ethics of DBS are discussed in detail.
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Sista Speak

Sista  Speak

From the very beginning I saw myself as writing ... for those who would care
about . . . women not only because of their unique individualities, but also
because of what they represent: black women /writers struggling against
unfavorable odds ...

Author: Sonja L. Lanehart

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292777941

Category: Social Science

Page: 264

View: 292

The demand of white, affluent society that all Americans should speak, read, and write "proper" English causes many people who are not white and/or middle class to attempt to "talk in a way that feel peculiar to [their] mind," as a character in Alice Walker's The Color Purple puts it. In this book, Sonja Lanehart explores how this valorization of "proper" English has affected the language, literacy, educational achievements, and self-image of five African American women—her grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, and herself. Through interviews and written statements by each woman, Lanehart draws out the life stories of these women and their attitudes toward and use of language. Making comparisons and contrasts among them, she shows how, even within a single family, differences in age, educational opportunities, and social circumstances can lead to widely different abilities and comfort in using language to navigate daily life. Her research also adds a new dimension to our understanding of African American English, which has been little studied in relation to women.
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The Unknown American Revolution

The Unknown American Revolution

... approached.54 But those who struck for their freedom in the face of
unfavorable odds were hardly “deluded,” as Richard Henry Lee believed, and
most would doubtlessly have laughed at the notion that they were “defrauding”
their masters.

Author: Gary B. Nash

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440627057

Category: History

Page: 544

View: 690

In this audacious recasting of the American Revolution, distinguished historian Gary Nash offers a profound new way of thinking about the struggle to create this country, introducing readers to a coalition of patriots from all classes and races of American society. From millennialist preachers to enslaved Africans, disgruntled women to aggrieved Indians, the people so vividly portrayed in this book did not all agree or succeed, but during the exhilarating and messy years of this country's birth, they laid down ideas that have become part of our inheritance and ideals toward which we still strive today.
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