An Introduction to Eastern Ways of Thinking

An Introduction to Eastern Ways of Thinking

1 AGELESS COMMUNICATION BETWEEN EAST AND WEST “ Some speculate that Plato of his predecessors had contact with India . It is in any case instructive to compare Plato's understanding of things with ideas in Hindu and Buddhist thought ...

Author: N.L. Gupta

Publisher: Concept Publishing Company

ISBN: 8180690032

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The East Is Well-Known For Its Traditionalism As Well As Its Love For Learning Of Various Branches Of Knowledge, Including The Knowledges Of Science And Technology. Readers Will Find Critical Exposition Of Socio-Cultural Values Of The Eastern Cultures In The Present Book.
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Education and Culture in Industrializing Asia

Education and Culture in Industrializing Asia

This way of thinking , that Korea must preserve its cultural identity by maintaining only the Confucian way of life ... A third type of reaction was based on the idea , " Eastern Way , Western Machines ” ( H.M. , Lee , 1987 ) .

Author: Willy Wielemans

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9061864895

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Eastern Religion for Western Gnostics

Eastern Religion for Western Gnostics

This is a holistic rather than reductive approach, typical of Eastern thinking. Clear distinctions are not drawn ... The culture of the East has developed a different way of thinking from that of the West. Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism ...

Author: Michael Faust

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781447888161

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Is religion compatible with science? "The Tao of Physics" by Fritjof Capra famously attempted to draw parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticism. What Capra conspicuously avoided was any comparison between the Abrahamic religions and physics. These religions of faith have no scientific component. The West has, in the last few hundred years, been the engine of scientific progress, yet the dominant religions of the West are anti-scientific. This has led to a damaging dichotomy in the Western mind. Doesn’t the West have any enlightenment religions that might allow science and religion to find common ground? This book compares and contrasts the Gnostic religion of Illumination - the religion of the ancient secret society known as the Illuminati - with the main Eastern religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, and suggests that all four religions can be brought together under one banner – Enlightenment – that may stand in united opposition to Abrahamism: knowledge against faith.
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Ways of Thinking of Eastern Peoples

Ways of Thinking of Eastern Peoples

the Western civilization is “ materialistic , " while the East Asian civilization is " spiritual , " is erroneous . A non - religious race can never be " spiritual . ” Of course , it all depends on what one means by “ religious ” and ...

Author: Hajime Nakamura

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishe

ISBN: 8120807642

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Ways of thinking of Eastern people is a comperative study of ways of thinking of major peoples of Asia. It has been widely admitted that this is the first attempt to give a survey and analysis of ways of thinking of Asians, which differ with peoples. The author has chiefly centered in pointing out features of Indian ways of thinking, as well as Chinese, Japanese and Tibetian ones. His knowledge of Asian traditions, as well as wounderful command of various languages of Asia, being combined , have made this attempt quite successful and reliable in the scholarly sense.
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East West Dialogues in Philosophy

East   West Dialogues in Philosophy

He turned his interest areas and his manner of thinking towards pre-Socratics like Anaximander, Parmenides, ... This next step was about fulfilling and establishing a more profound way of thinking than the traditional Western thinking.

Author: Engin Yurt

Publisher: Sentez Yayıncılık

ISBN: 9786257906197

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Studies of Art, Aesthetics and Phenomenology in here, there are five studies, that work under the thematic title ''East-West Dialogues'', are presedent. Each study, while on one side they focus on a matter that fits the context of their own title, one other side they try to problematize, reconstruct within, and solve an aspect of the 21 century phenmenlogy has this manner of double investigation makes studies important and useful for the course of history of phenomenology has. This manner of double investigation makes the studies important and useful for the course of history of phenomenology, by testing is limits and horizons. In here, by also through the problematizaiton of the phenomenological horizon, this can be said, it has been tried to carry phenomenology to its next stage or open it in an intellectual and philosophical East - West encointer. Without succeeding or failling it, even the enterprise itself holds essential insight about the path ahead of the phenomonology. Nitzche one said ''I imagine future thinkers in whon European American indefatigability is combined with the hundred-fold inherited contemplativeness of the Asians: such a combination will bring the riddle of the world to a solution.'' Maybe with the help of these studies, by attaining a bigger picture, every reader might have the change to realize what Nietzsche and others imagined and wished for. Of course, the whole ''combination'' that Nietzsche talked about surely takes more than thousands of companios and hundreds of years in the making. But it would be more than enough for this text to at least contribute the process of the combination
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Chinese Scholars on Western Ideas about Thinking Leadership Reform and Development in Education

Chinese Scholars on Western Ideas about Thinking  Leadership  Reform and Development in Education

Nisbett (2003) stated that the differences of the most primitive way of life of people resulted in the different way of thinking between the East and West. And then the differences in ways of thinking resulted in the differences in ...

Author: Sylvester Chen

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789462090101

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This collection of papers by a group of Chinese educational administrators came about through a graduate study program that facilitated comparisons of educational practices from other cultures against the backdrop of globalization. Collaborative international programs allow contrast and comparisons of practices, policies and educational principles but are not without barriers faced by candidates which can include but are not limited to culture shock and communication and language adjustments. Comparisons of international educational institutions are telling when examined through transfer credit policies, degree recognition, institutional accreditation and the value of academic credits in a globalized educational marketplace. China and Chinese educators recognize that movement and take it most seriously as demonstrated by the group of educational ambassadors who have contributed a variety of perspectives and interests to this volume. They are a new wave of thinkers whose studies embrace their native culture and open minds to alternative ways of understanding and acting on rapidly changing educational circumstances for learners, teachers and administrators.
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Rhetoric at the Non Substantialistic Turn

Rhetoric at the Non Substantialistic Turn

Lik Kuen Tong noted that strands of an Eastern way of thinking have always been identifiable within Western philosophy and Western within Eastern.42 The importance of this is that the Western/Eastern dichotomy is not as divisive as we ...

Author: Therese Boos Dykeman

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498573214

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This book formulates a theory of global rhetoric encompassing Eastern and Western approaches. Based on the Field-Being philosophy, this book delves into the ontological foundations of both kinds of rhetoric and argues that both understandings are necessary for global communication.
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Guess What I Discovered on the Way to Church

Guess What I Discovered on the Way to Church

Eastern Culture Versus Western Culture Here's the problem, we live in a Western culture but the Scriptures are from an Eastern culture. ... The Hebraic way of thinking is, indeed, strange to our Greco/Roman way of thinking.

Author: Diane L. Otto

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781602663497

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For Christians who have wondered why the Church is so different from the Congregation in the Brit Chadasha/New Testament, Otto takes a look at whats missing, when those things were changed or replaced, and by whom. (Christian)
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Five Ground Breaking Moments in Heidegger s Thinking

Five Ground Breaking Moments in Heidegger s Thinking

We in thinking need to learn how to go this path. We are by far not yet there. ... Said rather simplistically, the Western way of seeing the world fragments everything, while the Eastern way unifies everything. In his ongoing pursuit to ...

Author: Kenneth Maly

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781487525637


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"Five Groundbreaking Moments in Heidegger's Thinking presents a fresh interpretation of some of Heidegger's most difficult but important works, including his early Beiträge (Contributions) and engages with his theoretical concept of "the reading in thinking." In new translations of central texts, Kenneth Maly invites the reader to think along the way by reading, contemplating, and translating Heidegger's ideas into context. An introduction to the field of philosophy and more specifically to Heidegger's thought, Five Groundbreaking Moments in Heidegger's Thinking asks the reader, in some manner, to actively do the philosophizing."--

East West Identities

East West Identities

Sagwa represents a distinguished new way of thinking, and so do Dongwa and Sheegwa. Dongwa, winter melon, homophonically in Chinese can be also understood as eastern melon, and Sheegwa, water melon, as western melon.

Author: Kwok B. Chan

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004151697

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While the economic forces shaping globalization are powerful and seemingly getting stronger, they are not immutable, nor are their effects predictable or necessarily overwhelming. Contributors to this book are optimistic that the socio-cultural formations of the future, such as cultural hybridity and cosmopolitanism, will be a viable option for constructing new or renewed global communities of migrants around the world. It is with these tools that migrants are best equipped to navigate the raging torrents of globalization in the new millennium of a post-postmodern era. Globalization brings with it a fear, a sense of loss and demise. It also brings with it a new sense of opportunity and hope. It is in this spirit that this book should be read.
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