What We Don t Talk About When We Talk About MeToo

What We Don t Talk About When We Talk About  MeToo

We. Don't. Talk. About. When. We. Talk. About. #MeToo. Amid the chorus of stories that define the #MeToo phenomenon, there remain other, unattended stories. These others do not displace the chorus. They do not say, You are wrong, ...

Author: Joann Wypijewski

Publisher: Verso Books

ISBN: 9781788738071

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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An exquisite examination of a sexual culture in crisis What if we took sex out of the box marked “special,” either the worst or best thing that a human person can experience, and considered it within the complexity of reality? In this extraordinary book, despite longstanding tabloid-style sexual preoccupations with monsters and victims, shame and virtue, JoAnn Wypijewski does exactly that. From the HIV crisis to the paedophile priest panic, Woody Allen to Brett Kavanaugh, child pornography to Abu Ghraib, Wypijewski takes the most famous sex panics of the last decades and turns them inside out, weaving what together becomes a searing indictment of modern sexual politics, exposing the myriad ways sex panics and the expansion of the punitive state are intertwined. What emerges is an examination of the multiple ways in which the ever-expanding default language of monsters and victims has contributed to the repressive power of the state. Politics exists in the mess of life. Sex does too, Wypijewski insists, and so must sexual politics, to make any sense at all.
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What We Don t Talk About When We Talk About Fat

What We Don t Talk About When We Talk About Fat

records , citing proudly that we've never had a heart attack , hypertension , or diabetes . ... Many fat people don't have diabetes , just as many fat people do have loving partners despite common depictions of us . Although we are not ...

Author: Aubrey Gordon

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 9780807041307

Category: Social Science

Page: 210

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From the creator of Your Fat Friend and co-host of the Maintenance Phase podcast, an explosive indictment of the systemic and cultural bias facing plus-size people. Anti-fatness is everywhere. In What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat, Aubrey Gordon unearths the cultural attitudes and social systems that have led to people being denied basic needs because they are fat and calls for social justice movements to be inclusive of plus-sized people’s experiences. Unlike the recent wave of memoirs and quasi self-help books that encourage readers to love and accept themselves, Gordon pushes the discussion further towards authentic fat activism, which includes ending legal weight discrimination, giving equal access to health care for large people, increased access to public spaces, and ending anti-fat violence. As she argues, “I did not come to body positivity for self-esteem. I came to it for social justice.” By sharing her experiences as well as those of others—from smaller fat to very fat people—she concludes that to be fat in our society is to be seen as an undeniable failure, unlovable, unforgivable, and morally condemnable. Fatness is an open invitation for others to express disgust, fear, and insidious concern. To be fat is to be denied humanity and empathy. Studies show that fat survivors of sexual assault are less likely to be believed and less likely than their thin counterparts to report various crimes; 27% of very fat women and 13% of very fat men attempt suicide; over 50% of doctors describe their fat patients as “awkward, unattractive, ugly and noncompliant”; and in 48 states, it’s legal—even routine—to deny employment because of an applicant’s size. Advancing fat justice and changing prejudicial structures and attitudes will require work from all people. What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat is a crucial tool to create a tectonic shift in the way we see, talk about, and treat our bodies, fat and thin alike.
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Why We Don t Talk To Each Other Anymore

Why We Don t Talk To Each Other Anymore

I keep talking to him about communication , and he says , ' Okay , so we're talking ; now what do you want ? ' And I don't know what to say then , but I I know it's not what I mean . ” Just over twenty years ago Lillian Rubin wrote that ...

Author: John Locke

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0684855747

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 268

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The cyber-age is robbing people of the most important aspect of communication: face-to-face encounters and heart-to-heart conversations. Now, a professor of human communication sciences shows where community has disappeared to and why it matters.
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Why We Don t Talk

Why We Don t Talk

That was only because she didn't know her though. If she met Cassy the way I met her, heard the way she talked and saw the way she listened, I know she would like her. Cassy was the kind of girl that talks, the way Sienna was talking ...

Author: Stephanie Sonbati

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 9783743827936

Category: Fiction

Page: 234

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Luke Casanova has only been going to his new high school for five months and already has an enemy. Her name is Cassidy Monarch and... she hates him? Luke isn't sure, mainly because Cassidy refuses to talk to him. She has never spoken a single word to him since the day they met and Luke needs to find out why for his sanity's sake.As best friends, Ethan and Jake, struggle with him throughout the journey of finding out why they don't talk, they realize the lack of communication in their town goes much further than just Cassidy Monarch.
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All the Things We Don t Talk About

All the Things We Don t Talk About

radio station he had on preset. Sadie didn't know shit about missing a parent that was only the outline of a person. Morgan took a step away from the lake, and then another. “I know she's not coming back,” they said. “It's over now.

Author: Amy Feltman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781538704714

Category: Fiction

Page: 303

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A “big-hearted, lively, and expansive portrait of a family” that follows a neurodivergent father, his nonbinary teenager, and the sudden, catastrophic reappearance of the woman who abandoned them (Claire Lombardo, New York Times bestselling author). Morgan Flowers just wants to hide. Raised by their neurodivergent father, Morgan has grown up haunted by the absence of their mysterious mother Zoe, especially now, as they navigate their gender identity and the turmoil of first love. Their father Julian has raised Morgan with care, but he can’t quite fill the gap left by the dazzling and destructive Zoe, who fled to Europe on Morgan’s first birthday. And when Zoe is dumped by her girlfriend Brigid, she suddenly comes crashing back into Morgan and Julian’s lives, poised to disrupt the fragile peace they have so carefully cultivated. Through it all, Julian and Brigid have become unlikely pen-pals and friends, united by the knowledge of what it’s like to love and lose Zoe; they both know that she hasn’t changed. Despite the red flags, Morgan is swiftly drawn into Zoe’s glittering orbit and into a series of harmful missteps, and Brigid may be the only link that can pull them back from the edge. A story of betrayal and trauma alongside queer love and resilience, ALL THE THINGS WE DON’T TALK ABOUT is a celebration of and a reckoning with the power and unintentional pain of a thoroughly modern family.
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What My Mother and I Don t Talk About

What My Mother and I Don t Talk About

It's after dinner, and dark out, though for us it's never daylight because our living room and kitchen are on the air shaft, low down, and my bedroom faces a brick wall. My mother and I clear the table. My father, who usually goes ...

Author: Michele Filgate

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: 9781982107352

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 288

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“You will devour these beautifully written—and very important—tales of honesty, pain, and resilience” (Elizabeth Gilbert, New York Times bestselling author of Eat Pray Love and City of Girls) from fifteen brilliant writers who explore how what we don’t talk about with our mothers affects us, for better or for worse. As an undergraduate, Michele Filgate started writing an essay about being abused by her stepfather. It took her more than a decade to realize that she was actually trying to write about how this affected her relationship with her mother. When it was finally published, the essay went viral, shared on social media by Anne Lamott, Rebecca Solnit, and many others. This gave Filgate an idea, and the resulting anthology offers a candid look at our relationships with our mothers. Leslie Jamison writes about trying to discover who her seemingly perfect mother was before ever becoming a mom. In Cathi Hanauer’s hilarious piece, she finally gets a chance to have a conversation with her mother that isn’t interrupted by her domineering (but lovable) father. André Aciman writes about what it was like to have a deaf mother. Melissa Febos uses mythology as a lens to look at her close-knit relationship with her psychotherapist mother. And Julianna Baggott talks about having a mom who tells her everything. As Filgate writes, “Our mothers are our first homes, and that’s why we’re always trying to return to them.” There’s relief in acknowledging how what we couldn’t say for so long is a way to heal our relationships with others and, perhaps most important, with ourselves. Contributions by Cathi Hanauer, Melissa Febos, Alexander Chee, Dylan Landis, Bernice L. McFadden, Julianna Baggott, Lynn Steger Strong, Kiese Laymon, Carmen Maria Machado, André Aciman, Sari Botton, Nayomi Munaweera, Brandon Taylor, and Leslie Jamison.
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We Don t Talk Anymore

We Don t Talk Anymore

I guess our mistake was even talking about our will with our three grown kids,” says Marla, seventy-three, who, with her seventy-sevenyear-old husband Charles, ... I don't understand her way of thinking—and she doesn't understand ours.

Author: Kathy McCoy

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781492651147

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 368

View: 659

Break the silence and heal the rift Estrangement or partial estrangement from an adult son or daughter is one of a parent's worst nightmares. It can mean angry silences and anguished days and nights wondering what went wrong. Becoming estranged from a parent can be equally painful for an adult child, who may miss the relationship they once shared. Written by Kathy McCoy, one of the nation's more revered experts on family relationships, We Don't Talk Anymore is a tender and practical new exploration of estrangement for both parents and adult children. Each chapter also provides compassionate, practical insights focused on what both parents and adult children can do, including: • Finding courage to reach out to your loved one • Understanding the conflict and discovering a new and fulfilling connection • Letting go and rebuilding your life Families deserve clarity and understanding. We Don't Talk Anymore will show you those first steps toward healing.
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I miss you talking. – We talk all the time. – Not about anything that matters. – Like what, Dad? – I don't know, but we used to talk about all sorts of things. I don't always know what you're talking about, Mare, but that doesn't mean I ...

Author: Andre Alexis

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart

ISBN: 9780771008047

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 985

Alexis’s long-awaited second novel follows his award-winning Childhood. Set in Ottawa during the Mulroney years, Asylum is André Alexis’s sweeping, edged-in-satire, yet deeply serious tale of intertwined lives and fortunes, of politics and vain ambition, of the building of a magnificent prison, of human fallibility, of the search for refuge, of the impossibility of love, and of finding home. Whether he is taking us into the machinations of a government office or into the mysterious workings of the human heart, Alexis is always alert to the humour and the profound truth of any situation. His cast of characters is eccentric and unforgettable, all recognizable in one way or another as aspects of ourselves or people we know well. At the centre of the story, which covers almost a decade, is a visionary project to build an ideal prison, a perfect metaphor for the purest aspects of artistic ambition and for all that is great and flawed in the world. André Alexis is a true original, one of the most talented and astute writers writing in Canada today. This dazzling novel is filled with tragedy, dry wit, intellectual grist. It is playful, linguistically accomplished, and psychologically profound. Its yearnings constitute the highest level of human concerns and pursuits. Alexis has written The Great Canadian Novel, with a twist.
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Antitrust Law Journal

Antitrust Law Journal

Mr. Fleming: All right. We will cut this off now. You don't talk to anybody. I mean, I know you are going to talk to your wife, so I can't stop you from that. And maybe you ought to talk about these options that you have with her.



ISBN: UCAL:B5145832

Category: Energy policy

Page: 1456

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