Women Ageing

Women Ageing

the lives of our predominantly female students . In addition to writing and researching about ageing for women ( Bernard and Meade , 1993a ) , one practical way that we began to address this was to offer optional annual workshops for ...

Author: Miriam Bernard

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415189446

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This volume is primarily concerned with the lives of adult women and discusses key themes of identity; myths and reality and managing change. The book looks at the influence of ethnicity and race, disability and sexual orientation.
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The French Invention of Menopause and the Medicalisation of Women s Ageing

The French Invention of Menopause and the Medicalisation of Women s Ageing

These were rather scant references, as we saw in Chapter 1, to something that was barely distinguishable as either unique to women or unique to ageing; and very few of the first French doctors to elaborate substantially on women's ...


Publisher: Oxford University Press

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Doctors writing about menopause in France vastly outnumbered those in other cultures throughout the entire nineteenth century. The concept of menopause was invented by French male medical students in the aftermath of the French Revolution, becoming an important pedagogic topic and a common theme of doctors' professional identities in postrevolutionary biomedicine. Older women were identified as an important patient cohort for the expanding medicalisation of French society and were advised to entrust themselves to the hygienic care of doctors in managing the whole era of life from around and after the final cessation of menses. However, menopause owed much of its conceptual weft to earlier themes of women as the sicker sex, of vitalist crisis, of the vapours, and of astrological climacteric years. This is the first comprehensive study of the origins of the medical concept of menopause, richly contextualising its role in nineteenth-century French medicine and revealing the complex threads of meaning that informed its invention. It tells a complex story of how women's ageing featured in the demographic revolution in modern science, in the denigration of folk medicine, in the unique French field of hygiène, and in the fixation on women in the emergence of modern psychiatry. It reveals the nineteenth-century French origins of the still-current medical and alternative-health approaches to women's ageing as something to be managed through gynaecological surgery, hormonal replacement, and lifestyle intervention.

Women Ageing Literature and Experience

Women Ageing  Literature and Experience

... her dreams to the caring of her ailing mother, an experience that has brought her face to face with the process of ageing. ... of ageing by depicting a woman's memories of her family experiences from childhood to middle age.

Author: Brian Worsfold

Publisher: Universitat de Lleida

ISBN: 9788484094999


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The Ways Women Age

The Ways Women Age

5 Simon Biggs, “Age, Gender, Narratives and Masquerades,” Journal of Aging Studies 18 (2004): 57. 6 Wendell, “Old Women Out of Control,” 146. 7 Margaret Cruikshank, Learning to Be Old: Gender, Culture, and Aging (Lanham, MD: Rowman and ...

Author: Abigail T. Brooks

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814724101

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The story of how and why some women choose to use, while others refuse, cosmetic intervention. What is it like to be a woman growing older in a culture where you cannot go to the doctor, open a magazine, watch television, or surf the internet without encountering products and procedures that are designed to make you look younger? What do women have to say about their decision to embrace cosmetic anti-aging procedures? And, alternatively, how do women come to decide to grow older without them? In the United States today, women are the overwhelming consumers of cosmetic anti-aging surgeries and technologies. And while not all women undergo these procedures, their exposure to them is almost inevitable. Set against the backdrop of commercialized medicine in the United States, Abigail T. Brooks investigates the anti-aging craze from the perspective of women themselves, examining the rapidly changing cultural attitudes, pressures, and expectations of female aging. Drawn from in-depth interviews with women in the United States who choose, and refuse, to have cosmetic anti-aging procedures, The Ways Women Age provides a fresh understanding of how today’s women feel about aging. The women’s stories in this book are personal biographies that explore identity and body image and are reflexively shaped by beauty standards, expectations of femininity, and an increasingly normalized climate of cosmetic anti-aging intervention. The Ways Women Age offers a critical perspective on how women respond to 21st century expectations of youth and beauty.
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Rock On Women Ageing and Popular Music

   Rock On     Women  Ageing and Popular Music

age' inrelation to notonly the womenperformers thatwecoverin this publication, but also,by extension, more generally within popular music. Itis therefore not a surveyof the contemporary musicindustry, butit is mindful of the ways in ...

Author: Dr Abigail Gardner

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409483977

Category: Music

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For female pop stars, whose star bodies and star performances are undisputedly the objects of a sexualized external gaze, the process of ageing in public poses particular challenges. Taking a broadly feminist perspective, 'Rock On': women, ageing and popular music shifts popular music studies in a new direction. Focussing on British, American and Latina women performers and ageing, the collection investigates the cultural work performed by artists such as Shirley Bassey, Petula Clark, Madonna, Celia Cruz, Grace Jones and Courtney Love. The study crosses generations of performers and audiences enabling an examination of changing socio-historical contexts and an exploration of the relationships at play between performance strategies, star persona and the popular music press. For instance, the strategies employed by Madonna and Grace Jones to engage with the processes and issues related to public ageing are not the same as those employed by Courtney Love or Celia Cruz. The essays in this insightful collection reflect on the ways that artists and fans destabilise both the linear trajectories and the compelling weight of expectations regarding ageing by employing different modalities of resistance through persona re-invention, nostalgia, postmodern intertextuality and even early death as the ultimate denial of age.
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Handbook on Women and Aging

Handbook on Women and Aging

DEMOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS OF OLDER WOMEN Age Distribution Since the turn of the century the conditional life expectancies (on reaching age 65) of women have far outstripped those of men (Hurd, 1990). In 1990 a 65-year-old woman could ...

Author: Jean M. Coyle

Publisher: Praeger Pub Text

ISBN: IND:30000107649760

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Statistics show that women live longer than men, and that they constitute a substantial majority of the North American population over age 50. But lack of empirical data on aging women has helped to perpetuate numerous myths and stereotypes. This reference provides a comprehensive overview of current research on women and aging. Chapters are written by expert contributors and are grouped in sections devoted to historical and theoretical views, economic concerns, health and lifestyle issues, demographic information, and relationships. Chapters reflect research on women from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, the particular needs of the rural elderly, the problem of sexism and ageism, and the impact of significant life events, such as retirement and widowhood. Chapters cite current research, and the volume closes with a selected bibliography of major studies.
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Women and the City in French Literature and Culture

Women and the City in French Literature and Culture

seminal twentieth-century works by Simone de Beauvoir and Marguerite Duras.7 Despite the emergence of female-authored and therefore more diverse portrayals of ageing femininity brought about by women's increasing occupation of the space ...

Author: Siobhán McIlvanney

Publisher: University of Wales Press

ISBN: 9781786834331

Category: Literary Criticism

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The city has traditionally been configured as a fundamentally masculine space. This collection of essays seeks to question many of the idées reçues surrounding women’s ongoing association with the private, the domestic and the rural. Covering a selection of films, journals and novels from the French medieval period to the Franco-Algerian present, it challenges the traditionally gendered dichotomisation of the masculine public and feminine private upon which so much of French and European literature and culture is predicated. Is the urban flâneur a quintessentially male phenomenon, or can there exist a true flâneuse as active agent, expressing the confidence and pleasure of a woman moving freely in the urban environment? Women and the City in French Literature and Culture seeks to locate exactly where women are heading – both individually and collectively – in their relationships to the urban environment; by so doing, it nuances the conventional binaristic perception of women and the city in an endeavour to redirect future research in women’s studies towards more interesting and representative urban destinations.
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A Woman s Guide to Healthy Aging

A Woman s Guide to Healthy Aging

"The internet is flooded with tips about how to look younger, but what women of a certain age really need is an expert's guide to healthy aging -- and that is just what Toronto family doctor Dr. Vivien Brown offers in this concise guide.

Author: Vivien Brown


ISBN: 1988025222

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The internet is flooded with tips about how to look younger, but what women of a certain age really need is an expert's guide to healthy aging -- and that is just what Toronto family doctor Dr. Vivien Brown offers in this concise guide. A Woman's Guide to Healthy Aging is the first book written by a medical authority to tackle the key challenges women face as they grow older, including brain health and heart disease. As a noted expert on many aspects of women's health, Dr. Brown deals with these issues head on every day. Practical and informative, this guide covers the top seven issues she believes are most important: nutrition, exercise and sleep, brain health, immunization and disease prevention, menopause, cardiac health, and osteoporosis. Sweeping aside the myths and sales tricks that plague women every day, Dr. Brown offers sensible advice based on the latest scientific evidence.
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The Other Within Us

The Other Within Us

By confronting the issues unique to older women in our culture and society, these authors redress the neglect and isolation experienced within contemporary feminism and gerontology.Ultimately, the goal of the book is to inspire the aging ...

Author: Marilyn Pearsall

Publisher: Westview Press

ISBN: UVA:X004091392

Category: Philosophy

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Feminist women bequeath to us a powerful critique of our society's obsession with beauty and impossible body ideals. Having refused makeup, high heels, and short skirts in their youth, these women are now entering the most stigmatized stage in a woman's life—old age. As she becomes the “older woman,” the feminist's rejection of beauty standards and her ability to locate self-worth is being challenged.How will feminists respond to the issues raised in this phase of their lives? By confronting the issues unique to older women in our culture and society, these authors redress the neglect and isolation experienced within contemporary feminism and gerontology.Ultimately, the goal of the book is to inspire the aging woman to more easily embrace the “older other” within her.
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The Sudan Fertility Survey 1979

The Sudan Fertility Survey  1979

2 Of all ever - married women whose first marriage was dissolved the percentage who re - married by years since ... by all ever - married women by age at first marriage and by current age Average percentage of time since first marriage ...

Author: Sudan. Maṣlaḥat al-Iḥṣāʼ


ISBN: STANFORD:36105012326810

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