Wolves at Our Door

Wolves at Our Door

Most sightings of wolves in the wild are fleeting glimpses made from a great distance, the animal already turning tail ... same prey ever since our ancestors came down from the trees; yet among hunting cultures, the wolf was often seen ...

Author: Jim Dutcher

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743400497

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 324

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Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher produced the Discovery Channel's most successful wildlife documentary based on this book. The authors spent six years in the Idaho wilderness living with a pack of wolves and documenting their activities.
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Wolves at Our Door

Wolves at Our Door

B. Carr. Wolves at Our Door A Novel B. J. Carr Wolves at Our Door Copyright © 2007 by Barbara Carr. iUniverse, Inc. New York Lincoln Shanghai.

Author: B. Carr

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595434565

Category: Idaho

Page: 299

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"Wolves at our Door", by B. J. Carr, is a controversial and compelling novel about a small rancher and big game guide who finds his livelihood being affected by the reintroduction of wolves into Idaho under a federal program. Will Zane Adams and his way of life survive with the wolves at his door? Additionally he is in love with a wealthy heiress from Detroit. Will his love for heiress Bethany Robins survive the dichotomy of their two worlds? All the while ,someone is trying to kill him!! "Wolves at our Door emerged from Carr's lifelong experience with the wildlife of Northern Idaho. Her opinion of the wolf controversy is known and well articulated through the thoughts and behaviors of the protagonist Zane Adams. Carr believes Adam's views reflect the views of those who live in the wolf area. "Wolves at our Door" is available online here and in major bookstores everywhere.
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Wolves at Our Door

Wolves at Our Door

"I was riding circle on the cattle at Guazaremos on those days that my grandfather tracked the helicopter. It flew over me from the direction of La Golondrina every day, and later it flew back and the sound of its motor stopped at La ...

Author: J. P. S. Brown

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 9780826343871

Category: Fiction

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Along the border of southern Arizona and northern Mexico, a close-knit group of Anglo and Hispanic families struggle to keep their ranches alive amidst the depredations of drug lords and smugglers. Here, age-old values collide with gangs of hardened border criminals. Ninety-nine percent of border traffic crosses American ranchland. Seventy-five-year-old Jim Kane's 7X ranch is right in the middle of today's border trouble. The people who come looking for work are trouble, but not a deadly threat. To Kane, the drug traffickers and the unscrupulous "coyotes" who traffic in poor people are the deadly threats to the nation.
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Wolves at Our Door

Wolves at Our Door

Novel Soren Paul Petrek. WOLVES AT OUR DOOR Soren Petrek Cet ouvrage a été composé par les Éditions Encre Rouge Front Cover.

Author: Soren Paul Petrek

Publisher: Éditions Encre Rouge

ISBN: 9782377891870

Category: Fiction

Page: 305

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EXTRACT Neither the olive he fished from the martini glass on his coaster nor the remainder of the drink, which he downed in a gulp, alleviated his exhaustion. There was always more work to do. He didn’t pretend to understand the science Einstein referred to, but he was aware that his colleagues throughout the free world had encouraged him to write the letter. It left no doubt that the theories concerning nuclear reactions were no longer mere theories; a bomb with gigantic explosive force could be constructed—this was fact. The phone on his desk rang. All calls went through his chief of staff, who was awake whenever he was. Roosevelt took calls at this hour only when either he was already expecting them, or they came from the British prime minister, Winston Churchill. He removed his Pince-Nez glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He never answered the phone on the first ring. It was best to keep the caller waiting a short while, at least. ABOUT THE AUTOR Soren Paul Petrek is a practicing trial attorney with a passion for studying World War II. He lived in France and England listening to people’s stories of sacrifice and struggle during the darkest periods of the war. Soren’s research on the subject inspired this novel.
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The Wisdom of Wolves

The Wisdom of Wolves

From the world-famous couple who lived alongside a three-generation wolf pack, this book of inspiration, drawn from the wild, will fascinate animal and nature lovers alike.

Author: Jim Dutcher

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9781426218873

Category: Nature

Page: 228

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From the world-famous couple who lived alongside a three-generation wolf pack, this book of inspiration, drawn from the wild, will fascinate animal and nature lovers alike. For six years Jim and Jamie Dutcher lived intimately with a pack of wolves, gaining their trust as no one has before. In this book the Dutchers reflect on the virtues they observed in wolf society and behavior. Each chapter exemplifies a principle, such as kindness, teamwork, playfulness, respect, curiosity, and compassion. Their heartfelt stories combine into a thought-provoking meditation on the values shared between the human and the animal world. Occasional photographs bring the wolves and their behaviors into absorbing focus.
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On the Trail of Wolves

On the Trail of Wolves

Wolves at Our Door: The Extraordinary Couple Who Lived with Wolves (Touchstone, 2003). Determined to overcome misconceptions of wolves, Jim and Jamie Dutcher spent six years in a tented camp on the edge of Idaho's wilderness, ...

Author: Philippa Forrester

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472972033

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 281

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A chance to move to the US Wild West allows TV presenter Philippa Forrester to fulfil a lifelong dream of living among and learning all she can about wolves When Philippa Forrester and her nature-loving family moved to the wilds of Grand Teton National Park, they quickly learned to love the wildlife of Wyoming and nearby Yellowstone. The sounds of wolves close to their new home fed Philippa's lifelong fascination with these remarkable animals, but nothing she had learned about wolves from her studies in the UK could have prepared her for the reality of living in wolf country. And as she and her family settled into their new wilder way of life, she discovered many locals are not excited about sharing their land with wolves. Twenty-five years after wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park, wolf packs are spreading into areas where their protection has been removed by the American administration. Without that protection, what is the future for wolves where many people resent that they were ever here at all? In On the Trail of Wolves, Philippa vividly recounts her adventures living among the grizzlies, elk and wolves in her new home in America's Wild West and chronicles her journeys further from home to talk to conservationists, rangers, hunters and ranch owners to investigate when and why opinions on wolves became so polarised.
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Who s in Charge Wilderness Change and Evolution

Who s in Charge Wilderness Change and Evolution

A second study conducted by Jim and Jamie Dutcher was designed as, and turned into, a film documentary and book, Wolves at our Door. This six-year study revealed much more about the complex social structure of a wolf pack and what ...

Author: Bill Wonders

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781491860434

Category: Science

Page: 103

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Ever stand in a forest at dark, harboring a feeling that you were being intensely watched, evaluated, or sized up by an unknown, unseen, predatory wild animal? Ever give thought to human physical and/or mental frailness compared to predatory wild animals? Ever look directly into the eyes of a predatory animal (caged or free) as it stood motionless, intently staring at you, evaluating every move you made? Ever consider having a predatory wild animal as a household pet? Ever have occasion to reflect on how humans as well as all animals fit into earth's long-running evolution? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you.
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Limit Power of Radio Stations

Limit Power of Radio Stations

If anyone thinks that it would be a hardship just let him consider our situation where we are reaching only a few thousand listeners and are finding it necessary to fight off the wolves at our back door who are seeking to take those few ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interstate & Foreign Commerce


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Chicken Soup for the Soul The Dog s Done It Again

Chicken Soup for the Soul  The Dog s Done It Again

I was at my wits' end. I began to think Mom was right. A seven-year-old was not mature enough to own a dog — much less seven of them. That night at midnight we were awakened by our next-door neighbor's knock on our door.

Author: Amy Newmark

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781611593112

Category: Pets

Page: 80

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A "Chicken Soup for the Soul Short” containing 20 stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Really Did That? Real stories from real people who share the heartwarming and hilarious antics of their beloved canine companions. Doggone it, the dog's done it again! You’ll recognize your own dog in this entertaining collection of stories about the surprising, amusing, heartwarming things that our dogs do. Treat yourself to a fun read about everyone's favorite family members.
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Bowker s Complete Video Directory

Bowker s Complete Video Directory

Wolves at Our Door . Animals . 50 mins . Video Released Jul . 1997. Narrated by Richard Kiley . Sequel to “ Wolf : Return of a Legend " tells the true tale of a pack of gray wolves raised from puppyhood by a human family .



ISBN: UCSD:31822029450475

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