Westward Women

Westward Women

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Westward the Women

Westward the Women

An Anthology of Western Stories by Women Vicki Piekarski. Honoré Willsie Morrow's ( 1880–1940 ) The Heart of the Desert appeared . In this book , as in her later The Enchanted Canyon ( 1921 ) , Morrow advocated desert and forest ...

Author: Vicki Piekarski

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 082631063X

Category: Fiction

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Stories by Willa Cather, Mary Austin, Mari Sandoz, and Leslie Silko, among other women writers, who have illuminated the Western experience.
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Westward the Women

Westward the Women

Where men go, women must of necessity follow. But that is not the whole story of the coming of the women to the West, of this long and arduous journey into deprivation and discomfort. The first to cross the Rocky Mountains came as ...

Author: Nancy Wilson Ross

Publisher: Graphic Arts Books

ISBN: 9781943328307

Category: History

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WESTWARD THE WOMEN is a book about women of every kind and sort, from nuns to prostitutes, who participated in the greatest American adventure—pioneering across the continent. Not only does the material represent half-forgotten history—which the author garnered from attics, libraries, state historical museums, and the reminiscences of Far Western Old-timers—but it is unique in presenting the woman’s side of the story in this major American experience. With dramatic clarity the author of FARTHEST REACH has written the intimate and human stories of certain outstanding personalities among these pioneer women; the Maine blue-stocking pursuing her studies of botany and taxidermy in frontier solitude; the gentle nuns from Belgium teaching needlework and litanies to “children of the forest”; the little ex-milliner who performed the first autopsy by a woman; the suffragette who established a newspaper for Western women and rode plushy river boats and the dusty roads preaching her gospel of Equal Rights; hurdy-gurdy girls from Idaho boomtowns; and many another martyr, heroine, diarist, gun moll, missionary, feminist, and mother in this turbulent era of pioneering.
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Women in Waiting in the Westward Movement

Women in Waiting in the Westward Movement

They provide new insight into the contributions that waiting eastern women made to settling the American West . Women in Waiting in the Westward Movement is a valuable contribution to the literature on family , on women's history ...

Author: Linda S. Peavy

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806126191

Category: Social Science

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Looks at the lives of the homebound wives of Western pioneers
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True Women and Westward Expansion

True Women and Westward Expansion

Men cared for public matters; women, private ones. Because home life was now exclusively feminine territory, proponents of separate spheres emphasized the inestimable value of a woman's touch upon her family. To tend to the needs of her ...

Author: Adrienne Caughfield

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 9781603446037

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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In the early nineteenth century, many women championed expansion for the cause of civilization while avoiding the masculine world of politics. Caughfield mines the diaries and letters of ninety Texas women, offering a new understanding of not only gender roles in the West but also the impulse for expansionism.
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Women s Diaries of the Westward Journey

Women s Diaries of the Westward Journey

For women, this book shows, not only performed their womanly tasks on the trail, but also took over men's work when necessity arose. One of the several important conclusions that emerges from these carefully organized and forcefully ...

Author: Lillian Schlissel

Publisher: Schocken

ISBN: 9780307803177

Category: History

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An expanded edition of one of the most original and provocative works of American history of the last decade, which documents the pioneering experiences and grit of American frontier women.
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Gale Researcher Guide for Women and Westward Expansion

Gale Researcher Guide for  Women and Westward Expansion

Over time, some women simply abandoned the ideal and chose different identities, roles, and lifestyles. Other women held on to the belief of bringing virtuous civilization to the West. They created broad social movements that met with ...

Author: Wendy Lucas

Publisher: Gale, Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781535862332

Category: Study Aids

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Gale Researcher Guide for: Women and Westward Expansion is selected from Gale's academic platform Gale Researcher. These study guides provide peer-reviewed articles that allow students early success in finding scholarly materials and to gain the confidence and vocabulary needed to pursue deeper research.
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Westward Bound

Westward Bound

“The Legal Regulation of Sexual Activity and the Protection of Females.” Osgoode HallLawJournal 21 (June 1983): 187-224. Parr, Joy. Labouring Children: British Immigrant Apprentices to Canada, 1869 to 1924.

Author: Lesley Erickson

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774859950

Category: Law

Page: 362

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Westward Bound debunks the myth of Canada’s peaceful West and the masculine conceptions of law and violence upon which it rests by shifting the focus from Mounties and whisky traders to criminal cases involving women between 1886 and 1940. Erickson’s analysis of these cases shows that, rather than a desire to protect, official responses to the most intimate or violent acts betrayed an impulse to shore up the liberal order by maintaining boundaries between men and women, Native people and newcomers, and capital and labour. Victims and accused could only hope to harness entrenched ideas about masculinity, femininity, race, and class in their favour. This fascinating exploration of hegemony and resistance in key contact zones draws prairie Canada into larger debates about law, colonialism, and nation building.
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Enslaved Women in America

Enslaved Women in America

As cotton growing expanded in the eastern area and spread westward, women would have been used in planting and “chopping” cotton, which was the hoeing and weeding of the cotton fields. Preparation of the land for planting for all of ...

Author: Daina Ramey Berry

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313349089

Category: History

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Slavery in the history of the United States continues to loom large in American national consciousness, and the role of women in this chapter of the American past is largely under-examined. This encyclopedia focuses on the daily experiences and roles of female slaves in the United States, from colonial times to official abolition provided by the 13th amendment to the Constitution in 1865. The book contains 100 entries written by a range of experts and covering all aspects of daily life. Topics include culture, family, health, labor, resistance, and violence. Arranged alphabetically by entry, this look at history features life histories of lesser-known African American women, including Harriet Robinson Scott, the wife of Dred Scott, as well as more notable figures.
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Pioneer Women

Pioneer Women

Below : A detail from Emmanuel Luetz's Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way reveals the stereotypical “ Madonna of the Prairie ” image of the nineteenth century . CA planted apple trees and roses and looked Pamelia dreaded the ...

Author: Linda S. Peavy

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806130547

Category: Social Science

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Describes the lives of women of various backgrounds as they traveled west, established homes, worked inside and outside the home, and helped to develop settled society
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