We Were Promised Spotlights

We Were Promised Spotlights

She had a perfectly curated character she presented to everyone, and she executed it well. We all had secrets. We did our best to keep our own, and to keep each other's. ... I was still 223 We were Promised spotlights.

Author: Lindsay Sproul

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781524738549

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 480

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The Miseducation of Cameron Post meets Everything Leads to You in this queer young adult novel. Hopuonk, Massachusetts, 1999 Taylor Garland's good looks have earned her the admiration of everyone in her small town. She's homecoming queen, the life of every party, and she's on every boy's most-wanted list. People think Taylor is living the dream, and assume she'll stay in town and have kids with the homecoming king--maybe even be a dental hygienist if she's super ambitious. But Taylor is actually desperate to leave home, and she hates the smell of dentists' offices. Also? She's completely in love with her best friend, Susan. Senior year is almost over, and everything seems perfect. Now Taylor just has to figure out how to throw it all away. Lindsay Sproul's debut is full of compelling introspection and painfully honest commentary on what it's like to be harnessed to a destiny you never wanted.
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Pedagogy of the Depressed

Pedagogy of the Depressed

Reasons End and my colleague Lindsay Sproul's just published We Were Promised Spotlights. The idea was to track the development of the novel across three centuries and to see what the beginnings of these novels could teach us about this ...

Author: Christopher Schaberg

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501364600

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 184

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This book is one English professor's assessment of university life in the early 21st century. From rising mental health concerns and trigger warnings to learning management systems and the COVID pandemic, Christopher Schaberg reflects on the rapidly evolving landscape of higher education. Adopting an interdisciplinary public humanities approach, Schaberg considers the frequently exhausting and depressing realities of college today. Yet in these meditations he also finds hope: collaboration, mentoring, less grading, surface reading, and other pedagogical strategies open up opportunities to reinvigorate teaching and learning in the current turbulent decade.
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Spotlights on Irish History

Spotlights on Irish History

... and to incline further to the right hand ( as our left wing had done before to the left ) as if they likewise intended ... as he had promised with his Red - shankes ) came thundring downe without the least sense of danger , even the ...

Author: Brendan Clifford


ISBN: STANFORD:36105021368217

Category: Ireland

Page: 172

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Shakespeare in the Theatre The American Shakespeare Center

Shakespeare in the Theatre  The American Shakespeare Center

... the house lights – which we had been promised would stay on, as we are promised every night – went dark, or at least dim. ... However many redundancies in the beltsandsuspender lighting system – chandeliers, sconces, spotlights, ...

Author: Paul Menzer

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472584991

Category: Drama

Page: 272

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The original Blackfriars closed its doors in the 1640s, ending over half-a-century of performances by men and boys. In 2001, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, it opened once again. The reconstructed Blackfriars, home to the American Shakespeare Center, represents an old playhouse for the new millennium and therefore symbolically registers the permanent revolution in the performance of Shakespeare. Time and again, the industry refreshes its practices by rediscovering its own history. This book assesses how one American company has capitalised on history and in so doing has forged one of its own to become a major influence in contemporary Shakespearean theatre.
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Sixty Four Years As a Writer

Sixty Four Years As a Writer

... as a whole were promised another twenty - five million would be spent by the Corps to replace the sites they were ... This was at the old fair grounds , so we had to import spotlights , build a tukash ( brush arbor ) and all that ...

Author: Bill Gulick

Publisher: Caxton Press

ISBN: 0870045687

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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"Bill Gulick's writing career, spanning more than six decades, is truly remarkable. He has written twenty-seven novels, eight nonfiction books and several plays. He was a regular contributor to The Saturday Evening Post and other national magazines. His stories have become major motion pictures starring screen legends like Burt Lancaster, and Jimmy Stewart. A list of his literary friends reads like a whose who of western wrtiting. Gulick is considered one of the foremost authorities on Pacific Northwest history. In Sixty-four Years as a Writer, he details the journey from his Depression era Oklahoma roots to his position as one of the nation's premier western authors."--Publisher's description
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I Was a Mad Man

I Was a Mad Man

Spotlights flooded the area as carpenters connected the large wooden panels shaping the ark. ... We had promised the Parks Department that all props—live, wooden, human, and stuffed—would be carted away before the grounds.

Author: Richard L. Gilbert

Publisher: Diversion Books

ISBN: 9781626810020

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 273

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When the Greatest Generation came marching home, they buckled right down to work. I WAS A MAD MAN is the story of one of those men. Richard L. Gilbert, born in New York, devoted Giants fan in the cheap seats of Coogan's Bluff, CCNY grad, soldier, returned home in 1946. He needed a job. He found one in advertising. You don’t know his name (yet) but you'll recognize his work. In a 40-year career Richard Gilbert and his intrepid staff of copywriters, designers and artists at Gilbert Advertising changed how Americans thought about fur coats, foreign languages, cars, perfume and the Vietnam War. Gilbert Advertising wasn't the biggest shop on Madison Avenue but it was influential beyond its size. From encouraging the Metropolitan Opera to offer less than full season subscriptions (unheard of till 1971) in the Met's first ad campaign; to persuading people Renault had mended its ways (a Renault for the people who swore they’d never buy another); to tweaking the tail of the Russian Bear (Premier Kosygin, we'd like to give you a free tuxedo); London Fog rainwear; Berlitz Language school, and Club Med, Gilbert Advertising was the creator of iconic pop culture images that remain fresh and persuasive years later. Along the way Richard Gilbert spearheaded the ad campaign that helped end the Vietnam War (The First American Ballot on the War; Some Toys Hate War) and helped litigate protection of commercial free speech. Armed only with a pencil, and the indomitable American can-do spirit, Richard Gilbert marched up Madison Avenue into history. This is his story, and ours.
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The Golden Chip

The Golden Chip

A list of names had been read out for the evening, but then more people arrived. ... "We were promised a spot! ... it would be dark; with the huge glass windows reflecting the strong spotlights needed by the film cameras, ...

Author: Mike Scantlebury

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781291607604



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Motorcycle Dual Sporting Vol 2 Dual Sporters Thumper Humpers Single Cylinder Motorcycling

Motorcycle Dual Sporting  Vol  2    Dual Sporters   Thumper Humpers  Single Cylinder Motorcycling

They had trailered from the lower Eastern Shore and were staying at a local motel. ... Spotlights and lawn chairs were set up and appropriately aged beverages were served. We ... We were promised a great ride back if we toughed it out.

Author: Backroad Bob

Publisher: Backroad Bob

ISBN: 9781452430867

Category: Sports & Recreation


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Twenty-nine previously published magazine articles from the Backroad Bob's Motorcycle Adventures - Dual Sporters and Thumper Humpers CD. Nineteen stories compiled from fifteen years and 43,000 miles of dual sporting and ten articles that take a look at Thumper Humpers - the endearing term used to describe the individualists that tour on their single-cylinder four stroke motorcycles.
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Stories from the Dirt

Stories from the Dirt

Only a troop of spotlights could reveal the cave's secrets. Struggling with loads in 100-percent humidity was a cruel contrast to the glacial waters in the Channel. But what did we really know about caving? We were climbers.

Author: John Long

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493030965

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 240

View: 963

Riding tubes in Venezuela. BASE jumping in Europe. Climbing big walls in Yosemite. Riding bulls in Texas. These first-person stories from acclaimed climber and adventurer John Long may be vastly different in content, but they share an identifiable emotional texture, tone and delivery, and fundamentally are of one piece. This is storytelling at its best—nonfiction that reads like fiction. In Stories from the Dirt, the action leaves you breathless, but it’s the characters that really leave a lasting mark. Like all stories worth a damn, this collection is all about the people.
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A Cigar in Belgium

A Cigar in Belgium

The 165th Gentse Feesten was due to start in two days time and we had promised Rik and Nelly we would be there. ... The most impressive however was an imposing dome-shaped arena bristling with spotlights that spanned the ancient Graslei ...

Author: Anne Husar

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781783061143

Category: Travel

Page: 160

View: 340

Anne Husar and her partner decided to risk it all and take their narrowboat, Wandering Snail, to mainland Europe. There they discovered a very different boating experience to what poor Snail had been used to in the familiar British canals. A Cigar In Belgium is the story of their steep learning curve and an affectionate tale of their growing love for Belgium – its waterways and its people – all told with a wry and gentle humour and based on Anne’s diaries. Illustrated throughout with maps and photos taken from their voyage, this book is a must read for anyone with an interest in boat travel in Europe. This title is distinguished by the fact there are no similar books describing narrowboat travel in Belgium and the growth of interest in the live aboard lifestyle, with its promise of escape from the everyday.
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