Evelina The Omega

Evelina The Omega

I don't have that time. What if someone is looking for me?” “Unless you have the master key as well, the main seal, the alpha and the omega or even the catalyst with you without them you can't prove it straight away,” “We can verify if ...

Author: David Gomadza

Publisher: David Gomadza


Category: Fiction

Page: 428

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This is book 2 of the Evelina series. Things get even hot. Raised stakes and a matter of life or death. Mankind’s existence rest on the shoulders of one woman. The Omega. The first woman has become the last woman. The only true seal. What if it was all planned before this world was created? To save all humanity, mankind must find the only true key; the Omega. On the other hand, to restore the lost kingdom of darkness, the devil must find the most wanted catalyst; The Omega. When everyone’s fate is in your hands what are the risks to yourself? It is a dash against time as total obliteration of the losing team is imminent and inevitable. It is a story of courage, steadfast and honor in the face of death. When loyalty is tested to breaking points. When the person you are to protect is the same person you must kill to save humanity from extinction? Some choices are meant for gods as humans are too weak and unequipped to handle such traumatic experiences. One man’s quest to solve God’s Dilemma, but at what cost? One lady’s quest to clear her name and enjoy life like every woman out there, but with what is at stake will the evil regime turn a blind eye?And at what expense?On the edge of the seat from the word go. A MUST READ.
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We Can t Be Friends

We Can t Be Friends

I read actual books... I can open a door and step outside. Whenever I want. With no one even watching me. That's a frigging miracle. So what the fuck am I saying, I have nothing to do? I have everything to do. I have anything.

Author: Cyndy Etler

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781492635772

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 304

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The companion to The Dead Inside, "[An] unnerving and heartrending memoir" (Publishers Weekly) This is the story of my return to high school. This is the true story of how I didn't die. High school sucks for a lot of people. High school extra sucks when you believe, deep in your soul, that every kid in the school is out to get you. I wasn't popular before I got locked up in Straight Inc., the notorious "tough love" program for troubled teens. So it's not like I was walking around thinking everyone liked me. But when you're psychologically beaten for sixteen months, you start to absorb the lessons. The lessons in Straight were: You are evil. Your peers are evil. Everything is evil except Straight, Inc. Before long, you're a true believer. And when you're finally released, sent back into the world, you crave safety. Crave being back in the warehouse. And if you can't be there, you'd rather be dead.
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Christmas at Emelia s

Christmas at Emelia s

I drool. “Sexy butt?” I roll my eyes and should have known better saying something like that to Gabe. ... “I love you with all I still can't believe that this gorgeous man, who I've loved, always, actually loves me. I'm beyond happy.

Author: Lexi Buchanan

Publisher: HFCA Publishing House


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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This Christmas join the De La Fuentes and McKenzies in Blossom Creek as they celebrate the grand opening of Emelia’s Restaurant. Over twenty years after Levi De La Fuente's parents opened the first Emelia’s, Levi and his cousin Ryan are getting ready to open a second location. Emma De La Fuente manages the first Emelia’s in Essex, Vermont for her parents. She’s in town to assist her brother and cousin in getting the new restaurant ready for its grand opening. However, she didn’t plan on the strong attraction she feels toward the town Sheriff. The man with his sweet words and heated looks has managed to derail her plans on returning home. While his sister is distracted, Levi finds himself in need of rescuing from a rather embarrassing situation. Luckily for him, Vivien Taylor, owner of Temptations, Blossom Creek’s handmade chocolate store, appears just at the right time. If only he didn’t crave the sweet woman, then maybe, this situation wouldn’t be so awkward. Blossom Creek just might be warm enough to melt the snow this holiday season.
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Representing Australian Aboriginal Music and Dance 1930 1970

Representing Australian Aboriginal Music and Dance 1930 1970

In cultureway, everything's connected. When I read your book's title, I thought what good can I be? Of course, I am a product of that, it's not in isolation, you know? We're always going to have these yarns about institutions that never ...

Author: Amanda Harris

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501362941

Category: Music

Page: 208

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Shortlisted for the 2021 Prime Minister's Literary Award for Australian History. Representing Australian Aboriginal Music and Dance 1930-1970 offers a rethinking of recent Australian music history. Amanda Harris presents accounts of Aboriginal music and dance by Aboriginal performers on public stages. Harris also historicizes the practices of non-Indigenous art music composers evoking Aboriginal music in their works, placing this in the context of emerging cultural institutions and policy frameworks. Centralizing auditory worlds and audio-visual evidence, Harris shows the direct relationship between the limits on Aboriginal people's mobility and non-Indigenous representations of Aboriginal culture. This book seeks to listen to Aboriginal accounts of disruption and continuation of Aboriginal cultural practices and features contributions from Aboriginal scholars Shannon Foster, Tiriki Onus and Nardi Simpson as personal interpretations of their family and community histories. Contextualizing recent music and dance practices in broader histories of policy, settler colonial structures, and postcolonizing efforts, the book offers a new lens on the development of Australian musical cultures.
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Bad Choices and Heartaches

Bad Choices and Heartaches

I know she can do this.” “And then what? ... “Don't you want her to get somewhere, to do more than we did? ... I've done everything I could, I just stopped working two jobs, and your only focus has always been on Gabby and the Olympics.

Author: Casey Diam

Publisher: NLM Romance Publishing


Category: Fiction


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Ryker Stanley was a stunning specimen of a human, a creation that was aesthetically flawless. He is also a jerk. I know he hasn’t always been this way—after all, we were once best friends, but when our friendship ended, I watched from the sidelines as he made a series of bad choices, and left dozens of broken hearts in his wake. He has the looks, the charm, the girls, and as an elite football player, he’s heading off to college months earlier than anyone expected. I need to stay in Alpen Springs, to continue to train for the Olympics. My timing might not be perfect, but I need to fix things with us, and if the fire in his eyes is any indication, nothing, including our clothes, will be immune to its heat. I don’t stand a chance of resisting. Conflicting goals and distance be damned . . . I am about to entrust my heart to my ex-best friend who is known for breaking them.
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Satan You Can t Have My Day

Satan  You Can t Have My Day

Humans have a tendency to worry about everything. We as Christians have the power of God in us to overcome anxiety, but we must learn to arrest and cast out these tormenting emo- tions before they become squatters. Don't worry about ...

Author: Iris Delgado

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 9781621369752

Category: Religion

Page: 400

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Declare your authority over the devil every day of the year!
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Under a Christmas Moon

Under a Christmas Moon

I never told you how much it meant to Stewart when you boys started calling him Dad.” She squared her shoulders ... She claims she can't get them in the park, but people have taken millions of pictures in Yellowstone. On the other hand, ...

Author: Mary Anne Wilson

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781488068379

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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This Christmas… A stranger will steal his heart Test pilot Jake Bishop keeps his secrets safe, along with his heart. So he’s taken aback when his solitary Christmas at a Wyoming ranch is interrupted by oh-so-determined Liberty Connor. Despite his best efforts, the charming redhead is unraveling all his defenses. Now Jake’s in big trouble. Because even wishing on a Christmas moon won’t save him from falling for a woman who’s engaged to another man… Eclipse Ridge Ranch Book 1: Under a Christmas Moon Book 2: A Wyoming Homecoming
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Harper s Magazine

Harper s Magazine

“ And kind fair torgive life , considerwhy , why can a man never understand ing . ... But a glamour ; made the girl unwontedly shouldn't one have everything that's in- sweet , a most unclouded bride . tended ? Do you really think it ...

Author: Henry Mills Alden


ISBN: UOM:39015056097184



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Important American periodical dating back to 1850.

The Register of the Cecil B DeMille Archives

The Register of the Cecil B  DeMille Archives

... The Little American , * The Woman God Forgot , The Devil Stone , The Whispering Chorus , * Old Wives for New , We Can ' t Have Everything , Till I Come Back to You , The Squaw Man ( 1918 ) , Don ' t Change Your Husband , For Better ...

Author: Harold B. Lee Library

Publisher: Brigham Young Univ Cecil B Demille

ISBN: STANFORD:36105002356157

Category: Art

Page: 465

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The National Magazine

The National Magazine

I ' Dick ? ' Besides , he has a heap of Then shall I be upright , and I shall be money . ... An excellent rider , a beautiful " One can't have everything , " Peggie swimmer , plays golf beyond words , and said consolingly . has a voice ...



ISBN: WISC:89114864432

Category: American periodicals


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