Yves Montand in the USSR

Yves Montand in the USSR

This volume is the first book-length account of Yves Montand’s controversial tour of the Soviet Union at the turn of the years 1956/57.

Author: Mila Oiva

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030690489

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This volume is the first book-length account of Yves Montand’s controversial tour of the Soviet Union at the turn of the years 1956/57. It traces the mixed messages of this internationally visible act of cultural diplomacy in the middle of the turbulent Cold War. It also provides an account of the celebrated French singer-actor’s controversial career, his dedication to music and to peace activism, as well as his widespread fandom in the USSR. The book describes the political background for the events of the year 1956, including the changing Soviet atmosphere after Stalin’s death, portrays the rising transnational stardom of Montand in the 1940s and 1950s, and explores the controversies aroused by his plan to visit Moscow after the Hungarian Uprising. The book pays particular attention to Montand’s reception in the USSR and his concert performances, drawing on unique archival material and oral history interviews, and analyses the documentary Yves Montand Sings (1957) released immediately after his visit.
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Entangled East and West

Entangled East and West

The tour took place in such a turbulent situation that “the Soviet tour” was not something to particularly advertise. One aspect of the film Yves Montand Sings, and what reveals its political strategy, is the fact that it isolates ...

Author: Simo Mikkonen

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110573169

Category: History

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Despite increasing scholarship on the cultural Cold War, focus has been persistently been fixed on superpowers and their actions, missing the important role played by individuals and organizations all over Europe during the Cold War years.This volume focuses on cultural diplomacy and artistic interaction between Eastern and Western Europe after 1945. It aims at providing an essentially European point of view on the cultural Cold War, providing fresh insight into little known connections and cooperation in different artistic fields. Chapters of the volume address photography and architecture, popular as well as classical music, theatre and film, and fine arts. By examining different actors ranging from individuals to organizations such as universities, the volume brings new perspective on the mechanisms and workings of the cultural Cold War. Finally, the volume estimates the pertinence of the Cold War and its influence in post-1991 world.The volume offers an overview on the role culture played in international politics, as well as its role in the Cold War more generally, through interesting examples and case studies.
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The Palgrave Handbook of Digital Russia Studies

The Palgrave Handbook of Digital Russia Studies

This combination of words comprises a topic that discusses Yves Montand's arrival in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) from France in December, Soviet newspapers writing about him, and Soviet people eagerly waiting to buy ...

Author: Daria Gritsenko

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030428556

Category: Social Science

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This open access handbook presents a multidisciplinary and multifaceted perspective on how the ‘digital’ is simultaneously changing Russia and the research methods scholars use to study Russia. It provides a critical update on how Russian society, politics, economy, and culture are reconfigured in the context of ubiquitous connectivity and accounts for the political and societal responses to digitalization. In addition, it answers practical and methodological questions in handling Russian data and a wide array of digital methods. The volume makes a timely intervention in our understanding of the changing field of Russian Studies and is an essential guide for scholars, advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying Russia today.
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Performing Peace and Friendship

Performing Peace and Friendship

Yves Montand in the USSR. Cultural Diplomacy and Mixed Messages. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021. Orlov, I. B. and Popov, A. D. Olimpiiskii perepolokh. Zabytaia sovetskaia modernizatsiia. Moscow: Izdatel'skii dom “Vysshei shkoly ...

Author: Pia Koivunen

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110761382

Category: History

Page: 318

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Performing Peace and Friendship tells the story of how the Soviet Union succeeded in utilizing the World Festival of Youth and Students in its cultural diplomacy from late Stalinism through the early Khrushchev period. Pia Koivunen discusses the evolution of the youth gathering into a Soviet cultural product starting from the first festival held in Prague in 1947 and ending with the Moscow 1957 gathering, the latter becoming one of the most frequently referred moments of Khrushchev’s Thaw. By combining both institutional and grass-roots’ perspectives, the book widens our understanding of what Soviet cultural diplomacy was in practice, re-evaluates the agency of young people and provides new insights into the Soviet role in the cultural Cold War. Koivunen argues that rather than simply being orchestrated rallies by the Kremlin bureaucrats, the World Youth Festivals also became significant spaces of transnational encounters for young people, who found ways to employ the event for overcoming the various restrictions and boundaries of the Cold War world.
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D tente in Europe

D  tente in Europe

Before glasnost protests about Western media coverage of the USSR were a common source of diplomatic acrimony . ... produced by actor Yves Montand that portrayed a hypothetical Soviet attack on Western Europe.236 The Soviet government ...

Author: John Van Oudenaren

Publisher: Guides to European Diplomatic

ISBN: UOM:39015021978294

Category: History

Page: 490

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Examines the development of Soviet-Western détente from the death of Stalin to the unification of Germany
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Chris Marker

Chris Marker

Marker admired many things about Yves Montand as a performer , but most of all his ability to marry musical ... In December 1956 Montand and Signoret visited the Soviet Union , in the teeth of widespread condemnation of their trip ...

Author: Catherine Lupton

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1861892233

Category: Art

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A critical study of the work of film-maker and media artist Chris Marker.
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Soviet Communal Living

Soviet Communal Living

Gosplan, or State Planning Committee, was responsible for economic planning in the Soviet Union. 3. ... Yves Montand (1921–1991). French actor and singer with leftist convictionswho waspopular inthe Soviet Union. 18.

Author: P. Messana

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230118102

Category: History

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This book brings together fascinating testimonies from thirty inhabitants of the 'Kommunalka,' the communal apartments that were the norm in housing in the cities of Russia during the whole history of the Soviet Union.
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Western Intellectuals and the Soviet Union 1920 40

Western Intellectuals and the Soviet Union  1920 40

... Yves Montand and Simone Signoret, and Arthur Miller and James Aldridge were welcomed with open arms, promoted and celebrated. These new loyalties were often short-lived and many intellectuals later moved away from the USSR, ...

Author: Ludmila Stern

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134238668

Category: History

Page: 288

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Despite the appalling record of the Soviet Union on human rights questions, many western intellectuals with otherwise impeccable liberal credentials were strong supporters the Soviet Union in the interwar period. This book explores how this seemingly impossible situation came about. Focusing in particular on the work of various official and semi-official bodies, including Comintern, the International Association of Revolutionary Writers, the All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, and the Foreign Commission of the Soviet Writers' Union, this book shows how cultural propaganda was always a high priority for the Soviet Union, and how successful this cultural propaganda was in seducing so many Western thinkers.
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Zhivago s Children

Zhivago s Children

Concerts in Moscow by the French actor and chansonnier Yves Montand in late 1956 created a sensation. ... vast majority of Western visitors decided to cancel their trips to the USSR in protest. Montand allowed Soviet diplomats to ...

Author: Vladislav Zubok

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674062320

Category: History

Page: 464

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Among the least-chronicled aspects of post-World War II European intellectual and cultural history is the story of the Russian intelligentsia after Stalin. Vladislav Zubok turns a compelling subject into a portrait as intimate as it is provocative. Zhivago's children, the spiritual heirs of Boris Pasternak's noble doctor, were the last of their kind - an intellectual and artistic community committed to a civic, cultural, and moral mission.
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Radio Free Europe Research

Radio Free Europe Research

Delo noted that Yves Montand had once been a " devoted fellowtraveler of the French Left " but that he now ... Despite the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 , Delo said , Yves Montand and his wife , the actress Simone Signoret ...



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