The Raven and The Witch Hunter

The Raven and The Witch Hunter

THE SPIRIT OF BIG BEAR 165 The Raven and The Witch Hunter: Volume 2 The Spirit of Big Bear The Raven and The Witch Hunter: Volume 3 The Wedding The Raven and The Witch Hunter: Volume 4 Honeymoon and Full Moon Blues, coming December 2018 ...

Author: H.M. Gooden

Publisher: H. M. Gooden

ISBN: 9781989156063

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 93

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Vanessa and Emma Jane have successfully navigated the dangerous soul thief. Now they need to find a way to be together in spite of Emma Jane's power, which threatens Vanessa's life each time they become too close. This time, they must travel to the Rocky Mountains in search of a talisman that may provide the answers they need for a life of happiness. Together, they will discover that the beauty of the mountains hides a danger they weren't expecting. Will they succeed, or will their quest for love lead them to an untimely end?
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The Stone Dragon

The Stone Dragon

he Rise of the Light Series Dream of Darkness, Book 1 The Stone Dragon, Book 2 The Phoenix and the Witch, ... coming 2019 The Raven and the Witch Hunter series The Raven and The Witch Hunter The Raven and The Witch Hunter: Volume 2 The ...

Author: H. M. Gooden

Publisher: H. M. Gooden

ISBN: 9781775108634

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 202

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Cat has finally settled into her new town and is happy with her life just the way it is. Until the day that her friend Evelyn shows up on her front step, with a recurring nightmare that began after they defeated Declan. A dark stranger surrounded by fire and destruction tortures her every night, and in order to help her, Cat must discover the truth about the dark man and his origins. This time, they must face a much older evil on new ground. With the addition of a new ally, the girls will stand against the darkness together. Will they be victorious, or will they fall to his power the way so many others have?
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Dream of Darkness

Dream of Darkness

THE RISE OF THE LIGHT Series Dream of Darkness, Book 1 The Stone Dragon, Book 2 The Phoenix and the Witch, ... coming 2019 THE RAVEN AND THE WITCH Hunter series The Raven and The Witch Hunter The Raven and The Witch Hunter: Volume 2 The ...

Author: H. M. Gooden

Publisher: H. M. Gooden

ISBN: 9781775108603

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 206

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Tired of moving yet again, Cat McLean finds herself in the town of Valleyview when her dad is transferred. And if that wasn't enough to deal with, shortly after their move, Cat's involved and in a near-fatal car accident which lands her in the hospital where strange visions plague her recovery. When she wakes to find that she has the ability to see auras and to heal others, she's horrified to discover an ancient evil that means to destroy her new home. Cat must join forces with her sister and a new friend in a race to save her new town. Will she learn how to harness her new powers in time? Or will she succumb to the darkness she fears?
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The World of Lore Volume 2 Wicked Mortals

The World of Lore  Volume 2  Wicked Mortals

Captain Eli Blood considered himself a witch-hunter. I realize this sounds incredibly hypocritical—which it is, of course—but back then it was heroic. It gave the people of the area a feeling of safety. At last, they might have said, ...

Author: Aaron Mahnke

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472251619

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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A chilling, lavishly illustrated who's-who of the most despicable people ever to walk the earth, featuring both rare and best-loved stories from the hit podcast Lore, now an online streaming series. Here are the incredible true stories of some of the mortals who achieved notoriety in history and folklore through horrible means. Monsters of this sort - serial killers, desperate criminals, and socially mobile people with a much darker double-life - are, in fact, quite real . . . including H. H. Holmes, the infamous Chicago serial killer; William Brodie, the Edinburgh criminal mastermind who inspired The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; and Bela Kiss, a Hungarian tinsmith with a most disturbing hobby: collecting women in gasoline drums. As Aaron Mahnke reminds us, sometimes the truth is even more frightening than the lore.
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Dark Souls Beyond the Grave Volume 2

Dark Souls  Beyond the Grave   Volume 2

... for herself by producing the orchestrations for several films and games by Steve Jablonsky (Transformers, The Last Witch Hunter, Gears of War 2 and 3) as well as some Blizzard games (Starcraft II, Diablo III, World of Warcraft).

Author: Damien Mecheri

Publisher: Third Editions

ISBN: 9782377842339

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 360

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We thought we had gone through the topic in the first volume, those two games opened new pists of reflexions. The in-depth analysis of Hidetaka Miyazaki's Dark Souls saga continues with this volume 2, decoding the Bloodborne and Dark Souls III episodes. An indinspensale ebook for all the fans of the game Dark Souls ! EXTRACT The project, christened Project Beast, began soon after the Astorias of the Abyss DLC was released in August 2012. At the time, FromSoftware was also beginning to build Dark Souls II, its cash cow. Miyazaki kept his distance from this sequel, which was handed off to Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura, with support from the FromSoftware president and creator of King’s Field, Naotoshi Zin, who supervised the game system. On his end, Hidetaka Miyazaki formed a trusted team of regular collaborators, such as lead programmer Jun Itô (who had already filled this role for Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls), composer and lead sound designer Tsukasa Saitô (Armored Core games), and most of his regular artists: Daisuke Satake, Masanori Waragai and Hiroshi Nakamura. The success of Demon’s Souls, and the even greater success of Dark Souls, allowed FromSoftware to grow its ranks significantly. In total, no fewer than fifty programmers participated in the project, along with around twenty game system designers and fifty people working on visual creation (animation, scenery, characters, etc.). Thanks to financial support from Sony, many Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese studios were sub-contracted during the production to help with graphics and visuals. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Passionate about films and video games, Damien Mecheri joined the writers team of Gameplay RPG in 2004, writing several articles for the second special edition on the Final Fantasy saga. He continued his work with the team in another publication called Background, before continuing the online adventure in 2008 with the site Since 2011, he has come aboard Third Éditions with Mehdi El Kanafi and Nicolas Courcier, the publisher’s two founders. Damien is also the author of the book Video Game Music: a History of Gaming Music. For Third Éditions, he is actively working on the “Level Up” and “Année jeu vidéo” collections. He has also written or co-written several works from the same publisher: The Legend of Final Fantasy X, Welcome to Silent Hill: a journey into Hell, The Works of Fumito Ueda: a Different Perspective on Video Games and, of course, the first volume of Dark Souls: Beyond the Grave. Curious by nature, a dreamer against the grain and a chronic ranter, Sylvain Romieu is also a passionate traveler of the real and the unreal, the world and the virtual universes, always in search of enriching discoveries and varied cultures. A developer by trade, he took up his modest pen several years ago to study the characteristics and richness of the marvelously creative world of video games. He writes for a French video game site called Chroniques-Ludiques, particularly on the topic of RPGs, his preferred genre.
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Thinking Through the Past

Thinking Through the Past

Menjou declared, “I am a witch hunter if the witches are Communists. . . . I would like to see them all back in Russia.”1 Other witnesses also shared evidence of subversion in Hollywood's studios. Animator Walt Disney told the committee ...

Author: John Hollitz

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781305178380

Category: History

Page: 400

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This reader for the U.S. history survey course gives students the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills to the examination of historical sources, providing pedagogy and background information to help them draw substantive conclusions. The careful organization and the context provided in each chapter make the material accessible for students, thereby assisting instructors in engaging their students in analysis and discussion. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Four Centuries of Witch Beliefs RLE Witchcraft

Four Centuries of Witch Beliefs  RLE Witchcraft

Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634), perhaps the most eminent witch-hunter of his age,2 has been described as the 'idol of his ... On the death of Askew (1637) he chose as his successor the Puritan William Spurstowe, 1 Op. cit., vol. ii, . 76.

Author: R. T. Davies

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136739972

Category: History

Page: 242

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Originally published in 1947, it is the essential purpose of this book to investigate attitudes of leading Elizabethan and Stuart statesmen, ask whether witchcraft was of any importance in seventeenth-century English history, or even influenced the Great Rebellion. The reader is placed in possession of the more pertinent passages from the arguments used to support or discredit belief in witchcraft.
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The Decline of Magic

The Decline of Magic

See the entry relating to Browne in Henning, The House of Commons, 1660–90, vol. 2, pp. 734–5. The Browne family was related to that of the Somerset witch-hunter, Robert Hunt: Jonathan Barry, Witchcraft and Demonology in South-West ...

Author: Michael Hunter

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300249460

Category: History

Page: 288

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A new history which overturns the received wisdom that science displaced magic in Enlightenment Britain In early modern Britain, belief in prophecies, omens, ghosts, apparitions and fairies was commonplace. Among both educated and ordinary people the absolute existence of a spiritual world was taken for granted. Yet in the eighteenth century such certainties were swept away. Credit for this great change is usually given to science – and in particular to the scientists of the Royal Society. But is this justified? Michael Hunter argues that those pioneering the change in attitude were not scientists but freethinkers. While some scientists defended the reality of supernatural phenomena, these sceptical humanists drew on ancient authors to mount a critique both of orthodox religion and, by extension, of magic and other forms of superstition. Even if the religious heterodoxy of such men tarnished their reputation and postponed the general acceptance of anti-magical views, slowly change did come about. When it did, this owed less to the testing of magic than to the growth of confidence in a stable world in which magic no longer had a place.
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Witch Hunter

Witch Hunter

In Vol. 2, Witch Hunter learns that while The Scarlet Circle is intent on deposing humanity from the world's throne, it disagrees on the hour of humanity's downfall or who should lead them.

Author: Vincent Ferrante


ISBN: 098292058X

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 132

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In Witch Hunter, Vol. 1, Jon Redmont was burned at the stake in 1692 and resurrected in modern times as Witch Hunter to battle an evil cult known as The Scarlet Circle, formed of the Earth's forgotten elder races and led by his old inquisitors. In Vol. 2, Witch Hunter learns that while The Scarlet Circle is intent on deposing humanity from the world's throne, it disagrees on the hour of humanity's downfall or who should lead them. Even worse, he is told by members of its inner circle that his opposition to them is in some way furthering their agenda and that he has been a part of their plans from the very beginning. Facing down the likes of Kirbbus, leader of the Dark Elves, Hespyx, Queen of Dragons, Maham, Dame of the Old Guard, and teaming up with the surreal hero, The Expressionist, Witch Hunter continues to oppose the darkness without being darkened by it as the boundaries of The Scarlet Circle tighten around him!
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Before Salem

Before Salem

Hunt gained a reputation as a witch hunter. Barry also makes the case Hunt was directly influenced by Bernard. ... 2. Winthrop, Journal, vol. 1, 194; Stiles, 67. 3. Records of the Colony or Jurisdiction of New Haven from May 1653 to the ...

Author: Richard S. Ross III

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476627793

Category: History

Page: 344

View: 783

Decades before the Salem Witch trials, 11 people were hanged as witches in the Connecticut River Valley. The advent of witch hunting in New England was directly influenced by the English Civil War and the witch trials in England led by Matthew Hopkins, who pioneered “techniques” for examining witches. This history examines the outbreak of witch hysteria in the Valley, focusing on accusations of demonic possession, apotropaic magic and the role of the clergy. Although the hysteria was eventually quelled by a progressive magistrate unwilling to try witches, accounts of the trials later influenced contemporary writers during the Salem witch hunts. The source of the document “Grounds for Examination of a Witch” is identified.
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