Fall Leaves Float

Fall Leaves Float

It howls about in darkness in light, gasping not to find a place to call its eternal home. Until then, the cry of the wind. Time Passage Rays oflight dancing endlessly through the window glass 57 Q Fall Leaves Float Cry of the Wind.

Author: Darrin Kramer

Publisher: Abbott Press

ISBN: 145820653X

Category: Poetry

Page: 108

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A reflective collection of poetry, Fall Leaves Float opens the door to life and invites us into the experiential journey. From the musty feel of an old library brought to life in “Brittle Pages” to the poignant wistfulness of “A Father’s Wish,” poet Darrin Kramer has a unique command of the human condition. He pleads with us to ponder the real meaning and significance of our very existence. We are reminded to appreciate the life we have been given and encouraged to never give up in the face of obstacles. Through his poetic imagery, we are taken on a celestial journey through magnificent visual picture dreams. Fall Leaves Float enables us to visualize what “listening to silence” really means, and we are shown the depth and complexity of love. By filling empty space with thought, light, word, and meaning, Kramer allows us to pause and reflect upon our lives. “Darrin Kramer’s poetry frequently guides you on an unanticipated end point. A person’s facial reflection or twinkling eyes, a kiss, snow in winter or the path of a floating leaf. These are some of the visual images his prose conjures up. His writing style is free, loose, upbuilding and sure to prompt you to continue reading to completion as I did.” —Frankie Gilliam Harrison, physical therapist “Your work conveys lovely thoughts and is very mood-invoking.” —Stephanie Hewitt, customer service
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Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

In fall, water stops going to the leaves. The part holding the leaf to the branch grows weak. The wind blows. The leaf falls. The amount of sunlight and water a leaf gets depends on where the leaf hangs on a tree. So each leaf on a tree ...

Author: Martha E. H. Rustad

Publisher: Lerner Digital ™

ISBN: 9781512477825

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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Audisee® eBooks with Audio combine professional narration and text highlighting for an engaging read aloud experience! Look at all the brightly colored trees! Fall weather causes leaves to change colors. Follow a leaf as it grows, changes color, and falls to the ground. Let's grab a rake! What happens in fall? Find out in the Fall's Here! series, part of the Cloverleaf BooksTM collection. These nonfiction picture books feature kid-friendly text and illustrations to make learning fun!
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The Passion of the Ruby Cat On Life

The Passion of the Ruby Cat    On Life

PENSIONED CORN IS BENT The autumn wind relentlessly has pensioned Standing corn til it is bent—a wind-wall; Silent brown ... She blows her way around without a care; The year is aged and ripe and fall will strip The trees of leaves, ...

Author: Maril Ozanne Garrison

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781665545310

Category: Poetry

Page: 464

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Poetry is powerful and necessary! Blake has said, “In sum, the poet is someone that humans cannot do without.” Poetry is beauty, practicality, grace, structure, gentleness and power that gives us peace, simplicity and wisdom. Poetry does nothing to earn its keep, no more than a singing bird. Yet it defines our roles, levels our road, empowers our spirits, and fills our hearts with courage. Mrs. Garrison has loved, taught and defined poetry over the years as she has studied and read many of the former poets, soaking up their styles and commenting on their writing. Poetry is like music without music. Easy to memorize, and easy to write if you pay attention to the masters, especially Poe. Poetry is a short, condensed mode of writing; it can be beautiful, loud, soft, invigorating, soul-filled and vibrant. RUBY CAT (The Passion of the Ruby Cat) is a collection of poems (rubaiyat) on life, plus a collection of quatrains and haikus. It is the third poetry book after the first two (THE PASSION OF POETRY and PASSION LAUGHS OUTLOUD!) that are all general poetry. There is a glossary in the end of each of these books giving definitions of not often used words to help the reader quickly enjoy every whimsical glance and nod.
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Forest Lungs

Forest Lungs

Autumn's alloplastic maneuvers; dry sun blot between dense dew droplets. Autumn's autoplastic maneuvers; naked ... Running wind through forest finger branches. Heavyweight mesh of fall leaves. Heavyweight mesh on the forest grounds, ...

Author: Andrew G. Zubinas

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490774077

Category: Poetry

Page: 142

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Forest Lungs, the title Forest Lungs, a poem. Forest Lungs, Lithunian Miko Plauciai Forest Lungs, Lithunian Miko Broliai, Forest Lungs, given not an M.D., Ph.D. Forest Lungs, given a business publishing contract Forest lungs, healing. Forest Lungs, art.
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We Care

We Care

Fall Leaves One fall leaf, two fall leaves, (Hold up another finger for each additional leaf.) Three fall leaves, Hooray! Four fall leaves, five fall leaves, The wind blows them away! (Blow on fingers and let the fingers wiggle and ...

Author: Bertie Kingore

Publisher: Good Year Books

ISBN: 9781596473003

Category: Education

Page: 302

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Hundreds of proven hands-on activities, carefully outlined and using inexpensive materials, emphasize learning by doing, encourage creativity, and afford opportunities to develop responsibility. Organized into 19 thematic units (from "Marvelous Me" to "Summertime and the Sun") and correlated to the school-year calendar, the activities cover key curriculum areas such as language arts, math, and science; they also involve art, music, cooking, movement, block play, and role plays. Jargon-free and clearly written, the book is also a great resource for parents. Grades preK-K. 302 pages. Good Year Books. Second Edition.
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Celebrate Nature

Celebrate Nature

What do the leaves sound like in the wind? What do they look like when they fall? Do they make sounds when they fall? What sounds? What else do you notice? Figure 1.2 Role Play Outside While outdoors, explain to the children that they ...

Author: Angela Schmidt Fishbaugh

Publisher: Redleaf Press

ISBN: 9781605541877

Category: Education

Page: 304

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Make nature an integral part of the classroom! With rising childhood obesity rates and children’s heavy use of electronics, the need for quality time in nature is greater than ever. Put away gadgets, turn off screens, and discover all that the natural world has to offer. Celebrate Nature! is filled with hands-on activities to revive children’s connections with nature. Each seasonal section—autumn, winter, spring, and summer—introduces seven themes with countless ways to integrate nature into the classroom. Chapters encourage reflection of your own memories of the seasons and provide activities that address science and discovery, math, blocks and building, language arts, reading, writing, dramatic play, art, and music. Also included are sample letters and suggested at-home activities to support family participation in this important learning. Angela Schmidt Fishbaugh is a pre-kindergarten teacher and certified K–12 art teacher. She leads workshops and seminars focused on the topics of balance, wellness, and educating today's youth.
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The Spirit of Winds Poetry of Gods Messages

The Spirit of Winds Poetry of Gods Messages

Pumpkin scented Winds Brightened with Fall leaves ,colors of stained glass Following the dance of Spirit Inside The heart moves in time with The season of Fall When Life is refreshed by Winds And anything is possible In Gods Love If we ...

Author: Paula A. Timpson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595239641

Category: Poetry

Page: 380

View: 488

Paula Timpson, Author of The Spirit Series Poetry books, The Spirit of Hiking in the Hamptons, Poetry of The Soul, The Spirit of Trees, Poetry For The Earth Continues her Series with The Spirit of Winds, Poetry of Gods Messages I am in Love with Winds. Winds grace the moments. May the Winds of Your Soul Dance in Your Eyes, Always. Through my Poetry I wish for Winds to be a comfort, a Peace and a Unity for the World. Daily reading Poetry can heal and Be a source of Love for the heart. The Creator and Leader of Winds is God. May you be ever guided by Winds Breath. Be Spirited, unafraid and daring Take a leap and fly free as birds on wings of silver. Wings touch us like feathers until we notice. We can make a difference Listening to Winds for guidance, we see what is Real. Winds give us heart and Soul. In the Hundred Acre forest, Pooh Forever Dances in the Winds.
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Teaching Children Dance

Teaching Children Dance

Outcomes for Each Lesson Lesson 1: Children will create still shapes to represent the various leaf shapes and use various locomotor movements to demonstrate how the leaves fall from the trees and blow in the wind.

Author: Theresa Purcell Cone

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781450402538

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 206

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"Teaching Children Dance, Third Edition," presents 31 ready-to-use lessons that bring fun and challenging dance experiences to elementary-aged children of all ability levels. The updated third edition includes 13 new learning experiences and two new chapters on teaching children with disabilities and making interdisciplinary connections.
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Winds of Mercy

Winds of Mercy

They whipped dried fall leaves across the store fronts and sent them spinning and rattling along the board walks. At Flint and Cottonwood Streets the wind had built windrows of leaves and sand in the dirt gutters.

Author: Charles E. Miller

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453524244

Category: Fiction

Page: 394

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If you read one of these stories, you have not read them all, as is the case in a communist country where the state creates an ersatz society of act-alikes who conform to prevailing doctrines. Propaganda is the result. These stories are the result of a life of freedom in our great nation, where freedom, never being put down by the State, is still the expression of man?s deepest desires to be like God. Insofar as the unique individual shares creative gifts, he shares one of God?s attributes. These stories, perhaps only one hopefully more, will exalt in that creative spirit.
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The Orb of Kandra Oliver Blue and the School for Seers Book Two

The Orb of Kandra  Oliver Blue and the School for Seers   Book Two

Oliver retreated into his mind, visualizing the wind whipping through the fall leaves, turning them into tornados. Then he pushed the image outward. At once, the fallen leaves began to swirl. Columns of wind went up into the air, ...

Author: Morgan Rice

Publisher: Morgan Rice

ISBN: 9781640296671

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 250

View: 490

“A powerful opener to a series [that] will produce a combination of feisty protagonists and challenging circumstances to thoroughly involve not just young adults, but adult fantasy fans who seek epic stories fueled by powerful friendships and adversaries.” --Midwest Book Review (Diane Donovan) (re A Throne for Sisters) “Morgan Rice's imagination is limitless!” --Books and Movie Reviews (re A Throne for Sisters) From #1 Bestselling fantasy author Morgan Rice comes a new fantasy series teens and adults. When Oliver learns that the sacred Orb of Kandra has been stolen, he knows it is up to him alone to save the school. The only way is to travel back in time, to the England of 1690s, to save one very important person: Sir Isaac Newton. The Obsidian School, meanwhile, has powerful seers of its own, all bent on Oliver’s destruction. When they enlist Oliver’s bully brother, Chris, it may just mean a fight to the death. An inspiring fantasy, THE ORB OF KANDRA is book #2 in a riveting new series filled with magic, love, humor, heartbreak, tragedy, destiny, and a series of shocking twists. It will make you fall in love with Oliver Blue, and keep you turning pages late into the night. Books 3 and 4 in the series are also available! “The beginnings of something remarkable are there.” --San Francisco Book Review (re A Quest of Heroes)
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